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Rhythm City Teasers - May 2017

Rhythm City

Rhythm City Teasers - May 2017

Postby WinA » Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:36 am

Rhythm City Teasers - May 2017

Monday 1 May 2017
David and Toolkit set a trap for Roberto. Niki suggests to Suffo that they renew their vows. Kop is very upset with Fats. Reneilwe begs Lerato for help. Sabelo steals again. Puleng finds a pair of her panties in Themba’s jacket.

Tuesday 2 May 2017
David and Toolkit punish Roberto. Sabelo very proudly shows Sindiswa the weave he stole for her. Fats and Blossom beg Kop to reopen their business. Sabelo offers his services to Jamaica as a security guard. Puleng reveals her fears about Themba to Cuba. Rene tells Kop that she is moving out of the house.

Wednesday 3 May 2017
Sindiswa accompanies Sabelo to steal the weave.Suffo believes Puleng when she tells him about Themba. Rene moves in with Lerato and has an awkward first encounter with David.

Thursday 4 May 2017
Rene acclimatizes to her life sharing a house with Lerato and David. Jamaica is concerned about security in the yard. Puleng seeks comfort and help from Suffocate.

Friday 5 May 2017
Puleng finds her feelings for Suffo resurfacing. Lerato gets a blast from the past and it sends her into a mad spin. Niki worries that the recent drama with Themba might bring Puleng and Suffo closer. Sindiswa and Sabelo come up with a daring plan to make some quick money.

Monday 8 May 2017
Cuba is freaking out about Puleng. Lerato is desperate to find a date for her school reunion. Sabelo and Sindiswa prepare to rob Kilowatt.

Tuesday 9 May 2017
Sabelo gets caught on the security cameras. Themba reveals the extent of his madness when he tells Puleng that she is in her new home. Lerato and Nomalanga pitch up – as a couple! Sizwe makes his appearance and the spark between him and Lerato grows stronger.

Wednesday 10 May 2017
Everyone is very worried about Puleng by now. Mapula is frantic to get Sabelo out of jail. Lerato gets even with Kopano. Puleng goes into stress-induced labour.

Thursday 11 May 2017
Niki gets more and more frustrated with Themba. Sabelo comes out of jail. Sabelo and Sindiswa decide to move in together. Lerato sees Sizwe one last time.Themba struggles to cope, as Puleng’s contractions increase rapidly.

Friday 12 May 2017
Lerato says a bittersweet goodbye to Sizwe. Themba realises that Niki has been using him all this time and he’s determined to tell Puleng the truth - but Niki is ready to do anything to stop that from happening.

Monday 15 May 2017
Niki gets help from David. Suffocate finds Puleng just in time. Sabelo and Mapula receive bad news. Mapula puts the blame of the accident on Sabelo’s absence. Lerato is faced with a difficult choice between the love of her life and the life she has built.

Tuesday 16 May 2017
Sizwe may have to give up everything to be with Lerato. Puleng is worried about Themba returning, but David reassures her they won’t find a trace of him. Mr Ngcobo gives everyone a fright.

Wednesday 17 May 2017
Sabelo blurts out the truth about Dineo. Lerato starts to realise how little she knows about Sizwe. Niki looks like she’s going to get away with the murder of Themba.

Thursday 18 May 2017
Niki's duplicity is discovered by Bash.Sizwe declares his love for Lerato. Puleng distances herself from the Ndlovu family. Mapula and Sabelo volunteer to get tested for donor compatibility with Dineo.

Friday 19 May 2017
Mr Ngcobo wants to be tested for compatibility for Dineo's transplant. Niki reluctantly makes an admission. Lerato is going all out, wanting to meet Sizwe's daughter.

Monday 22 May 2017
Mr Ngcobo goes ahead with the operation. Lungile suggests whisking Bongi off to New York for a break. David is suddenly fascinated by Niki's cold-blooded actions – and she realises that he is holding a trump card.

Tuesday 23 May 2017
Niki and Suffo agree that he needs to divorce Puleng, who is deep in the throes of post-natal depression. Tension builds between Sindiswa and her mother.Dineo wakes up. Lerato is being bullied by Sizwe's daughter. Lungile and Bongi leave for New York.

Wednesday 24 May 2017
Mr Ngcobo has post-operative complications. Lerato is at the end of her tether playing baby-sitter to Tshwanelo. Puleng is spinning out of control. Suffocate is starting to wonder what is causing his bad luck.

Thursday 25 May 2017
Cuba tries to get Puleng to see a psychologist. Suffocate frantically tries to find out what is wrong with his child. Puleng gets some shocking news. Ntombizodwa wants Puleng to bring the child to KZN to be named properly. Lerato finds an engagement ring in Sizwe’s clothes.

Friday 26 May 2017
Sizwe's silence about the ring puzzles Lerato. Suffo is preoccupied with the Sangoma’s mention about a child crying. Suffo finds out from Puleng that the fertility clinic was bogus. Mrs Ngcobo's daughter arrives with bad news.

Monday 29 May 2017
Niki and Suffo's wedding at Zer011 is imminent. Suffo wants to see the results of the paternity test. The fertility clinic admits that they shared the results. Mapula, unhappy about the bad news, makes a call to move back to the shack.

Tuesday 30 May 2017
Mapula encounters resistance from Sabelo. Niki panics when Suffocate is late for their wedding. Suffocate finally gets the results. Leratorealises that Sizwe will never be happy with a 'normal' life

Wednesday 31 May 2017
Lerato seethes with jealousy because Bongi is so happy. Mapula and Sabelo face up to the fact that things might have to go back to the way they were.

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