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Mbalula and Marawa COLD WAR

Soccer Laduma

Mbalula and Marawa COLD WAR

Postby maco » Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:59 pm

Mbalula and Marawa COLD WAR,

This after the two had a public fallout over a show in which Marawa had invited Mbalula to debate transformation in rugby, but the sports minister failed to attend.


During the show, which aired on Metro FM last week Tuesday, Marawa hosted three rugby analysts - Thando Manana, Kaunda Ntunja and Lawrence Sephaka.


Manana attacked the minister and said that he had never played rugby so had no first hand experience of the goings on in the rugby world.


Marawa also read an SMS from Mbalula on air in which the minister gave his reasons for not being able to make the show. But Mbalula says the text message was confidential information meant for the show's producer and not for the public.


A day after the show, Mbalula held a press conference where he spoke at length about transformation in rugby. He later complained about Marawa's show to his bosses at the SABC. The SABC has now canned the segment of the show in which Marawa discusses rugby matters.


As if that was not enough, Marawa's name was curiously not on the list of MCs or guests for the upcoming SA Sport Awards next week.


The two have denied suggestions that Marawa, who has been host of the awards at least five times since its inception in 2004, was chopped from the job because of the fallout.


"I don't have any say about who becomes a presenter. But let me emphasise this, anyone can present the sports awards and every year the team that organises the awards comes up with their own presenters," said Marawa.


However, Mbalula pulled no punches when he accused Marawa of reading out the SMS for his listeners, saying that he had no right to do that.


"That SMS was for [the show's producer] Beverly [Maphangwa] and not meant for public consumption. It is equally unfair to distort information to portray the minister as if he has urinated on the talk show, and that's how I was projected.


"Marawa as a presenter did not correct that, and what he did was mobilise the rest of society to move offside in that direction that I'm out of order, as though I'm anti-transformation . That was a personal vendetta and mobilisation."


Mbalula further accused Marawa, Manana and Kaunda of unfairly attacking him in his absence, and for telling the listeners that he had snubbed the show.


But Marawa stuck to his guns: "He wasn't on the show, he had been invited."


Mbalula said: "The show was run on the premise that I did not want to attend their show and they spent two hours attacking me.


"The story that was pushed by Marawa that I did not pitch because I was not there, or I was invited, or I snubbed them does not exist.


"I explained that I did not run away from any show, or Marawa's show at my press conference. I was not invited to discuss government policy of transformation on any show. We differed on the content about discussing performance of national teams.


"Marawa and his people made it look as though I had snubbed their discussion. If he wants to settle that particular issue, he must settle it and not run to the press.


"I have no problem with Marawa, I'm just against his methods. I have honoured his invitations before, including his controversial issues about Beyoncé," he said.


Mbalula said he went to Metro FM last week to speak about the SA Sports Awards but Marawa did not invite him to say "minister you were wrong, come and explain yourself".


"I will settle what I need to settle with Marawa but it's my responsibility to protect myself from unfair attacks," he concluded.


Responding to Mbalula's accusations that he mobilised the nation to turn against him, Marawa said: "If he can prove that allegation then I will be glad to listen. If there was an objection to informing the listeners as to why he refused to come onto the show via contents of his text to my producer, then I'm also glad to listen. There was no disclaimer saying that the message can't be shared with the listeners because it had to do with reasons why he was not keen to come onto the show.


"Attacking Robert Marawa when accountability is sought is clearly becoming a national hobby. Rugby transformation, Heyneke Meyer ... those are the issues and not me.


"How do I get fully grown men who've played rugby at the highest level to 'attack' a minister? For what? What do I gain? They are crying out to an elected member of parliament to address pertinent issues around a sport that stinks of racist tendencies. That's the issue - not me," Marawa said.

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