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Is Suffo close to finding out the truth?

Rhythm City

Is Suffo close to finding out the truth?

Postby WinA » Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:32 pm

Is Suffo close to finding out the truth?

Puleng and Suffo have made peace with the ‘fact’ that Themba is the father of her child. Will the truth ever come out? Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.

When Suffo found out about Puleng and Themba’s affair, he was devastated. His wife was so desperate to get pregnant that she cheated on him with his own brother.

To make matters worse, Puleng finally did get pregnant – after months of failed attempts with Suffo. Puleng was certain that the baby was Themba’s and tried hard to avoid getting a DNA test.

But Suffo insisted. He wanted to be certain that the baby was his.

Weeks later the clinic mistakenly called Suffo’s next of kin – Niki, notifying her that the results were ready. Niki and Themba pretended to be Suffo and Puleng and found out that Suffo was actually the father of Puleng’s baby.

Meanwhile, Puleng and Suffo are drifting further apart. They no longer live together and Puleng has moved her business out of Kilowatt.

If Suffo finds out that Puleng is carrying his baby, will it change things between them?

We hope so.

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