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The Witch Doctor and The Man City Under the Sea

The Witch Doctor and The Man City Under the Sea

Postby watchman » Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:42 pm

The Witch Doctor
and The Man
City Under the Sea

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service. Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief. The grace of our Lord was poured out on me abundantly, along with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.

Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in him and receive eternal life. Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.
1 Timothy 1:12

This book was not written to promote the powers of the Devil.
Truly, it has been published to reveal the sovereign power of God
and His ability to save and free the strongest captives of Satan. The
scripture says, “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn
the world, but that the world through him might be saved. He that
believeth on him is not condemned; but he that believeth not is condemned
already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only
begotten Son of God,” (John 3:17,18).

And though they hide themselves in the top of Carmel, I
will search and take them out thence; and though they
be hid from my sight in the bottom of the sea, thence
will I command the serpent, and he shall bite them.
(Amos 9:3)

Spiritual Roots
I am the Lord thy God…Thou shalt have no other gods
before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven
image…(Exodus 20:2-4)
I am Bishop Samuel Vagalas Kanco of the Lord’s Vineyard International
Ministries, a wonderful Christian church, located in Accra,
Ghana, West Africa. Jesus Christ is my personal Savior. I am blessed
to be the fi rst person that Jesus called out of witchcraft practiced in
my family to become a child of God. Jesus commissioned me to “go
and tell My people what I have done for you.”

My testimony concerns the Lord’s mercy, grace and deliverance.
It is also a confi rmation that there is no sin that His blood cannot
wash away to make a person’s spirit as white as snow. My story is
one of hope for the billions of people that wish to be delivered by
Jesus who are ensnared and made captive by idolatry and from family
witchcraft ties. My country’s religion is based on a mixture of the
worship of idols and ancestors. My family worshiped idols such as
gods of sun, moon, earth, trees, monkeys, snakes, etc. These were the
only gods that we knew.

I was born on Thursday 1st January 1960, the fi rst son of Aloriga
Kanco. My father named me Vagalas Kanco. I want to talk about myself,
how I met Jesus Christ and became born again. My testimony is
about being delivered from fourth-generational witch doctor family
spirits to become a child of God. I was born to a typical idolatrous
home in Ghana, West Africa.

My family originally came to Ghana from Upper Volta. They
named the village Vea after their god in Bolgantaga. I was raised as a
bushman and still have the jet-black markings on my face from Frafra
Tribal ritualism. This mark across my cheeks confi rmed my rites
of passage to manhood.
The scars were also Satan’s marks of my spiritual inheritance as
the eldest son.
I am not a stranger to demons because I was born to become the
fourth generational witch doctor in my family. As the eldest son, I
was supposed to inherit my father’s witch doctor position and supernatural

Thank God that Jesus saved me before this demonic mantle was
passed to me. Nevertheless, my father was training me to step into his
witch doctor’s leadership.
My father had a good mind, but he had inherited a passionate and
headstrong character from his mother. She had brought her children
up to be strong believers in witchcraft. She also took a great interest
in relatives and friends, remembering the children’s birthdays and
anniversaries and deaths. She’d walk a long way to visit people, even
visiting them in hospitals. It seemed my father spent his life busy
with his witchcraft and serving his people. I must say, that I share my
grandmother’s hardheaded stubbornness.

When Jesus rescued me out of the clutches of Satan, I had been
a wizard for 12 years. Even so, God had other plans for my life. He
chose me. He supernaturally saved, delivered, trained and called me.
He wants to use my background to reveal to His church the mysteries
of the majestic authority over Satan’s schemes and the power of deliverance.
The Bible shows that each one of us must fi nd Jesus Christ
as personal Savior. I was actually translated from the kingdom of
darkness and placed into the Kingdom of God. God made me a new
spiritual being. Before receiving Jesus, my spirit was dead to God.
I was governed through my soul (mind) and my fl esh before being
born again. After being saved, I became spiritually alive to become a
son of God to be led by His Holy Spirit.
Satan controls all pagan religions! It doesn’t matter if it’s the worship of Pan, Krishna, Diana or Thor. The faces behind the mask of
these gods belong to Satan. Even if a person is an atheist, or whether
it’s the idol of power, money, knowledge, or some other ideal, still
Satan is being worshiped.

The true God says,
I am the Lord thy God…Thou shalt have no other gods before
me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
(idol), or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above,
or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under
the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor
serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God…
(Exodus 20:2–5)
It’s that simple. There are two religious systems in the world. Satan
controls one. The other owes its allegiance only to Jesus Christ.
Put simply, if a person is not a believer in Jesus as Almighty God,
incarnate Jesus that came in the fl esh to save him from his sins, he
belongs to Satan.

To sum up, the Bible shows that when Satan tempted Adam and
Eve, they sinned (or fell) from a spiritual walk with God; since that
time, every person on earth is born under the curse of darkness. Jesus
Christ redeems mankind and restores them to the Father. Therefore,
my Savior, Jesus, returned me to the same original spiritual condition
that Adam and Eve enjoyed before their fall into sin. So, I don’t wear
wizards’ robes anymore.
I have been washed in the blood of Jesus. Today, I stand in a glistening
white robe awaiting His return. This is my testimony that I
have written for His glory.

Chapter Two
Fourth Generation Witch Doctor
Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, [worship them]
nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God,
visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto
the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
And showing mercy unto thousands of them that love
me, and keep my commandments. (Exodus 20:5–6)

Ghana is a beautiful place in which to grow up. My memory is
filled with Africa’s rich natural beauty. The country is almost
completely surrounded by oceans and has many splendid lakes and
rivers. The land is made up mainly of tropical rain forests, savannas,
deserts, mountains, and waterfalls. The equator goes through Africa.
Ghana and countries close to the equator have a tropical or hot climate.
My struggle started the day I was born into an idolatrous family
in Africa. My village was small. Before I tell you about my unusual
conversion to Christianity, I want to give a brief sketch of my own
family and upbringing. My father was sincere about his witchcraft
religion. He sat on a very powerful supernatural throne. The entire
village would come to him. Even some Christians would come to seek
his advice. Meanwhile my mother, Mary, assisted him in his witchcraft.
However, she was happy to be a mother. She was content being
with me to watch me grow. She took her wifely duties very seriously.
Every day she prepared our meals in a small clay pot. I watched her
closely each time she squatted to fi re the tiny burner. She had just the
right touch to kindle the fl ame for the fuel. A fond memory that I have was the special treat when she brought us fi nger bananas from
the local plantations. There were few luxuries in our lives, but this is
one of my outstanding memories from earlier childhood.
My mother suffered her lot without one complaining word. Her
little thin body told the tale of the lack of nourishing foods. She enjoyed
sons, but still, she was wife fi rst, and mother second. She went
about her duties with dull eyes, but they would sparkle each time she
saw my brothers and me.

Nevertheless, an empty life is a fearful thing. Everything was so
futile and nothing worth believing in, and gradually my heart grew
more dark and confused. The people of an African village depend on
each other as an extended family. In fact, it is not usual for everyone
in a village to be related in one way or another. Traditionally the men
are responsible for farming the land that surrounds the village. The
women help with the farm work and they also cook and take care of
the children. Villages very seldom have modern machines or tools for
cooking or farming. Plowing is done with a wooden plow pulled by
oxen. Food is prepared with the same kind of hand tool that has been
used in Africa for hundreds of years. One traditional cooking tool
found in nearly every West African home is the mortar and pestle.
A pestle is a club-shaped utensil used to pound food in the mortar.
The most important “tool” used in traditional Africa is fi re. Some
West Africans still cook over a fi re, just as our ancestors did.
Even the children have their role in the life of the village. At an
early age, they learn to help the adults. They do whatever they can
until they are old enough to take on adult responsibilities. My fi rst
household duty was collecting the fuel for our food. Barefooted, I
had to travel about three miles each way. Collecting tiny twigs and
thorny bushes, I squeezed them into small bundles. It was a humdrum
job, but like every young boy, my mind managed to make it a major
adventure each time that I had to make the trip to the forest. Centuries
of famine, starvation and drought have taken their toll upon my
people. It was a common thing to witness tragedies. For instance, I remember
a young boy my own age who had a broken leg. His leg was
being held together with two ounces of plaster of Paris and, without
a doctor available, was clumsily and crookedly set.

For every poor African family, getting water was another major
job. This was also one of my chores. Our water source was located about one mile from our hut. Everyone in the village came to the
river for water. It was the only water supply for my entire community.
Young and old, they came for this life’s source of water. My jug was
as large as those borne by older boys many years my senior. I could
manage it just as easily as they could carry theirs. This job gave me a
good chance to get to know the many people in the village. I saw the
women with weary dullness in their eyes. No hope came from those
eyes. They had no future. In fact, they had the very same look my
mother and father had in their eyes…glossy, blank and dead.
The heat caused our body odors to mingle in the air. The people
do not bathe every day. The ever-present armies of fl ies moved with
a whirling motion, determined to land on our faces. No one was exempt
from this unpleasant sensation, but not one person ever raised
a hand to bat the fl ies away. I hated the gnats worst than the fl ies.
They had a way of making themselves stick to the sweat on my skin.
Their piercing stings caused itching bumps. Filling the water jug to
the brim, I lifted the heavy container over my shoulder and rested it
on my back and moved down the dusty roads like a beast of a burden.
It was always hot. The wind was always still. My hair was matted
by the sweat of the day. It felt good to feel the cool water slush and
spill a few drops down my hot back. Sometimes, I would jog especially
hard to make it splash more. Always, before my father could
inspect my jug and ask why it was not fi lled to the brim, I’d run
to empty it into a larger bowl. This careless sloshing of hard-to-get
water always caused me to make more trips to the river. However,
it provided a small pleasure for me each time the water splashed on
my hot back. Each time I had to take my journey to the village water
source, I was joined by a swarming mass of humanity. I liked to see
the large vultures fl y in circles in the sky, while apple-green birds with
long tapered beaks hopped about the hungry and thirsty people.

I did not learn about witchcraft like some people because I was
born into it. I grew up in that atmosphere of darkness. That is, my
family worshiped idols. Likewise, they were witch doctors, witches
and wizards. Because we did not know God, whatever anyone can
think about, we were involved in it. That is what we knew. As a result,
my great-grandfather, my grandfather and father did not know
anything about Jesus. They had never stepped into a church. Spiritually
they were bound by the idol that they were serving.
It was my family duty to take care of the idols and their sacred
food. Mmm, bananas, these were bigger and better than the ones that
my mother brought home. Then I remember those juicy mangoes,
rice and butter that all had the most distinctive mouth-watering fl avors.
Stark fear hit my heart the day my mother found me doing my
favorite thing, eating the idol’s food.
“Vagalas, what does you think you are doing,” she challenged
sharply, standing with her hands on her hips. When our eyes connected
and locked, she gave me a long penetrating stare.
Her voice startled me. “I…uh…I was…”
My mind was speeding a thousand times a second. “I…uh…was
testing the food for the welfare of the gods. I wanted to make sure
the food was fresh!”

“Sure you are,” she shook her head.
Trying to look regretful, “I’m sorry.” She looked away quickly. I
could see a soft-hidden smile behind her anger.
“See to it that you never do this again. It’s dangerous! You must
not anger the gods, they will never smile on you for many lives to
come,” she commanded. She was fi lled with disappointment. My family
believed that the idol Vea was their savior. In order to become a
priest to this idol, a man must go through many rituals. For example,
a wizard cannot bathe for a year. Whenever he takes a bath, he cannot
dry himself with a towel. In Africa, we have the bright sun, so a
man can easily dry. Furthermore, wizards wear a white khaliko cloth
and cannot sleep on a pillow. The devils will allow a wizard to sleep
only a few minutes at a time. Actually, I was allowed to sleep two
hours the entire night, and sometimes only thirty minutes. Satan is a
hard taskmaster; when I was weak, he had total control over me.

My father told me that his family believed that this idol, Vea, was
a god. The spirits behind the idol seemed to help them solve their
problems. They believed that it protected them every day. Therefore,

when they began to travel to Ghana, they carried the idol, Vea, with
them. In fact, the spirit behind the idol held them in bondage. The
spirit, Vea, wanted to be carried on a human head. Once the trip
began, it was forbidden that the idol could be removed from a man’s
head until they reached their destination. A man followed behind the
one that was carrying the idol. During the trip, when the carrier got
weak, the idol was moved from his head to the other man’s head.
Even while they were sleeping, the man whose head held the idol was
required to lean against a tree. Throughout the night, the men of the
tribe would take turns to change over. The family pressed onward.
They walked through miles and miles those days through clouds of
oppressive mosquitoes and ambushes in water fi lled with painful
bloodsucking leeches. They stopped only for brief rest periods. They
continued on the hard journey. So, the demons led them to carry the
idol from Upper Volta through the waters of Ghana in this manner.
So, when they got to Ghana, they decided to settle. The climate in
Ghana was not as good as in Upper Volta. The sun was warmer, and
the mosquitoes thicker at night. But such discomforts didn’t stop my
grandfather from building a thatched hut on a parcel at the far edge
of the new village. My grandfather put the idol Vea down and called
the village. Let me tell you, if a town, a village, a country is named
after an idol, the spirit that is connected to that particular idol will
bring every person in the area under its power! You see, as far as the
spirit is concerned, everyone is spiritually subjected to its power and
under its domain. In such a way, that spirit will rule each person,
unless spiritual eyes are opened by God to change the name of the

After my tribe settled down in Ghana, my grandfather became the
head witch doctor and controlled the entire village through witchcraft.
Because of this, the idol Vea was so powerful that many people
were coming to my grandfather and my father for help. We became
the established witch doctors’ family in the area. Witch doctors are
considered the most important people in the village—they rule.

After I was born, my father held a great celebration in honor of his
fi rstborn son. All the elders of the village came together. My grand
mother and the women prepared a sizeable feast. It was a great day
for my father, because a baby boy had survived. They believed that
this event showed great favor from the gods. Soon after my birth, I
endured a cold bath to make me rugged. Then my body was rubbed
with salt and red peppers. My screaming, struggling body, eyes full of
tears, could not stop the ritualism that my father’s tribe demanded.
Several days later, my mother prepared rice, leaves, corn, palm
butter, and chunks of meat that were crammed down my throat. I
was rubbed with sand and coconut bark to make me tougher. At the
same time, this ritual was supposed to make me stronger. I was never
allowed to have any other kind of milk apart from my mother’s milk
This was the beginning of my spiritual trek as the fi rstborn son.

My mother Mary was a docile, typical African woman. Her entire
life was centered on her family. She had soft eyes. Although she had a
tremendous impact on the formation of my life, my father had more
sway. I was his fi rst son and therefore, selected by the spirits to inherit
the mantle of his supernatural power. I was dedicated to the devils
before I was born. I remember my Mama told me that she felt the demons
enter into her womb and heard the devils say, “He is our son.”

At a very young age, I knew by name many spirits that had power
over of my mother and father. Although I was possessed in the womb
of my mother, spirits came to me throughout my life.
My mother had considerable infl uence on my life and I was a delight
to her. She had knowledge of the use of roots, herbs and other
resources of witchcraft. Furthermore, she loved to study nature and
had such passion for the animals of Africa. She taught me about the
zebras, lions and giraffes.
“They make their homes, roaming across the wide, grassy plains,”
she said. “They are also the home of Africa’s great elephants and
monkeys. The leopards silently hunt for food in the rain forest. Then,
camels live in the desert and they can go without water for a long
time,” she stated.

I remember being with my mother by the river watching the African
birds that were so colorful. I saw the beautiful peacocks and
fl amingos. They are water birds that live in east and South Africa.
The hyena lives in west and east Africa. Then there are the hippos.
I loved the big lumbering hippos. There are two kinds in Africa and
one weighs about eight thousand pounds. It is found all over Africa.
The other is much smaller and is found only in Liberia and weighs
about fi ve hundred pounds.
My father owned a zoo of elephants, tigers and other animals. His
father gave these animals to him. Before my father died, he gave them
to me. I still have these animals and love to play with them. My lion
is so tamed that he will bring my Bible to me. Well that is enough of
the reminiscing about the animals.
Many times I saw my mother cry. She was sad, but whenever I
questioned her, she tried to hide her tears.
“We had better go home, your father is waiting.” She brushed her
wet cheeks with her fi ngertips. Her gentle eyes twinkled as we started
back to our village. Seldom did I ever see her smile.

My father was a towering seven feet tall. He had to stoop under
every doorway to enter into homes. Buildings shook violently when
he entered, so he was one of the most intimidating and dominating
fi gures in the city. Every time they saw him, many people shrank back
in terror. He had sharp, penetrating tiger-like eyes that compelled attention.
How majestic he was in stature. It was said that thousands
of demons worshiped him.
In Africa, witch doctors hold a supernatural rule over the village
chiefs. They sit on supernatural thrones. The chiefs know that they
remain in power because of the mystical power of the witch doctors.
Furthermore, chiefs and kings are often considered to be gods!
When you see my father and then see me, it’s as if looking at
his twin. Today it’s amazing but when I look at his picture, it’s like
looking into a mirror except he is four inches taller. I am six-foot-six
inches tall. My father held the respect of highest society. Everyone
knew that he reigned with famed power and might because of his
fearful, supernatural power. As a result of this power, he could look
at a person and by his will that person would drop dead on the spot!
Since I was raised in an idolatrous home, I didn’t know that there was
anything wrong with k_illing people until I received Jesus Christ. I had
a demonic heart. Actually, I remember that I enjoyed seeing animals
and people hurt or tortured.

Since early boyhood, I was chosen for a handpicked spiritual
quest. The spirit world was more real to me than the natural world.
I was about eight or nine years old when the demons fi rst manifested
themselves to me. In fact, they appeared as my friends. On many occasions,
they manifested in the forms of people. Some were dressed
in white robes while others took on the dress of local attire. They had
both African and Indian names and these spirits became my closest
friends. They took care of me and brought me toys and favorite
foods to eat. At all times, I saw otherworldly warriors with African
masks and spears surrounding me. My father told me that these were
my ancestral spirits and their job was to watch over me. They were
my guardian spirits. At a very early age, they taught me how to read
people’s minds and their palms. As I grew older, they brought ancient
writings and taught me the bewitching meanings that were written
in these witchcraft books. They helped me with everything, including
hunting and schoolwork. They also taught me about the various idols
that were worshiped in the village. One thing, they wanted to do was
to keep me isolated from other people. It was important to keep me
from anything normal and away from the things that the other children
did. They told me that they liked me and would, at times, ask
me if I liked them. Their presence seemed natural to me and seemed
closer than my family members. Twenty-fi ve thousand demons were
controlling me.

Demon entities use many different forms of control of humans,
including having control over all the fi ve senses. The manifestations
are usually to announce their presence or to annoy humans. I could
see their visual expressions as shadowy fi gures of human-like beings,
animals, or strange objects, such as blocks that were used to block in
people so that they could not accomplish things that they were trying
to accomplish.

The appearances of these demons are related to the traditional
signs of haunted places. Sometimes religious symbols, such as crucifi
xes and witchcraft emblems, such as hexagrams, pentagrams,
six-six-six numbers, will appear on the walls. They take on different
shapes and forms.

Demons range in size. Some can only be seen through powerful
microscopes, appearing like microscopic germs, while others are as
large as skyscrapers. Some appear as human fi gures such as men,
women, and children. Others materialize as animals, insects, serpents,
fl ies and mythical beings. Some are shadows that have animated creatures
like shapes with membranous wings waffl ing just above their
shoulders. Although they had arms and legs, they seemed to move
about without using them. Some appeared as prehistoric lizards with
scaly heads. I’ve also seen gargoyles with two huge yellow cat-eyes.
They dart to and fro. Their bodies looked half humanoid, and half
animalistic. Some were horrifi c, reptilian, and warty in appearance.
Their demonic images can be seen on many computer games and
rock music that are being sold worldwide.

These various demons have different functions. The spirit of
witchcraft often appears as a half man-half goat. The upper half of
the demonic body appears as a man. His face has the characteristic
of a man with combined features of a goat, and from the waist down
a goat with hooves. Often he wears nothing but sometimes he wears
a vest and eyeglasses. In literature, the Hebrew refers to him as Satyr
(Sater means Satan). The Greeks call him Pan or Faun. He rules over
a group of demons that motivate occult activities that are related to
witchcraft. He is also involved in sexual perversions.

These demons also travel down the family lines to enforce family
curses upon their victims. Demons can give off strange putrid odors.
Vivid ways to describe the odors are ghastly, musty, and they are sickening.
These demonic odors permeate the air and remind me of “the
smell of death.” Earth-bound spirits go everywhere that humans do.
They are constantly looking for ways to enter human beings’ bodies.
However, if they are not able to get the advantage to enter a person,
they will enter an animal or an object. If they are living in an object,
they will draw people to worship them.
Just as the devil can possess a person, he can and will posses an
object or a house. This is the reason Israel was commanded by God to totally destroy the cities of Canaan. They had been involved in demonic
activity and through their idol worship had become accursed
places (Joshua 6:17,18). Demonically controlled places can be handled
in two ways: destroy the place or deliver the place by prayer and
dedicate the place to the worship of God (Joshua 6:24).

I had lived with the demons ever since I can remember. Some were
my friends while others were my enemies. Demons never talked in
terms of love. I personally did not think in those terms. I had a demonized
heart, hard and very cold. The demons would torture and
hurt me if I failed to obey them. Sometimes I would fear them while
other times I felt safe with them. Many times, I experienced seeing
demons leaving bruises cuts and bites infl icted on human bodies. I
saw them throwing objects used to block the blessings of the “rebellious
people” (Satan called Christians “rebellion people”). Demons
enjoy opening and closing doors and windows, hurling of books and
stones, setting fi res, projecting through the air many other things. Often,
I’ve witnessed them k_illing people and throwing human beings
around. This is their mission, to K_ill, rob and destroy.
The demons fi lled my dreams with their presence. They usually
took me into other worlds and ethereally showed me things that are

Yes, the demons are undeniable. But now, I’ve come to know the
reality of Jesus. However, the church needs to be aware not only of
the demonic power that is motivating the physical world, but also
the sovereign power of Jesus Christ that is over them. I believe that
behind every activity in the world that is not of God is demonic. I
can point to the invisible spirit that hides the demonic power. The
Antichrist Spirit is motivating this evil power.
Anytime we sample the fashions of the world, and we come in
contact with the demonic power behind it. We must be very careful
when we fellowship with unbelievers in the world. Remember
that the activities of the spirit of the world do not honor or promote
God’s kingdom. The truth of this statement can be seen in the industries
of entertainment, banking, military, medicine, law, commerce,
sports, business, and even in some counterfeit Christian churches Many people in the entertainment industry will push s_ex, violence,
witchcraft and rebellion, etc. Then too, many counterfeit Christian
churches advance a form of a false religion without Jesus Christ at
the center of its activities. Jesus will remove His candlestick from any
church that will not teach His Word and will not keep Him as preeminent
in its life. They will lose His protection.

Chapter Three

The Bushman
There shall not be found among you anyone that maketh
his son or his daughter to pass through the fi re, or that
useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter,
or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar
spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do
these things is an abomination unto the Lord: and because
of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive
them out from before thee. (Deuteronomy 18:10–12)

I was a young boy and the drums were beating furiously. The moon
was full and the night animals were making their sounds. The village
men lit their torches and were drinking potions. I had witnessed
many tribal rituals; however, tonight it was different because I was
the one who was going to be initiated. My mouth became dry as a
cottonmouth snake. A shower of fear fl ooded every nerve cell of my
body. I stood bravely by my father with my teeth clinched tightly together.
I was being very careful not to show the explosions of panic
inside. My father, Aloriga, had his arm around my shoulder. His eyes
were like steel. Yet, I could see the pride that mapped his face.
Abruptly a short, stocky fi gure materialized, clothed in animal
hides and furry pelts. He made a hand leap over a mound. Then, he
held his head back and began to take deep breaths as though sniffi ng
something in the air. I recognized the costume was the ancestral raiment
of my father’s Frafra tribal shaman. His face was totally hidden
behind a painted bright yellow, blue green carved African mask. As
he twisted around, I could see his circled eyes, ruby-red mouth, and
four multicolored strips on his cheeks. He had an elongated staff
with tiny pieces of feathers attached by colorful strings, dangling
stones and dried grasses.

African drums, music and dance were working together to celebrate
our African traditions. Nevertheless, the tribal masks that were
worn during harvest celebrations and rites of passage were intimidating
to me. These masks are also used during dances for the birth of
new babies, weddings and funerals. These gruesome masks are conjured
up by the witch doctors into hideous representations of demon
gods. Really, the witch doctors are reproducing images that they have
seen in their contact with evil spirits.
The other men were wearing antelope horns, animal teeth, gourds,
knives, iron bracelets and leather pouches. Both sexes in Africa are
often mutilated on the face or body as part of this all-pervasive charm
cult. Mutilations, bizarre to western eyes, take the form of scars, fi ling
down of teeth, extending the lips or ears with discs or rings, and
plugging the nostrils.

I watched as the drumbeat, chants and the waves of hands ensued.
The African shaman slithered like a snake, then explosively forward
while drums boomed a jungle beat with the rhythm of his feet. Gyrating
to the sounds with the grace of a cat, he circled, examining
me with black menacing eyes, the mask moving with his dance. He
sang invoking the power of the gods. I had witnessed many animal
and human sacrifi ces before this time but was now this was a personal
experience. Even so, my father had spiritually prepared me for
this moment. Smiling, he stood proudly, with his arms around my
shoulders. He knew that this was the beginning of my long spiritual
journey into his world of witchcraft and supernatural power. As the
witch doctor cavorted and chanted around the fi re, I stood still, frozen
with fear but I dared not show it. I bit my upper lip as blood slid
through my veins like needles when a goat was sacrifi ced. Its blood
splattered everywhere.

The knife still glistened with red drops of blood from the mutilated
goat as I rubbed my tongue against the back of my mouth. Then, I
was told to dip my fi nger into the blood and repeated the oath of the
rites of passage. As he conjured his magic, the witch doctor danced,
clapped and chanted some more. Then he invited the gods to join

He rubbed ritual oils and the goat’s blood on my face. There were
thousands of spirits cheering and watching when he took a sharp
knife and slashed my cheeks with deep gashes. I fl inched for a second
with the pain but I dared not show any reaction. I felt my warm
blood running down my face. He thrust his fi nger into his witches’
box and traced the freshly cut wound with a magical black powder.
This was done to fortify and spiritually strengthen me. Then, I was
given a staff with an emblem of my future spiritual authority and
my grandfather’s mask. Additionally, there was a large kettle boiling,
fi lled with mystical portions and human fl esh. A bloodthirsty demon
was stalking the sacrifi ce. With that, I was commanded by the witch
doctor to drink and eat. The human fl esh and blood felt warm going
down my throat. My blood was still fl owing down my cheeks. Then
the witch doctor packed up his gear and went off into the bush. It
was quite an impressive ceremony for a young boy of twelve.
It took longer than usual for my gashes to heal because the scars
did not heal well. They became infected and infl amed and drew armies
of fl ies to attack the wound. This caused the scars to become broader
on my cheeks. Today, they remain dark scars across my cheeks. I remember
walking around the village, wearing the marks as a symbol
of superiority. Everyone in the tribe encouraged me because of my
birthright and my future status of power.

Today the tribal black scars are still deeply etched upon my face.
Thank God that Jesus can erase the spiritual signifi cance of the marks
in the spirit realms. The Holy Spirit has put a new mark on my face.
He supernaturally placed his seal upon my forehead and I am now
marked for heaven.

Then He told me that visible scars on my face, only serve to show
the world of the testimony of my past. I thank Jesus that my sons do
not have these demonic scars on their faces. It really happened, and
the powers of those rituals are now blotted out forever. My name is
blotted out of Satan’s Book of Death and my name is listed in the
Lamb’s Book of Life, praises to His Holy Name forevermore.

My father, Aloriga, was about to give his powers over to me. Normally,
in Africa, we give everything we have to our next of kin, our
fi rstborn son. The boy, even if he is the third child, is supposed to take
over the father’s place. My father wanted to relinquish his powers to
me because he was about sixty or sixty-fi ve. At that time, he believed
that he was going to die soon. He wanted to teach me certain things
about his supernatural powers.
My father was training me to take his spiritual mantle. He told me
the introduction to the spirits from the sky and the land (bush) was
very important to my future.

These demons in the forest are called dwarfs. There are also the
marine demons of the sea.
“In the beginning.” he said, “when the demons fell from the skies,
they fell in the bushes, the mountains, the seas and some fl y in the
skies.” (You can see these spiritual kingdoms described in the Bible,
in Job 38:31, 33; Job 41:22; Job 9:9; Isaiah 23:11).
When my father told me about these demons, I was thunder struck
and I didn’t know what to say. So I said nothing.
The night that we made a trip into the bush, it was about midnight.
I learned that the powers of darkness always work in the night.
We walked about three kilometers through the brush and bramble,
deep into the forest. At the brow of the hill we stopped and gazed
across the green jungles of the northeast. It was a wild rough land.
Roving herds of wild elephants, pythons and strange tribesmen hardly
known to the outside world populated it. Father told me that I had
to learn about all the demons of the bush.
“We had to have contact with those demons too,” he assured me.
“They are very powerful.”
I clearly remember that night, when the moon hung in the sky
like a giant opal casting light and shadows as we walked through
the brush. A majestic elephant stood under the shadows of the trees.
With his trunk proudly raised. This noble creature had caught my
undivided attention for a moment. The elephant has long been the
symbol of status and power.
Suddenly my eyes caught a spiritual being that was shaped like a
winged stallion fl ying across the sky.
“Oh!” I said, pointing excitedly. “Look at that wonderful horse!”
“That is Pegasus, son. He is a white winged horse that performs
many amazing feats. He is the son of the god, Zeus. It is a rare thing
to see this spiritual horse. It is a sign of your great future.”

Soon we came to the bush. In this part of the forest, I saw some
of the most bizarre looking demons. At fi rst, I was startled at the
grotesque appearance of these demons. As a matter of fact, in the
beginning I really did not want to have anything to do with them.
Except that my father told me, “Take care of the gods and they will
take care you.”

I was truly struck with terror when I met all the bush spirits. They
made quite an astonishing impression on me. These dwarfed spirits
were really scary. They were in the form of dwarfs, monstrous looking
creatures. They stood bent over, hunchbacks with gnarled heads
that protruded from scrunched shoulders. Some had fl aming swords
and warrior guardians of the high places. They looked strong, like
brutal savages that visited people in nightmares. Intimidated, I held
my father’s hand tightly. The hair stood up at the nape of my neck
as stark fear was sweeping over my body. Yet, they grinned at me
through their large leathery jowls and jagged teeth. They didn’t speak
and didn’t move but with bulged eyes, they watched me with their
cold, piecing gazes.

My father taught me their secret ceremonies. I had to study their
languages so that I could talk to the gods in their own languages and
tongues. I had to learn the various gods’ favorite foods and preferred
drinks. For instance, one god could desire a rooster or goat for dinner
and his favorite drink alcohol, while another demon god could desire
human fl esh and blood.

My father warned me, “Son, don’t be afraid. You have to go and
make a covenant with them. You see, whenever they strike a person
and if that person comes to you for help, you will have the power to
help them. It’s important, you will have to pacify these spirits so that
you can work your supernatural powers for the people.” He revealed
to me that these spirits were not dependable.
He went on to say, “Then the spirits will give that person a release
for a year or two, then suddenly, they will strike that person again.
These spirits do not like people.”
I discovered that demons are no man’s friends. In practice, they
really want to destroy all people. My father pointed out that there
were many people who were targeted by these spirits for death. They
use the witch doctors to conjure up incantations, potions and blood
sacrifi ces to K_ill their enemies.

My father said, “A witch or wizard has to be very careful when
they throw a curse, and under what terms.”
He told me that knowledgeable witch doctors would always “examine
with caution” or scan (called remote viewing) the person before
sending a curse.
He said, “If the magic power of the intended victim is stronger
than the witch or wizard of the curse believed it to be, or if the curse
is not correctly cast, the curse will bounce back upon the person who
threw it in the fi rst place.”

One night we walked into the jungle. A ghostly mist hung among
the trees. The gray moon darted between the hills. We could hardly
see where we walked. My father seemed to know the area like
the back of his hand. Strange feelings rested inside, and my heart
was strongly pumping. Suddenly we came to a bizarre clearing. The
sounds of chanting native witch doctors fi lled the air.
I saw dog heads that were dangling from a nearby cave entrance.
There were piles of bloodied skinned animals with their hearts cut
out that were being prepared to burn in a raging fi re. The priests
were in a frenzy. The ritual had begun when all of a sudden a bull
was K_illed. The witch doctor slit its throat. Another man placed a
large bowl under its neck to catch the bull’s blood. Everyone bowed
to the god of Baal to honor his blood for the ritualism. They seemed
to enjoy these morbid fantasies and animal tortures.
Large amounts of rice and red peppers were prepared for a feast.
Some men were sitting on blocks of wood or stones. Some were squatting.
Everyone used their fi ngers to eat because there were no utensils.
Each had a small clay bowl of rice. Then my father took a gourd jug
and poured water on my head. My heart was pounding. After everyone
had eaten their fi ll, naked men were dancing and chanting in the
high places.

High places are where people sacrifi ce to the god of the area and
so become dwelling place of demonic spirits. God commands the children
of Israel to “demolish all their high places,” (Numbers 33:52).
The demons watched and suddenly a shrill whistle pierced the air.
A wave of terror raced throughout my body. Struggling for control all of a sudden, I saw my father’s face twist and become gnarly. Actually,
he was being possessed by a god-spirit. When the spirit entered
his body, father began to moan and shriek. Stark fear fi lled my mind
when I saw him violently shake and writhe on the ground. Then his
eyes became highly glazed. On the spur of the moment, he appeared
to have an epileptic fi t. All at once, he became entranced, passed out
and fell to the ground. The demons were howling, hooting and laughing
with glee. Abruptly, I felt my insides moving and tightening with
terror but struggled to show no emotion. It was a hellish ordeal. A
voice in my head said, “be calm, you are learning.”
The dwarfs began to sing and dance near the fi re. There was such a
demonic gleam refl ected in their faces. Watching from the bush, there
were nebulous shadows lurking nearby. All at once, I heard a piercing
scream that broke through the clouds of smoke. Goose bumps
raced down my spine as I became very alert as the stench of burning
fl esh fi lled the night. Soon, the body of a young boy was cooked. The
demons were in frenzy. My heart was beating furiously with fear. I
hoped that soon it would be over. My young heart had not yet been
demonized to a suffi cient degree to see these evil matters.

Later, my father taught me about the ancient demon gods. “These
gods are worshiped by their priests that burn incense in the high
places to the idol gods of the mountains of Ghana. They burn incense
to Baal, the sun, the moon and the planets to the hosts of heaven,”
he explained.
As a Christian, now, I know that God calls them hosts of heaven
gods. “Lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven, and when thou seest
the sun, and the moon, and the stars, (even) all the host of heaven,
shoulders be driven to worship them, and serve them, which the Lord
thy God hath divided unto all nations under the whole heaven” (Deuteronomy
Thank God that the glorious Gospel that transforms from darkness
to light and from death to resurrection, saved me. In fact the
Gospel lives in the Book of Galatians. The golden text of Paul’s letter
to the Galatians is found in these words, “I am crucifi ed with Christ:
nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the fl esh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who
loved me, and gave himself for me” (Galatians 2:20). This of its own
supernatural power is the one and only plan that God has ordained
to save sinners. I was a sinner. I am saved by His wonderful grace.

Chapter Four

Demonic Anointing
Wherefore, my dearly beloved, fl ee from idolatry.
(1 Corinthians 10:14)

I remember when my father told me the story of how he received the
demonic powers from his father. The family members were doing
their rituals pouring out libations that make the dead body possess
a demonic presence as it is laid in state. The rings and handkerchiefs
that are given to the dead symbolize a covenant with the dead. When
my grandfather died, the family had gathered for the funeral. The
women were preparing food for the funeral, such as rice water, koko,
tea and soups. Family heads are aware of this ritual of preparing
special waters named “Adukrom Nsu.” This is a concoction of ingredients
so fi lthy, but added to the tea Koko, tea, soups and others for
consumption. It is demonic. The family puts on black garments for
three to six months when bereaved. This invites the spirits of death
to stay in the house for a long time. Of course, borrowed clothes for
funerals will act as a method to transfer spirits.
The mourners were chanting for the gods to descend and possess
the worshipers in which the ancestral spirits were invoked to
give oracles and be a power in the household. My father told me,
“my grandfather was lying in the black coffi n and his eyes snapped
opened. His eyes looked like slits similar to a python snake. They
were sunken into his head.” Really it’s a ghoulish idea.
As father described, the mourners were screaming and wailing
and pleading that the spirit of the deceased will enter safely into the spiritual world. The black magicians and witch doctors were working
their rituals.
Then all of a sudden, my grandfather was slowly getting into a sitting
position. He swung his feet to the fl oor. He was in a total trancelike
state with bulging-glazed eyes. His arms were still waving as he
stood up. Trembling, he began a staggering and stumbling manner of
walking. Furthermore, the demons made his body walk around the

Everyone in the room began weeping, wailing and screaming in
loud voices. Something supernatural was happening. Something is
happening, very scary. Yet to his loved ones, it was eerie but they
thought it was quite wonderful. Awkwardly, moving unsteadily and
lumbering across the room, the powers of darkness were in complete
control of his body.
“That’s the spirit of Voodoo,” someone yelled.
“Yes, it’s the god of the graveyard, Baron Samedi!” another exclaimed.
“He’s the devouring and lustful voodoo king of the cemetery
spirits—spirit of death, and one of the more powerful spirits of the
voodoo pantheon.”
At this time, my grandfather told my father that he wanted to
pass his powers to him before he could pass onto the other world. He
asked my father to bring three bowls to him. Then my grandfather
vomited, fi lling the bowls. He commanded my father to drink it. My
father obeyed. Then after my father drank it my grandfather lay back
in the casket and father was empowered with his spirits. Grandfather’s
mantle had passed to my father.

The word voodoo comes from the word Vodun, (meaning god,
spirit, or sacred object) in the Fon language of West Africa. Voodoo is
a system focusing on a distant god known as the Grand Master, who
manifests through various rituals. He has a pantheon of demons,
such as benevolent ones invoked by nada rites and harsher demons
invoked by bloody petro rites. It consists primarily of the worship
of ancestors and a hierarchy of gods. These demons seek to manifest
themselves by taking “possession” of their worshipers during their
frenzied dances. These ancestral spirit deities are known collectively

as Loa. A major voodoo philosophy is, “Take care of the gods and
they will take care of you.”
Accordingly, during the voodoo ceremonies, the “Chief Bab”
(short for babalawo, or priest) drinks human blood and chants, and
dances savagely, which may continue for days on end. The initiate
collapses and will fall into trances. Then possession takes place by
these demons. In this altered state of consciences, the possessing demon
may manifest itself and begin to speak, sing or curse as well as
offer advice or cure the sick. Whenever the demon that has descended
and entered their bodies possessed by voodoo worshipers, they usually
shriek or howl. Some violently shake or writhe, as if experiencing
an epileptic fi t. On the spur of the moment, the possessed person will
become entranced. He will pass out and fall to the ground. While
in the trance, by the power of demons, some worshipers walk over
broken glass or burning coals. Others place their hands in burning
oil or alcohol. Voodoo advocates vow that if worshipers show no
bodily harm after such practices, it means that demons have entered
into their bodies.

In Africa, witch doctors really can create zombies who are also
known as the “living dead.” They are not fi ctional! The dead body
has a blank glassy stare, a plastic face, fi lled with terror, and slow
lumbering movement like a puppet. The voodoo belief is that a spirit
can then be made to obey, mechanically, the wishes of the voodoo
priest. He can, through demonic possession, reanimate a corpse. People
are very scared of voodoo power.
Some of the voodoo symbols are such things as fetishes, icons, and
voodoo dolls. Other symbols are to protect the wearer against poisoning,
death hexes, evil spirits, sickness, injury and accidents. Voodoo
is an occult religion rooted in Satanism. Tempting possession is
also tempting serious spiritual risk.
My father taught me how to prepare the food for the living dead.
“Vagalas, you must not eat the food yourself,” father advised.
“Remember that your grandfather died during the last moon. He
watches me every minute and I will never forget him. He will eat this
“So you think my grandfather is one of the living dead?” I asked
my father as I stirred the yams and eggs together.

“Yes,” father answered fi rmly. “He may be invisible to you, but
that doesn’t mean that he and other ancestors aren’t watching over
what we do. Your grandfather will be watching over you too. He tells
me that you are his pride and joy.”
When he fi nished building his altar, he fi lled his bowl with rice,
beans, seeds, a lizard and three snails. He was satisfi ed with his task.
He sat under the shade of a mango tree and watched me fi nish fi lling
my bowl.

My father told me, “Son, you want to be powerful in the spiritual
realms, so you will have to know these demons from the bush, sky
and the sea.”
We started. We met those demons that are in charge of marriages.
If a Christian is married and the Church has not blessed that marriage,
the demons have an open door. If a Christian goes to the witch
doctor for help, the door is open for demonic control. The demons
can manipulate, intimidate, suppress, oppress and destroy. Then there
are demons in charge of cancer, and diabetes. I learned how to work
with these powers of evil.

However, during this time, I didn’t know that a day was coming
that I would stand in front of the people of God to expose these demons.
I just thought that I was learning to become very powerful like
my father. When the Lord called me to reveal the reality of these evil
powers to His church, Jesus told me, “Many demons have my church
and My people blinded. I am anointing you to expose the demons
and you must tell My church how to defeat these demons and protect
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Re: The Witch Doctor and The Man City Under the Sea

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Chapter Five

The City Under the Sea
Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them.
Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! For
the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath,
because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. (Revelation

I know that many will not believe this testimony concerning the City
Under the Sea. They, in fact, will want to believe that it is just a
fairy tale. They will try comparing it to something like the stories of
“The Little Mermaid” or “The Wizard of Oz.” Believe me. The city
under the sea does spiritually exist. I know, because I personally spent
twelve years under the sea and knew that it’s a real place. This is my
testimony of residing with the demon gods under the sea. Powerful

Finally the time came that my father took me to the sea where he
got most of his power. This was a gate to a city under the sea where
people get gifts for wizardry.
Seagulls were swirling across the gentle waves. The setting sun
was a hazy circle behind the gray clouds dipping beyond the horizon.
The skyline was marked by the shading between the gray-blue of the
sea and the blue-gray of the sky. Suddenly the sun sank out of sight.
The moonlit night darkened, I felt the restless splendor of the sea.

I sensed hundreds of eyes that may or may not be human silently
watching from the waves.
Finding a rock half in and half out of the water, we climbed upon
it to rest. For a moment, I watched the little creatures of the deep as
they leaped free of the pull of the tide. Then, in the distance, I saw
a form that rose from the crest of the waves. Sea foam crowning his
green-dark hair, his hands were raised above his head. He seemed to
stand for a moment on his tail. In one instant, with a great splash, he
disappeared into the depths of the sea.
“Wow! Did you see him father?”

“Yes, Vagalas,” replied my father. “He’s called a merfolk and there
are mermaids too. They are scattered throughout seas around the
world. Most people who have seen them believe that they are just
imaginations, but they are actually spirits in one of their many forms.
This is the beginning of a great adventure. Here you will meet the
“spirits of the sea.”
Then my father gave me one of his powerful potions. His eyes
were glazed, shimmered like small sea lights, then turned glassy as
the potions began to take effect. I began to feel airy. This form of
entrance into a fantasy world is enhanced through drugs or potions,
especially the hallucinogenic kind.

These drugs are so effective in transporting a person through the
spirit world that they are highly sought after by witches and wizards
worldwide. On the spur of the moment, my father blasted forth with
a strong whistle sound and instantly two very powerful demons appeared.
All of a sudden, I felt my spirit releasing itself out of my body.
One of the demons entered into it and took control to keep my body
alive while my spirit was not there. I felt as free as a bird. My father’s
spiritual body was moving to take my hand. I turned my head back
to see on the rock sitting our bodies as we started walking toward
the sea. Our bodies appeared to be alive! It was eye deceiving, as the
bodies were moving and gesturing to each other against the dusk of
the night.

Although the night air was still, the endless tidal waves crashed
against the shoreline. When we came to the edge of the sea, my father
simply tapped the sea with his foot. To my utter amazement,
instantly the sea divided into a dry pathway. I could see the fi shes and
sea creatures on both sides of the raised water. They were swimming
and churning by the sides of the raised water. It looked like mirrored
walls as we entered the water. It was a strange sight. He took me by
the hand and we began walking down into the ropes of mist into
the sea. It was very supernatural, yet to me it felt natural. The Bible
includes a nether world in these prophetical words: “There also God
highly exalted him (Christ) and bestowed on Him the name which is
above every name that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of
those who are in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth…” (Philippians
2: 9–10). And the Word of God speaks of the sea as a place
that gives “up the dead which were in it” (Revelation 20:13).

Little did I know at this time that I was beginning to go through
a great spiritual shift that was going to bring about the capture of
my soul by Satan. I was entering the hadean world of Satan and his
demons. These are mysterious experiences that very few ever return
to talk about. The cresting currents continued to move apart as we
walked descending down to the bottommost part of the sea. I stopped
and picked up one of the beautiful shells. Putting the shell against my
ear, I could hear the beating heart of the sea. All at once, there were
fl ickering lights and moving shadows. They darted behind a roughened
mountainous hill that was covered with seaweed. A group of
large living things was swirling around. These beings were somewhat
larger than men. Their fl ippers could never be mistaken for arms.

“Are they sea monsters?” I asked.
“No son,” he answered, “just a group of playful whales.”
I turned to look back to see the water roaring and crashing together.
The sea seemed to be taking it last breath of fresh air as it
thundered shut behind us. I saw a pale white light unsteadily shining.
I felt the dry sand sticking under my feet. My father held my hand
“We are almost there.” He had a devilish look on his face. A gnarly
dark fi gure sat upon a coral bed. He did not look at us or make a
move as we passed by.

My father and I began descending deeper into sea on dry ground.
Soon stepped onto a broad highway that led to a brilliant light radiated in the distance. “Look father,” I exclaimed! “It shines and glitters
like a jewel.”
“Yes son. We are going to the great city under the sea,” my father
replied. “Not many people are ever able see it.”
Many highways from various provinces of Ghana are joined to
this big highway. A majestic city came into view that was located in
the center of the sea! Soon we arrived at the brilliant city that seems
to be without beginning or end as if it were made by magic. All at
once, I found myself walking through the gates of the most mystical,
delightful city on earth. It was beyond dreams and visions.
My father said, “This is where your training will begin, my son,”
He put his arm around m shoulder. “You will be strong and powerful
because you were born for this position.” According to my father this
is a place where god put his power.

It is impossible for me to describe to you the splendor of this awesome
place. Physically you won’t see it but spiritually you can see it.
However, I have never seen a city on this earth more beautiful than
this mysterious underwater metropolis. There were giant futuristic
crystal skyscrapers and brilliant lazar lights bedazzling the currents
of the sea. It was a spellbinding place, beyond words, it reminds you
of a spiritual Disney World. The streets were made of gold—not real
gold but something that appeared like gold. There is nothing in the
world that could compare to this enchanting place, such a stunning,
majestic, and ravishing habitation. It was apocalyptical, fairyland.

The city under the sea is not a hidden place from many people of
Africa. In fact there are many spiritual cities that are located around
the world. In every country in the world, you will fi nd the same structures
and human activities under the lakes and rivers which affects
the lives of those on the earth above. Actually, there are highways
under the sea that connect these spiritual cities! Since my salvation,
the Lord Jesus has saved and delivered many African wizards and
witches have testifi ed about the existence of these spiritual cities that
are located off the sea coasts around the world!
The mysterious city that I was assigned is a supernatural place
that is located under the sea off the coast of Ghana and it extends to the Bermuda Triangle off the coast of Bermuda. The region located
near the coast of Ghana is the area where hurricanes develop. Satan
sends the wizards and witches to conjure these destructive disasters.
These sorcerers release the gods of destruction. The city is made of
the substance where imaginations fail, beyond human belief and is
the most spectacular habitation in the world.
Notice that I quoted (Revelation 12:12) for you at the heading of
this chapter. Observe that the Bible says, “woe to the inhabitants of
the earth and the sea!” The Bible clearly says that there are inhibitors
(spiritual beings) living in the lands and the sea. Yes, It is true. I know
because I’ve lived and worked there for Satan’s kingdom.
It is in these demonic cities that Satan trains his agents to steal the
souls of men, women and children.

The city that I lived in for twelve years is located near the coast
of Ghana. This city is highly organized. The sorcery world is real and
highly organized. It is formed administratively and political structure
that follows the same patterns as in our worldly governments. In
the sorcery government women hold the highest positions. In fact,
Satan is documenting everything about people on the earth. There is
a “Book of the Dead” where every evil deed is recorded about people
on the earth. These records are carefully kept so that the demons
can legally enslave and control the people that are living around the
globe. He will also use these records to testify against these people
before the throne of God after the end of the world. He knows everything
that is hidden away in people’s secret lives. This is why the
Antichrist is going to be able to rule the world when his time comes.
He has no power unless people give it to him in their rebellion against

The Bible reveals that the spirits dwelling under the sea do exist.
But somehow Satan has been able to bewitch Christians from being
able to see these Scriptures. When I got saved, Christian teachers were
saying that the Antichrist comes out of the sea. Then they would say that the “word sea, represented the masses of people.” They could not
spiritually see these Scriptures through the eyes of the Holy Spirit.
For instance carefully look at the description of the imagery of the
beast in the Bible. “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a
beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and
upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy”
(Revelation 13:1).
According to many Bible commentators, this “beast” is the endtime
Antichrist. The “beast” represents two things: 1. He is a demon
prince who presently is locked up in the “abyss” and will be released
in the end-time Tribulation. (Revelation 11:7). This is the same beast
here that is coming up out of the sea from the “abyss.” 2. This beast
possesses a mortal man and this man receives power from the dragon
(Satan) in the end time (Revelation 13:4–10). The demon prince
that comes up out the abyss possesses this mortal man. (Revelation

This sea city is very organized into levels of spiritual power. For
instance, if a person goes to a soothsayer or a witch, that person legally
gives Satan power over his soul. Then, the witch or soothsayer
would have to give authority of the person’s soul to Satan. Truthfully,
even if a person is taken to one of these occultists as a child by a parent,
then only a Christian who knows the superior power of Jesus
Christ can break it. Their past must be destroyed. Whenever a demon
is invited in, he must be kicked out!
This mysterious sea city is fi lled with surprises but it is also very
scientifi c. For example, whenever I wanted a cup of coffee, I’d just
press a button and it would appear immediately. Many inventions
are devised here. I saw computers here before they ever appeared on
the earth.

There are also well equipped research centers for sorcerers where
their scientists, doctors, and mechanics work. Some of these people
are working consciously and some do so consciously. Many things
that we see in the world are manufactured by sorcery.

The Bible speaks of supernatural beings coming out of the sea in
the Book of Revelation. “They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has
the name Apollyon.” (Revelation 9:11).
The supernatural beings, Leviathan and Rahab roam the seas and
fi ght for the control of the entrance to Sheol-Hades. During the coming
tribulation period, these evil forces will fi nally gain release of
their comrades below, including their king—Abaddon. The Lord will
allow Satan to release two demonic orders from Sheol Hades: One,
The scorpion-centaurs, (Revelation 9:1–11). The two hundred million
demon horsemen shown in (Revelation 9:13–21).

In both these groups we see the shapes of horses. These scorpioncentaurs,
whose appearance is like a horse and scorpion, are turned
lose during the tribulation to torment men for fi ve months, (Revelation
9:5). Whatever this torment is, the Bible doesn’t say, except the
curse of this plague is that “men will seek death and will not fi nd it.
They will long to die and death fl ees from them” (Revelation 9:6).
In Revelation 9:1-11 will be the release of the depraved demons
and fallen angels currently locked in the Abyss. The Bible teaches
that the Abyss is a spirit prison (Luke 8:31; 1 Peter 3:19; 2 Peter 2:4;
Jude 6).

In the Abyss, some of the fallen angels are now bound in “everlasting
chains under darkness” waiting “for the judgment of the great
In Revelation 9:11, an intriguing character is introduced: They
have as king over them, the angel of the Abyss; his name in Hebrew
is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon. (Nasu)
Abaddon and Apollyon both mean “destroyer.” Who is this ruling
demon called the “Destroyer,” who is released from the Abyss during
God’s wrath on mankind in the last days of this age?

Chapter Six

Creatures Beneath the Sea
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high. I cannot
attain unto it. Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or
whither shall I fl ee from thy presence? If I ascend up into
heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold,
thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and
dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall
thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me. If I
say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night
shall be light about me. Yea, the darkness hideth not
from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness
and the light are both alike to thee. For thou hast possessed
my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s
womb. (Psalms 139:6–13)

I saw many handsome men and beautiful young girls. There were
also young children there. I was introduced to them and warmly
welcomed. The children play games with mermaids. Mermaids look
like humans from the waist up, but fi shes from the waist down. The
boundary between the human area and fi sh area happens in the pelvis.
This area is part human-like and fi sh-like (the outside of this area
is fi sh). She is truly a beautiful appearing spirit. She is very popular
with the children under the sea.

Disembodied demons lurked in the shadows of the room. Under
helmets with drawn swords, stone-faced demons glared at the scene
with their emotionless, cold eyes. The giant fallen angels of Genesis
stood guarding the entrance to the city. The Ascended Masters (high level ruling spirits) watched in glee. The smiles on their lips disguised
the reality of the evil that was lurking in their hearts. The Bible shows
that supernatural beings live in the sea. “And I stood upon the sand
of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads
and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads
the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a
leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the
mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and
great authority” (Revelation 13:1–2).

This exotic spiritual city under the sea is the place where I trained
to become a wizard. Here, I learned to practice the deception for
Satan and learn his strategies to help him win the world for his evil
cause. He really believes that he will rule over the people in the world
and they will worship him. His plans not only included deceiving
people in the world but also consisted of bewitching the backslider
people in the Christian churches.

The Bible says, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”
(Hosea 4:6). Understand this, Satan knows that he is defeated,
but he also recognizes Christians’ lack of knowledge. I tell you, and
he knows it. This is the reason why he can take the advantage of people.
He works freely in many churches because only a few are able to
discern his works and hardly anyone ever believes them.
The Bible unveils the reality that the sea does hold supernatural
creatures. The leviathan is described as a frightening monster of the
seas in Job 41. He is called Leviathan. His name occurs fi ve times in
the Old Testament, always as an evil entity allied with Satan. This
spirit is called King of the sea!

Rahab is the name of another demonic inhabitant. Rahab is called
a fl eeing sea serpent in (Job 26:12,13). In Job 6, “Abyss Under the
Sea” is likened to Egypt, whose army was drowned in the Red Sea.
God’s people were more powerful thereby overcoming and crushing
the evil entity over those waters.

When I was very young, Satan gave me the power to change into
fi ve different animals: a snake, crocodile, butterfl y, lizard, and crab.
This ability means that I was considered to be a middle-class wizard.
A demon told me that he had the power to affect transformations
with humans. I asked, “What does that mean?”
“I can change humans to the forms of animals,” the demon replied.
“I can change humans into animals or vice versa!”
I laughed and suddenly, he changed me into a snake. I got so excited
and wanted to leave the room and go and play in this new body.
I looked at the door, but it was locked. I wanted to open it, but Satan
told me to just think about it and it would happen. So I thought about
going through the door and I did! Without realizing that I had the
same mind, just a different body, my changed body began to slither
on the ground like a snake. Then he changed me back. I asked him
how that benefi ted his kingdom—or, did he do that just to show off
his power? He got angry and challenged me to never underestimate
his power again. He said, “You’d better never laugh at me again.”
“It’s all about power and rebellion,” he said. All at once, he
changed me into a butterfl y and then a lizard. I was able to fl y and
go through walls with these new body forms and I was moved by my
mind power. I became more and more intrigued with the powers of
the demonic world.

These powers are being described in demonic books, cartoons
and movies. The dictionary defi nition of a werewolf is “…a person
transformed into a wolf or capable of assuming the form of a wolf.”
This transformation is not unique in Satanism, but it is done only
at the highest levels of witchcraft. Severe demonic possession is also
required. This spiritual process is also called “shape shifting,” is done
with the power of demons and they can assume other forms than just
a wolf! If you have been paying attention, you have noticed several
TV shows and movies that have depicted this power such as Roswell,
Wolf with Jack Nicholson, American Werewolf in London, American
Werewolf in Paris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teen Wolf with Michael
J. Fox and The Harry Potter books and movies. These supernatural
powers are shown in these fi lms.
“Necronomicon” has its place in modern black magic and “Transyuggothian”
metaphysics. For example, there is now a whole line of
materials based on the hellish, Lovecraft “Cthulhu mythos,” a form of magic practiced in the darkest Satanism—a system of magic prominently
featured in The Satanic Rituals! The Necronomicon and the
Cthulhu mythos are quite real. “Lycanthropy” is the clinical term for
being (or believing yourself to be) a werewolf. These are immensely
complicated worlds of magic, spells and violence.
As a child, I was taught how to change a lizard into a crocodile or
a frog to a fl y. Flies were sent to put sickness or bad luck on people by
biting them or stepping on their food and leaving behind poison or
witchcraft. Other sorcerers change into fl ies to be carried on people’s

Fantasy is the world to which every wizard seeks constant access.
It is a world fi lled with exciting adventures with magic awaiting them
at every step. A wizard will consider his fantasy world to be more
exciting, more fulfi lling, than his real world.
Children are vulnerable to powerful images precisely because they
are at a stage of development when their fundamental concepts of reality
are being formed. Satan is having a fi eld day with the kids, producing
books of terror to putrefy and trash mind and soul. Children
have always been highly susceptible to fantasies and fairy stories, to
amazing fl ights of the imagination. Keep the children from reading
feigned fables, vain fantasies and wanton stories. Fantasy and fable
are now popular and widely received that even so-called Christian
fi ction fantasy novels for kids are in vogue. They slyly and cunningly
move the young reader from Christianity into an imaginary realm of
darkness. Many times, even mature adult Christians fi nd diffi culty in
discerning the true nature of these books.*
You must protect your children. Satan is very busy capturing their
hearts. Once they are entrapped, it is very diffi cult to reverse his spiritual
damage to their lives.
Jesus Christ believed in, dealt with, and referred to the devil at
least 15 times, and the Bible refers to him 114 times. The Lord was
not talking about an imaged or mythological being, but a real supernatural
being who is described by the Bible as the arch deceiver of all mankind. The Scriptures warn us there is such a being as the devil
and there are such entities as evils spirits which are set against God
and His creation.

There are many references to devils in Africa but despite the name,
they seem to be rather benign creatures. They are described as having
one eye, one leg, one arm and one ear, but they can run very fast.
They have the ability to disguise themselves as humans. They live in
villages the same as humans do and partake in the same activities
(i.e. farming, hunting, feasting). They seem to be viewed as more of a
nuisance than a threat.

Hausa (West Africa): This tribe attributes many problems
(medical or not) to the intervention and/or possession
of an evil spirit. In order to cause the evil to leave or at least
lessen the effects, a person who is familiar with the spirit
dances for it (the dance is specifi c to the type of spirit).
During the dance, the cause and cure of the evil is brought
to light. The cure usually requires an animal sacrifi ce, typically
a bird of some sort, color, and gender (again, this is
specifi c to the spirit). The following is a list of the most
prevalent evil spirits and the effects that they have:
Dakaki or Mai-ja-Chikki: this spirit is said to resemble
a serpent. It causes evil eye, an affl iction that may lead to
stomach ulcers.
Kuri, Yerro or Yandu: this spirit is said to be a black
hyena spirit. It causes paralysis.
Ba-Maguje: this spirit has no description. It causes alcoholism
by making the victim increasing thirsty and eventually
Mai-Gangaddi or Sarikin Barchi. this spirit has no description.
It causes sleeping sickness.
Bidda: this spirit has no description. It causes stiffness.
Taiki: this spirit has no description. It causes swelling
of the stomach
Rako: this spirit has no description. It causes weakness
and doziness in the old.
Kworrom: this spirit resides under tree roots. It causes
travelers to trip and stumble.
Sarikin Bakka: this spirit is described as a nature spirit
ruling over animals. It causes madness.
Jigo or Jihu: this spirit has no description. It causes fever,
prickly heat and shivering.
Mahalbiya: this is a female spirit. She causes sores and
tropical ulcers
Jato or Jakada or Janziri: this spirit is described as a
“dirty” spirit, residing in sewers and gutters. It causes venereal
disease which can lead to insanity.
Ba-Toye: this spirit is a fi re spirit. It is related to burning
houses, fi elds and trees.
Makeri (blacksmith) and Masaki (weaver): these spirits
have no descriptions. They cause back, arm and work related
illness in craftspeople.
Kishi: Kimbundu, Angola. The kishi is a man-eating demon
who can disguise himself as a regular man so he can
take a wife.

One tale of a kishi begins with the sea god Kianda and
two sisters. Kianda wanted to fi nd a wife and came across
two sisters not far from the shoreline. He disguised himself
as a skull and approached the sisters. He proposed to the
fi rst sister. She not only refused but hit him with a stick.
Kianda then proposed to the second sister. She accepted his
proposal and offered him food. Kianda asked her to follow
him, which she did, to the sea. He fl ew towards a rock wall
which opened when he approached. They entered and were
immediately sealed inside. The young bride was then surrounded
by servants who addressed her as their queen and
dressed her in fi ne garments. Kianda shed his skull disguise
and appeared before her in all his splendor. It was then
she recognized him as Kianda the Sea God. From then on,
they lived happily ever after and have many children. The
children have human fi gures but can live underwater like
fi shes.
The tale continues with the story of the fi rst sister. she meets and marries a handsome young man. He takes her
to his house, far from her village. To her horror, their fi rst
child is born with two heads—one human and one hyena.
She realizes that her husband is a kishi, a demon who eats
humans. Although she attempts to escape, the demon is
much faster and captures her. He then devours her and her
child is raised eating human fl esh.

Chapter Seven
Underwater Witchcraft
Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them.
Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for
the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath,
because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.
(Revelation 12:12)

One of the works that are given to witches-wizards under the
waters of the sea is to manage maternity centers in the village.
When a woman comes to a maternity center for assistance to have
a baby, a certain month would be chosen for the baby to be born or
to die. But other months the babies would live. The answer to the
problem of being barren, an agent is supposedly able to cure this
childless condition by using the witchcraft powers of jujus. This form
of witchcraft is considered the highest level.
If a barren woman goes to a native witch doctor, she would be
asked to bring certain things such as human bones and ashes that
were used to cook food for her. When she becomes pregnant and
gives birth she does not deliver a normal human being. It could appear
as a usual baby but it is a spiritually formed baby. In many
women who are barren, the problems could be caused by demons.
It is not a rare thing for a woman to be barren on earth but have
children in the sea!
Some of the goods found in these maternity centers include eggs
from the fetuses of pregnant women, human meat, fl our made from
human bones, bread made from human brains, peanuts from human People receive curses and hardships into their lives and fall sick
after eating such foods.
Some areas that people seek help by visiting a witch doctor are:
Material and fi nancial prosperity
To succeed in one’s job
To succeed in business, easy promotion
To succeed in school or university
To succeed in music industry
To become famous
To succeed in prostitution and attract rich clients
To succeed opposite s_ex
To succeed in marriage

In Africa, a middle-class wizard is considered to be a very powerful
person. This means that if another person claims to be a witch or
wizard and is not sharp, we can eliminate this individual. If you are
not serving Jesus, the demons will try to K_ill you too. In the kingdom
of the darkness, everyday witches and wizards try to test each other’s
power. If one wizard meets another person who claims to have supernatural
powers, a wizard will want to see if that person is more
forceful. This testing extends to Christians who say they have spiritual
power. The way this power works is, a witch or wizard will fl y
and scan the Believers before they attempt to work their spells.
They do this because every witch or wizard knows that if a curse
is sent upon a person and if the mission fails, the demons will return
and use their powers upon the attacking wizard. In fact, the demons
will bring ten more powerful new demons that will attack the wizard.
Therefore, the wizard will send “scanning demons” to see if they can
accomplish their attack before they attempt to strike. If the targeted
person is living a holy life and is covered by the blood of Jesus, a wise
wizard will not attack.


People receive curses and hardships into their lives and fall sick
after eating such foods.
Some areas that people seek help by visiting a witch doctor are:
Material and fi nancial prosperity
To succeed in one’s job
To succeed in business, easy promotion
To succeed in school or university
To succeed in music industry
To become famous
To succeed in prostitution and attract rich clients
To succeed opposite s_ex
To succeed in marriage
In Africa, a middle-class wizard is considered to be a very powerful
person. This means that if another person claims to be a witch or
wizard and is not sharp, we can eliminate this individual. If you are
not serving Jesus, the demons will try to K_ill you too. In the kingdom
of the darkness, everyday witches and wizards try to test each other’s
power. If one wizard meets another person who claims to have supernatural
powers, a wizard will want to see if that person is more
forceful. This testing extends to Christians who say they have spiritual
power. The way this power works is, a witch or wizard will fl y
and scan the Believers before they attempt to work their spells.
They do this because every witch or wizard knows that if a curse
is sent upon a person and if the mission fails, the demons will return
and use their powers upon the attacking wizard. In fact, the demons
will bring ten more powerful new demons that will attack the wizard.
Therefore, the wizard will send “scanning demons” to see if they can
accomplish their attack before they attempt to strike. If the targeted
person is living a holy life and is covered by the blood of Jesus, a wise
wizard will not attack.

Every wizard is required to have a witch pot in which he must
prepare human fl esh for ritualism. Before I received Jesus, whenever
I needed a human sacrifi ce to work ritualism, I would turn myself
into a crocodile and look for a swimmer in a lake, river or sea. This
spiritualized crocodile would pull the person down under the water
and then spew some kind of slime over the victim’s body. Then the
person would spring back to the top of the water. The victim would
scream and thrash around in fear. The people with the victim would
try to grab and try to hold on, but the oozy matter would stop them
from being able to maintain their grip of the body. The body would
slip from their grasp and sink again and again. Then the spiritual
crocodile could pull the body up the water about fi fty kilometers.
Afterward, I would take the body parts for my sacrifi ce. The people
were busy looking in the area where they last saw the victim
Several days later, the body would wash up somewhere else down
the stream. In those days, if I, as a wizard, wanted to K_ill a person, I
could look into their stomach and could see everything about them.
Then spiritually, I would put my hand into their stomach and break
their intestines. Then within the next twenty-fi ve minutes the person
would have a stomachache, pains. Soon, the situation would become
very serious, and the person would die.
I had many spiritual eyes that Satan put around my head. I could
see in all directions, front, back and sides at any time. A high level
wizard has special weapons so that he can defeat his spiritual opponents.

Some children who have been captured by witches and wizards
from the City Under the Sea can be rescued and converted. I personally
have known many of these human children that have been
converted to Christianity. In our church in Africa, we have children
who have found the grace of God through salvation. We will tell
them about Jesus but we will not let them receive Christ unless they
bring their witches’ pots and witchcraft boxes to the church. These
pots and boxes are fi lled with sorcery, magical things, such as witches
fetishes, charms, cross, powder, and “holy water.” We destroy the
demonic powers over these pots and articles through prayer in the
Name of Jesus. In conclusion, it has been our experience that if we back to witchcraft. The witches will simply draw them back through
the magical powers of the blood sacrifi ces conjured in their pots.

There are many children in the underwater city. Some of these children
belong to witchcraft families. However many of these children
are spiritual beings while others are hungry street children that have
been captured by Satan’s agents and turned to witchcraft. These are
children who been abandoned by their parents and roam the streets.
Sadly they are “throwaways” and prime candidates targeted by the
witches/wizard to turn them into witches and wizards.
The queens of covens and the kings of wizards pick up street children.
These poor children are fed potions of human fl esh and drink
human blood from their witches’ pots. Soon they are captured, enslaved,
and brought to the City Under the Sea to be trained as Satan’s
agents. Since these children are not born full blood into the craft, they
can never rise to the leadership of the powers of darkness. However,
they can be trained to be used as Satan’s agents. Once they come
to the underwater city, they go through initiation rites chanting and
bathing them in blood, using both animal and human sacrifi ces. Here,
human blood is used to appease the demigods. In exchange, they
hope to be blessed by these gods with good fortune. They are given
small pots, incense burners; special salts or herbs; bells or gongs; tribal
drums; animal parts; bones; candles; incense; amulets; talismans;
charms. They are taught to practice rituals, such as ESP powers, and
talking to the spirits. They have a morbid fascination with the dead
or with death. They mar their fl esh with self mutilation. They have a
fascination with blood, including cutting themselves or marking with
tattoos or body paint.

These children will show unusual body movements and effects
such as twitching, tics, rocking, glazed eyes, head banging, moaning
or groaning, chanting. Lack of empathy toward the hurts in other
people’s lives. They act cruelly with inhumane acts against people
and animals, or acts of vandalism. The demons tell them to give away
meals to their relatives to gain demonic power over them. Of course
they will put magical potions in these meals.

Many times these children are directed to work evil powers against
their relatives, sometimes even bringing about death to them to prove
their loyalty to Satan. These children are hardened in their hearts and
they turn against their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and aunties
to K_ill them.
It is a chilling story, but true. In Africa, we don’t have kitchens in
our churches as the churches in America do. The reason is that witches/
wizards sometime try to use evil potions to draw weak people out
of the church and into their arms. We are very protective concerning
our Christian children.

These children that are trained under the sea by demons adopt
a philosophy or attitude that shows a reversal of norms; for example,
bad is good and good is bad. They have an animosity and cynicism
toward Christianity, including God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, the
church, pastors, youth leaders, and Christian ideals and ethics. Here
is where homeless street children will be trained to become Satan’s
agents to steal souls. They are sent into churches to destroy them.
Many well-meaning Christians cannot discern the evil nature of these
children because they simply see them as children. Notwithstanding,
the demons that use the bodies of these children to control them are
shrewd. At the same time, these evil demons are under the control of
Satan. The demons simply use the bodies of the children to rob, K_ill
and destroy.

The sea children are able to cause great confusion and divisions
among the church people. Some of the children from the City Under
the Sea are used on the beaches to sell seashells to the tourists from all
over the world. The unsuspecting buyer will take these shells home.
The demons will attach themselves to these shells. This is a way that
Satan can work powers through the shells as a point of contact. He
uses them to destroy them and work evil in their homes. They can
cause depression, loss of sleep, frequent nightmares, paranoia or excessive
fear, restlessness.

I know a woman that took a beautiful shell from a child on the
beach. She said his eyes had the sunken hollowed look that looked
like black endless pools with largely dilated glassy pupils. Then she
began to have sexual tormenting dreams. Suddenly, her yard fi lled
with frogs. The Holy Spirit revealed to her to destroy the shell. She
did and the dreams disappeared and so did the frogs.

Child witches and wizards can also be seen fl ying at night streaking
like fi ery rockets in the sky. Sometimes they can be seen whizzing
through the night like fi reworks. Midday is another dangerous time
for a wizard, for then no man can cast a shadow. The superstition is
that his soul has temporarily disappeared. A soul and shadow being
equal, invisible spirits are looking for an abode. Children are forbidden
to play with their shadows by candlelight lest they tie them in
knots or lose them. These witchcraft-controlled children each have
many snake spirits in their stomachs and these evil spirits are the
mediums of their evil assignments.
One young boy, seven years old, recently appeared in our church.
He had painted his shoes with the mixture of human blood from his
victims and a red dye. He confessed that he was the king of wizards
of his coven. He told our church that he had fi ve snakes in his stomach,
one red, one white, and three black ones. He said that he used
these snakes to K_ill people for his sacrifi ces. I know that it is hard for
a normal mind to believe these things, but I have him confessing this
on videotape!
Another young girl came into the church. She was nine years old.
She told us that she was the Queen of her coven. She told us that she
was sent into the church to destroy it. I’ve personally seen many of
these agents from under the water in other churches freely working
without detection.

Here is an interesting Scripture in this context:
Though they dig into Sheol, from there shall My hand take
them: And though they ascend into heaven, From there
shall I bring them down, And though they hide on the summit
of Carmel, I will search them out and take them from
there: and though they conceal themselves from My sight
on the fl oor of the sea, from there I will command the serpent,
and it will bite them… (Amos 9:2–3)

Here is a Scripture that connects the underworld compartment,
Sheol, and the serpent in the bottom of the sea. It was a serpent in
the Garden of Eden that ensnared Eve. This same creature is used in
Revelation (20:2), as a description of Satan. The Scripture links sea
serpents with Sheol, an underground abode of departed spirits. “Sheol” (Hebrew) means “a place of inquiry,” to bring fear into the
hearts of men that they would repent “by the storms of life” to the
gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit.

Even many Christians do not believe that Satan is real. They also
do not believe in Hell. There is no fear of God and so they no longer
bother praying for, or teach their children the Word. “And the great
dragon was cast out, that old Serpent, called the Devil, and Satan,
which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and
his angels were cast out with him” (Revelation 12:9).
I fi nd it very interesting in today’s world for anyone not to believe
that Satan is very real and that he has targeted our children. As you
look around, you can see that children are being attacked from every
conceivable place possible.

Chapter Eight

Fantasy World
Wherefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against
your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make
them fl y, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let
the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them
fl y. (Ezekiel 13:20)

Frequently, occultists deeply desire to spend much of their time
in a strange fantasy world. They can travel there through astral
travel, in which their soul actually leaves their body to go into the
next dimension. The Bible speaks to this fact most clearly. God describes
Abraham’s death in this manner when Abraham’s spirit was
released, and he died: “Then Abraham gave up the ghost, and died in
a good old age, an old man, and full of years; and was gathered to his
people” (Genesis 25:8). Of course, any person who practices astral
travel is to a great depth demon possessed. A demonic spirit stays in
the body to keep the human body alive while this diabolic practice
happens. It is the demon’s spirit maneuvering this witchcraft journey.
Do not be deceived; this spiritual world is the supernatural world of
the demonic. While in this dimension, the spirit of the person can be
thoroughly deceived by the demonic host. While under demonic hypnotic
control the child is given a counterfeit experience that makes
him or her feel truly blessed and is very gratifying. The entire experience
occurs in the supernatural (demonic) realm.And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD;

Woe to the women
that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon
the head of every stature to hunt souls! Will ye hunt the
souls of my people, and will ye save the souls alive that
come unto you? And will ye pollute me among my people
for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, to slay the
souls that should not die, and to save the souls alive that
should not live, by your lying to my people that hear your
lies? Wherefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am
against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls
to make them fl y, and I will tear them from your arms,
and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to
make them fl y. Your kerchiefs also will I tear, and deliver
my people out of your hand, and they shall be no more in
your hand to be hunted; and ye shall know that I am the
Lord. Because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous
sad, whom I have not made sad; and strengthened
the hands of the wicked that he should not return from his
wicked way, by promising him life: Therefore ye shall see
no more vanity, nor divine divinations: for I will deliver my
people out of your hand: and ye shall know that I am the
Lord. (Ezekiel 13:18-23)

I had so much spiritual authority that many world leaders were
placed under me spiritually. After my salvation experience, I promised
God not to mention their names. When I saw them, I would fl ash
a demonic sign with my fi ngers and they would smile and fl ash me a
sign. I thought that I had all these powers but it was only after receiving
Jesus that I discovered these powers had a hold over me.
Is the Devil real and do you believe that your children are in any
danger? You need to pray that Jesus will open your eyes to see and
how you can protect your children.
As I mentioned previously, the Devil gave me the power to fl y. The
Bible tells us about soul traveling by witches and wizards fl ying:

The people did not come from just the African coast. Infl uential
people such as big businessman, doctors, lawyers and politicians
were coming. I have seen important leaders come to the City Under
the Sea such as Indians, Asians and Americans. These people were
coming from all over the world, from everywhere. I even saw powerful
political personalities in the underwater spirit world. These were
people who had sold their souls for positions of power. They had
given themselves over to greed and demon possession. They had sold
their souls just to sit upon the seats of thrones of world tycoons,
barons and kings. They came from all over the world. Some of the
people who had been elevated to higher positions were given crowns
and thrones. They were given titles such as, Queen of the West Coast
or The King of the Wizards, etc. The devil’s gods also had thrones.
At a tender age, I had been given these supernatural powers. I
could fl y (astral project—soul travel) and bring reports back to my
father from the City Under the Sea. Once I was sent to represent my
father in India, I didn’t fl y on the plane. I’d leave my soul and put
other demons in this body to keep the body going. Then I was able to
soul travel to anywhere in the world then, later on, return to Africa.

This strange underwater habitation was used to manufacture
things to lure people into busy lives so that they will not have time
for God. Satan uses the gods of money, perversions, pornography,
tattoos, piercing with rings and fashions. These demons also produce
new inventions. There are also laboratories in which articles
are invented to steal the souls of people one who foretells the future
supernaturally. As a result, gadgets are dreamed up here before they
ever appear in the world. For instance, I remember seeing personal
computers there in the early seventies before they ever became popular
in the world. Computers are exploding and will eventually replace
the telephone and television. Moreover, the Internet is not regulated,
so it is fi lled with evil music, pornography, witchcraft, and evil demonic
game sites. So, it is Satan’s playground. The Bible warns “Lay corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: but lay up for
yourselves treasures in heaven…” (Matthew 6:19–20).
It is window
dressing for millions to stumble into wickedness. In any case, the
computer is one of Satan’s most powerful inventions to date.
Beneath the sea in the city, there are telescopes and televisions that
seem to be supernatural. These machines are given to the agents to
take into their homes for them to watch a person. These televisions
allow agents to follow the movements of Christians and track the
plans of churches that they are assigned to defeat.
Satan also invents new fashions there to ensnare souls. Think
about the new fads such as body piercing, tattooing, electronics,
extreme makeover, creams, perfumes, cosmetics, beautiful cars and
fantasy things to steal people’s souls. The Word of God warns, “For
what shall it profi t a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose
his own soul?” (Mark 8:36).
If a person goes to a soothsayer, there is a written record that
is kept under the sea. This curse of the law shown in the Bible will
follow the person and their generational lines. Remember Satan has

Though we were working with demons that we could feel, we
were also being demonically controlled. We were like zombies ruled
by evil demons. Now I can see that demons need human bodies to
work through to accomplish their evil deeds.
Our motivations were void of human feelings. Our hearts were
hard, cold as ice and full of horrendous hate. So people were to us
like inanimate objects, like dead dolls. We were totally involved with
our desires to progress to higher levels in this demonic world. As Satan’s
agents, it was sheer pleasure to wreak havoc upon and destroy
the subjects of our assignments.

Our reason was Satan’s malignant plots against mankind. We
could cause all types of accidents, strife and wars between nations.
We could use our powers to cause death, sickness, and discouragement
and break up marriages. We would work through our magic
television tracking systems to bring our enemies into bankruptcies.
Backsliding Christians were marked for death, and we would quickly
not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth move to cause accidents to pull them into hell. Remember, the devil
came to steal, K_ill and destroy.

Satan cannot appear to a person unless he owns them and they
are slaves to serve him. At birth, God builds a supernatural wall of
protection that divides people from Satan’s realms. Once the person
tears down the wall it is very hard to rebuild. On the other hand,
Satan has permission to appear to them when they belong to him.
Some demons appear as beautiful angels. They are full of deceptions
and know how to disguise themselves as angels of light. Remember
the Bible says that Beelzebub is called the prince of demons. He is the
demon that controls all kinds of witchcraft. I have worked with this
demon before. He doesn’t go through the powers and principalities
because he reports and is only responsible to satan alone. Beelzebub,
the lord of the fl ies, is in charge of the witches and wizards. He
is the embodiment of cruelty.

The under the sea city has many gods. They have been worshiped
since the beginning of time. I saw the forms of these gods. The pantheon
of the gods and goddesses of Egypt included the forms of beings
such as Bast, the cat goddess. She is the goddess of pleasure. The
famed Isis is known to use her powers to heal humankind. Ma’at a
goddess of law truth and justice while Seth is considered the god of
chaotic forces. Serpent-headed Nehebka presided over funeral rites,
Ibis-headed Throth is the god of the moon and Jezebel, the territorial
goddess that captures the hearts of men and turns them away from
their faith to draw them to her Baal.

In the demonic realms, demons work like the military. Each person
under the sea has a master demon. He is a supervisor. If I had
a question, like, why are we k_illing? Once my supervisor answered
something like this, “It is in the Bible, and the man says that unless
you eat his fl esh and drink His blood, you will not live.” We didn’t
know anything about the Bible. So we started eating human fl esh and I remember one time that I asked a demon, “What is our reward
for all the k_illing that we are required to do for Satan?”
The demon replied, “If you want a reward, there was a Man who
came into this world. He spent only thirty-three years. He died. The
people crucifi ed Him. He died and on the third day, He arose from
the dead.”

I asked, “Who is this Man?”
The demon replied, “We cannot mention His name here.”
I asked the demon. “Is it Mohammed?”
He said, “No man.”
“Is it the Buddha?”
“No man, it is not the Buddha.”
He said, “If you want a good reward, repent. We cannot repent,
but you a human, created in the image of God still have chance.
There was a Man who came into this world. He spent only thirtythree
years. He was crucifi ed, died, buried, and on the third day, He
was raised from the dead.”
I said, “Mention the name to me.”
The demon said, “Shah! We cannot mention the name.”
I said, “There is someone more powerful than our people?”
He said, “Oh, a hundred times.”
I started mentioning principalities.
He replied, “A hundred times.”
I asked him if there was somebody more powerful than Guru?
(We called Satan Guru).
“More than ten times” the demon replied.
“Who is that person?” I questioned him.
He told me, “The people who follow this Man that I am talking
about, we call them rebellious people.”
He told me that if you go and follow that man, you would not
suffer. I didn’t know whom this demon was talking about, because he
said that he was forbidden to say the man’s name
I remember that one of my favorite gods that I met in the underworld
city was Mammon—the spirit of gold. He is made of a
gold-type substance and has one eye at the center of his forehead and
human blood so that we could live.
Some of the demons told me things that I could not understand
until I was saved and delivered. marks on his head. He is the world’s most evil golden creature.
stands about eight feet tall. He walks like he has springs on his feet.
He is a netherworld giant demigod, the spirit behind the money of
the world. He rules in the lives of those dedicated to his name. He is
in charge of Satan’s storehouse of money. He has his hands in every
evil thing on the earth. He is very powerful and worshiped by those
who want to rule the world.

Mammon told me, “They are all joining Satan’s plan for a New
World Government because of their greed for fi lthy lucre. Passion,
the lusts for riches are the roots of all evil.” His dark eyes darted
greedily back and forth.
“You’re right about that,” I sighed.
“Money makes the world spin.” He turned again and looked
straight through me. Then he talked about the statue of Zeus that
has place in the entrance hall of the United Nations. He suddenly
started laughing.

“Imagine this. He is the god of wars. Yet there he is, guarding the
place where those dumb humans speak of peace and safety, and are
supposed to rule over the peace of the world.”
Then he asked me, “Do you like Zeus more than you do me?” his
voice sounding jealous and whiny.
“No, of course not,” I said. But on the spur of the moment, he had

The information that I am telling you it is not a fairy tale, it is
something that I have seen. You just don’t know how privileged you
are Christians. The Bible says the devils believe and tremble. It is true.
The demons told me that Christians don’t believe that there is a problem.
They believe that many are under deception and unbelief.
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Re: The Witch Doctor and The Man City Under the Sea

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Chapter Nine

Sea Giants
And every creature which is in heaven, and on the
earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea,
and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and
honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth
upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.
(Revelation 5:13)

I saw sea monsters, and later I discovered these very monsters described
in the Bible. It is strange how Satan has blinded the eyes of
church people concerning these beings in the sea.
The Bible shows that sea monsters are demons that appear as
great mystifying beings that live under the sea. Look at how the Bible
describes Leviathan King of the Sea. “In that day the Lord with his
sore and great and strong sword shall punish Leviathan the piercing
serpent, even Leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the
dragon that is in the sea” (Isaiah 27:1).
The word dragon is the common Hebrew word for any large sea
serpent. The word refers to Leviathan (Isaiah 27:1) and to Rahab
as Egypt (Isaiah 51:9). The word dragon occurs fourteen times in
the Old Testament and is translated as “sea monster” “serpent” or
“dragon.” It refers to any large sea or marine creature that is monstrous
or hideous —good or bad—including the “sea monsters” God
created in Genesis 1:21. The smaller creatures of the sea are called
“living creatures” and “fi sh.” ships: there is that leviathan, whom thou hast made to play therein”
(Psalm 104:25-26). (See also Job 3–8.) “In that day the Lord… shall
slay the dragon that is in the sea” (Isaiah 27:1) “In that day” refers
to end time.

As a matter of fact, there are many mysteries in the sea. The sea
also serves many purposes. The Bible says that sea monsters are real!
There are spiritual entities under the sea that shape shifts (change)
into many different forms and physical appearances of monsters,
grotesque mutations that look like prehistoric creatures!
One proof text is found in the book of Revelation. There is a vision
of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet, and from each of
their mouths there comes, “unclean spirits like frogs…” (Revelation
16:13). Then we discover that the other powerful agency of evil in
the Revelation, Babylon, is under the same infl uence. We see that this
symbol of affl uence, “is become the habitation of devils, and the hold
of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.”
(Revelation 18: 2).

In the search for wisdom the question is asked
But where shall wisdom be found? and where is the place
of understanding?…The depth saith, It is not in me: and
the sea saith, It is not with me… Destruction and death
say, We have heard the fame thereof with our ears. God
understandeth the way thereof, and he knoweth the place
thereof. For he looketh to the ends of the earth, and seeth
under the whole heaven; To make the weight for the winds;
and he weigheth the waters by measure. When he made a
decree for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunder:
Then did he see it, and declare it; he prepared it, yea,
and searched it out. (Job 28:12, 14, 22–27)
Job fi nally fi nds wisdom and the “place of understanding” and to
man he said, “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to
depart from evil is understanding” (Job 28:28).

Since the “fear of the Lord is wisdom,” then it stands to reason
that those in the nether world of departed spirits do not have wisdom
(they are represented by the “sea, “deep,” “Abaddon,” and “Death”).
Abaddon is a large-scale supernatural being that personifi es destruc
The Bible says, “So is this great and wide sea, wherein are things
creeping innumerable, both small and great beasts. There go the tion. He is currently bound in Sheol-Hades. He is the diabolical king
of the demons centaurs that will be released during the fi fth trumpet
judgment of Revelation 9.

The Full Gospel is a balanced Gospel, which includes the methods
of the ministry of Jesus. He pointed His Church in the right direction
when he said, “The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he hath
anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to
heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering
of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised”
(Luke 4:18).
A great percentage of Jesus’ ministries were deliverance. “And he
preached in their synagogues through all Galilee, and cast out devils”
(Mark 1:39).

Jesus cast devils out! Jesus is our example! The Church has largely
abdicated its authority and blandly disbelieves in such things. The
enemy has come in like a fl ood, and few have resisted it.

The mysterious book by David H. Lewis (author of Mysteries of
the Pyramid) was located in fall of 2000. He gives testimony in this
book that has been scanned and is available for the fi rst time in many
years, in both a comb-bound edition and perfect bound.
The author, having spent countless months searching through hieroglyphics,
Naval records, ancient scrolled manuscripts, and ships
logging, now brings to light one more haunting phenomenon from
the archives of an explorer’s heritage. It has long been a seaman’s
nightmare that demons possess many areas of our ocean, with concentrated
thought aimed at our Bermuda Triangle and the mysterious
disappearances occurring over these hundreds of centuries.
Vanished ships and planes of our present era have been documented
as well as those collected over the past decade. Eerie and
mysterious lights from the depths of the Atlantic were noticed by
oceanic travelers and explorers for countless centuries, but more recently
noticed and spasmodically recorded since Columbus’s crossing
in 1492.

Documented accountings from deep sea divers, Bathscape explorers,
and oceanographers lay claim that depth soundings indicate a gi ant raised plateau buried far beneath the surface, that stretches from
the west coast of Africa to the eastern coast of Bimini and the islands
of Bermuda, is that of Atlantis, and remains active.
Logs clearly indicate many strange and frightening experiences
that have baffl ed scientists for more than a decade. Many reports intimate
light beams piercing the surface from great depths, lights near
the surface that pass with speeds exceeding 200 knots, phosphorescent
fog banks that engulf a ship or plane minutes before vanishing,
unusual lights from a dome shaped objects within the ocean’s sediment,
and glowing rays that raise ships or yachts out of the water.
Lewis’s book is designed to enlighten you on these mysteries, yet
it does not solve all occurring phenomena of our oceans. There are
however, strong indications that “Cities of the Deep” have existed
before the chaos of Atlantis and are still continuing their activities
into our present dates.

Chapter Ten

The Wizard’s Power
Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them:
because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the
world. (1 John 4:4)

To many Africans, their god is one of his many manifestations.
There are more than two hundred principal descriptive names.
He is called by one of his many names ranging form “The Everlasting-
One of the Forest” to “He who roars so loud that the Nations are
Struck With Terror.” His priests (medicine men and witch doctors)
are recognized leaders of the tribal community.
The good news is that the gods of pagan Africa are not more powerful
than the God of the Bible. Still there are many in Africa, and are
many that worship the serpents. The Reverend T. L. Osborne tells the
story that his wife went to Dohomny in Africa to set up a meeting. At
a nearby serpent temple a priest had a huge snake around his head
and body.

He told Daisy, “This is our god!”
She demanded, “Give me that snake.” She took the snake from his
hands and it instantly became as straight as a pole as if petrifi ed. She
turned to a trembling native preacher who was with her and said,
“Take it!”
He obeyed. The snake was still like a pole. She took it back and
handed it to the priest and immediately the serpent went almost wild
and struggling as it wrapped itself around the priest.
Daisy said, “My God made all creation and we are not afraid of
your snake god.”

Praise God for brave Christian women like Daisy who obeyed the
call of God. They have been followed by thousands of evangelists
who have penetrated into every corner of Africa within the last hundred
years. Today, through churches, chapels, mission schools and
hospitals, the Africans are in daily contact with Christianity in its
practical form.

I tell you that the spiritual realms are certainly real! Beyond the
veil of the fl esh there is a world unseen by human eyes, a world seen
only when the eyes of one’s spirit are opened. It is a world more real
than this physical world. It existed before the world was formed,
even before man fi rst appeared on earth. Behind this veil is the world
of evil spirits. Although they are invisible, they are forceful and their
work does affect the world as their powers are transferred into the
physical realms. Know this. There truly is a satanic world conspiracy,
so vast and terrible, that the human mind cannot conceive it. This
treacherous demonic movement is real. The forces of evil move tirelessly
to bring their kingdom of the Antichrist and with him darkness
unlike any the world has ever seen before into power. They use human
beings as agents to enforce their evil wills to infl uence the souls
of men and women. Millions upon millions will follow this ungodly
world scheme of the Devil. These spirits use objects and symbols to
draw humans into their world of spiritual blindness.

I have worked with these devils, also called demons, dark angels
and foul evil spirits. I know them and understand how they operate.
They are literally ransacking the earth today and possessing the souls
of untold thousands of people. I have personally attended world conferences
and heard the Devil’s plans to rule the world. His New Age
Religion requires a full-fl edged worship of Satan. I remember his conversation
with a demon at one of these conferences.
He mentioned, “One of these days some great leader that will be
respected by the world as a man of peace. He will settle the Arab-Israeli
dispute. Watch out when this happens, for he will be the Christ. His sweet words of peace will soon lead to the most ravaging seven
years of terror the world has ever witnessed. Then we will win.”
He told us. “The world’s new religious leaders are committed to
ushering in this New World Order.”

We hoped that it would come soon. We were committed to bring
in peace, love and brotherhood under the leadership of the New Age
Christ (not Jesus Christ). We believed Satan’s lies that whenever he
ruled the world, things would be better. Also, we had worked so hard
to be the spiritual leaders of the world. He already possessed numerous
world leaders with his Ascended Masters (demons) to control
nations. At the same time they were planning and working especially
inside Christian Churches. Luciferin doctrines were steadily being introduced
and, in many cases, warmly embraced by evangelists, pastors,
and millions of ordinary Christians in the pews.
Strange as this may seem, some of these leaders were frightened by
our presence in these planning world conferences. They recognized
that our witchcraft powers were real. They had witnessed our reports
of great destruction and were aware that if Satan commanded us, we
could K_ill them.

Satan was using many witches and wizards to destroy his enemies’
incredibility, and he has fi lled many world-known religious leaders
with wicked spirits to declare his false prophecies. Soon, the entire
world will be under these mad men through the coming international
new world. His conquering armies will ravage Asia and Europe in a
merciless campaign of bloodletting and terror never seen before in
the history of mankind. As a result, the swarm of evil will invade the
nations around the entire globe. In fact, we were told that innumerable
evil spirits’ purposes were to prepare all mankind to rebel against
God. They have been working since the beginning to usher in Satan’s
kingdom. They have used many methods to reach their goals.

The evil spirits work through such things as horror movies heavy
metal rock music, sci-fi television stories. They achieve their objectives
by attacking the youth and family structure. These demons
cause strife, rebellion and divisions. They attack the male leadership
in the family to cause disrespect for authority. They fi ll the minds of
the people with lies and sexual gratifi cation, spellbinding them with
greed. Satan has been desensitizing them to horror, murder, and acts
of violence, and debauchery. He has used the media to mock the min isters of the Gospel by using negative images on the television.
He uses every means of attack, the arts, the media, the corruption
of infl uential leaders and the depraving of the human race to speed
up his agenda. The world has begun to crave the supernatural and
popular television shows that highlight mystic powers. Demon powers
and rulers of darkness to completely rule the world economic,
political, and religious systems set the world stage.
They are ready to receive these great appearances. Believe me.
They will adore the Great Master. You may ask, “Who is this Great
Master?” You can fi nd a picture of Antichrist when he comes to his
place of absolute power and of rebellion, in Daniel Seven and Eleven.
In these passages, we see the Antichrist magnifying himself above the
true God and all the gods’ men have historically worshiped, having
no regard for established religions, and promoting the worship of
him. He will be called the god of fortresses and will engage in religious
practices of a superstitious nature. There truly is a raging battle
for the soul of the world.

Evil spirits are engaging in relentless battles that are fi ghting
against opposing forces. These confl icts are exploding against the entire
human race. Principalities and powers, world rulers of darkness,
wicked spirits in high places and an innumerable Numbers of evil
spirits contemplate the destruction of mankind. These principalities
and powers are opposing the whole human race as shown in (Ephesians

It is true, behind the problems of the world and behind every evil,
which manifests itself in mankind, there is a hierarchy of evil spirits,
namely the devil and his angels in an organized kingdom infl uencing
this present world. These powers are at various levels of authority
that sit as world rulers of the present darkness, wicked spirit in high

Just as the Bible warns us, there will be wars and rumors of wars,
and famine and pestilence will soon follow. The beginnings of sorrows
have already begun in certain parts of the world. I know about the
power of these conquering spirits. I was there with them. I know their
tactics. I know how they work on governments, cities, and churches.
The Bible shows that the devil always seeks to pollute and destroy
the head, the leader, the king, and the priest. It was not the misfi ts
and the confi rmed defeatists, but the emperor on his throne that were given over to all forms of demon manifestations and worship that
were inspired by Satan.
The Scripture says, “Then the king commanded to call the magicians,
and the astrologers, and the sorcerers, and the Chaldeans, for
to shew the king his dreams. So they came and stood before the king”
(Daniel 2:2).
The Bible is right, what the Bible says in the books of Daniel and
Revelation will soon come to pass. Chaos will reign. Demons of lawlessness
and rebellion will rage in the nations on the earth. Planned
nuclear weapons will rain hell on the people of the world. The forces
of an evil holocaust will prevail and clash against all of mankind for
a fi nal time.
The puzzle is almost completely in place; the masses of the world
are still operating in the old world order. Many cannot see what terrible
disasters are soon to come. It is being done before their eyes but
they cannot see a thing. The bewitching-blinding spirits have closed
their eyes and concentrated their minds on silly things. The Holy
Scripture says that Jesus Christ wins the battle of the worlds fi nal
confl ict, but I tell you that Satan believes that he will be successful.

Look at the astonishing scripture in (Revelation 13:1–10), that
reveals the destination of the Beast. John “in the spirit,” fi nds himself
stationed on the sands of the sea—that same great sea upon which
Daniel beheld the winds striving in their fury. He becomes aware
of a monstrous Beast rising out of the troubled elements. He sees
horns emerging, and the number of them is ten, and on each horn
a crown. He sees the heads that bear the horns, and these heads are
seven, and on the heads are names of blasphemy. Presently the whole
fi gure of the monster is before him. Its appearance is like a leopard
or panther, but its feet are as the feet of a bear, and its mouth as the
mouth of a lion. He saw also that the Beast had a throne, and power,
and great authority. One of his heads showed marks of having been
fatally wounded and slain, but the death stroke was healed. He saw
also the whole earth wondering after the Beast, amazed at its majesty He saw, and the Beast was speaking great and blasphemous things
against God, blaspheming His name, His tabernacle, even them that
dwell in heaven, assailing and overcoming the saints on earth, and
wielding authority over every tribe, and people, and tongue, and nations.
He saw all the dwellers upon earth, whose names are not written
in the book of life of the Lamb slain, did worship this Beast.
And for forty-two months the monster holds its place and enacts its
resistless will. This is the picture of the monstrous Beast of the sea.
He comes out of the agitated sea to become an all-important player
in the end times.

I remember that in the early 70s we had a world conference. Satan
was on the throne. He was receiving worship from every being present.
Their voices were lifted in chanting and they were bowing to the
ground. The world occultists in higher positions from America and
from all over the world were there. Nominal Christians were invited.
In fact everyone is invited to the New World Brotherhood except real
Christians. Their leaders were simply excluded from all planning sessions.
To Guru (this is what we called Satan) real born again Christians
were like a bunch of pest-cockroaches.
Guru told us “our testimonial has been developed for the revival
of Satan worship that has pierced the continent of Europe and the
rest of the globe. The spiritual battle is now out in the open even
more, with our forces daring to present bizarre activity around the

It was true. We have seen that Satanism is spreading like a cancer,
in ways that only a generation ago would have been considered impossible.
It has raced into the West from hippies holding witchcraft
discussions to dogs being sacrifi ced and their blood being drunk at
Satan worshiping ceremonies, and fi re walking carried out as a part
of the ritual. In initiation ceremonies, new recruits are required to eat
the entrails of an animal while its heart still beating.
An ethereal glow came from within Guru if he heard something
that agreed with his ideas. He seemed to be very excited concerning
his progress but then he turned his attention to the Christians. He
said, “I want to get those rebellious people” (he called Christians
rebellious people).

The Bible says there will soon be a widespread falling-away as we He asked, “How can we get them to come to our side?”
There is a demon in charge of fashion, called Moloch. Moloch
has a face, breast, and female organ. Another demon called a Marine
Demon is half fi sh, half woman with fl ying hair.
These demons said, “we can get into the rebellious Christians
through fashion.”
“Do you really believe this is going to work?” One of the world
leaders asked.
Guru replied, “Picture this, the heads of the Catholic and Greek
churches, Jews and Muslims, Christian bishops and cardinals, snake
handlers, Satanists and witches, all meeting for the fi rst time under
one roof. Imagine this. The delegates make enchanting speeches
about peace and unity and they will read passages from their various
religious books and recite their particular prayers to their gods for
world peace.”

“Yes,” Mammon countered, “meanwhile, think about this, our
money is creating the New World Order at such a rapid pace. Everyone
is standing in line, taking the big bucks, to be deceived. It’s like
taking candy from a baby.”
He seemed to be invigorated by the approaching darkness of the
night. There was always something new and powerful whenever the
sun tumbled into obscurity. Some of the areas that demons are powerfully
working are: demon inspired religions and books: Sorcery,
divination, Ouija boards, fortune telling, voodoo, ESP, Satan worship,
spiritualism, parapsychology, numerology, fetishes, table-tipping,
Tarot Cards, clairvoyance, Great Seal, alchemy, talismans, tea
leaves, telepathy, New Age, witchcraft, astrology, black arts, materializations,
levitation, Yoga, palmistry, scientology, white magic, colorology,
black mass, phrenology, I Ching, Kabala, automatic writing,
clairaudience, pendulum healing, psychic portraits, crystal gazing
dream analysis, Rosicrucians, Devil’s pentagrams, Yoga meditation,
reincarnation, personal programming, astral projection, Transcendental
Meditations, Channeling, Secret Societies, Martial Arts, Karate
and many more.
We know that for some strange reason, a wizard or witch couldn’t
destroy committed Christians. The witch or wizard must fi nd a way the hedge that is around the Christian will begin to crack. Then gradually—
gradually and fi nally, the witch/wizard will have access to that
Christian and will K_ill that person. The Bible says that the wages of
sin are death.

A person must have spiritual eyes to tell the differences between
demons and the human being spirits in the sea. Some of the demons
in the bottom of the sea appear in the forms as humans while others
proudly sport their fallen natures and appear as gods and goddesses.
Some come out as angels of light, while others look like mythical
monsters. In fact, you can see the shapes and forms of some of these
monsters by going into rock and roll record shops and viewing some
of the covers on the CDs as they have revealed themselves to the
artists. Also, they have exposed themselves to many people who are
inventing demonic computer games. Another promoter is the horror
movie. I must warn the reader that you cannot walk away clean
when you expose yourself to Satan’s demonic fantasy world. These
unclean spirits attach themselves to these demonic articles. Then, they
will enter into your house and then into your body. Believe me, after
exposure, you will be tormented unless you are fortunate enough to
Chapter Eleven

Satan’s Agents
For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness
is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the
word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being
king. (1Samuel 15:23)

Apart from demons, he has human agents. They monitor the new
Christian. The agent will say, “brother, sister, I’m taking care of

Words are spirit. The words may not sound evil but they will be
spoken under the inspiration of a devil. The agent will speak the words
to deceive. Remember the divination woman in Acts 16:16-18: “And
it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with
a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain
by soothsaying: The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying,
‘These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto
us the way of Salvation.’ And this did she many days. But Paul, being
grieved, turned and said to the spirit, ‘I command thee in the name
of Jesus Christ to come out of her.’ And he came out the same hour.”
The words she spoke were true. However, the Apostle discerned the
spirit behind the words and did not receive the words spoken by the
soothsayer. He rebuked her publicly so that the Christians that she
was trying to deceive would not accept them either.
For instance, if the agent knows that the Christian has a love of
money, he will say something such as, “Oh, I have business. We are going
to get fi fty thousand dollars.” These words are innocent sounding.
However, because the words are coming from the demonic realms, it
receive Jesus Christ and deliverance.
to cause the Christian to sin. If a Christian commits a sin, and doesn’t
repent, then a witch/wizard will lead the person to sin again. Then
receive the power of ruling the world.

has some power. So these words will enter into the Christian’s spirit
and get control of that person’s soul. Within a year or two, the demon
has grown, so the Christian will be looking for a way and means to
grab money —because it is money, instead of serving Jesus. This is
why the Bible tells us to have no fellowship with an unbeliever. If in
the Christian’s past he was a drinker, he will say we have wine that
has no alcohol—taste it. Now because it is a demonic person, as soon
as it touches the lips, it is polluted. Spiritually, the Christian will put
alcohol inside. Though this is not alcohol that person will have the
same sensations as if they had drunk alcohol. They will enjoy the
pleasures just as though they were actually drinking the real wine.
That person will keep on and then one day the demons will remove
magic and it will be like water. Then the Christian will crave real alcohol
and go for wine with alcohol.
These demons and agents will work on a Christian for years. This
is why the Apostle Paul said, “Be careful that you do not fall.” They
work on people for a long time. The Bible says, “My people perish
for a lack of knowledge,” (Hosea 4:6).

When indulging in witchcraft, I was an absolute spiritual slave.
The agents that live mostly in the sea are ardent haters of Christianity.
They will go to great lengths to war against the Church of Jesus
Christ. Believers are the targets. Guru had venomous hatred for God
and His people. He told us that the reason that he hated God was
because he drove him out of his place. His hatred seems to saturate
us with the same spirit. He was hungry for souls and our jobs were
to get them for him.

Former witches and wizards have given many testimonies that they
are taught to go into Christian churches and pretend to be Christians
so that they can destroy the ministry. I know for a fact that Satan will
lead a person into the church of Jesus Christ for the sole purpose of
destroying the leadership.

Our targets were to seek out sincere Christians to tempt them to
sin. He vocalized that hypocrites were already subjects of his kingdom
and how they are used to make weak Christians fall. He continued
to instruct us that we should only fi ght born again Christians

because all the other people in the world belonged to him! The name
of Jesus was never mentioned in this underwater city.
In the demonic world, the very day that a Christian gives his or
her life to Jesus as Lord and Savior, the demons mark the fi rst day of
the fi fty-two days—they have seven times in a cycle which is fi fty two
days after fi fty-two days, then they will form another cycle and will
release two demons and about two hundred or three hundred evil
spirits to track that person. In the beginning when the person accepts
Jesus, they are so zealous and on fi re. The demons will not come near
because the person is so powerful.

After a time, these demons will begin to recall the person’s past.
When they want to read the Word, they speak to his/her mind, the
sins that they loved. If a person is a smoker and has not stopped, a
doper and has not stopped, the demons will use these open spiritual
doors to draw him back. They will distract the person and stir up his
fl esh to desire every sin of the past again. If a person has not gone
through deliverance, the sins of the fl esh still control him. Then the
demons will work to draw him back.

Later on, they will just trail the person for fi ve, ten years. Because
the Christian was previously with the devil, he knows them. He will
begin to dwell on their past by projecting these images upon their
minds or in their dreams. The demons cannot get the Christian for
the fi rst fi ve years, but at six years, they began to work against the
person’s zeal. They will use little demons to bring to the people’s selfesteem,
laziness, and coldness toward attending church. The demons
have time. They will work these little things gradually. If the Christian
accepts the demon’s idea into their minds, soon the demons will
be able to lead them away from God.

The Bible says, “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord,
choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which
your fathers served that were on the other side of the blood, or the
gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell; but as for me and my
house we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15).
One of the most important tools in the Church is to be able to
discern and cast out evil spirits when they are operating within the Church. We are not supposed to cast out the people, only the evil
spirits! “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man
soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7). The occult is defi ned
as secretive-hidden knowledge or wisdom beyond human understanding.
It could also be described as supernatural perception from
sources other than God. “The secret things (hidden knowledge) belong
to the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong
unto us” (Deuteronomy 29:29).

The Bible declares deliverance for all men through Jesus Christ.
“For God sent not His son into the world to condemn the world but
that the world through Him might be saved and to preach deliverance
to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at
liberty them that are bruised” (Luke 4:18).
If Jesus does not really occupy the highest place in our hearts,
controlling all, something else does—millions are now serving other
gods. “For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose
name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” (Exodus 34:14).
There are only two sources for supernatural power: Jesus or Satan
and seeking power beyond the Word of God and Jesus Christ fi nds
one stepping into the world of the Occult. Witchcraft is very religious,
and the people that are seeking this evil power hope to fi nd in it as a
reason for their existence and to fi ll a void in their soul. Instead, they
will enter a door that very few are able to exit. Once ensnared by the
Devil, the person’s mind, body and spirit is totally bound by the powers
of darkness. The only way out is through the grace of God and the
Blood of Jesus Christ!

I have seen how demons possess and work through the bodies
of sorcerers, witches, enchantresses, magicians, and the wizards. Evil
spirits can identify individuals and discriminate against them. Only
Christians have the spiritual authority to cast out devils. The spirits
discerned the spiritual state of the Sons of Sceva: “Jesus I know, and
Paul I know, but who are you?” they asked the sons of Sceva (Acts
19: 15).

The truth is that demons can surely recognize the spiritual authority
of a child of God, and they must yield to the superior power of the
Kingdom of Jesus Christ. These sons of Sceva (Jewish Exorcist) had
attempted to cast demons out of a demonized man “by Jesus whom
Paul preacheth … And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on
them and overcame them” (Acts 19:16). The sons of Sceva were not
believers in Jesus Christ and therefore they had no spiritual authority
over demons because they belonged to the same kingdom of Satan.
The demons know true believers and must honor the name of Jesus.
Ephesus, as this incident shows, was famous in antiquity as a center
for magic, sorcery, witchcraft, and the like, which sought knowledge
of the future and personal control of events by the supernatural
help of spirits, which was widespread throughout the ancient
Mediterranean world. Some who use these magical arts, sorcery, and
witchcraft were not malicious. They only intended to cause personal
well being and to ward off evil spirits from the lives of people who
believed that sudden illness or tragedy could happen to them. Other
practices, however, aimed to carry out supernatural powers or evil
spirits for personnel ends at others’ expense or to harm other people.
No matter what people’s intentions are, their actions put them in
contact with demons.

I know how the demons operate because these same demons possessed
my body (I was a wizard). I know the demons by their names
and their nature. They taught me how to use charms and to wear
amulets for protection. I made love potions to drink. I uttered ancient
witchcraft incantations to bind spirits to certain actions. I cast spells
and cursed tablets to bring disaster to my enemies. I summoned the
spirits of the dead. I used all these and other means to help people
who felt powerless before their unclear futures. When I commanded
the spirits to do various things for me, including causing my enemies
to die, they would obey. Naturally, I thought that I was controlling
the devils, only to discover after becoming a Christian that they were,
in fact, controlling me.

Demons do mental or physical work through people and use them
as Satan’s agents. They strive to inhabit human bodies. They work
out their unspeakable lusts and evil longings. They have unlimited
freedom to work through unbelievers. However, they do their most
powerful work when they fi nd a willing vessel such as a wizard or
The word wizard is a term that points out a person who is mindful
of the supernatural. It is a term that is also used as the masculine
of witch or warlock. There are many versions of witchcraft practiced
today; however, they all hold the same beliefs and practices. The
spirit of witchcraft is destructive evil, wicked. A witch can assign a
witchcraft spirit to operate on behalf of a person. We used to call it
witchcraft contamination. A witch can contaminate a willing person
by association.

They work through dreams. The person will have meetings. If a
person dreams that someone is trying to put witchcraft upon him and
he does nothing about it, within six months he will become a witch.
Biblical positions against magic, sorcery and witchcraft are very
severe against practitioners, male and female, who use such practices
to glorify themselves, to harm others and to manipulate the spirit
world against the Spirit of God. In the Old Testament there are
strong prohibitions against this sort of activity. For instance, in Exodus
22:18, the penalty for a sorcerer is death. Deuteronomy 18: 9-14,
emphasizes that the Hebrew people are not to engage in divination,
soothsaying, augury, sorcery, or consultation with the dead. They
must be completely loyal to the Lord God. The terrifying effects of a
consultation with the dead are described in 1 Samuel 28:3-25, as Saul
consults a medium to bring up Samuel from the dead. The prophets
too, urge the Hebrew people not to listen to soothsayers and other
practitioners of the occult arts (Isaiah 2:6 and Jeremiah 27:8:11).
The New Testament assumes the existence of an extensive spirit
world but shows that the Spirit of God manifest in Jesus and his
apostles is triumphant over these spirits. The Gospel demonstrates
that these spirits recognize and submit to Jesus in (Matthew 8:28–34,
Mark 5:1–20, 9:14–29, Luke 4:31–37, 9:37–43, 11:14–26).

Then the Book of Acts provides four accounts showing the gospel’s
triumph over people who use spirits or are possessed by them.
Simon Magus, with a wide following in Samara, is amazed by the
power of the Holy Spirit and wants to buy the power of bestowing it
(Acts 8:4–25). On Cyprus, a Jewish false prophet named Bar Jesus realizes that he will lose his power over his client, the Roman proconsul
Sergius Paulus, if Paulus believes in Jesus (Acts 13:8-12).
In Philippi Paul expels the spirit of divination that recognized in
the woman that Paul and Silas are “servants of the Most High God”
with the result that her owners lose the money that can be earned by
her divination (Acts 16:16-24). And fi nally, here in Ephesus, the seven
sons of the Jewish high priest Sceva attempt to use the Name of Jesus
without understanding the implications of it (Acts 19-11-20). These
believers in the risen Christ know that the Spirit of God is more powerful
than the force of evil and even death itself.
In Galatians Paul asks the church, “Who has bewitched you?” (Galatians
3:1). After receiving the Gospel that he had formerly preached
to them of the crucifi ed, risen Christ, these people had fallen under
the spell of a bewitching spirit.

In the Bible the word wizard in Hebrew is aid ‘oni , which is properly
defi ned as “the knowing or the wise one.” Like the “familiar
spirit,” Hebrew Ob it means fi rst the alleged “spirit of a deceased
person” (actually the divining demon). Then it came to mean him
or her who divines by such a spirit or demon. Therefore, both terms
mean the divining spirits and the medium through which the demon
divines. The two concepts, “the divining spirit and “the divining mediums,”
are frequently so closely identifi ed as to be thought of as one,
as in (Leviticus 19:31 and 20:6).
Talking to the dead is absolutely forbidden by God. It is a superhuman
knowledge of the spirit dwelling the human body that makes
a medium a wizard. One of the means of seeking power is by the use
of drugs the human brain is tormented and sometimes destroyed.

Witches and wizards are taught to use incantations, potions, herbal
concoctions and other magical arts to bring about curses. There
are many testimonies of people who suffered and even died due to
witchcraft curses sent against them. Demons infl ict diseases because
they can possess men and women, can possess animals, can oppose spiritual growth, and can disseminate false doctrines, and can torment
people. Demons can talk or cry with a loud voice, using the
tongues and lips of humans. They can tell lies and make people believe
lies. They can even preach. They know the Scriptures but they
twist the Word of God to suit their plans and to bewitch the minds of
people. Although demons are spirits, they have memories, can stand,
walk and seek rest when disembodied from a human being. They can
tell fortunes, make people strip off their clothes, cause suicides, and
render a person insane, or cause a body to be bowed in affl iction.
They can cause confusion, division, hate, anger, jealousy, pride, lust
etc. They can drive a person into depression, despair, murder and
suicide. They can oppress or possess a person.

I can tell you this that no wizard or witch in Africa could ever
deny the reality of Guru (Satan). He used to appear to us sometimes
as a handsome angelic being and other times as a hideous grotesque
fi gure true to his wicked nature. There was no doubt in our minds
that he existed. We heard his voice and saw him often enough. Guru
told us that he had wrongfully been ejected from heaven but one day
he would regain his rightful position to rule the universe, earth, the
sky and the seas. Then the Christian church would be overthrown
and vanquished. However before all this could happen, evil must increase,
wickedness must grow—laws would have to be changed so
that infi delity could prevail. Nothing is sacred in his plan absolutely

Chapter Twelve

The Deep Things of Satan
And the Lord said unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath is
in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand.
So Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord. ( Job

The Bible refers to witchcraft as the “deep things of Satan,” (Revelation
2:18–24), which refers to the Jezebel prophetess who leads
members into practices of immorality and idolatry. We read of “the
synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9) at Pergamos was “even where
Satan’s seat is” (Revelation 2:12–13). From these Scriptures a person
can be taught that a different Gospel, different Jesus, a different spirit
is inspired by witchcraft.

Everything about Satan is the exact opposite of the Kingdom of
God. The Bible is true. I know because I have seen the throne of Satan.
It is made of what is sometimes called “fool’s gold” because though it
looks like real gold, it is not real. There is a background of darkness
surrounded by stars, moon and sun. He has human skulls circling his
throne. Desecrated candles made of human fat fl icker from the center
of a goat’s head. The throne was engraved with snakes and dragons
and fl ames and fi re rose from his seat. His light was so bright that it
almost blinded me. He is truly an angel of light.
I stood glued to the spot, unable to move—hypnotized. There were
no seats there because when anyone worshiped Guru they prostrated
themselves on the ground. I saw an effi gy hanging on the wall of satan,
half man and half beast, with cloven feet. He had a proud look
on his face. Another image reveals him as beautiful angel of light. front was a high platform was an altar, on it were knives, cups and
vessels made of fake gold. I saw a demon standing at his right hand
with a fl aming sword. I knew instantly this powerful demon was one
of the “Ascended Masters.” The new religious leaders of the world
believe these are invisible “higher beings” and they claim to have
ruled over the earth since the beginning of time. These New Agers
teach that every so often one of these Ascended Masters will come
as a great avatar (leader) to possess an individual to teach mankind
some very important things that the world needs to know.
Then everyone was bowing before Guru’s (Satan’s) throne. Then
everyone was bowing before Guru’s (Satan’s) throne raising their
arms in worship. Everyone broke forth with wails and invocations to
Guru, the great god of darkness, and death and mystery arose. The
air was full with evil. His essence was wrapped in light so dazzling
that I could hardly catch Guru’s form.

An Ascended Master spoke, “We are going to summon the old
gods Apollon or Apollyon, Abaddon or Apollo, depending upon
whether you’re Roman, Persian or Greek, they are not dead…they
are helping us to build the New World Order and everyone will worship
Guru. They believe these religious personalities, the Buddha,
Iman, etc. were great avatar teachers.
“You are a part of the time when we are coming to take possession
of all the leaders of the world to take charge of the New World

We can see that the Devil does inspire false signs and wonders
and false prophecies in the Church. Since the Devil desires to control
people’s lives, he fi nds willing human agents who are fi lled with
ambition for power to do his work. Then he sows his agents in the
Church of Jesus Christ. Also, he has millions in the world that he
uses to work evil powers, such as hexes, spells and animal and human
blood sacrifi ces against the Church. Believe me, if a Christian
Church or an individual Christian has an open door through hidden
sin, these powers of destruction will be successful. His infi ltrators
that are sown in the church will usurp the authority of leadership and
work in the background to catch people in a web of deceit. The Bible clearly shows these bewitching people serve other gods, and work
with seducing spirits. Let us look at 1 Timothy 4:1–3:
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times
some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing
spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy;
having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding
to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which
God hath created to be received with Thanksgiving of them
which believe and know the truth.

Remember this, Satan is helpless with his destructive powers unless
there are open doors of sin that put a person in agreement with
his power. His agents work through sensational attractions and fascinations
by false prophets, false signs and wonders, etc., (Mark 13:22).
People who are drawn away from the truth are shown to have seared
consciences, (1 Timothy 4:1), deceived, (1 John 2:18, 26; 2 Timothy
3:13); fascination to evil ways, objects, or persons, (Proverbs 12:25)
and/or seduced, enticed, (1 Timothy 4:1,2; 2 Timothy 3:13).

The means of seduction are his agents’ use of spirits of divination,
psychology, New Age religions and sexual sins of adultery, fornication,
pornography. This is worked through people who are inspired
by the spirit of the Antichrist by their hunger for personal ambition. I
have experience working in this invisible world of demons as one of
his agents using Satan’s power. I remember how the powers and principalities
operate with their underlings. I know these things because I
spent twelve years of my life in the City Under the Sea.

The word sorcerer from the Latin sores, “a lot,” means one who
throws or declares a “lot.” It is like throwing dice. Sorcery functions
in divination, having its connection with the demonic powers and
idol worship. This art in ancient times was also practiced in connection
with pharmacy or mixing of drugs into medical compounds for various healings. It also includes the entire fi eld of witchcraft such as
voodoo, wizardry, black magic, soothsaying and mysticism. A wizard
or witch must submit not only his soul, body and spirit to the Devil
but also his family (if married) to be used as tools and vessels to Satan
at his discretion. Based upon initiations ceremonies and oaths,
creeds, and vows made, Satan has every legal right to use (or dispose
of) the person or any member of his family for his purposes. This really
gives insight into the power and control that the Devil has over
his followers.
The supposed distinction between white (good) and black (evil) is
clear throughout Africa. The former is believed to be helpful and protective
and falls within the sphere of the medicine man who prepares
healing potions and of the witch doctor that wages war on witches;
the latter are the monopoly of wizards’ sorcerers.
White magic tackles the problems of disease, both physical and
mental, of accidents and misfortunes, and of natural disasters like
drought. It works in the open, in the light of day, and nearly always
entails a public ceremony. Black magic is black because the practitioner,
man or woman, works in the dark. Actually all magic I evil both
black and white.
Sudden death from sheer terror is known in cases where a man
discovers an evil fetish like a cracked bone secreted by a wizard in his
house; or sees a trail of powder laid around his hut; or fi nds a clay
image of himself pinned down with pegs and pierced with thorns in
the head and heart. The psychological effect of such methods is not
hard to assess. For where such evil objects are being used against a
man, obviously the intention is evil and he is therefore in grave danger.

In Africa no witch or wizard sees that witchcraft as good. They
know the source. They do talk in terms of “white witchcraft” and
“black witchcraft” and they do not practice so-called “white witchcraft”
as it is practiced in America. Witchcraft is witchcraft. They
know that the Devil is not good—even though he may pretend to
be good—he is evil. To accept the premise of something called white
witchcraft suggests that white magic is benefi cial in nature, is to say that there is a godly side to the Devil. He uses witchcraft to accomplish
his diabolical ends. He leads uninformed people into a life of
occult spiritual bondage. Trudge into his territory of supernatural
practices, and the person runs the risk of achieving Satan’s ends. African
wizards and witches know that they are possessed by supernatural
powers of darkness because they have a pact made with the devil
or a familiar spirit.

I have often witnessed deep rivalry and hatred between people practicing
the black arts. There are those who boast of great power. These
people are always testing each other’s power. Some more powerful
witches and wizards can stop other less powerful witches. There is a
constant war over who controls and possesses the most power. It is
ruthless with absolutely no regard for the sanctity of life.

Africans base their fear of witches on the argument that somebody—
some person or spirit—has to be responsible for the inexplicable.
When, for instance, should one man be struck down by lightning
and another spared, especially if the dead man is a good hunter,
a loving husband, and a kind father? The African calls this incident
witchcraft. For witches, although they are mortal, have supernatural
powers that they invariably use to harm, never to benefi t their neighbors.
A few of them are men—wizards or warlocks, but the majority
are women. An African witch can be young, because her evil power
and activities have nothing to do with her age or appearance.
In fact, there is not much she can do about her inherent wickedness,
though if she is lucky her supernatural powers will be quiescent
and she will be able to live a normal life as a member of her community.
But if she is an active witch she will be bound to use her evil
powers until she is caught by the witch doctor.

A witch or wizard invariably practices her/his activities at night.
Then she/he leaves the body and fl ies off, sometimes as a ball of fi re,
sometimes as a night bird, to the tops of trees or secret groves. The
witches convene in these places for their nocturnal orgies. These orgies
take the form of cannibalism for witches feed on human fl esh
and are especially partial to the meat of babies and young children.
The fl esh eating however seems to be regarded by many Africans
as a mystical rite, devouring of the “soul” of the victim, hence the
slow withering away of his actual body. The witch doctor must hasten
to identify the witch before she fi guratively consumes a vital or gan like the heart, lungs or liver. Consequently if he catches the witch
and proves her guilt by the various magical tests, a quick confession
is extorted from her by torture. She is then summarily disposed of.
All Christian missionaries admit that these beliefs constitute the
greatest obstacle to genuine conversion. Whatever else has changed
on the continent of Africa, the deep-rooted belief in magic both white
and black, has not. And no one can say how many innocent men and
women have been terrifi ed, tortured and even murdered as a result of
the African’s obsession with witchcraft.

There are many places in the continent that have known tragedy
and human hurt and have become dwelling places of demons. Just
as evil spirits are territorial, so are wizards and witches. The more
evil the spirits, the stronger the demons that control the wizards and
witches, the more important and larger the territory the possessed
person will control. For instance, one witch could control a river
while a wizard could control a city or nation.
The Bible says that “…we wrestle not against fl esh and blood…
but against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).
There are principalities of demon authority. A principality is an area
where a prince rules his subjects. This means that in the world of
evil spirits there are categories of authority and areas which certain
spirits rule.

There are evil spirits which command other spirits. They will fi ght
each other over the possession of a body. The use of witchcraft is a
deliberate and intentional interaction with the devil or familiar spirit
using unearthly powers of evil to accomplish Satan’s plans to materialize
upon the earth.

There is no love or good among demons. They are full of division
and cause humans to be in a like manner Praise God for mercy! Jesus
extended His grace to me and gave me life and canceled my eternal
death sentence. The Bible says in the Old Testament, “Thou shalt not
suffer a witch to live” (Exodus 22:18). In the New Testament fi rst
Jesus Christ Himself and then the power of His name and the blood
sacrifi ce alone can recover a witch or wizard from the clutches of
Satan. Interest in the occult is idolatry and is a clear violation of the
First Commandment (Exodus 20:3–5). The Bible warns that idolatry
is “fellowship with devils” and provokes “the Lord to jealousy” (1
Corinthians 10:20-22).

Seeking help from the occult is the same as calling upon another
god. It is insulting to God who made heaven and earth to consult
with a demon inspired person for spiritual guidance and to participate
is an abomination before God and will bring His swift judgment
upon the person involved, also their descendants. “Thou shalt have
no other gods before me. Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto
them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting
the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and
fourth generation of them that hate me” (Deuteronomy 5: 7, 9).
There are many Christian churches in Africa that are like those in
the United States and Europe. Missionaries took Christianity to Africa.
Also we have numerous Africans that are Muslims because the
Arabs couldn’t see a Muslim as a slave, so many Africans converted
to escape slavery. Even though many Africans practice Christianity
and Islam, multitudes still pray to their ancestor’s spirits for strength,
advice, and wisdom. This is exactly where I fi t into God’s spiritual
strategy for Africa. As a former witch doctor, Jesus called me out
of the darkness from a fourth-generational witch doctor family to
expose the powers of darkness. My family enjoyed an elite position,
was known in the city of Cape Coast, and known as powerful witch
doctors. We were feared because our ruthless reputation of evil that
had reached into the highest places.

I have good news for you. Jesus Christ is busy bringing to His
Church the full truth of Satan’s total defeat. After my born again
experience, Jesus appeared to me and said, “Vagalas, I am calling
you into my church because my people are blinded to the working of
demons. I am sending you to teach my church about deliverance to
cleanse My Church to set them free.”
Since Jesus has brought me into this ministry of miracles and deliverance,
I have met many other deliverance ministers around the
world that he has called and trained for such a time as this. He calls them the “hidden ones.” He says that He will suddenly start bringing
these other powerful ministers to the forefront. He will cleanse His
Church and have a Bride without spot or wrinkle.
Our God is faithful. He is moving in a great revival in Ghana. A
spiritual revolution is shaking the continent of Africa. We feel the
breezes of His mighty wind blowing across the land into the faces of
a people, who are eager for spiritual freedom and are ready for His
light, “Here am I; send me!”
Praise His Name!

Continues ..................
Part 2:
Witch Doctor Finds Jesus
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Part 2:
Fourth Generation
Witch Doctor Finds Jesus

Chapter One
Witch Doctor—Yes to Jesus

It is the work of God by which each one of us, as a helldeserving
sinner, can receive a new life. It is a second
birth, a spiritual birth.*

Think about this. I am a new creation in Christ Jesus! I have a new
bloodline. I am a new breed, a new creation! The Bible says that
a new creation is a being that exists that never existed before. God
has regenerated my spirit making me completely new! According to
the Word, “Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from
the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of
God” (Romans 8:21).

In those days, a person could not come up to me and say, “Jesus
loves you.” No one would dare to do such a thing. Everybody knew
me in Africa. I was so powerful, so wicked, and so strong. After salvation,
it took about six months before I had a human heart because
my heart was so demonized. So I could not feel anything. My conversion
to Jesus was really a supernatural sovereign act of God.
It was a hot scorching Saturday night. I was trying to sleep. The
moon was shining through the window at its highest point. I was
restless. My eyes felt like I had toothpicks holding them open. As I
gazed at the shadows in the room, thousands of thoughts ran through
my mind. I could not get my brain to shut down. My body was tense,
but I closed my eyes.

No one had ever told me about Jesus. I was suddenly awakened
and I heard a voice call my name, “Vagalas, Vagalas, Kanco, Kanco,
get up.” I opened my eyes and looked around the room. It was about
four-thirty or fi ve o’clock. Looking around, I didn’t see anyone. So I
was trying to contact the demon that was speaking but I couldn’t see
him. Whenever a wizard serves Satan, he’s only allowed to sleep for
about two hours. He demands his agent to work like a machine. The
devils can easily control a wizard when he is weak and tired.
“Vagalas,” a strange voice spoke my name. As soon as I heard my
name, I got up and tried to contact the spirits. I wanted to tell them
that today I didn’t have anything to do. So when I contacted the spirit
from the east, he wasn’t there. Then I contacted the demons from the
west, south and north. This was very unusual and I began to wonder
why? In fact, this had never happened before. Consequently, I tried to
contact them again. Still, they were not available.
Accordingly, I left my body with my spirit and fl ew to the second
chamber. I tried to fi nd the demon that was directly in charge of me.
Funny, he was gone too! When I came back and my spirit entered
back into my body, I felt drained. I fell asleep. Between fi ve thirty
and six o’clock, the same spiritual voice spoke, “Vagalas, Vagalas, get
up.” I was stunned because this was a strange voice that I had never
heard before. Looking around the room, I could not see this Spirit’s
presence. It seemed empty. This was very bizarre because the demons
were not visible. In the past, they were always there, watching and
guarding me.

“Vagalas,” the voice spoke fi rmly. I rubbed my eyes and shook my
“Vagalas, get up. Go take a bath.” I sat up. This is a strange command,
I thought. Wizards don’t take baths. Every demon knows this
fact. Usually, they are allowed by the spirits to go once a year to bathe
in rivers. Besides the demons would only let me sleep about fi fteen
minutes at a time. They are tormentors who love to put me in misery
and keep me weak. What’s going on? Out of the blue, panic raced
through my mind.
I replied to the invisible voice, “You know that with my kind of
work, I don’t have to shower.”
Ignoring my response, the voice repeated, “Vagalas, go take a bath.”
So I decided to contact the spirits from the north, east, south and
west again. Nothing! All this time, I felt that something was wrong.
This situation was odd. In spite of everything, it didn’t seem right.
But in Satan’s kingdom, I dared not to rebel. I knew that I had to
obey the spirits’ orders before complaining. If I had any disagreements,
I knew it was important for me to do the work fi rst. Whenever
I returned to see the demons, they would command me to “sit down.”
Demons believe that people are inferior to themselves. Besides, they
hate them. However, they are legalists and if I could prove my case,
they’d listen to me.

Regardless of the snare that Satan sets for a person, you can be
sure of one thing it will be fun in the beginning but their fun will turn
into a nightmare before their eyes. Any covenant that is entered into
with evil spirits has been documented under the sea. It’s there! They
don’t just joke. In fact, if a person has ever gone to a witch doctor or
a soothsayer, whatever was said, it’s there. It has been written and it
will be used against them and their children. It is written!
Most of the time, I felt like a puppet that was being controlled
by powerful strong demons. They always did whatever they wanted
to me. They had deceived me to the point that I thought that I was
controlling them! Thinking back now, I knew that I was truly a slave
to the powers of darkness.
“Vagalas,” the strange voice said, “get up and bathe.” Although I
didn’t recognize the voice, I slavishly obeyed.
The sunlight came up and streams of light were coming through
the cracks in the curtains. I rubbed my eyes because I did not like the
After the bath, the voice continued, “Today we are going to the
Assembly of God.”

I replied to the invisible spirit, “But we don’t do these things in
the daytime. We do our work at night.” Then before another second,
a big invisible hand grabbed me by my pant’s belt in the back and
began to push me out the room. The hand took me across the street
to an Assembly of God church.
Shocked, I struggled, pushing my body back, I sternly said, “I can’t
go in there. We don’t go in churches during the daytime. We only
strike in these places spiritually at night.” The hand was there and I
was being pushed forward, walking and walking. The hand just continued
to push me forward, thrusting me into the church.
I could hear the demons hooting, moaning and screaming, “Oh
shame, shame. ACK, shame, shame.” They shrieked and covered their
faces with their hands and some had their hands over their ears.
It was strange. My hands were trembling and then my arms began
to shake. What was happening was I could not keep myself still. The
demons began to shriek in my head and blaspheme the church and
Jesus Christ, cursing those rebellious people.
It was like an unusual spiritual force that hit me in the face when I
slipped through the door. I wanted to turn and run away but I could
not because the invisible hand had a fi rm hold on me. I felt a strange
atmosphere in the building. I had never felt anything like it in my
life. Finally, the invisible hand pushed me down in the last pew of the

I was amazed because these people had always been considered
my enemies. Why did the spirits bring me into this place, I wondered?
They hated churches and used us to infi ltrate and tear these churches
apart. In fact, we never went into these places in the daytime. Later I
discovered that I was there by a divine appointment of God.
They were singing and praising God with joy. Their songs were
piercing through my cold heart, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there’s just something
about that Name.” The music was causing a great turmoil in my
spirit. My mouth was dry. I was miserable but sat silently.
As the service continued the atmosphere became even more charged
emotionally. I had a strange experience when the people raised their
voices in worship.
My body was trembling. Fear was shouting in my mind, “Get out
of here, now!”

There were hymns also; “Amazing Grace,” “All Hail the Power of
Jesus’ Name,” “Alleluia—Alleluia.” The people stood with their eyes
closed, hands lifted, their bodies swaying, singing in deep worship to
Jesus Christ. However, some, in terror were turning and looking at
me. I had never seen anything like it in my entire life.
A demonic voice inside of me kept saying, “Get out of here. You
belong to me.” The tone of the voice sent shivers up and down my
spine. Another voice was saying, “Just follow Me, I will save you.”
Then the preacher saw me. He had the most shocked expression
on his face that I had ever seen. He stopped the music and looked
right at me. He began to extend his hands toward my direction. His
eyes were opened wide, he said, “Any spirit who thinks he is so powerful
and he has come here to disturb our meeting, we come against
that person in the name of Jesus.”
I chuckled to myself. They know me so they didn’t believe that I
would come there to worship their God.
When he saw me there, he thought I was there to play evil tricks.
So he said, “Anybody who is here to play tricks with God, he will
see God is more powerful. I bind you in the name of Jesus.” He was
praying against me. He was insulting me. His voice was loud—very

Everyone in town knew me. They were fully aware that members
of my family were powerful key witch doctors in the area.
“Anyone who is here to bring devils into this church is bound in
the name of Jesus,” the pastor said, wildly waving his hands toward
the sky.

A cold sweat broke out over my entire body. My mouth felt like
a cotton ball; my throat tight, scorched as I stiffened my body. My
hands became very clammy. Looking around, I noticed that I could
not move a muscle in fear, but I could feel the serpentine spirit moving
up and down my spine. Yes that is exactly what I felt. Stark fear.
If the preacher only knew what was happening inside of me, they
would have had pity for me.
He said, “Let’s pray for anybody who may have evil ideas. Let’s
pray against any demons.” For two hours, while they were praying
to bind the demons, my spirit and body were being tormented. They
were destroying my strongholds and there was a great struggle for
my soul.

An explosion of demonic voices was groaning and whining. They
sounded like a chorus moaning from a horror movie and screaming
inside of my head as well as the outside as they continued hooting.
The air was infused with shouts as the demons roared, “Get out of
here. Don’t listen to those rebellious people,” the demons hissed like
snakes (demons referred to Christians as “those rebellious people”).
My fi ngernails tightly clenched were digging a ridge into the palms
of my hands. “We hate them,” the demons growled. “Remember how
much you hate them too.”
It was then that I realized that these powers were truly controlling
me and I was not, as I had thought, controlling them! The demons
were angry and wanted me to charge out but they could not move me
because Christ’s power is stronger. The invisible hand held me tightly
in the pew.
The people were dismayed. They were very much scared because
the preacher’s voice was high pitched and screaming loudly, “Jesus,
Jesus, I bind every evil spirit in your name.” His body was moving
like a karate warrior.
There was a strange physical energy or intensity surrounding me.
I found myself shaking and trembling. I was nauseated and feeling
very weak.
Then he preached from the book of Daniel, “There was a king. He
wanted to destroy God.”
The people shouted, “Preach on.”
“God turned him into a beast.”
“Preach!” The people shouted and then they would turn and look
at me and say, “Amen.”
The air was charged with spiritual authority. The preacher gave a
call for spiritual healing. He said, “If you have never received Jesus
Christ as your Savior, this call is for you.” I felt an intensity building
in me and could hear my heart beating. “If you repent from your
sins, ask Him to forgive you, He will receive you into His kingdom.
The Apostle Peter said, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in
the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and you shall
receive the Holy Ghost” (Acts 2:38).
I wanted to put my hands over my ears run out the door. However,
the invisible hand was holding me in place and I could not move. The
words were cutting into my heart.
I had tormenting spirits inside of me and I could hear them groaning
and wailing, “Get out of here Get out of here. These people are
crazy, leave, leave.” It was during this great struggle that I realized
that these spirits were controlling me. Really, these spirits were not
under my control because they were being subjected to a stronger
power. I wanted to leave, but the invisible hand had me anchored in
the seat. This was a true supernatural confrontation with the forces of
good and evil—Jesus and the Devil. Something was piercing though
my dark mind.

Then suddenly I felt the hand lifting me up. I began moving toward
the front of the church. Every eye in the place watched in fear.
When I was coming, the preacher said, “Hold it—hold it. Do you
know what you are doing?”
“Are you sure that you understand what you are doing? You are
coming for Jesus?” He seemed nervous. “I come against you with the
blood of Jesus. Demons can’t stand in the presence of the blood of
When you hold the blood of Jesus before a demon, you are simply
reminding him of his defeat. The devil knows he is defeated but you
are merely telling him that you know it too.
“Are you sure that you know what you are doing?”
I just stood there looking at him.
The preacher was really prepared for battle now. “I bind you—
you have no power here. I come against you with the blood of Jesus.”
He was rapidly moving back and forth like a cat. “I soak myself in
the Blood of Jesus.” He was poised for spiritual war
I continued to stand there shuddering, staring at him as I was
taller than he was. In fact, I towered over him (I am a very tall African
of six-feet-six). He was still trying to size up the situation. There was
something highly unusual happening here and he knew it. He was
bold and with his teeth clenched he said, “Do you want to receive
I felt the invisible hand tighten around my belt. “Yes. I do want to
receive Jesus.”
Shocked, he said to the congregation, “Pray, pray, pray.” He continued,
“Will you repent from your sin, you know, err—your idolatry,
“Yes,” I replied. It was then that I noticed that tears were surging
down my cheeks. Something was happening inside me that had never
happened to me before. I had never cried in my life. African men
don’t cry. Besides, I was hard and had a demonized heart. I was cold,
angry, full of hate. I didn’t quite understand what was happening,
but it was something that was not natural. It was grabbing my entire
body with raw emotion. My mind felt dizzy.
The voices of the demons were muffl ed and I heard a different
voice. I received the Lord Jesus. It was gentle. “Welcome, my son.”
The preacher was overcome by emotion and had wrapped his arms
around my neck. He was gushing unintelligent words and weeping.
“My God, praise You, Jesus.” I felt an odd sensation. No one had ever
hugged me like that before, including my father or mother.
When I received the Lord, I thought that the hand would leave me,
but it didn’t. It tightly held me again. Then I felt the hand moving me
down the aisle and out the door. The invisible hand took me back to
my bed and pushed me into it. I fell into a deep sleep and slept for
the fi rst time since I could remember, from about one o’clock until
twelve-thirty at night. (Satan would never let me sleep more than two
hours each night).

Chapter Two
The Man Appears

Several nights later, I saw a strange man appear at the foot of my
bed and light fl ooded the room. My heart began to fl utter and I
tell you, I experienced great fear. This Man was awesome. He was
surrounded by light. His eyes fl ashed with fi re. He had a crown of
thorns around His head and blood was seeping out. He held his hands
toward me. They were pierced and had blood fl owing from them.
I felt the greatest love and compassion pouring from His eyes.
After a few minutes, He disappeared. He did not speak.
I ran to my pastor. “Pastor, I am very frightened. I saw a man. He
came to me with a crown of thorns upon His head and there was
blood fl owing from His hands.”
Isn’t it funny? I was never afraid of demonic spirits but Jesus’ appearance
is fearful and awesome. I told him about the appearance.
“What did He say?” The pastor asked.
“Nothing,” I replied.
“If He appears again,” the pastor said, “Listen to what He has to
say and come tell me.”
The second night, the man appeared again. “He didn’t say a thing,”
I told the pastor again. He prayed for me.
The third night, He appeared again. I opened my eyes and sat up
in my bed. I saw Jesus standing at the foot of my bed. He was standing
in a bright light. His white robe was tied with a golden sash that
loosely hung to His feet. His eyes glowed like fi ery coals. Yet, I could
see compassion in them.
His fi erce presence inspired an awesome fear in me. He pointed his
fi nger toward me and I could see He had scarred hands. The imprints
were still there. Every cell in my body was alive to His presence. I was
trembling and tears were trickling down my cheeks.
This time He spoke and said, “Vagalas, I am Jesus.” I was drawn
to his eyes. They were fi lled with peace and love. “I have called you
into My Church. I delivered you out of great darkness to go and
tell My people what I have done for you. Tell them that I came to
die for them and to rescue them from these evil spirits. All your sins
have been forgiven. I want you to tell My Church that my power is
I felt absolute peace because He was not an invisible spiritual being.
I could see Him!
Then He said, “Teach them about the reality of demons and my
power to overcome the darkness because My Church does not understand
the darkness that they are facing. I love you. Fear not, for I will
be with you all the days of your life. And they will understand what
you have done and see everything I have done for you. Tell them
about these things because I am coming soon—I am coming soon—I
am coming soon,” His voice seemed to fade.
His voice sounded like rushing waters, an echo. His words pierced
my soul down to the very bone. Then, He suddenly vanished.

I rushed back to my pastor and told him, “the Man has spoken.”
I was very scared. “Can I sleep here between you and your wife?”
I begged.
He prayed with me. I was shaking with a great fear. He prayed
about so many things. He prayed for about six hours.

Praise God, I got saved before my father was able to transfer his
spiritual powers to me! However, he was training me to become his
successor. After I received Jesus, it caused a great spiritual chaos within
my immediate family. Within ten days my uncle came to me and
told me that if I did not return to them, the demons had threatened
to K_ill members of my family. The demons said that I had broken
the ranks in the spiritual realms with the Devil. The challenge went
out that threatened the lives of my mother, her sons, and my father’s brothers.
My mother was angered by my “rebellion.” Her mouth tightened
in a line. She sat like that for a few seconds and then she said, “no!”
She slammed her hand on the table. She felt new spiritual winds
blowing against her entire lifestyle. I did not blame her for her rage
because she was defending the only god that she knew. She had spent
her whole life serving these gods. She felt they had been good to her
by giving her sons. She had also been the assistant to my father in his
witchcraft. Tears were running down her face. She pleaded with me
to serve her gods, “Look at what you are giving up. You are chosen to
take over the power of your father as the fi rst born.” I could see the
terror in her eyes, the fl ush of her face, the trembling of her hands, as
she was very animated in making her points
I forgave her, because she was only trying to protect me and had
fear of the demons k_illing her sons. She wept, cried, screamed and
threatened me and begged me to return to my family’s honor. She
threatened never to speak to me again as long as I live. Then she
stalked out of my room, weeping uncontrollably.
Satan took this opportunity to whisper in my head, “Just open the
door once more and I’ll never let you go.”

A thought popped into my head. It was something that my pastor
had said, “Reject the devil’s lies and live. Swallow them and burn
The day came for a show down and Jesus’ power was proven. In
the end, I didn’t return to the kingdom of Satan. I stood fi rmly in my
commitment to Jesus Christ.
Then the remaining members of my family began to give their
lives to Jesus. The Lord was faithful to his Word as shown in (Acts 2:
38–39), “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every
one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and
ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto
you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as
the Lord our God shall call.” Jesus was true to His Word, even saving
several of my uncles. They saw the power of Jesus operating in my
life. I totally wanted to give my life to the Lord because I felt His protection
and love for me. The blessings of Abraham are now following
me instead of the curses of the devils. Death came to the family of the
uncle who had threatened me and not to my family.

Later, my pastor took me to the General Overseer of the Assembly
of God of Ghana. The preacher told the overseer that I had been
through fear and terror and this and that—but this is what I was saying.
I told them about last night’s visitations and what the Man had
told me. He told me that my sins were forgiven. That He was calling
me to stand in the church and preach, telling His people what I had

The overseer asked, “What have you done?”
“I have done a lot. I have done many evil things.”
He said, “Tell me.”
I started telling him. The overseer fainted on the fl oor. He had
never heard anything like it before. At this time, it was so new, that
the man just collapsed. Later, he encouraged me and told me to wait
and Jesus would show me what to do.

I went through many spiritual battles to break free of the Devil’s
clutches. Some Christians are afraid to face the reality of demons and
satanic activities. It’s overwhelming to them, but we don’t have to live
in fear. We must know our authority in Christ and pray and intercede
for them and to love those who oppose us.
We are in a war to reclaim what the Devil stole. The Bible tells us
that we defeat him through the blood of Jesus. We must be faithful
to stand in the authority of Jesus knowing that Jesus can bring down
the kingdom of Satan. We must conquer the land—to cast out devils.
This requires aggressiveness against the enemy over whom we have
been given great authority.
Leaving witchcraft behind required a total life change. I went
through two years of deliverance. It was another two years before I
was allowed to speak in the churches concerning my life. In Africa,
the Assembly of God Churches will not allow people to stand in their
pulpits just because they have a strong experience with the Lord.
They watch to see if you are real. Then you must go to Bible school
and then you can speak from the pulpits. After ministering on the
streets, telling people about Jesus and casting demons out of the possessed
people, then the pastors began to take me in.
“Let’s protect him,” they said. “He appears to be real. He is still
standing for Christ.”

Jesus Christ’s power prevailed in my life and today; I am a bornagain
Christian, washed in His holy blood, free!
The Bible says, “But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then
the kingdom of God is come unto you” (Matthew 12:28).
I truly believe that Jesus is the only answer for Africa. When I
stepped out of the darkness, there was the most beautiful clear light.
My life will be spent telling my people the truth of whom Jesus Christ
truly is. He is the Savior of our souls.
The Christian faith is unique, not because it recognizes man’s
problems and needs, but because it also recognizes that man cannot
do anything by himself to solve his problems or meet his needs. Only
Jesus can save and deliver a person from the powers of darkness.
It’s true. Everybody needs Christ! The Bible tells us, “Ye shall
know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).
Jesus pleads invitingly. “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no
man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). “Verily, verily I
am the door of the sheep” (John 10:7). “Neither is there salvation in
any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among
men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).
I know that every soul born on this earth is lost at birth because
they come into this world under the sin of Adam and Eve, our fi rst
parents. Adam submitted his will to the devil, sinned and therefore,
lost eternal life for all mankind. His lost condition may be described
as falling short of the glory of God. Adam was trapped in a diffi -
cult situation, apart from God, fi lled with regret, in a world he never
made. He brought corruption, disease and poverty into that world.
That bondage of sin and its consequence creates an alienation from
one’s fellow man and God. Men’s own unaided efforts to solve their
problems through intellectual, economic, political, social or psychological
skills are destined to fail.
I was taught in Bible school that salvation is a free gift from God.
It is a work of God in which He rescues man from eternal ruin. Thank
God that he saw in darkness. He had mercy on my soul. Glory to
God! The doom of sin granted to me the riches of His grace, even
eternal life beginning now and eternal glories in heaven forevermore.
From the moment you are saved, if you will let God do it in your
spirit, you will begin to enjoy the fruits of salvation. In fact, salvation
of God is for those who do not deserve it and have no preparation
for it.

Do you know what is a true believer according to the Bible shown
in Hebrews 10:32–39? Are you a true believer? Believers look only
to the Bible for eternal answers. The Bible alone can give correct and
complete answers to our spiritual questions. Look to the days after
salvation when there came many affl ictions, (verse 32), when you
were made a gazing stock and as were your companions (33) you
supported the ministry, (34), do not cast away his confi dence, (35),
exercise patience, ( 36), do the will of God and receive the promises,
(36), look for the coming of Jesus, (37), the just shall live by faith
( 38), believe the saving of the soul and do not draw back into the
abode of Satan and the forces of evil, where sinners suffer eternal
punishment. Actually when you are born again, your spirit inside of
you becomes alive.
Before Christ walks into your life, your spirit inside of you is dead
to God. You don’t know God. You have no communication with
Him. Therefore, you are cut off from God and that means spiritual
death. Look at Romans 5:12: “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered
into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men,
for that all have sinned.”

Upon salvation, a person is saved spiritually and physically at the
resurrection for eternity. However, to claim His name without the
new life is a fatal deception!
Jesus lovingly cautions, “Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord,
Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the
will of my Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 7:21–23). It is certainly
true that Jesus said, “I am the vine, ye are the branches . . . If a
man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch and is withered: and
men gather them, and cast them into the fi re and they are burned.”
(John 15:5,6).
Romans chapter 8, which was written for Christians, lists 34 blessings
for saints. Saints are born again Christians. It solemnly warns
against an empty profession and offers glorious assurance for those
who abide in Christ, and bear fruit. “For if ye live after the fl esh, ye
shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body,
ye shall live” (Romans 8:13).
If you are born again, you are a new creature in Christ! 2 Corinthians
5:17 says: “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new
creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become
new.” The new birth is a spiritual regeneration (2 Peter 1:4; 1 Peter
1:23), spiritual quickening or resurrection (Ephesians 2:2,5,6). In regeneration
you are quickened out of your spiritual estrangement and
isolation from God you are supernaturally transferred into a spiritual
life of union and communion with God.
Your resurrection is the restoration to life of that which the old
life has become extinct. The Bible says, “For then must he often have
suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once in the end
of the world hath he appeared to put alway sin by the sacrifi ce of
himself” (Hebrews 9:26).
It is a spiritual transformation according to Colossians 1:13. Regeneration
is a transfer out of one kingdom to another. It’s a transfer
out of the kingdom of darkness in which sin and Satan rules into the
kingdom of God’s dear Son.
The problem of slavery to sin is that it is an alien concept in a
modern world. For instance, it relies upon the studies of human nature
and upon psychoanalysis, self-improvement, self-esteem, human
potential, New Age thinking and other self-help psychologies and
These popular theories rob the modern world of any rhyme or
reason for thinking about sin. The contention is that people are basically
good; let’s try to make them even better. Is it any wonder, then,
that some people today place the reality of sin alongside that of the
existence of UFOs? This seems incredible, but just few misguided
souls. However, when you know your true human condition you are
not easily deceived, you know differently. You also know that there
is no possibility of remedial self-help from what the Bible calls sin. It
is a disheartening situation, really. You feel the strength of sin within
and wish that you could be “saved” from it, but at the same time you
recognize yourself as utterly powerless to change situations.
The solution is redemption. It’s a spiritual creation, “In whom we
have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according
to the riches of his grace” (Ephesians 1:7). The apostle Paul goes on
to write in Ephesians 2:13: “But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes
were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.”
Jesus is the Creator (John 1:3). He is the only Savior (Acts 4:12).
He will be the Judge (John 5:22, 27; Acts 10:42). Christ is our blessing!
“Let the Lord be magnifi ed, which hath pleasure in the prosperity
of his servant” (Psalms 35:27).

Chapter Three
The Truth Shall Make You Free

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath
anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath
sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance
to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set
at liberty them that are bruised. (Luke 4:18)

Everybody needs Christ and everybody needs deliverance! “Ye shall
know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).
Every soul born on this earth is lost at birth because they come into
this world under the sin of Adam and Eve, our fi rst parents. Adam
submitted his will to the devil, sinned and therefore lost eternal life
for all mankind. His lost condition may be described as falling short
of the glory of God.
Jesus asserts, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh
to the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). When I got saved, the demons
alerted the powers in the city under the sea. Of course I had fear. I had
worked with these demons many years. I had witnessed their power,
their evil hate, and their murderous natures. Each time the hindering
devils came to ensnare me Jesus always gave me a way of escape.
It took a lot of love, prayer and fasting to set me totally free.
Thank God for giving me a pastor who gave the time that I needed.
He guided me through those terrible times of rejection and spiritual
oppression. The devil doesn’t like to lose even one of his captives. He
fi ghts to keep every soul. He uses demons, unsaved people and some
Christians to do things to discourage them.
There were terrible rejections because they were afraid of me.
Many Christians turned against me and begin to criticize, gossip,
murmur, and grumble and oppose me. I needed someone who would
stand by my side and stand against the evil and false charges that
were being hurled at me. I became confused in my heart and frustrated.
My new pastor stood with me. I did not know the Bible but
I tried to read it anyway. I could not understand it but I knew that
Jesus was real and that He had called me to “go and testify what I
have done for you.”
The turmoil hung around me like a very dark cloud. Only a close
walk with Jesus Christ brought me though this hostile and lonely
time. I was like a person between two worlds. In the beginning, both
were combative to me. I made it because my wise pastor nurtured
me with the Word of God and his love. And then, Jesus stayed very
close to me. I could hear His gentle words of encouragement and
feel Him bathing me with his love. He was preparing me to bring me
safely into God’s Kingdom. There is the assurance of God’s eternal
deliverance—of being rescued from death and transported into the
Lord’s heavenly kingdom!
Only Christians possess authority from Jesus to cast out evil spirits.
Too often Christians and others are prone to be skeptical about
the existence of spirits and demons. But they do exist and they are
responsible to Satan for deceiving curious humans. “And every spirit
that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the fl esh is not of
God: and this is that spirit of Antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it
should come; and even now already is it in the world” (1 John 4:3).

I was no stranger to demons. I had called upon them and they
came to my aid I thought I controlled them but actually they had
control of me! Now I could see that they were my enemies. Since I
turned against them and had joined the army of Jesus Christ they
have tried everything they could think of to K_ill me. I know the reality
of their violent powers. The demons tormented me and threatened.
I felt there was someone in my head but could not understand what
they were saying. My head would begin to throb, the pain pounding
against my eyeballs like a hammer. Jesus would minister to me and
the fear and oppression would lift. Many times, the demons would
follow me and hassle me in my mind. They told me that they would
never give me peace. Jesus showed me that I needed deliverance.
He told me, “Do not be afraid. I love you and I have proved it by
dying on the cross and paying the penalty for your sins. Trust Me
My child because I have demonstrated My power by rising from the

Being a newborn baby Christian, I had to learn to live in a new
supernatural world, and to change my allegiance from my former
connections with the powers of darkness. As a new Christian I am
now a sworn enemy of the legions of hell and like all people, whoever
they were before they became Christians, I was in sin. Some were
idolaters, some were adulterous, some horoscope readers, witches or
warlocks, and some fornicators. They must not have any delusions
about Satan’s reality or their hostility to God.
Jesus told me that I must not fear or believe the devils. The Lord
showed me that the devils do not have any power over me and that
the Lord Jesus inside of me terrifi es the devils.
“The devils cannot touch you, but they will try to seduce you,”
Jesus warned.
I remember that when I was practicing witchcraft, if a person became
a serious Christian, the devils would target him. I knew that I
was in for a knock-down battle with the forces of evil. Every Christian
at times will experience great opposition. My pastor taught me
to call upon the name of Jesus and ask the Lord to send warring
angels to protect me. He said to read the Bible and always lean upon
the Lord.

As I grew in the Lord, I found that the Bible reveals that the devil
is at a great disadvantage concerning his power over Christians. He is
shown as an inferior adversary in light of the power that Jesus Christ
gave to His Church. Satan can only take the place that he is given.
The Word of God says “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist
the devil and he will fl ee from you” (James 4:7).
The Scripture makes it very clear to me that the battle is not my
personal battle. Though I am a part of the war, the battle is the Lord’s.
The unconquerable One leads us. The battle rests upon His ability
and He has already won the war!
Thank God that I learned that Jesus Christ is the only mediator
between God and man (1 Timothy 2:5). His mission was fully accomplished.
He is in full control and is exalted to the Father’s right hand.
He is the Master with almighty power. Jesus came to defy the power
of Satan (Acts 26:18). He challenged the rule of Satan (Colossians
2:10) and conquered the right to dominion (Colossians 2:14,15). He
set us free from the penalty for sin (1 Peter 3:18). He can set us free
from the curse of sin (1 Peter 5:10).

Chapter Four
riumph Over Evil

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make
you free. (John 8:32)

I have found that life with Jesus Christ is exciting and blessed with
constant triumph over evil forces, but the battle never ends. I always
remember that with Jesus, I am in the majority. The warfare
is stacked against Satan, not the Christian. It is true that I have had
periods of darkness and encountered times of painful struggle and
discouragement. However, when the Holy Spirit broke through the
darkness, moments of exultation and the glory of God were experienced.
God is always on my side!
In the beginning, Jesus supernaturally delivered me from many
tormenting devils. Then He used some ministers to help free me from
the powers of darkness. The deliverance ministry was not really practiced
much in Africa when I fi rst got saved. People actually would
faint when I tried to tell them about my witchcraft experiences. I really
had to depend on Jesus and my pastors.

My deliverance didn’t take ten minutes or ten days, but more than
two long years before I was delivered from manipulating, unclean,
tormenting and lying witchcraft spirits. Blood washed pastors who
knew the power of the blood of Jesus Christ over all demons eagerly
ministered to me. After they were truly convinced that I had made a
full commitment to Christ and was willing to establish him as Lord
of my life, they began to remove the demons of the powers of darkness
from my life. The Bible says that if an evil spirit is cast out, he
goes to the dry places. He fi nds no peace, so he returns and if he does
not fi nd that person fi lled with the things of God he will bring seven
worse devils back with him.
Believe me, when one comes from the depth of evil that I did complete
deliverance just doesn’t happen in a day. My pastor loved me
and committed to stand with me until the bitter end. Many pastors
came together and challenged and made war with the forces of evil
that were inside of me. They had to deal with and defeat the powers
and principalities that were struggling to hold on to me from the
outside. It wasn’t easy to get free. I had to keep my will in agreement
with the Word and stand against the devils that were trying to hold
on to me. It was a fi erce struggle and there were times when I wondered
if I could make it. However, Jesus was always working with
me. In the darkest moments I could feel Him encouraging me not to
quit. Since I could see into the spiritual realms it made me determined
not to give up.

From the beginning of my conversion, Satan’s agents started chasing
me. They tormented me in my dreams. They commanded me to
come back. They challenged my new life and told me that they would
never leave me to enjoy any peace until I return to the City Under the
Sea. They told me that I was a marked man—marked for death. Satan
told them himself to make me their number one target.
“You can run to the ends of the world, but you will never be able
to hide,” they screamed into my ears. The hindrances and harassing
devils were always there—grinning, shouting obscenities and threatening
their vengeance upon me. I saw them everywhere. The deeper
one goes into the powers of darkness, the greater the bondage!
I was scared, no doubt about it. The bedeviling spirits meant business.
Without Jesus, I could not have made it, that’s for sure. However,
I had seen Jesus and I knew His glory and power. I trusted Him
and He gave the faith and strength that I needed to get through these
horrendous times. Before deliverance on occasions I experienced periods
of blackouts. I was plagued by nightmares and tormented in
my mind. There was a great warfare going on for control of my body,
but Jesus would be the Victor. My insides began to quiver the way
they had when I was a boy during my initiation rites. Throughout my
deliverance sometimes I was unconscious of what was happening.
At other times, I was fully aware of the fi erce battle that was raging
inside and outside of me.

The pastors’ prayers were penetrating the veil between the worlds.
There was a fi erce spiritual warfare going on. The angelic host of
God and the foul demons of hell were engaging in a battle for my
body. I could feel my stomach tighten with apprehension and hear
the demons groaning and gnashing their teeth. I saw many of them
in their demonic forms leaving me. Some were like monsters. Some
were shaped like animals while others were like sea creatures. Spirits
came out that looked like sea serpents, crocodiles, octopuses, crabs,
whales, fi sh, sharks, squids, and mermaids. Some looked like snakes,
monkeys, chickens, pigs, evil ferocious monsters and beasts. There
were legions of them. Their faces were gnarly and twisted with fear.
There were many big, black giants hovering in the room. A whispered
scream forced itself through my lips, twisting the muscles of
my mouth like a distasteful medicine.
I could also see the angelic hosts of God. There was a strategic
warfare going on between these demons and the angelic hosts. I saw
armies of warrior angels. They looked like men with incredible physiques
and shining beauty. Some appeared in their angelic forms with
wings. The demons seemed to be in great fear of these angels. They
were battling grotesque creatures with reptilian faces and thousands
of disfi gured forms. It was a hand-to-hand combat. They were fi ghting
the demons with fl aming swords that were twisting and fl ashing.
However, the most interesting thing that I was witnessing was that
both armies were responding to the words being spoken by God’s
“We hate you,” they screamed. The demons also seemed to fear
the ministers. They seemed to fi ght to hold onto my body because
whenever a demon was cast out, an angel quickly bound and captured
him and took him away.

The demons were screeching in loud voices “Have you come to
destroy us before our time? Leave us alone! His mother promised
him. He belongs to us. He was promised to us by his father.”
The deliverance ministers just seemed to ignore everything that
they were doing and saying and continued to press them to leave. It
felt as though a million demons were slapping and kicking me. Some
people would hold my feet and others were restraining my arms. I
could feel my facial expression change when suddenly the demonic
spirits took over my personality. Sometimes my face felt as though
the skin was being ripped off. The ungodly creature would take control
of my eyes and glance around the room. I heard him say that he
was looking to see if there was a hypocrite in the room. “I must obey
his commands but I will go to another body,” he said. A shudder dislodged
every bit of my composure. Again I heard his voice repeating
that he wanted to fi nd another body to enter but could not see one.
“Aaaaa-ah” I cried, my voice strangely distorted my body arching
upward. My stomach felt as if a million razor blades were slashing
me, bending me forward in excruciating pain.
The pastor spoke, “I bind the strongman. You have no power here.
I bind your power over Vagalas’ mind, body or spirit. You must leave
in Jesus’ name.”

A spiritually shaped giant octopus spirit held me tightly, gripping
my chest with all its strength. It was trying to take my breath away.
His legs were deeply embedded in various parts of my body. The evil
thing growled, and I found myself shaking, trembling, and withering
and weeping like a defeated child. Then I thrashed around like a fi sh.
These were marine spirits. They were very powerfully rooted in my
life because of the time that I spent in the evil City Under the Sea
All present could see manifestations of the demons and begin to
pray for God’s protection and the Blood of Jesus. Someone was singing,
“There is power, power, wonder-working power in the blood of
the Lamb.” The demons hated that song. I could feel their absolute
contempt rise up inside my mind.
“Shut up,” the demons growled. “You’ll be sorry, our master will
send reinforcing devils to K_ill you,” the evil devil threatened.
One devil spit foamy spittle out on the fl oor. The demons knew
exactly who my deliverance ministers were spiritually and the power
that they possessed. The demons believed and trembled that the ministers
were connected to the superior power of Jesus Christ and that
they had to obey their commands.
The ministers looked beyond my words and spoke directly to
the spirits and said, “You have no power here. We bind you in the
name of Jesus and command you to hold your peace and come out
of him.”
The authority of Jesus was more powerful. He cast out the legion
in the Bible. The demons groveled, yelled, and struggled at the commands
of my ministers. When the devils have been invited in, they
have to be driven out, forcefully. They were wrenching me and ripping
my guts out.
“We have a lot of churches here,” the pastor said.
“Humph,” said the evil demon, “churches don’t bother us. Many
of them are now powerless and many have joined the darkness. Only
a few are still believing the Bible and hardly a person realizes this
A demon called Lazarus said, “Besides, we own the town.”
Then I heard a strange cry pouring from my throat—a discordant
mixture of two voices—one of holy anger, one of terror. Neither resembled
my own.
“Be still and hold your mouth, you are a foul wicked devil,” said
the minister. His voice had raised two pitches.
“We are not interested in your silly plans. We know what the
Guru told us about you and your dumb plans. We are going too
“Yuk!” the demon said in disgust, “*&&^*&^.” He was using
the foulest language.
“Shut up and be gone in Jesus name!” one of the ministers said
fi rmly. The evil spirit was fully manifested.
“No, no, no, I won’t go.” The demon was trembling in my body
and my hands were pushed forward like cats’ claws, ready for attack.
The demon was looking out of my eyes and fi xed now on the ministers.
I could feel the thing defi nitely bulging with fear and loathing. It
was a sight from hell.

The minister spoke directly to me. “Vagalas, ask Jesus to help you,
call out his name and renounce the powers of darkness.”
“No!” I screamed and shook my head.
Then the demon took over my voice again. “Leave me alone, you
&*&^^%,” the demon swore, “fool. He’s mine.” Someone put a
handkerchief in my mouth to stop the demon’s insulting words.
“Keep your mouth shut and hold your peace. You will not wrench
him. We forbid you to continue your demonic manifestations. Our
power is greater than this evil force!”
Removing the handkerchief from my mouth, a minister spoke directly
to me. “Vagalas, you must renounce it,” the minister pressed me.
“No, I can’t . . . “ The words trailed away incoherently. I gave a
look of half-startled wariness and then a sharp scream escaped from
my throat.

Oh, how those demons hated the touch of Jesus. The preachers’
hands were like burning coals on my head. My body was rigid, now
drenched in perspiration. My eyes were no longer focusing while the
veins stood out on my neck pulsating rapidly. Foam dribbled from
my mouth but I tried to keep it tightly shut to keep the evil spirits
from escaping. The spirits were really stirred-up as she continued to
press them to leave. This battle was intense.
The minister spoke, “I am not afraid, you demons can scream and
shout. You don’t scare me. I know who I am in Christ,” the minister
returned in a tone of voice one might use to reprimand a dog.
“It’s so dark out there. So dark and so forever,” the demon’s voice
was alien, intimidating. “Please don’t make me leave.” It was whiney.
No longer looking at him, my face turned to one side and looked
at the wall. I feared for my mind and life. My will was the last bastion
of bondage. For a while the demon was rather belligerent with
him, but as the minister took authority over it, a tremor came into the
demon’s voice. Then, I became weak and limp. I was so weak that I
could not lift the Bible that had been placed on my stomach.
Someone anointed my forehead with oil.
That minister was forceful and the demons reacted violently. “Shut
up and obey the name of Jesus. You have no power here,” the minister
commanded the demon to weaken.
The oil felt as though a hot sizzling poker iron every time she
touched me with it. Then he pried my mouth open and poured some
of that oil down my throat.
“You stop that you fool…” Struggling to get free.
It was impossible. They had me totally bound. The ministers’ eyes
watched the reactions of the devil. According to Romans 8:37, “We
are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.”
Giant beads of sweat were pouring out of my pores. “Please, leave
me alone. I don’t want to go,” it whimpered now. “This is my home.
I’ve been here a long time. I was here when Vagalas was born. He was
promised,” the demon pleaded.
“Be quiet,” the pastor said.
He was full of defeat and fear and I could feel it. There was a suffocating
blackness hovering above me, feeling as if I had wrestled an
invisible prince of darkness like a battle against nameless dread.
“Depart! Unclean spirit. In the name of Jesus, depart! Go!” offi -
cially pronounced the minister. He instantly experienced victory and
the Lord’s power.

“Can’t you understand that he belongs to me?” the demon murmured
in disgust. “This is my home. I’ve been here since before he
was born.” He trembled at the sound of the name of Jesus and the
minister’s commands.
Then foam began to seep out of the corner of my mouth and I
became violent, kicking, jerking and extremely strong.
“In the name of Jesus . . . In the name of Jesus . . .” the people sang.
The demons shouted. “Shut up, shut up,”
I covered my ears, trying to block out the words. Somebody was
reading the Bible. This was absolutely driving the demons mad. They
groaned, moaned, cringed and blinked. I heard my own voice speaking,
coming from deep down in my belly.
“Help me, help me—Don’t stop. This was my own spiritual voice
speaking. “I’m bound. The demons have me bound in here.” My body
stiffened. Then my arms and legs stretched.
At fi rst, the minister thought it was the voice of a demon. “Get
out, I don’t want to talk to you,” the minister said fi rmly.
My emotions were really panicky. My voice was shaky but my
voice came through “Please, don’t stop. Help me,” the words whipped
like steel between them.

Freeing a person from the powers of darkness can sometimes, be
fairly easy. However, it can also, at other times be exceedingly diffi
cult. Degree of demonization is a factor as well as the person’s will
agreeing for the demon’s departure. Remember I had been under demonic
powers all my life.
“Jesus!” The cry ripped my throat.
My eyes fl ickered rapidly behind my tightly closed lids. Sweat had
formed a glistening fi lm on my forehead and temples. Then a pitch
black hole consumed me. Whenever a person comes out of wizardry
or witchcraft, the demon of death will try to K_ill them during deliverance
sessions. Their eyes will sink into the back of their heads and
you can only see the whites showing. They will have diffi culty breathing. The demons will tighten its grip around their throats. The person
seems to be suspended between two worlds. This can be a very frightening
matter to the deliverance minister if he or she is inexperienced.
When this demon manifests, the session is very close to the end. I’ve
never personally witnessed a demon k_illing someone during a deliverance
session. And so, I survived this death demon too.
Abruptly a minister placed his hands on my shoulders. He was
tired of listening to that silly demon brag about his power. He fully
intended to show him who had more power. Jesus is still alive today,
the same as He was yesterday and that He will be tomorrow. At that
moment, a fresh fi re, a supernatural anointing came upon him by the
Holy Ghost and he gazed into my terrorized eyes.
“Come out of him, in Jesus’ name,” then forcefully, “you will
loose him now!” His voice was echoing in my ears. I felt trapped in
my head. Instantly, all the remaining evil demons came rushing out
causing a yellow, stinking slime to vomit out of my throat. The minister
fought becoming nauseated. This disgusting sight was enough to
drive the hardest heart into the arms of Jesus.
In terror, “Sure, the devil has power,” said the pastor victoriously,
“but Jesus Christ has more.” The demons were leaving. I coughed,
belched and sniffed.

Everyone was saying, “Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus.”
The battle is truly the Lord’s. When the last demon came out with
a loud piercing scream, I instantly knew that I was free. I felt drained,
tried and empty. My body was wet with sweat yet I felt weak, light,
and a little dizzy. This battle had lasted all night!
Finally the minister said, “I command all these devils to go where
the Lord Jesus Christ sends you. I forbid that you can ever return to
Vagalas as long as he lives. I place you under the authority of Jesus
Christ Who is “far above all powers.”

All of a sudden, there was a still silence. It was a beautiful, holy
hush that exists when the Holy Spirit is present. I was weeping. Joy
fi lled my soul. I was free! His Presence was so precious. I was clean
and then the Holy Spirit gave me a heart of fl esh. The coldness of my
heart was washed away by the touch of God. However, I was very
tired and drained. My body knew that it had been through a battle.
My pastor laid his hands on my head and prayed for the Holy
Spirit to come and fi ll the empty places. All at once it was peaceful.
At the same time, I was engulfed in the Holy Spirit’s fi re. I felt so
overfl owing with excitement. When the Holy Spirit came rushing in,
I felt wonderful, truly, totally free at last. I looked around. Everything
looked so clean. I felt alive and vibrant. Whenever the Holy Spirit
took possession of my body, He fi lled me with Himself and the joy of
the Lord bubbled forth from my mouth. My hands shot up into the
air praising God with all my might.
Today, I am a new creature in Christ and have a new garment,
singing a new song and don’t wear witches’ robes anymore. I have a
new robe of righteousness (Isaiah 61:10). Once the Spirit has touched
you, you can never look back!

After the Holy Spirit came, He began revealing the Word of God
to me. I had such a hunger for the Word that every waking minute
was spent consuming the Bible. It became my strength. There was an
explosion of spiritual fervor and a fi re that blazed in my bones. I will
never be the same again! When it was over, the ministers continued
to pray warfare prayers.
They anointed the room, bound the evil spirits and commanded
every demonic force to leave and never return! There was so much
peace that I cannot describe it to you. I can tell you this. As a result,
I am free by the power of Jesus Christ!
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Re: The Witch Doctor and The Man City Under the Sea

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Chapter Five

Life After Deliverance

And after all that is come upon us for our evil deeds,
and for our great trespass, seeing that thou our God hast
punished us less than our iniquities deserves, and hast
given us such deliverance as this. (Ezra 9:13)

At a point in time, I got disturbed because I was going through
a lot of persecution. Many Christians simply could not believe
that Jesus would save a wizard. Some were frightened while others
said that I was crazy. I was being bruised, hurt, and rejected.
Voices were whispering in my ears, “Why don’t you just return
to Guru (Satan), Vagalas. He doesn’t hate you like those rebellious
people do.”

The spiritual warfare was intense. I was tempted and becoming
very confused. Then one night, the Man appeared to me again and
said, “I have called you.” His presence comforted me. He ministered
and encouraged me. Thank God that my pastor stood with me. I
never would have made it without him. It was not popular. Many
simply left his church.
He told the people, “Look, what you are doing to this gentleman,
you had better be very careful if it is of the Lord, and it will surely
stand. So don’t fi ght against the Spirit of God.”
I began going into the streets of Ghana. I would preach to the
people about Jesus because that is all that I knew. God used me to do
many supernatural signs and wonders. People had all kinds of curses
and diseases. However I worked with Jesus while many Christian
people continued to reject me and gossiped. I nearly gave up.
If somebody had told me about Christ, I could have gone to that
person and asked, “My friend, is this how Christians act toward new
converts? I won’t come again.” However, nobody told me about Jesus.
I could not go to anyone. I couldn’t blame anyone. I couldn’t say,
“You told me to give my life to Jesus and look at what is happening
to me.” The Man was becoming my hope.
I did not understand what was happening to me. I felt spiritually
crushed and wounded by so many fellow Christians. The demons
of hell hounded me. They tried to bring fear and torment. Truthfully,
whenever a high level witch or wizard converts into the Body of
Christ, many well-meaning Christians will stir against those kinds of
people. They believe that they are doing the work of God.
However, my pastor and Jesus were always standing with me and
encouraging me to continue. It was only later that I was able to forgive
the Christians that were rejecting me and persecuting me. This
could only happen with biblical maturity. Luke 8: 34 describes the
reaction of the people to the power of God. The Word says that they
fl ed! They talked about it and all the people came out of curiosity to
see if it were true. When they came they saw the man who was previously
possessed by a legion of demons sitting in peace at the feet of
Jesus, fully clothed and of a sound mind and they were afraid!
They feared the power of Jesus and had not even witnessed the
demons expelled!

This same spirit of rejection and fear followed me until a man
called Demos Shakarian of the Full Gospel Businessmen International
Fellowship came to Africa. He was looking for local people who
had interesting conversion testimonies to be given in the hotels.
Someone said, “I know this tall African who was a former witch
doctor. He has a testimony that is so grave that when people hear him,
they are so frightened, they faint and many run out of the church.”
One of the American men said, “Go get him.”
They sent for me because they were curious about my testimony
When I appeared before them, I asked if they were sure they wanted
to listen to my testimony. I told them that when I told my story in
church some people would run out and others would faint. I asked
them, “If I tell you will you collapse?”
Demos Shakarian laughed and prayed with me.
I told him my testimony.
He said, “I like it. I think it is really good. Can you share this testimony
as a speaker in our meetings?”
I replied, “Yes.”

For the fi rst time I spoke to a crowd. I was so excited. The Bible
says “They overcome Satan by the blood the Lamb, and by the word
of their testimony” (Revelation 12:11).
In the beginning when I shared my testimony half of the people
left, but I ignored them and continued to speak. Gradually my story
began to spread and pastors called me to minister in their churches.
Then Christians began to accept my ministry. They believed that I
was telling them the truth because when I prayed for the sick and
demon possessed wonderful things happened. Jesus healed every type
of illness and the people were being set free. Even witch doctors began
to come in search of freedom. They reasoned that if I could get
delivered maybe they could be free too. When I prayed for them in
the name of Jesus they would vomit up spirits shaped in the form of
snakes and other things. Many people were healed and delivered.
The pastors began to say, “This is of God because for about three
or four years, Vagalas is still living for Jesus Christ, so let us protect
him. They prayed and decided to ordain me. They could see the call
upon my life. We can teach him and correct him.”
It was after the support of Christian leadership that I started enjoying
Christian life. I loved being in the ministry. Speaking requests
began to pour in and I found myself speaking all over the country.
My life started getting better. I discovered that many Christians were
interested in the power of Jesus that had delivered this tall man from
deep witchcraft from the powers of the devil.

Besides worldwide powers, Satan has assigned specifi c ruling spirits
over geographical areas such as nations, states, communities, groups,
churches, families, and over every individual. Satan can choose from
a wide array of spirits. In a single city alone, one neighborhood could
be under the spirit of gambling, sexual perversions and still another
under alcohol. For instance, Nevada could be under a spirit of gambling,
and the spirit of poverty could be ruling in places in Africa.
Another tactic Satan uses to defeat a Christian is the lack of
knowledge. This is one of the strongest weapons that he is using now.
The Bible says, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”

If you go to the Book of Ephesians, Chapter 6 verse 12, says, “We
wrestle not against fl esh and blood but against principalities, against
powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against
spiritual wickedness in higher places.”
Satan has divided the world into geographical areas over which he
has placed ruling spirits or strongmen. These ruler spirits control the
spiritual activities with their assigned boundaries.
Look at Deuteronomy 7:1: “When the LORD thy God shall bring
thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and hath cast out
many nations before thee, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the
Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and
the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than thou.”
Satan has a clever plan or scheme for every person in the world.
He is the head of all evil opposing forces. He controls all negative
powers. He is the head of the satanic forces described in Ephesians
6:12. There are four all-important divisions of his kingdom that are
well organized. When we leave his offi ce and come down to the next
level, we will see Principalities. Then we will see Powers. Then we
will see Rulers of Darkness and fi nally spiritual Wickedness in high
places. Satan’s kingdom is very well organized. The work of Principalities
manages the forces and dominions dealing with nations and
governments. The second level is Powers. They have authority and
power of action in all the spheres open to them.
The third level, World Rulers are governing the darkness and
blindness of the world at large. And fi nally, there are wicked spirits
in heavenly places which are the forces being directed in and upon
the Church of Jesus Christ. These wicked spirits put into action wiles,
fi ery darts, attacks, and every imaginable deception about doctrine
that they are capable of planning.
When I got saved, the Lord told me that Satan binds many people
in Africa. The Lord said, “Soon the entire world will be bound by
him.” Remembering the things that I witnessed as a wizard, I knew
it was true.

I remember we went to another world conference. Satan (Guru)
told us that he was aiming his control over the governments. He
said that when he wins the governments, he would get control of the
people. He revealed a plan to put his own people at the top of governments.
He told us that his people would change the laws to suit
his plans. He told us, “The Age of the Fish is over. We are moving into
the New Age of Aquarius. Our goal in the new world will be to root
out all that worship of God.”
Guru saw himself as god. He saw himself as the mighty, ruling
the New World Order. He prophesied that a new dawn would soon
appear and he would create a new Eden where there would be peace
and safety. He saw the planet turning green the waterways clean,
the trees waving their healthy branches at him, the air marvelous to
breathe again. He envisioned every soul on the face of the earth bowing,
worshiping him for his unbelievable management of the planet.
He saw masses of people dying. Those were the faceless ones. These
people are those who were ones to be sent into another dimension by
the demons to cleanse the world from their cancerous minds for not
receiving his ruling power. Even the nature gods were bowing to him.
He spoke to us of a picture of his perfect world as it would be in just
the days ahead.
“I am a god. I am a god!” he shouted enthusiastically, his hands
stretched forward. His face was fl ushed. He was preaching his new
religion. “I am the god!” he shouted wildly. His eyes were fl ashing, his
hands pumping. Everyone bowed and worshiped him. We followed
his every whim in zombie-style fashion.
One of the leaders of the world stood and said, “People keep saying,
we need a leader. Yes, we are looking for a messiah. We are looking
for someone that we can follow wholeheartedly. Give us a new
avatar (spiritual man)—if he is a man or beast—we will follow him.”
Everyone stood to their feet and cheered and applauded.
Who would believe me if I got on a national television program
and said these things? I’d be marked as a crazy man. Who could receive
the message that New Age theology can be summed up in the
two lies of Satan in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3)? The fi rst lie is
“You shall not surely die” (reincarnation).
The second is as Satan promised: “You shall be as gods” (selfrealization;
all you need, you’ll fi nd within). These two demonic lies
are part of nearly every cult and pagan religion in the world. It is the
battleground for the minds of men. When Satan has captured the
mind, he can get the spirit. The battle lines are drawn on every front.
It is happening in country after country.
Lastly, who could believe the New Age includes the full-fl edged
worship of satan? Certainly not one Christian that I know would
believe that there is a group of international conspirators who are not
only moving to create a New World Order but also fashioning a New
Universal Religion.

My life was saturated spiritually but from the occult point of
view. To me, it was puzzling that the majority of humankind does
not believe there are spiritual beings. It was also baffl ing that most
Christians were blinded to these demons that were presently affecting
their daily lives. The truth is, here are spiritual beings (Satan and the
fallen angels now demons) that not only affect humankind, but they
also have the ability to deceive and manipulate humankind from the
spiritual realm. In other words, it is diffi cult for the average human
being to believe that demons exist. However the fact that they did not
believe nor perceive that these spiritual beings exist, enabled the wizards
and witches, together with the invisible beings, to manipulate
masses more easily because they were helpless to defend themselves.
I knew that throughout the world a paranormal phenomenon was
profoundly manifesting. All facets of the human society had confronted
these unexplained paranormal phenomena. Satan taught us
that whenever human beings experience paranormal phenomena, the
majority of these people become compelled to believe these are coming
from a benevolent god. Therein lies the great deception because
the Ascended Masters (powerful high level demons) were beginning
to make their presences known to the masses.

After my conversion, I cried and wept for my people, because I
knew the terrible plans that would soon come to pass. “Lord, I want
to do something to help my motherland.” I had to start in Africa—my
homeland, it had to be a strong start or it wouldn’t work. I began my
ministry gradually by the grace of God, I am here today, telling you
my story. This is what the Lord has done for me.

Chapter Six

My New Life

But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth
in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but
as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is
truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye
shall abide in him. (1 John 2:27)

After my baptism, the Lord changed my name to Samuel. God
was doing many tremendous things in my ministry. People were
getting saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and receiving the greatest
experiences with Jesus. They were getting set free from evil spirits.
My name was beginning to spread throughout the city. Many people
started seeking me out to minister to them. It was wonderful to see
the Lord using me in such a powerful way. I was so grateful that He
trusted me and used me to change people’s lives from the darkness
into His marvelous light. My wife, Evelyn, is a beautiful woman. I
thank Jesus for giving me such a wonderful spiritual mate. She was
always willing to stand with me and has become a powerful prayer
warrior for my ministry. She is also an evangelist and has planted
many churches in Africa. In addition, she became a devoted wife and
mother to our three beautiful children, Esther, Samuel and Philip.

My wife’s mother left her father when she was very young. One
night her mother just slipped away in the night and disappeared.
Someone told her where she could fi nd her mother. She also slipped
away into the night and went to her mother. Her mother had married
another man who was a Muslim. He was a chief in the village.
He loved Evelyn as his own daughter, adopted and educated her.
However, she was required to become a Muslim. She was attending
the university when suddenly she went physically blind. Some of the
students told her there is a man who is speaking at the Full Gospel
Businessmen’s meeting who was doing miracles and “maybe he could
restore your eyesight. She attended the meeting where she met a man
called Samuel Vagalas Kanco. I prayed for her and cast the devils out
that were blinding her. “Praise the Lord God Almighty,” she whispered.
Her eyes crossed involuntarily for a moment, and then began
to focus. “I can see,” she shouted. Her eyes caught mine and I could
see the light of Jesus Christ in them. Her tears gushed forth as I took
a cloth and wiped her eyes.
“You will never be the same again,” I said.
“My sweet Lord…” she said sniffl ing, “He…” her words began to
slur. Then unintelligent words burst forward. The Holy Spirit had immersed
her in His Baptism and she was worshiping the King of Glory
for the victory. His presence was precious. Then the mood changed
and the crowed began to shout with cheers for Jesus.

She was a wonderful, lovely lady. She squeezed my hand so tightly
that my fi ngers lost their circulation. “Oh,” she said breathlessly, “if
only you could feel what I feel. Do you see that light that is watching
me?” Tears were freely fl owing down her cheeks. She felt the presence
of Jesus in the room, no doubt about it. Looking up, she could sense
a crowd of witnesses in the room. She could hear the angels singing
with her spirit. The music was more splendorous than any other
note that she’d ever heard on this earth. What she was feeling was
the Lord touching her spirit and changing her heart. Jesus was giving
her a heart of fl esh. Something had touched my heart that day too.
Although I had ministered to hundreds of women, this woman had
some kind of meaningful attraction to me. Of course, at that moment,

I did not know that I was touching my future wife with the power of
faith. In spite of her powerful emotions, the Spirit of God dominated
the room with peace, far beyond the ability of my words to describe.
Something was happening and until this moment, I had never thought
about doing anything with my life except serving Jesus.
We became close spiritual friends. Evelyn’s spiritual growth began
to abound with commitment and spiritual wisdom. We began
to spend our spare time together. Her family was totally against her
seeing me. To them, I was just a poor preacher without any hope of
a future. I struggled with my feelings for her but I knew that she was
a precious gift from God. I felt His blessing upon my intentions of
asking her to become my bride. I loved her. Several years later, we
were married. Evelyn’s heart was set on me and she trusted God that
He would rescue me and make me a success. She worked hard in
the beginning of our marriage while I studied and witnessed in the
streets of Ghana. She is the light of my life and I’ve always felt that
she’s the greatest blessing of my life. God has blessed us. My brothers
have converted to the Lord and are working in the ministry. Evelyn’s
mother and grandmother have converted from the Muslim faith. Evelyn
tells about her mother’s conversion from the Muslim religion.
Her mother came for a visit. Evelyn was witnessing to a couple of
witches about the reality of Jesus.

She suddenly turned to her mother and said, “This woman is a
great woman of God.” One of the witches replied, “not so, we could
K_ill her in a second, but someone is praying for her.”
Evelyn turned to her mother and said, “Did you hear that? They
can K_ill you in a second but my prayers are protecting you? Well,
you’d better turn your life over to Jesus Christ because I’m not praying
for you any more.”

She laughs when she tells the rest of the story. She stopped praying
for her mother. Several days later, her mother came to her and begged
her to pray for Jesus to forgive her. She became a Christian because
of the torment that was happening to her mother.
Her grandmother became saved seven years later. She had been
saved about seven days when Dr. Pat Holliday came to Ghana. Dr.
Holliday asked her if she wanted to receive Jesus Christ as her personal
Savior. She said that she had already asked Him to save her.
Then Dr. Holliday placed her hands on both mother and grandmother’s
head and rebuked the Muslim spirits. Instantly they were both
freed and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence
of speaking with other tongues.
Something else happened too. My Grandmother was bent over to
the waist. At this time she was eighty years old. Instantly, her back
was straightened by the power of God! We give God the glory that he
is also working in our families.

We started as an evangelistic ministry in the Assemblies of God.
At the same time, Evelyn was working and we were hardly holding
our lives together. Believe me, we ate a lot of rice during those years
while I attended Bible College and going into the streets to witness. I
was getting a lot of people saved; delivered and healed. I was trained
by the pastors of the Assembly of God and will always be grateful
for their wonderful Christian friendship. I still have a very warm
relationship with my old pastor. He has always encouraged me. God
bless him and my many other Christian brothers who have blessed
my ministry over the years. After about ten years the Lord led me out
of the Assembly of God to establish a church called the Lord’s Vineyard
Chapel International. Our churches have no affi liation with any
of the Vineyard churches in America.
The Lord’s Vineyard is a church that was called into existence by
the Spirit of God. We have a membership of more than thirty thousand
people. He saw the need to develop this work for the purpose of
teaching about the power of God and exposing the powers of Satan.

I believe that God wants to spread the message of freedom to his
believers as well as the announcement to unbelievers that deliverance
is available to them I have been blessed by God to train many men
and women in the ministry of deliverance. Whenever I travel to evangelize
the work goes on just as if I were there. There are more than
forty trained ministers who work in our Bible school and the Lord’s
Vineyard’s International Chapel.
My beautiful wife, Evelyn, also works in the ministry. Thank God
for a wonderful, holy woman. God has trained her to preach and
stand with me in the ministry. She is a phenomenal mother to our
three children. In fact, she is a brilliant minister who is totally devoted
to the Lord’s cause. For instance she has successfully trained
hundreds of women to pray and fast.
Believe me, when this army moves into action, the devils tremble.
Her prayers, I believe, have marked our ministry for great success. We
have planted more than twenty-fi ve churches in Africa, two in London and two in Canada. I was ordained Bishop over these churches
in 1999. God is blessing our work and we are truly an international

My vision is that God will use us to help bring our nation from
idolatry to the reality that Jesus Christ is Lord. There are so many
other visions that I have. One is the establishment of a Christian
hospital in my city, Accra. You see the Muslims own and operate all
hospitals. Regrettably, whenever someone gets sick they are forced to
convert to that faith in order to get in the hospital! We are operating
two medical clinics to try to overcome this problem. Another vision
is that someone gave me a double-topped mountain. I want to build
a minister’s retreat. It will have constant intercessory prayer, twentyfour
hours a day. I see a place where ministers from over the world
can come and rest. They can receive new anointing while prayer arises
from the sides of the mountain.
I also envision our churches being planted across Africa. I believe
this will happen with the blessings and grace of God. The Lord is also
blessing the churches in Canada, and the churches in London.

Africa must be free from the physical bondage of dependency
upon others for its prosperity. Her people can rise up and take their
places in the creation of a new and fl ourishing nation when they learn
about Jesus Christ and His Word. As a result, He will back up His
Word. In particular, He will bless them by delivering them from the
generational curses. These curses always arrive when the practice of
idolatry exists. Also, because of this, God is raising many ministers
who are mighty warriors against the powers of darkness. These messengers
are going to set spiritual captives free and deliver cities. This
is my vision, that the people in Africa are released from obligations,
from the entrapments of spiritual bondage, and blindness of idolatry.
Jesus will make their lives better just as surely as He made my life

Chapter Seven

Living for Jesus

Afterward Jesus fi ndeth him in the temple, and said unto
him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a
worse thing come unto thee. ( John 5:14)
In my country, once a person becomes born again, they hardly ever
return to their sin life. The reason is that the leadership of the church
really goes after them if they backslide. Another matter, if a Christian
backslides in Africa, they are open to strong-serious demonic attack
by the witches and wizards. These evil agents quickly rush in and try
to K_ill them before they can repent. First they will tempt him or her
to do wrong. As the cold Christian obeys, he or she becomes open for
a spirit to enter and take control. Secondly, if the sin is continually
indulged in after professed conversion, not repented, such a person
is wide open to demonic oppression in its many forms. In this way,
Satan’s agents (witches and wizards) can see their spiritual condition
and quickly move to take control. In other words, spiritual discerning
of spirits is needed to help protect these weak people. Moreover, we
try to bring them to repentance. It is very dangerous and delusional
to think Satan’s demons adopt a hands off policy to believers. In fact,
they can affect and affl ict believers. They buffet them, oppose and
seek to tempt or deceive and lead them astray. To sum up, they look
for and quickly seize any advantage to hinder believers.
The good news is that Jesus came to destroy the works of the
devil (1 John 3:8). Indeed, He did just that when He said, “The thief
cometh not, but for to steal, and to K_ill, and to destroy: I am come
that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”
(John 10:10).

I believe that many of the problems that we face in Africa are due
to the curses that come down generational lines due to the worship
of other gods. These curses are found in the Bible. We didn’t know
anything about God. We did not have any connection with Jehovah.
Man is created in such a way that he has to have God. There is a
place inside him that only the Spirit of God can fi ll. In the absence
of the true God, the Devil came to fi ll our hearts. My people fell in
love with the Devil and so we put our trust in Him by giving him our
souls, spirits and bodies. We went very deep and were led to worship
trees, rocks and rivers, etc. Because of this, we began to think like
trees and rocks. The Devil took advantage of our spiritual ignorance
and had his evil grip and planted his seed in every African family. Just
as Christians who believed in the Bible designed America’s Constitution,
our culture was ruled by idolatrous people and designed by the
Devil. Since our culture was charted by the Devil, many of our people
grew to be like the Devil. The Devil has no friend. Whether you serve
him or not, he will try to destroy you. He gave Africa a lot of misery
such as sickness, death, and poverty. These are the evil gifts you will
fi nd in the heart of Africa. The Devil has no peace or joy, so he cannot
give these gifts to his people. He gave us what he has, utter poverty
and destruction. Remember this. Development comes from Jesus, and
where Jesus is, civilization always changes to a more advanced stage.
Because of America’s connection with Jesus, her people were also
blessed to think like Jesus. So your people had the power to think,
prosper, and were able to give the world great inventions. America
is also called the breadbasket of the world. God blessed American.
Christian churches sent missionaries all over the world. I would still
be in idolatry if the Christians had not responded to the call of God.
We are praying for America because it has been the lighthouse
of the world concerning the truth of Jesus Christ as the Savior of
the world. If that beacon fi re goes out, the entire world will go into
darkness. America has enjoyed life, peace and joy but Jesus was not
in Africa, there was little advancement and it was called the Dark
Continent. I am a man with a vision for my country and it’s a vision
of spiritual freedom and prosperity for Africa. Many of my people
are still steeped deeply in witchcraft powers.
Every nation in which these forms of witchcraft are practiced is
cursed with poverty and oppression spiritually, physically, and politically.
The people are demonized and controlled by the powers of
darkness. Considering that my people were serving these shrines and
strange gods, the Biblical principle that a foreign land will enslave
the people came into force. These curses must come to pass because
the Bible says that God is no respecter of persons. Therefore, because
we were serving strange gods, the Scripture was fulfi lled in Africa. It
was not easy at that time for the white men to leave their countries
in small boats to come to Africa. They forged ahead through winds
and storms sailing the oceans at great peril to themselves to bring the
Gospel to my country. You can see that it was a supernatural force
pushing these foreign people to Africa.
It is interesting that at the same time that Abraham Lincoln liberated
the blacks in America, missionaries from your nation began to
bring the gospel to our people. During this period of time, my people
were gradually turning to God. He said, “It is time to stop slavery.”

It happened because of supernatural power from God. These curses
have followed the black race for centuries are there because the Devil
was able to spiritually blind them through idol worship. The Bible is
true. Even though they did not know
Jehovah, the Biblical curse concerning the worship of strange gods
brought a curse of slavery.
Since the Scriptures must be fulfi lled, the Americans and Europeans,
with the help of African chiefs and Arab traders, captured millions
of Africans. They were marked for slavery. My people became
slaves in foreign lands. Through slavery however, many millions of
African Americans and their descendants have been born again and
will spend eternity in heaven and not hell. In the 1700s and 1800s
the triangle trade was between Africa (slaves) and New England (molasses)
and West Indies (sugar). So not only did the Southern sates
benefi t from slavery but also the Northern states and Europe. At one
time, Mexico had the most African slaves of all the New World.
After centuries of struggle, the slave trade ended, but Europeans
still wanted Africa’s riches. They brought their guns and captured
different parts of Africa, renamed them and sent their own people
to rule over my people. After many years of war, Africans won their
independence. Then two famous kingdoms were reclaimed. In 1957,
Gold Coast became Ghana. In 1960 the French Sudan became Mali.
Another period of Africa’s heritage had begun. It opened our people’s
minds to believe for a greater future for Africa’s culture. We could
dream of a great civilization rising up from the ashes of our people’s
bondage, a country stepping into a new era.

Church Repentance
We are blessed in Ghana today. Our churches came together in repentance
and through breaking covenants with the devil and denying
our bellies, crying out to the Lord. We repented for all the evil atrocities
that had been committed by our people by allowing demons and
evil spirits to take possession of our city. We knew from the Bible that
when people cry out to the Lord, He responds to them. Our government
is a democracy. Our cities are fi lling with Christian Churches,
mighty revivals are moving throughout our land. The Bible is true.
It says that if a people worship strange gods of idolatry, they will
become slaves in a foreign land. Our people did not know Jehovah.
Still, the force of the law fell upon the heads of my ancestors. However,
Jesus Christ is faithful. We African Christians are living testimonies
of hope, just as He will help us to prosper. To God is the glory.
I realize that many pastors will read this book and just excuse this
true testimony as false. In like manner, they will reason, “a Christian
can’t have a demon.” Nevertheless, if you will read your Bible, you’ll
see that Jesus drove the evil spirits out before the person could follow
Him. Indeed, He gave His followers the power to do the same miracles
that He did (Matthew10: 8; Luke 9:1). Accordingly, the disciples
did the same thing! They healed the sick and cast out devils.
Demons are real, spirits, individual beings. They are the instruments
through which Satan attempts to consume and devour Christians
on a daily basis. God has placed a supernatural invisible barrier
in the lives of Christians, beyond which these demons cannot go.
They must depend on the Christian to lower that barrier for them.
The barrier is the “sovereign will” of the individual. This then makes
it necessary for the demons to use lies, tricks, deceptions or any other
underhanded means to defeat the Christian. Yes, demons are real!
Satan is real! However, spiritual warfare is real only if the Bible is
taken literally. Otherwise, different names are assigned to demonic
problems. If the person should base his beliefs on supposition, he can
believe whatever he wishes.
Satan is a master deceiver. He did not win! He became a defeated
foe at Calvary. It is worth noting that Satan became a defeated foe
only in the lives of those people who are willing to accept victory
from Christ. Since Satan is a god (2 Corinthians 4:4), we must resist
him each day with victory, which is the Word of God! Satan’s attempt
to consume Christians continues every day in the life of each
Christian. This fact makes spiritual warfare a daily reality. We are not
free from the fi ght! In the life of a Christian there is no such thing as
neutral. If we do not win then we lose.

The Scriptures predict that there will be a great increase in demonic
power in the last days. An increasing fl ood of evil, infl uencing society,
the church and the world, characterizes our age. So the works and
doctrines of evil seducing spirits have enslaved multitudes of people.
As a result, these people are suffering mental, psychic, and spiritual
demonic bondage. There are millions who have now been infected by
these spiritual AIDS. In fact, they can be free if the Church will obey
the Lord and cast them out! Only Christians have the authority and
power to deliver them. In conclusion, the idea that evil spirits only
operate in uncivilized parts of the world is false! God doesn’t do everything.
We are His co-workers. There is a part that we must do.
The Bible says, “The night is far spent, the day is at hand: Let us
therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor
of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness,
not in immorality and wantonness (debauchery), not in strife
and envying, but put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision
for the fl esh, to fulfi ll the lusts thereof.” (Romans 13:12–14).
Positive action is required. The Apostle Paul is writing here to a
Christian body of believers just like you and me. He’s not writing to
pagans. These believers were into the works of darkness. Some of
them were still hanging onto past or pet sins. If that is the case in our
lives, we must cast off those things that pull us down spiritually.
“The Spirit of the Lord Jehovah is upon me; because Jehovah hath
anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me
to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and
the opening of the prison to them that are bound; to proclaim the
acceptable year of Jehovah and the day of vengeance of our God; to
comfort all that mourn; to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion,
to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the
garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they may be called
trees of righteousness, the planting of Jehovah, that he may be glorifi
ed!” (Isaiah 61:1–3).
The truth is, neither the Christian nor the unbeliever can safely
cross over the forbidden lines of Satan’s knowledge and remain free.
Most important, the Church of Jesus Christ is alive! Most important,
His church can deliver the captives and set them free by His name
and authority.
Isaiah said, “I heard the voice of the Lord saying: ‘Whom shall
I send, and who will go for Us?’ Then I said, here am I! Send me”
(Isaiah 6:8).

Chapter Eight

Awakening the Great Giant

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness
is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the
word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being
king. (1 Samuel 15:23).

To take Satan’s territory, you must have a broken heart for the
people. My heart is broken because I have experienced the wicked
entrapments of Satan. Especially since I experienced the bondage
of witchcraft and idolatry, I know its slavery and wickedness. In fact,
I believe that our faith is a living faith. Likewise, His churches can
change people, cities and nations. Indeed, My prayer is that Christ’s
power will be fully known throughout the African continent.
Africa is a continent of many gods such as the trees, rocks, rivers,
paganism, Mohammed; and of many spirits, the demons of magic,
witchcraft and soothsaying; and the true God of Christianity. It
contains some 6,000 tribes. In fact, so complex are African races,
cultures, languages and religions that anthropologists cannot agree
about many facts that are available to them. Even so, there are certain
basic concepts, which underlie all African religions. These concepts
far from being the mumbo jumbo popularly associated with
witch doctors, black magic, fetishes, jujus and the rest of it, are still
powerful social forces. The Church of Jesus Christ must awaken to
the reality of evil spiritual agents. Their job is to rob, K_ill and destroy.
The truth is we see people manifesting demons in our church services.
Believe me, if they are in our services, they are in your services too!

As a former high-level wizard, my job was to bewitch and deceive
people. As a result, this was carried out by the power of magical potions
that were conjured up in my wizard’s pot. For instance, I was
able to cast various kinds of spells, hexes and did blood sacrifi ces
to carry through my goals. During this time, I had about ten eyes
located around my head. In other words, I could see virtually everywhere
at once. Whenever I looked at a person, I could see them
no matter if they were in front, side or back me. I could see through
them just as if they were being X-rayed. At this time, the spirits also,
gave me the ability to change into fi ve animals. Because of this my
work was made more treacherous and dangerous. Using these various
forms enabled me to accomplish evil assignments without being
noticed by human eyes. Actually I was able to watch them and report
their plans back to Satan’s Kingdom beneath the water. However, if
a witch turns into an animal and is K_illed while in this form, their
natural body will die!

Satan also uses his demons to turn into appearances of sea creatures
such as octopuses, squids, crabs, sea serpents, mermaids, sea
monsters, fi sh, etc. Over the years, in my deliverance ministry, I have
personally witnessed many people under the powers of these spirits.
Many times I have seen them manifesting in the manner of these sea
creatures. You can, as a matter of fact, see them on the fl oor, swimming
like a fi sh or hopping like a frog and then rolling around like
a whale.
When Dr. Pat Holliday and her team came to Africa, she told me
“they were amazed during deliverance sessions at the manifestations
of the sea demons.” She said that she had seen demons that
were shaped like crabs, sea serpents, octopuses, squids, etc., over the
course of her ministry. However, she did not understand the signifi -
cance of them. She had never heard about marine spirits. That is, she
had never heard of the witchcraft activity under the sea. Now I wonder
about the popularity of the children’s movies The Little Mermaid
with its calypso music and Nemo with its charming little fi sh and
creatures under the sea.

Witches and wizards work through mind suggestions. They use
humanly possessed people to sexually tempt the person to sin. They
also use dreams. You must guard your dream life. They will use sexually
explicit dreams. They will bring forms of dead people into your
dreams, a husband or a wife, etc. They can bring a mate to you asking
you to eat food. Christians must be careful with their nightlife
because of the succubus (a male unclean spirit) or an incubus (a female
unclean spirit) that comes at night to lie on the top of a sleeping
person to have sexual intercourse with her or him.
As a protection to this demonic perversion, Christians should pray
and place themselves under the Blood of Jesus around their houses
and family every night. Ask for a hedge of protection and ask for
guardian angels to protect them. Any sin breaks a hole in the hedge
of protection and snakes (demons) can slither into the Christian’s life.
Every Christian must examine himself and if there is any unconfessed
sin, he must confess quickly and place it under the blood of Jesus.
Satan and his agents cannot defeat a Christian without that person
giving them an open door (sin).

There are psychic computers that track everyone on the earth.
Their names and records are kept in the psychic computers. Assignments
are given to Satan’s agents to enforce the words of nations,
cities and individuals that will fulfi ll the plans of Satan. The agents
in the City under the Sea are constantly sent to control the plans of
the government from the top to the bottom. We were sent to work
for those candidates who walk in agreement with Satan’s plans. I
remember the various assignments that were carried out when I was
a wizard. Therefore, after I became a Christian, I began to speak to
my brothers and sisters about the powers of darkness. We began to
come together in prayer and fasting. We denied ourselves and lay on
our bellies day and night seeking freedom for our city and country.
Demons do vary in wickedness. According to the Word, “Then goeth
he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than
himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that
man is worse than the fi rst. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked
generation” (Matthew 12:45). We really do have the keys to the door
of liberty to release Satan’s captives. It pleases me to tell you that we
have Christians at the top of our government. We enjoy much peace
in our city because of this spiritual change in the spiritual realm. To
God be the glory.

The Bible says, “But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full
age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to
discern both good and evil” (Hebrews 5:14). Yes, the gift of discerning
of spirits, both good and bad, is vital to the church today, for
many have “crept in unawares” (Jude 4). In Acts 16:16–18 we are
shown a young girl possessed with a spirit of divination. She used
it as a professional fortuneteller. She followed Paul and his workers
for several days. In fact, she was giving out the following prophecy;
“These men are the servants of the Most High God, which show us
the way of salvation” (Acts 16:17). Her message was true they were
Godly men who were taking the gospel to the lost. Nevertheless, her
message was coming from the wrong source of supernatural power.
She was empowered by a spirit of divination or a demon.
People who are being used by divination spirits should not be
allowed to address a Christian congregation. The appointed leader
must be able to see spiritually exactly what spirit is operating behind
the human personality. The minister should be able to discern the deception
of the supernatural force. Since the apostle Paul was able to
see spiritually through the gift of discerning of spirits, he was able to
see the evil spirit at work behind the woman’s human personality.
After following Paul for several days, he was grieved and turned
and said to the spirit, “I command thee in the name of Jesus to come
out of her!” The Word of God continues, “And HE came out the
same hour!” (Acts 16:18). “And he” shows that Paul was not speaking
to the girl but the supernatural demon in her. HE was a spiritual
being controlling her. Although invisible, HE was speaking through
the girl’s lips giving out a message to the people. Paul simply looked
beyond the girl speaking fl attering words and rebuked the demon. He
knew that he had the responsibility to present the truth and protect
the people. He dealt with this spirit by using his delegated superior
power, the Name of Jesus, and it left. Jesus’ power is always greater.
The Bible shows Him victorious over Satan. “And having spoiled
principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing
over them in it” (Colossians 2:15). The war is already won in
Christ who is not only our Lord but also Lord of all.
Like Paul, if we do our part, God will do His and He will give us
power to chase demons. In our time many witches and wizards are
being used by Satan to infi ltrate Christian churches. They are only
successful if the leadership is spiritually blinded or if there is sin in the
camp. They are sent to destroy the church. Young, beautiful girls and
boys are used to tempt in the realm of sexual sin. Many are used to
spread slander and gossip to divide church members from the leadership.
Others are used to bring bewitching doctrines and lying spirits
to confuse the members. They are used as watchers to report back
to the spirit leadership below the waters. Satan’s agents can see and
discern the spiritual state of Christians.
Honestly, they can tell if a Christian is really living for Jesus. To go
into detail, there is a circle of light around the head, and a bright light
that shines from their hearts. In addition, there is a great barricade of
fi re around the Christian. This wall of fi re makes it impossible for an
agent to get close to a Christian. Likewise, the genuine Christian has
angels protecting them. There is one to the left and one to right and
one behind. These angels guard them day and night. A witch can see
the two angels that stand to their side, having two twisting swords
in both hands. Accordingly, these swords are constantly being hurled
around and around. That is, as long as the Christian is living a holy
life. These swords began to slow down when the Christian sins and
this is the time when a demon will try to rush to get in.

Satan’s agents attend churches all the time. Consequently, they
use powers to make people sleep and slumber during the teaching
of the Word. Also, they make babies cry, make the equipment break
and place disturbing thoughts in the minds of the people. They do
anything that will distract the people from hearing the Word. Satan
uses his agents, beautiful girls or handsome young boys, to seduce the
preachers and church members. They use their bewitchments upon his
or her family members or people in the congregation. For instance,
these agents are also used to discourage other Christians. Likewise,
they attack the preacher’s character, and his family through slander
and gossip. Furthermore, they will question the Word to bring doubt
and unbelief. They will cause strife and disagreements. They will use
powers of enchantments to twist the Word. Finally, they will deceive,
blind and dull the hearing of believers. You see that attainment of
spiritual knowledge is doing spiritual warfare. These agents’ jobs are
to keep you in darkness. You must fi ght the battle of the Word to get
the knowledge that you need to survive.

Shortly after I got saved, I realized that most Christians were very
unaware of Satan’s strategies. Many Christians taught messages concerning
the Principalities, Powers, Ruler and Wicked Spirits in high
places as shown in Ephesians 6:12. Conversely, they seemed to be just
words. They were not real to many Christians. Moreover, they were
also not enlightened concerning the evil spirits in the bush, the sky
and in the City Under the Sea. Thank God that many are waking up
to the great spiritual warfare and are joining us in prayer and fasting
to conquer these evil powers so that they can set the captives free.
I recognized that Christians must be taught about supernatural
powers before they enter into spiritual warfare. For instance author
Peter Wagner cites the importance of knowing spiritual warfare. He
tells of two Presbyterian ministers in Ghana who underestimated
the enemy. Wagner writes in his book, Territorial Spirits Wrestling
with Dark Angels, “One of the Presbyterian ministers, contrary to
the warnings of the people in the area, ordered a tree which had been
enshrined by Satanic priests to be cut down. On the day that the last
branch of the tree was lopped off, the minister collapsed and died.

The second minister commanded that a fetish shrine be demolished.
When it was destroyed, he suffered a stroke.”
So what happened here? Why did the ministers die? I can only tell
you this. These ministers were probably totally unaware of the reality
of witchcraft powers. Regrettably, they probably charged boldly into
battle without being properly trained in spiritual warfare. The Bible
says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou
hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shall be no
priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also
forget thy children” (Hosea 4:6).
Most important, they were probably charging into battle without
their spiritual armor and without claiming the protection of the
blood of Jesus. Like millions of Christians, they simply didn’t discern
that Satan really does have power. They probably cut that enshrined
tree down believing it was just a local superstition and that therefore
it had no supernatural power. You see that they were wrong. Only
a superior power can overcome Satan’s power. However, one has to
know the power of Christ and His Word to overcome the power of

It is true that Christians have more power than Satan and his
agents. Even so, the Christian must spiritually know it beyond a
shadow of doubt. Many Christians are not supernaturally inclined
because they serve Jesus traditionally. They do not see matters from a
supernatural view. In contrast, witch doctors can see in the spiritual
realms and are totally committed to Satan’s cause. They walk deeply
with their devils and obey them. For instance, they can see if a Christian
possesses what he or she professes.

The knowledgeable witch doctor would never challenge an
anointed Christian. That is because he would know the dangers of
the satanic power boomeranging back upon him. If a wizard sends a
curse or a spirit to a person that truly has Jesus in his/her heart, the
curse will return to the sender. Satan does have convincing supernatural
power to unbelievers. He has spiritual power over unbelievers
through their commitment to them and his causes. The Bible reveals
that Jesus Christ’s power is superior to all the power of Satan. Amazingly,
God’s Word also discloses that Christians are able to overcome
all the powers of Satan and his minions.

No! Wizards and witches all pretend to cast out evil spirits and
heal the sick by potions and magic. Notwithstanding, every person
that goes into this power will end up demon possessed. Satan simply
is able to steal their souls by giving them a promise. Remember, only
real Christians are able to cast out evil spirits and heal the sick. Jesus
Christ gives them this authority.
The Bible tells us: “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto
them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation;
and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: And if
Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then
his kingdom stand?” (Matthew 12:25-26). Christians must be taught
and committed to Jesus Christ to be powerful against the devil’s kingdom.
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Re: The Witch Doctor and The Man City Under the Sea

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Chapter Nine

Jesus Cleans His Church
…that he might present it to himself a glorious church,
not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it
should be holy and without blemish. (Ephesians 5:27)

The subject of casting out demons does not exist in many churches
because they have turned away from the topic of deliverance.
Some claim that by talking about the devil, we give him glory, while
others are simply afraid of the subject. Still others don’t believe in evil
spirits or in a personal Satan for that matter. Most speak largely out
of ignorance and fear.

My testimony of my deliverance happened by the sovereign power
of Jesus! This book attempts to dispel unnecessary fear of demons. I
believe that my testimonial will help the Christian church to understand
the need for using deliverance, as Jesus did, and to help to create
a simple pattern that most Christians can follow. Therefore, I am
busy writing another teaching book concerning my knowledge and
experience of the deliverance ministry. Therefore, in the near future,
I will present a broader spectrum of the subject matter. I believe that
the power of casting out demons is not new to the church—just forgotten.
It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will lead the pastors into
the truth. Love, humility, and truth will always be our standard and
goal, but we must go beyond the foundational principles of Christianity
into the perfection in Jesus Christ.

God is restoring deliverance to the body of Christ today. So the
Church must have knowledge of deliverance and spiritual warfare.
When Jesus called me, He told me to go and testify of what He had
spiritually done for me. He cleansed me from the fi lthiness of the
devil. Over time, He taught me to deliver others who were caught
in his bondage. I tell you that Jesus wants to clean His Church from
false prophets and false doctrines. Because we are living in the last
days, there are many that are departing from the truth.
The Bible clearly explains the matter that man will depart from
the faith and follow after seducing spirits and doctrines of devils (1
Timothy 4:1-2).

It took more than two years to complete my deliverance. You
might wonder why it took so long for my complete deliverance. I
can say that partly it was due to the lack of knowledge of the Christian
workers. This happened because of Satan’s ability to keep the
power of the deliverance ministry in the dark. Until recently, you
may be surprised that even in my country, as in America, this powerful
ministry was not encouraged. Because of the suppression of true
deliverance ministers, regrettably they do not enjoy the acceptance
and protection of the prayer power of the church. In the beginning of
bringing the deliverance ministry back into the Christian church, only
Jesus trained the ministers. Even so, things are changing now. Many
ministers are beginning to see that they need this powerful ministry
to cleanse their churches. They want to see their people mature. The
Lord has prepared me and has used me to train many deliverance
workers in my church. Through our Bible School, many have been
trained and are building churches. They are setting captives free all
over the continent of Africa. To God is the glory!

There are only two sources for supernatural power—Jesus or Satan.
Seeking power beyond the Word of God or Jesus Christ, fi nds
one stepping into the world of the Occult. Sadly, the multitudes are
seeking mystical religious hopes and they are searching for spiritual
answers to fi ll a void in their souls. Instead, they will enter a door to
demonology from which very few will ever return. Once ensnared by
the Devil, peoples’ minds, bodies and spirits are totally bound by the
powers of darkness.

Since engaging in the occult is very religious, the one and only
way out is through the grace of God and the Blood of Jesus Christ!
Even so, many ask the question, can a Christian be made subject to
this occult power? Many church leaders believe they can! Dabbling
in the occult by simply reading books on the black arts can bring
much distress and demonic oppression. And one who wishes to learn
about these ungodly things should consult only books written by
Bible scholars for their information.
The Apostle Paul warned: “Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord,
and the cup of devils: Ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table,
and the table of the devils. Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are
we stronger than he?” (1 Corinthians 10:21–22). Christians should
never seek service, direction or healing from an occultist or psychic.
Any Christian that pursues healing from these demons, will be bewitched
and guided by the devils. Many have discovered to their surprise
and horror that Satan is the one who is willing to divulge supernatural
affairs and give them momentary assistance. Often, too late,
they fi nd that the real source of their advice and supernatural ability
is demonic. They fi nd that Demonic forces are controlling them.
Many are seeking purely doctrines of devils. Also many gimmicks
and man-made doctrines have replaced Biblical standards, entered
into the church and prevailed, stealing the power of the Word. Let’s
look at a few issues that recently were called to my attention while

I was evangelizing in America. Recently, I heard about a church that
had put two washtubs in front of the altar. They’d invite the people
to come and stand in the fi rst washtub to leave their infi rmities in
that tub. Then they were asked them to step into the second tub to be
cleansed! Incredible! This is pure witchcraft. Witchcraft is one of the
works of the fl esh that is listed in Galatians 5:19–21.
Whenever we speak of the “the works of the fl esh,” we are speaking
of the Scripture that says, “Now the works of the fl esh are manifest,
which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness
[lewd, lustful, unchaste], idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, emulations
[jealousies, uncurbed spirit of competition], wrath, strife, competition,
wrath, strife, sedition [stirring up of strife], heresies, envying,
murders, drunkenness, reveling, and such like; of the which I tell you
before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such
things shall not inherit the kingdom of God” (authors’ defi nitions in
brackets). There are other scriptures that relate further works of the
fl esh: Romans 1:28–32; Ephesians 5:3–6; 1 Corinthians 6:9; 2 Timothy
3:2–5, and Revelation 21:8. Evil spirits will torment Christians
that live in the state of the fl esh and sin. If a door cracks open, that
allows Satan to take a shot at a Christian, and they will fi nd a battle
that could be avoided.

Whenever a person dabbles in witchcraft, confusion results, many
victims can end up going mad. So, they are sent to the insane asylums
and never return to sanity! Make no mistake. All occult powers come
from Satan. Whenever one uses occult power, he or she will open a
door for the devil to enter into their spirit. Once the door is opened,
very few victims ever get it to shut again. Workers are very few. Once
the works of the fl esh are practiced, the person will usually have demonic
strongholds present. Moreover, whether the works of the fl esh
make a headway beyond the curiosity stage or the person engages in
demonic activity will depend on the individual involved. Many times
the fi rst stage of the works of the fl esh is curiosity. Then the spirit of
curiosity leads the person to the initial participation. The individual
is charmed and fascinated the Holy Spirit is still present, in the case
of Christians, to convict him or her of the wrongdoing. Yet, if the
Christian ignores the conviction of the Holy Spirit over a period of
time, which varies according to the person and situation, that Christian
may be in danger of initiating demonic activity by allowing an
open doorway to devils to enter. Christian defense to a demonic invasion
is broken down through continual sin.

However, it is the responsibility of Christians to keep their vessels
pure and holy before the Lord. Look at Ecclesiastes 10:8: “…and
who so breakout an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.” In biblical times
this had to do with a special kind of hedge that was planted around
the house to keep dangerous snakes from coming on the premises. If
a break or opening were allowed in the hedge, the possibilities of a
snake getting in would be high. In other words, if we leave an opening
in our spiritual hedge, the possibilities are high that we will be
bitten. However, if we keep our defenses or hedge solidly enclosed
through living in holiness, we can live in this snake fi lled world and
never be touched by the evil. The Holy Spirit can keep us free from
sin as we yield our vessels to Him. Satan can gain access to you only
if you give him your will through concurring with his enticements.
Pray and sincerely seek the Holy Spirit’s directions about fi nding
a Bible-based church that will teach you the Word of God. The Bible
says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou
hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt is no
priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also
forget thy children” (Hosea 4:6).

To deliverance ministers, the question, “can Christians have demons?”
is not even worth contemplating. Like other deliverance
ministries’ experiences with thousands of deliverance sessions, my
experiences have left no doubt in my mind that Christians not only
can, but also do, have demons. It is true, however, that demons cannot
“possess” Christians. Unfortunately, the King James Version of
the Bible uses an incorrect word. The correct word in the Greek is
“demonization,” or having demons. Possession implies total control.
Demons cannot possess us, but we can possess demons. Theological
arguments must give way to experience. Even scientists are known
to abandon pet theories when actual experience does not support
them. More than 99 percent of the people that I have delivered have
been born-again Christians, including many pastors. If a Christian
does not believe that Christians can have demons, I suggest that they
attend some deliverance sessions. If it is possible that demons can
reside in the human body, they need to be cast out!
When Jesus began His ministry, He delivered many people who
were tormented by demons. He also accomplished many of His healings
by casting out the spirit of infi rmity: Matthew 4:24; 8:16, 28;
9:33; 12:22; 15:22; Mark 1:27; 3:11; 5:13; 7:26; Luke 4:33, 36; 6:18;
7:21; 8:2; 10:20; 11:14.

The deliverance ministry is as controversial today as it was when
Jesus walked on the earth. Notice how the religious people of His
day charged, “He cast out devils by Beelzebub” (Luke 11:13). These
people were claiming that Jesus was casting out devils by the power
of Beelzebub, the lord of the fl ies. Jesus had so much compassion for
the slaves of Satan that He rose above the slanderous peer pressure
to free the captives. To sum up, Satan’s strategy in His day, as well
as this day, is to lead people to doubt the reality of Jesus and His

When a person is saved, I have found that his past must be destroyed.
The demons that controlled him must be driven out. Then
the person can live for Jesus. There is tremendous power in the Word
of God that is available to His people to free the captives. If people
have demons, then the church must give them the opportunity to be
delivered! So, the Church must awaken to the Word of God and get
back to the basics. For instance, the Bible says, “The Spirit of the
Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel
to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach
deliverance to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set
at liberty them that are bruised” (Luke 4:18).
The Word also reveals the empowerment of his servant “For this
purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the
works of the devil” (1 John 3:8).

Jesus taught me His Word. He showed me in the Scriptures where
he had defeated the devils. Then He told me that I could do the same
things that the ministers had done for me. When I fi rst began to minister,
I’d go into the streets and tell people about Jesus. He would
anoint me and many people started getting free—right there on the
streets of Ghana! Oh how wonderful those days were. Every day was
a new exciting experience with my new Savior. He has taught me the
deliverance ministry. The Kingdom of God had arrived in many lives.
I knew my destiny was to live for Jesus and touch the people. Before
my conversion to Jesus, I was like Adam, lost; but now I am happily
found. I have been blessed to discover the truth of Jesus Christ. The
same as Adam who was trapped, alone, afraid, in a world he never
made, I too was enslaved and under his bondage. Satan had brought
corruption, disease and poverty into the world. Therefore, the bondage
of sin and its consequences create alienation from one’s fellow
man and to God.

Then Jesus came and said, “I am the way, the truth, and the
life” (John 14:6). Man’s own unaided efforts to solve his problems
through intellectual, economic, political, social or psychological skills
are soon to fail. “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is
none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must
be saved” (Acts 4:12). Salvation is a free gift from God. It is a work
of God in which He rescues man from eternal ruin. The Bible says,
“Whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be delivered”
(Joel 2:32). The condition for successful deliverance from demons is
absolute honesty. In like manner, it is a willingness to turn from and
confess all known sin, renunciation of all contact with evil spirits,
and forgiving all people.

Freedom comes with a complete surrender in every area of a person’s
life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The New Testament Church
made devils tremble and the Bible said that they turned the world
upside down. Her ministers drove out legions of demons. Likewise,
they had faith and power to open prison doors, heal the sick, and
convert. Today, people are ensnared by witchcraft, pornography, false
religions, etc. Many churches are fi lled with dull ritualism and materialisms.
They have lost the knowledge of God’s power. They are
going to need the same anointing as the early Church had in order to
bring the masses to Christ. It is time to toss aside all teachings that
dismiss God’s supernatural power to bring people into the fullness of
Jesus Christ.

Hopefully my testimony of deliverance will serve to bring needed
attention to the reality of the power of demonic infestation and God’s
power of the deliverance ministry to free captives. That is, the gift
of discerning of spirits is so desperately required to release spiritual
captives in the same manner that Jesus Christ did. Remember, if the
apostle Paul preached and taught without signs and wonders following,
his message would not have had its full impact. In truth, it
would not have been the gospel fully preached! He said to the Corinthians,
“Truly, the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all
patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds,” (2 Corinthians

The reason that the Church needs to restore the power of the
deliverance ministry is the fact that the witchcraft power is rising
worldwide. Astrologers, numerologists, New Age channelers, palm
readers, and other so-called seers are making millions of dollars playing
the “game.” They will try to plot your destiny or attempt to advise
you on any matter for a handsome fee. Some will predict the outcome
of the next presidential election or tell of the exact date the world will
end! “And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come
in the fl esh is not of God: and this is that spirit of Antichrist, whereof
ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the
world” (1 John 4:3).

Why are housewives, business executives and large numbers of
Americans becoming so obsessed with the darkness of the occult? Is
it really “just for kicks” as some suggest, or is there a terrible fear of
the future and what is “beyond?” How does it all begin? What are
the results? “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a
man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7).
The word occult is defi ned as hidden knowledge or wisdom beyond
human understanding. It could also be described as getting supernatural
perceptual experience from sources other than God. “The
secret things (hidden knowledge) belong to the Lord our God: but
those things which are revealed belong unto us, and to our children
forever, that we may do all the words of this law” (Deuteronomy

One young girl said, “I was bored and unhappy. Then someone
told me that I had telepathic powers. That person gave me some occult
books. I became fascinated with ESP, witchcraft, and the like. I
wanted power to change my life. It wasn’t long until I was hooked. I
wanted more power. It’s hungry and the more you discover, the more
it takes over your mind and soul. But when I got it, I was terrifi ed.
Great confusion comes. I almost lost my mind before I found release
through Jesus Christ.”
If Jesus does not really occupy the highest place in our hearts, controlling
all, something else will—millions are now serving other gods.
“For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is
Jealous, is a jealous God” (Exodus 34:14).
The modernistic occult movement is a do-it-yourself religion. It
is not based on right and wrong. People can do any evil thing that
they desire and still have mystical experiences. People are looking for
a power or force other than the just-living God. They are seeking a
supernatural experience that will require no change in their sin life.
They want supernatural adventure without spiritual responsibility.
Others participate in the occult through curiosity and knowing better.
Even if a person does not know the demon power behind these
activities and does not believe in them, they are still sinful, they will
have supernatural results over their lives. There is no such thing as
innocent participation nor can you study occult materials to disprove
Interest in the occult is idolatry and is a clear violation of the First
Commandment (Exodus 20:3–5). As the Bible warns, idolatry is “fellowship
with devils and provokes the Lord to Jealousy” (1 Corinthians
Seeking help from the occult is the same as calling upon another
god. It is insulting to God who made heaven and earth to consult
with a demonically inspired person for spiritual guidance and to participate
is an abomination to God and will bring His swift judgment
upon the person and also their descendants. “Thou shalt have no
other gods before me. Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them,
nor serve them: for I thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity
of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation
them that hate me” (Deuteronomy 5: 7–9).
Christians must never seek help, guidance or healing from an occultist
or psychic. If any Christian seeks healing from these demons,
they will be lured and led by the devils. Many have discovered to their
shock and terror that Satan is the one who is willing to disclose supernatural
things to give temporary help. Often too late, they fi nd that
the real source of their guidance and supernatural power is demonic.
They become confused, unable to pray, read their Bible and uninterested
in Christian activity. They drop away from the Church. Many
fall away from the Faith never to return. “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly
that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving
heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” (1 Timothy 4:1).
Once a person knows God and turns away, Satan is always there
to give them a false prophet or a false religious experience. Unfortunately,
help is rare once a person is entrapped. The workers are truly
few and most churches are totally ignorant concerning the power they
have in Jesus’ name to set the captives free. The Scriptures prophesied
of increased occult activity and some will leave the faith and follow
seducing spirits, and doctrines of demons. God’s word clearly gives
us views of the graphic occult practices that He defi nes as abominations.
Christians and Jews will surely be without excuse when they
stand before the Judgment seat of God because they have the Word
of God, but do not believe it.

“When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth
thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those
nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his
son or daughter to pass through the fi re or that useth divination, or
an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a
consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all
that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because
of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from
before thee,” (Deuteronomy 18:9–12).

The occult according to the Bible was shown to Moses and Aaron
in Pharaoh’s courts. They witnessed that the devil’s priest could copy
their powers ( Exodus 7), but God’s power was greater. Aaron’s rod
swallowed up the magicians’ rods. Any spiritual power is greater than
any human power and many people today need the greater power of
Jesus to free them from the devil’s powers. Occult powers come from
Satan. When one uses occult power, he or she opens a door for the
devil to come into their lives. The Bible talks about demons. The King
James Version of the Bible calls them devils.

Children of the world, I warn you to stay away from occultwitchcraft
television programs, such as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Calling, Angels, Crossing Over, and
Charmed. Movies are also designed to draw you into the powers of
darkness. There are movies such as The Craft, Practical Magic, The
Rainbow and the Serpent, and books such as Teen Witch and The
Little Book of Hexes for Women. Remember to stay away from the
Harry Potter books and occult-based cartoons and the many devices
that are being produced to steal your souls. These materials have
made the once forbidden occult both fashionable and fun across the
United States and overseas. The powers of the Devil are real and they
will quickly capture you and enslave your souls. They will mark you
for hell and you may never be free again.

Since I had past experience of working with these demons, Jesus
specifi cally called me to expose demonic activity. He told me to teach
the Christian Church how to defeat them. The Bible says, “My people
are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected
knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shall be no priest to me:
seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy
children” (Hosea 4:6).
In Africa, when a person gets saved, we take them away for deliverance.
We immediately work to destroy their past. We labor to
deliver them from the devils that have guided their lives for years.
It has been my experience that once demons gain entrance to a
human body, they are able to establish various strongholds. They are
invited into a person but they must be kicked out. To illustrate, a demonic
stronghold could be called a spirit of infi rmity. This could cause
such a victim to be constantly sick and eventually become terminally
or drastically ill with many ailments. Another stronghold could cause
spirits such as, unforgiveness, rebellion, fear, (these names usually
correspond to their functions of jobs) to operate in the same person.
The chain of command controls all strongholds and demons can act
inside a person’s body. These are called ruling spirits. The minister
must bind the strongman.

If the minister should fail to do so, then the demons that are being
cast out will draw strength and reinforcement from the strongman
that resides in the person. However, all the strongholds ultimately
take their orders from the strongman (Principalities) in the heavens.
A deliverance minister must destroy the stronghold (Principalities)
by binding (tying up or not permitting) the power of the strongman.
The minister must cut and cast off all cords between the strongman
and the spirits that reside inside the person. Then the minister should
continue the deliverance. If the minister fails to cut these cords that
connect ruling spirits in the heavens, then the spirit that is being cast
out will draw strength and reinforcement from the strongman. They
are residing as clusters or nests of spirits that are connected to the
stronghold (Principalities). These demons dwell fl ocked together,
such as anger, murder, violence, hostility, unforgiveness, perversion,
homosexuality and other demons inside people.

Chapter Ten

New Ministries

In some countries, whenever celebrities are saved, they
are immediately elevated to the pulpits of Christian
church. However, before we allow anyone to minister, the
person must be submitted to the church leadership and
be under us for many years. (Bishop Vagalas Kanco)

After I got born again, I went through deliverance for two years
because my demons were very strong. I sat under my pastor for
fi ve or six years. The church must make sure that you won’t come
and cause a mess. In Africa, we don’t allow you to get born again
today and tomorrow let you preach. We don’t look at your zeal, how
you love the Lord and immediately push you to go and preach. No,
no, no, no, we won’t even let you go to a visitation, because you can
fall into trouble. We must witness you aligning yourself with the leadership
of the church. You must go through training and study under
us for several years. We must see your spiritual growth to testify that
now you have grown. You can handle spiritual power. I hope the
church will take this advice, because we are on a battlefi eld. Please
understand that if your people are not fully prepared, they can be
wounded. People are often wounded and destroyed. In Africa, we
don’t play games with the Devil. In Africa, the devils K_ill!
Believe me. It is not just a matter of saying Jesus loves’ you. Let
me tell you a real story. Recently, I had about ten Dutch missionaries
that were visiting us from Holland. When they came to our city,
they went to one of the idolatrous villages. In this particular village,
you can trust that demonic powers will be there. In the case of these
Dutchmen, the people that they were talking to were the very people
that take care of the shrine. These Dutchmen were not spiritually
prepared for what they were facing. They did not have spiritual discernment.
Truthfully, the natives started casting voodoo spirits upon
these people. When they left and returned to our city, they started
removing their pants because the demons of insanity had possessed
them. The demon in charge of madness is very powerful. He is so
strong. In Africa the wizards release spirits of madness. In fact, the
person that doesn’t know anything about deliverance and demonology,
the spirit of madness will grab the person.
Once this happens, this person will become totally helpless unless
a deliverance minister is called. The demons that had possessed the
Dutchmen were overpowering. So when they started removing their
pants, the police were able to overcome them. I was in my offi ce that
day when they called me, “You will have to come to the police station.”
“Why?” I asked.
“You will have to come,” the policeman responded. “We need you,
immediately. We have some Christian Dutchmen at the police station
that have gone stark raving mad.”
Immediately I rushed over to the police station and found the policemen
trying to talk to these Dutchmen. Moreover, some of them
were dancing about in hysteria. It was pandemonium at the station
and truly dangerous.

Thank God that the policeman was a Christian. “Truthfully, people
who are not trained in spiritual warfare and demonology cannot
minister to them,” said the police chief.
I began to pray and do spiritual warfare. As I bound the powers
of the devils, the Dutchmen began to calm down. Then, I asked them
what had happened. They told me that they had gone to the demonic
village. After subduing these powers of darkness, I knew that they
had to be fi lled with the Holy Spirit.
“My God, my God,” I replied, “We have to empower them. Give
them some injections to calm them down. Then you must bring them
to my church and we will cast every spirit out.”
In Africa, a minister must know certain things. In America, spirits
are milder than the ones in Africa.
You pamper them in your country, saying something like this,
“Oh, it’s going to be all right, ha, ha.” But in Africa, the demons are
strong and aggressive. We know that we must drive them out or it’s
all over for the person. Believe me, in my country, devils K_ill!

If you ever see someone receiving deliverance, it will really help
you to believe. When Annaias laid his hands on Paul, his scales fell
from his eyes. The scales were his past. Paul needed cleansing, and
demons had been driven out through the power of God. After salvation,
there is a need for deliverance.
When people get saved in our church, we take them through a lot
of deliverance. Soon we destroy their past and only then, they have a
real chance of serving Jesus.
In (Luke 13), the Scripture declares that Satan can bind people.
Demons can cause: dumbness (Matthew 9:32–33), blindness (Matthew
12:22), insanity (Luke 8:26–35), suicidal mania (Mark 9:22),
personal injuries (Mark 9:18), infl ict physical defects and deformities
(Luke 13:11-17). Once they get control over a human body they
can come and go at will (Luke 11:24–26). There are three stages of
infl uence: temptation (James 1:12), torment, (Hebrews 12:15), and
control (Acts 5:3), which is possession.
The Lord is training an army to work in the harvest fi elds. Jesus
Christ, as presented by the Father and also Jesus’ testimony, is according
to the Word, “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying,
All power is given to me in heaven and in earth” (Matthew 28:18).
He is revealed as Deity with absolute sovereignty and authority
over the universe for eternity. This includes all the power of the enemy!
In the midst of all the disagreements of His time, Jesus’ disciples
also wrestled to understand what his identity meant for their lives.
In fact, they also struggled with the question of his Deity. Even after
many experiences of Jesus’ power, the disciples had diffi culty in every
new situation simply trusting in God’s abundant love. They even
questioned the power to provide for them through Jesus. In particular,
they were beginning to see some things about their master, but
they have not yet conceived the meaning of his miraculous feeding
of the fi ve thousand people. When Jesus asked them about popular
opinions of his identity, they reported the rumors that he was John
the Baptist or one of the ancient prophets. Jesus centered upon them,
“But who do you say that I am?” Jesus insisted. Then, when Peter
spoke for them, he revealed that Jesus was the Messiah, the “Son of
the living God.” Jesus blessed him for making that confession and
gave the revelation of the foundation of His church.
“You are Peter [Petros]” meaning little rock, Jesus said in a play
on words, “and on this rock [Petra]” meaning large rock, “I will build
my church” (Matthew 16:18).
Jesus was telling Peter that He was building His Church upon the
foundation of Himself and His testimony.

The Apostle Paul thanks the Father who delivered us from the
power of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son
(Colossians 1:13). He describes Christ’s sovereignty in a passage that
celebrates Christ as the Creator of the universe, supreme over every
creature. “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and
that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or
dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by
him and for him” (Colossians 1:16). He is the head of his body, the
church, and the fi rst to conquer death. Although in Christ, “all the
fullness” of God was pleased to dwell, Paul asserts, it was ultimately
only by his human suffering and through “the blood of His cross, by
him to reconcile all things” to God and make peace. Jesus Christ is
Lord, and we worship Him in the Spirit of truth (John 8:32).
God created the Church and the foundation of it is built upon the
work and Person of Jesus Christ. The Lord told me to tell His people
that He is able to back up His Word if Christians would use their
authority. I asked Jesus why the Church seems, at times, to be so defeated?
He showed me that if His people will return to the basics of
His Word use it coupled together with their authority, demons must
obey! They don’t have a choice. In other words, demons tremble and
run when we walk, talk and agree with Word of God. However, many
people are not using their authority to overcome the powers of darkness.

When Jesus called me, He sent me to go and tell His church my
testimony. He set me free and trained me to set the captives free just
as He did when He ministered on the earth. In like manner, He taught
me through His Word exactly how to minister to clean people spiritually.
As a result, by His anointing and through the power of His
name, I ministered miracles, healing and deliverance. He told me that
I could cast the demons out in His name, “And these signs shall follow
them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they
shall speak with new tongues” (Mark 16:17).
I knew the importance of deliverance, because of my freedom.
Trust me, thousands have been set free over the years because I believed
His Word. Over and over, I’ve seen believers delivered from
the power of Satan and His demons. Jesus’ power works every time!
Indeed, while I believe that experience is not the basis for the interpretation
of the Bible, I’ve read many Christian writers who agree
with me that Christians do experience demon infl uence.
For instance, Dr. Merrill Unger writes the following: “In demon
infl uence, evil spirits exert power over a person short of actual possession.
Such infl uence may vary from mild harassment to extreme
subjection when body and mind become dominated and held in slavery
to spirit agents.”
He goes on to say, “Christians, as well as non-Christians can be so
infl uenced. They may be oppressed, vexed, depressed, hindered and
bound by demons.”
Unger is frank to say that he had written in 1952, “To demon possession,
only unbelievers are exposed.”
Then 20 years later Unger said, “This statement was inferred,
since Scripture does not clearly settle the question. It was based on
the assumption that an evil spirit could not indwell the redeemed
body together with the Holy Spirit.” He wrote that missionaries from
all over the world wrote to him telling of cases to the contrary and as
the author notes, the claims of the missionaries “appear valid.”
There are still those among us who would disagree that there is
an unseen invisible force in the world. They believe in only what they
can see with their eyes, touch with their hands, hear with their ears
and feel with their body. The Bible clearly teaches that there are two
supernatural personalities that are contending for the souls of men—
the spirit of God or the spirit of Satan. There is no neutral middle
ground. We serve God or the Devil.

Evangelizing in America
When I evangelize in America, I’ve noticed that many in the Christian
churches do not believe in the need for deliverance ministers.
However, through the gift of discerning of spirits, I can see the need.
Ignoring the invasion of evil demons will not solve problems. It will
only bring spiritual blindness and give demons more open courses
to work the powers of darkness. Failure to recognize Satan’s power
and the work of his demons can be a fatal mistake to the church. The
Devil’s greatest weapon is pretending not to exist. Demons, in their
constant harassment activity, overcome and occupy when there is
yielding of the mind to them. Their primary purpose is to draw their
captives fi rst away from the reality of Jesus Christ’s blood atonement
and then, down into the pit of hell.
There is much bondage, when people overlook the reality of the
power of deliverance from evil spirits. It is my understanding that
most seminaries in America never teach the doctrine of deliverance.
Although there is widespread occult revival of witchcraft and psychic
phenomena being spread through movies, television, magazines and
other sources, most ministers have never been called upon to deal
with someone who is under the infl uence of an evil spirit. Many believe
that evil spirits are found only in Africa or some other remote
regions in the world but they are also found in America! In the western
part of the world, demon activity is considered to be something
alien. Actually, they have renamed them as other things, such as sickness,
depression, worry, fear, etc. So they remain hidden as something
other than demons and they can be counseled or drugged away.
The truth is that in a large part of the world, demons are a part
of the people’s everyday life. They worship the demons and believe
that these demons have power to give them a good life or a bad one.

Eyewitnesses today are too numerous to bypass the evidences of demonology
and their ability to possess human beings. Seeing captives
free from demonic bondages are the best arguments.
Jesus told me, “I have sent you to teach about these demons because
you know them.”
That is, I understand how they work in the affairs of people. Be
sides, I have witnessed the results of their work in the lives of people
in Africa. As a former witch doctor, I saw the destruction of many
people by the powers of darkness. As a Christian evangelist, I can see
the spiritual blindness of the people in the world. The Lord told me,
“Go and tell them.”

Satan is a strong spiritual being that is a master of deceptio-n, able
to hide his existence from many today. He likes it that way because
they don’t know how to resist him. We are truly engaged in spiritual
warfare. A daily walk with Jesus Christ means, “putting on the whole
armor of God.” When Satan attempts to attack, we must resist the
devil and he will fl ee from us (James 4:7).
The Apostle Paul reveals that we wrestle against powers, rulers of
darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians
6:12). God gave us a part in the defeat of these evil forces. We
are to “Pull down the strongholds and stand against the wiles of the
Devil” (2 Corinthians 10:4).

The Bible never told us to ignore the Devil. Again and again Jesus
cast out demons, even engaging them in conversations. He taught His
disciples to cast out demons in His name. Jesus defi nitely believed in
casting out demons and they practiced it. To sum up, the ministry of
casting out demons is not some spooky hocus Pocus exercise. Authority
to cast demons out is life and freedom. It’s the Kingdom of
God coming upon the person. It is the power of God!

The Lord revealed to me that part of the problem is that the spirits
of deception are freely working in many of His Churches. Regrettably,
many Christians believe that they do not have to know anything
concerning the evil deceptions of demons. The Apostle John warns
(in 2 John 7) “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who
confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the fl esh. This is a deceiver
and an Antichrist.”

When Christians are sleeping, the devils freely work. The kingdom
of the Antichrist has been trying to come into existence since Jesus
Christ died on the Cross.
Jesus told his disciples, “Occupy till I come” (Luke 19:13).
Satan uses demonic spirits to bring his power to the earth. Author
and deliverance minister Derek Prince underscores this vital point
that I am trying to make. He reveals this truth when he writes:
Today, by divine manifestation of God’s foresight care for
His creatures, the veils of convention and carnality are once
again being drawn aside, and the church of Jesus Christ is
being confronted by the same manifest opposition of demon
power that confronted the church of the New Testament.
In these circumstances, the church must once again
explore the resources of authority and power made available
to her through the truth of the Scripture, the anointing
of the Holy Spirit, and the Name and the Blood of the Lord
Jesus Christ.
The Bible clearly shows us that we are not wrestling against the
Father, Son and the Holy Spirit but against Satan and his forces of

Author Jesse Penn-Lewis defi nes the satanic forces described in
Ephesians 6:12, as: “Principalities - force and dominion dealing with
nations and governments; Powers - having authority and power of
action in all the spheres open to them; World Rulers - governing the
darkness and blindness of the world at large; wicked Spirits in heavenly
places. The forces are being directed in and upon the Church of
Jesus Christ in wiles, fi ery darts, onslaught, and every conceivable
deception about doctrine which they are capable of planning.”

Chapter Eleven

Power of Jesus
atan has a special Interest in the Church of Jesus Christ.
We can well believe that he will do everything in his
power to sidetrack, hinder, weaken, and destroy the
church’s ministry.‡

Jesus told me to teach His Church concerning Satan’s kingdom and
the weakness of his demons. He said that His grace and power are
suffi cient.
“Tell My people that they must return to the basics of the Bible.
Tell them that I left them My name. If they will use My name, they
will be victorious. Demons are real, but so am I!”
Many Christian writers have confi rmed the reality of demonology
such as the Lord told me.
Just as God gave the people of Israel the promise and then told
them to take it by force, the Apostle Paul gave the Church the revelation
knowledge of the powers and principalities in Ephesians 6. He
disclosed that the church was in spiritual warfare. He gave us the
keys too win the battle by using our spiritual weapons.
Jesus Christ told us in Matthew 11:12: “The kingdom of heaven
suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.”
The Church of Jesus Christ should make the difference in every
community. Jesus’ saints are His instruments on earth to bring His
kingdom upon the earth. The Church has His power because He is
sitting at the right hand of God waiting and willing to give us the
power too win every spiritual battle.
He also provided spiritual weapons. Our weapons consist of using
His name, His blood, His Word, His power and prayer. The Apostle
Paul shows this transference of His power to us who believe (Ephesians
1:19–22): “And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to
us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,
which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead and
set him at His own right hand in the heavenly places, Far above all
principality and power and might, and dominion, and every name
that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to
come: And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the
head over all things to the church.”
If I’ve learned anything as a Christian, it is that Jesus Christ has
superior knowledge and power. To be sure I’d be dead if this were
not true. He has always proved His Word and power to me. I’ve been
victorious every time.

The problem is, some Saints never understand their position in
Jesus Christ. Too often Christians are prone to be skeptical about the
existence of demons. But they are real. They are responsible to Satan
for deceiving curious humans. Satan taught me when I was in witchcraft
that nations were turning and seeking after other gods. Today I
know it’s true as I write, there are covens worldwide.
Sadly, only a few people are able to escape the clutches of the Devil.
Whenever one steps through the doorways to darkness, powerful
demons capture and keep them under slavery and total dominion. In
fact, the victim cannot be freed unless a caring Christian prays for
his or her release. Sadly, many Christians have also fallen under these
powers due to their spiritual ignorance of the Word of God. Regrettably,
many strange doctrines have arrived in some churches.

The Bible warns us to be very careful in our choice of spiritual
experiences. The segregation of ourselves from receiving unscriptural
false teachings will protect us. By separation, we are shielded from
receiving the evil spirits that are motivating the false prophet or false
teacher, from entering into our spirit.
John 4:3: “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits
whether they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out
into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God. Every spirit that
confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the fl esh is not of God; and
this is that spirit of Antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should
come; and even now already is it in the world. They are of the world;
therefore, speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.”
You must guard your words and then words that spoken through
others have power to transfer evil spirits. This is why you should
carefully watch what you hear. If you allow yourself to listen to a
minister that mixes the Word of God with anything, you will become
cold and hard of hearing the Word.

The Apostle Paul wrote with a grieved heart to the Galatian
Church that he had lovingly labored with the Gospel of the Lord
Jesus Christ: “O silly Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye
should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been
‘evidently set forth, crucifi ed among you” (Galatians 3:1).
The Apostle Paul inquired, “Who had bewitched the believers to
draw them away from the truth?” Effects upon them were not just
the effects of wrong mental impressions conveyed by false teachers
but were the effects of evil spirits imposing false doctrine through
false teachers. Reference does not suggest that believers enjoy an easy
exemption from the activities of devils but are particularly targeted
by them.

In 1 Timothy 4:1–2, how wicked spirits attack the spiritual believer
by deception and beguile him away from the faith through the use
of false prophets. Most believers have adopted the mistaken idea that
if they ignore Satan, he will ignore them. Scripturally, such a position
is indefensible. (1 Peter, 5:8–9; James 4:7; 2 Corinthians 2:11).

In the Book of Leviticus God institutes a difference between the
clean and the unclean and God has a distinct purpose for this difference.
The primary reason is that in the world we fi nd two spirits. Notice
there are two battle lines. There are two persons who are deadly
enemies. These two are God and Satan. To sum up, all the forces have
one goal. Their mission is to reach the souls of men with their message. The outcome of this battle will save or damn that soul eternally.
Hence, so that the message of salvation will be a clear signal, God
wants a difference between His people and the people of the world.
The absence of teaching a difference is in many circumstances one
of the greatest causes of confusion in the world. Furthermore, those
who should be the benefactors of the Gospel seem more confused
by the lack of difference than if they had never heard the message.
The prophet Ezekiel lamented this point in chapter 22:26, and then
later, in chapter 44:23, Ezekiel said, “Men should be taught the difference.”
As surely as there is a difference between light and darkness and
righteousness and unrighteousness, there is a difference between the
Christian and the unsaved person. In 1 Peter 2:9, we see that the
people of God are special in comparison to the people of the world.
God’s people are a chosen people, made royal and holy and called out
of the worldly atmosphere of ungodliness.
Spiritual security comes by carefully watching where you go. If
you fi nd yourself in the wrong place, then respond by using your
spiritual weapons for divine protection. You must bind the devils according
to Matthew 18:18, and place yourself under Jesus’ blood.
This is the reason that a person has to choose the places they attend
and their friendships very carefully. When choosing spiritual fellowship,
it is important to seek the approval of the Holy Spirit. It is also
very necessary to seek a biblically based church that is teaching the
truth of God’s Word. Bible believing churches will encourage spiritual
growth and sanctifi cation. These types of churches will emphasize
building Christian character and bringing a person into a relationship
with Jesus. Jesus must be the central issue of the Gospel. Many
will teach about “God,” not featuring Jesus. He must be revealed as
the Lord of Lords as the only pathway back to God!

Is it unloving to “test the spirits?” It is imperative that Christians
know exactly what they believe and why they believe it. Indeed, Satan’s
greatest objective is to deceive, as Jesus warned, that he would
try to deceive even the elect (His people), (Matthew 24:24). Also in
the second epistle of Peter, we read: “But there were false prophets
also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among
you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the
Lord that bought them and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the
way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall
they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment
now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth
not.” (2 Peter 2:1–3).

The Word of God explicitly warns that just prior to the return of
Jesus Christ, a great apostasy, or “falling away” from the true Gospel,
will occur on an unprecedented scale with the Christian Church.
Jesus also prophesied that many false prophets, such as those that
plagued the Israelite nation would arise, men commissioned by Satan
himself to seduce the unwary into the worship of false gods.
These deceivers, as we have already seen, will not only look like
true believers, but even the message they bring will superfi cially sound
like that of the Bible. And yet, as the Apostle Paul stated so clearly in
(2 Corinthians 11:4), theirs is a different Jesus, a different gospel and
a different spirit.
As the Bible says, “The Spirit of the Lord (Jehovah) is upon me;
because (Jehovah) hath anointed me to preach good tiding unto the
meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim
liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that
are bound; to proclaim the year of (Jehovah’s) favor, and the day of
vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn; to appoint unto
them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them a garland for ashes, the
oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;
that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of
(Jehovah) that he may be glorifi ed!” (Isaiah 61:1–3). The truth is,
only the Christian can present the truth that saves, heals, and sets a
person free.
Some manifestations can suggest occult bondage by occult demon
spirits. However, causation must be used for some of these symptoms
may originate from other causes such as, mental confusion, extended
periods of gloominess, depression, unpredictable behavior, stealing,
sexual lust, perversions, appetites, temper tantrums, uncontrollable
hatred or suspicion, jealousy, resentment, delusions, compulsive lying,
gambling, obsessive thoughts of self-destruction, blasphemous
thoughts against the blood of Christ, God or The Holy Spirit, speech
and behavior abnormalities, religious delusion, seeing apparitions,
hearing spiritual voices, chronic physical ailments that do not respond
to medical treatment and fear of dying.
Release can come only through Confession of Faith in Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the only deliverer from the powers of darkness. Confession
of Occult involvement and repentance (Godly sorrow) and a merciful
God will not abandon His children to Satan. Confession means
to agree with God and the Sin. Renounce Satan and command him
to depart! It is imperative when a blood pact or agreement has been
made with the powers of darkness to renounce all agreements.
A person that has invited Satan in by occult activity must boot
him out! It is best that this person asks the Lord to lead him to a
Christian to pray with him. Satan may well have pretended to be a
gentleman when he entered, but when possessed, that person will
have to kick him out like a trespasser to make him leave. He leaves
by direct command to Satan himself to depart in the Name of Jesus
(not a prayer or request, but a command).
This person must be fi rm and choose too forever to take back the
place that he once gave to him! This new Christian must associate
himself with other Christians who will pray and stand with Him. It
is most important that he fi lls himself with the things of God to stay
free. This delivered, new Christian can never go back because he will
be seven times worse!

Victims of occult dominion must, with all sincerity, trust Christ
and confess Him as Savior. Jesus is the only deliverer from the powers
of darkness (demons). They must call upon the name of Jesus and be
reconciled to God before dealing with the problem of occult involvement.
This Christian must be determined because Satan does not let
people go easily. It is only through the blood of Christ and if a person
is open and honest in the confession of Jesus as Savior and Lord, that
release will come.

The affl icted person must make the decision to change his or her
ways. By confessing the specifi c sins of occult transgression, the enemy
is unmasked. The enemy is exposed. The strategy by which the
person was held in bondage is broken. When a person confesses this
evil, it means to agree with God about the sin.

Satan has a right to enter anytime a pact or agreement has been
concluded with the powers of darkness. This is because the person
has opened the door for him. But such activities granted to Satan give
access through occult involvement. It is important that all agreements
must be annulled. These spiritual contracts can only be dissolved by
a conscious verbal act of repudiation on the part of the one that is
subjected. The minister can say. “You must depart in the Name of
Jesus,” (Not a prayer request, but a command). Let me make it clear
once and forever, the victim and the minister will take back the place,
the agreement, the lease, and the pact that was given to Satan.

Accordingly the person must realize that deliverance is a walk, as
well as experience. The delivered person must safeguard the ground
taken from Satan for Jesus. After deliverance, it is necessary to walk
in the will of God according to the Word of God. They must be biblically
taught. They must throw away all occult objects, charms and
literature. This is essential to a sustained freedom. All occult objects
and idolatries are to be done away with and destroyed (Acts
19:18,19). “Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able
you stand against the wiles of the devil” (Ephesians 6:11). Remember
this: without Jesus Christ a person has no life, no peace (Romans
3:17); all are death without Him. There is no excuse because God’s
Word is too plain (Romans 1:20). There truly is no escape, neglecting
Him will send a poor soul to hell (2 Peter 3:9).
I will advise the victim, as my pastor told me, after salvation and
deliverance, “You can stay free!”
The most reliable insurance policy against demonic oppression,
is to be saved and fi lled with the Holy Spirit and living for Jesus and
resistance by holy living. God gives us an impenetrable armor as is
shown in Ephesians 6:10-17. Here is also great power in using the
blood of Jesus in the presence of the Devil. He will try to come back
and attack the new Christian’s fl esh, mind, and spirit. The person can
simply rebuke him in the powerful name of Jesus. Remind him of his
defeat by the fact of the living Jesus Christ Who is in all born-again
Christians covered by the blood of Jesus. Tell him that he no longer
owns the deed to your soul. Command him to go in the name of
Jesus. Devils no longer live in your body because you are now fi lled
with the Holy Spirit and by the power of the name of Jesus; the person
is freed from the powers of darkness.
You can be free and stay free in the name of Jesus!
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