Scandal Etv Teasers - March 2018

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Scandal Etv Teasers - March 2018

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Scandal Etv Teasers - March 2018

Thursday 1 March 2018
Yvonne and Neo are freaked out by some news, and Quinton receives an offer with some major strings attached. Gloria's plans for the future are changed radically by an announcement. Stokkies is branded a trouble-maker by an unlikely accuser.

Friday 2 March 2018
Quinton is forced into a situation which, under normal circumstances, would be cause for celebration. Maletsatsi fears she may have been over confident about a work matter. Gontse is happy to be able to prove her mother wrong.

Monday 5 March 2018
A man is enraged when he realises he has been hoodwinked, and a mother receives an odd phone call. A boss's intention with his staff does not have the desired effect. A father is shocked by some news about his child.

Tuesday 6 March 2018
Grace believes she has been reached out to, and Quinton lies when he promises never to keep any secrets. Gloria is just in time to hear about some very bad news. Ndumiso is advised to seek legal advice.

Wednesday 7 March 2018
A woman is blissfully unaware that her new status is not all it should be, and Quinton is appalled when a promise is reneged on. Mary is thrust into a situation in which she is completely out of her depth. Knowing she has no leg to stand on, a young mother nevertheless makes a last-ditch attempt to get her way.

Thursday 8 March 2018
A woman realises she has been tricked when someone turns out to be something other than she believed. The perpetrator of a misdemeanour blames it on someone else. A father discovers the law is on his side, but will he use it to his advantage?

Friday 9 March 2018
Someone's life is saved by a dodgy character, and Quinton has a memory which he believes might solve a mystery. Wesley is embarrassed by his daughter and some of her friends. Gontse arrives at a decision which is very painful for her.

Monday 12 March 2018
A prisoner is reluctant to be freed, and a mother's pain is delayed by an empathetic young man. A business woman misinterprets a gentle warning as a serious threat. Painful farewells are said before a new life begins.

Tuesday 13 March 2018
Romeo is forced to give up an insurance policy, and Neo warms to a suggestion of a new business venture. A mother comes to a horrifying realisation about her son. For once in her life, Gloria feels guilty.

Wednesday 14 March 2018
Mangi receives news which upsets him more than he thought it would, and Quinton receives an unwelcome offer. Romeo finds himself having to obey an order from someone he can usually twist around his finger. Gloria is the inspiration for mass action.

Thursday 15 March 2018
Mangi behaves very irresponsibly, and Neo becomes determined to take a younger man down a peg or two. Chumani is pointed in the direction of romance. It takes some serious convincing to try and change someone's mind.

Friday 16 March 2018
A man's hopes of improving his life are dashed, and he decides to seek revenge. A potential date does not turn into a reality. Industrial action is interrupted by the sudden clarification of a situation.

Monday 19 March 2018
An argument provides an opportunity for a revenge, and social media provides the means. Mary decides to put her heart on the line and Romeo initiates a plan to secure his future. There are some embarrassed faces when a misunderstanding is cleared up.

Tuesday 20 March 2018
A man in a crisis does not realise that his biggest supporter is, in fact, his greatest enemy. Romeo is suddenly a fountain of knowledge, and Mary is relieved when a condition is accepted. A carefully planned event does not go off as expected.

Wednesday 21 March 2018
A mother is appalled by her son's behaviour, but another family member is on hand to supposedly do damage control. A brother warns his sister against falling for the wrong man but, despite her denial that she will, it becomes a possibility. Wesley is dismayed when an event does not go as planned.

Thursday 22 March 2018
Mangi deceives his way into someone's heart, and is psyched up by his sinister plan for a family member. Romeo is infuriated by a protective sibling. A boss goes to the extreme to get to know his staff better.

Friday 23 March 2018
Two scandalous articles pour gasoline onto a life that is already blazing wildly out of control. Romeo has a plan to bypass a new obstacle and turns pain into passion with a harrowing story. A boss goes where no boss has gone before to shift public perception.

Monday 26 March 2018
Quinton is forced to agree to an unwanted strategy which leads to a secret victory for someone close to him. A suitor realises he has a way to go before he wins over the parent of the subject of his perceived affection. A girlfriend learns that her boyfriend is lying to her but she doesn't know why.

Tuesday 27 March 2018
A man hell-bent on revenge overplays his hand and his victim becomes suspicious. Conflict arises between brother and sister over a notorious new love interest. Javas is forced to come clean to one person and another is onto him.

Wednesday 28 March 2018
A man becomes convinced that a family member is the architect of his downfall. Parents decide to take strategic action with their daughter's new, unsuitable date. A young woman finds out that her boyfriend's strange behaviour is not all is seems.

Thursday 29 March 2018
An unlikely alliance is forged and unearths the first real clue towards solving a major mystery. An opportunity to rekindle an old flame arises, but comes with a diabolical asking price.
A family dinner gets off to an awkward start when a line is drawn in the sand. A well-meaning party decides to go behind their family's back in the name of love.

Friday 30 March 2018
A dangerous proposition prompts someone to choose a side in a building conflict. A family relationship is strained by two new romantic relationships. Some unusual behaviour raises eyebrows in another family home.
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