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Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:04 pm

Testimony of a Resurrected
Testimony of a child of God named Matthew Badjoko who was dead and buried, and who by the grace of God, returned to earth after 3 years in the world of satan. This testimony will open your eyes to what is really happening after death.

Dear brothers and dear friends, we are happy to share with you this somewhat singular testimony. This is the story of a child of God named Matthew Badjoko who was dead and buried, and who by the grace of God, returned to earth after 3 years in the world of satan. This testimony will open your eyes to what is really happening after death.

For you who are already born again Christians in accordance with the Bible, it will lead you into another dimension of spiritual warfare. And for you who make pacts with satan to enrich yourself or to become famous on earth, it will help you know what awaits you in the coming days.

Please read this testimony very carefully, and draw all the possible lessons. It is in six parts. It confirms the teachings on Spiritual Warfare and Discernment that we made available to you a few years ago. We advise you to reread these teachings in their entirety. May God bless you!

The circumstances of my death

I want to start by explaining the mystery of death. It must be understood that there is natural death and mystical death which is a premature and fabricated death. We talk of natural death when a human being dies after exhausting the number of years allocated to him by God, because God has set a specific number of years for every man on earth. But in the mystical or premature death that is perpetrated mainly by the servants of the devil, a person dies without exhausting the number of years allocated by God to him. Many men and women have their lives interrupted prematurely, without reaching the number of years allocated to them by God. In fact, satan is always looking for human spirits to use as demons.

In fact, many evil spirits who are at war against Christians and humanity are human spirits, I mean humans who died before their time, and were then enlisted and integrated into the devilish army of satan. Officially they are dead, but they are still operating on the surface of the earth. Beloved, we are at war against demonic spirits and human spirits. Satanists constantly offer human sacrifices to the devil. And the spirits of these victims are transported to the devil's realm and they are used as demons until they reach the number of years that God has allocated to them. This was my case. I died prematurely as a victim of witchcraft and human sacrifice, and I was transported to the submarine world to serve satan as a demon.

I am brother Matthew Badjoko. I am well known in the country. I was born in the eastern province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. That's where I grew up and that's where everything happened. I mean, that's where I was dead and where I was buried. My testimony is well known by state officials. The government and parliament had investigated my case and they know my story. They investigated and certified that I was indeed dead and buried. During investigations by provincial and national authorities, I was imprisoned pending the conclusion of the investigation. They wanted to determine if I was a simple usurper who was seducing the people. In fact, the devil knew that I would be a servant of God. So he tried to interrupt my life. My death was not natural, but a masquerade perpetrated by sorcerers.

My story began when my uncle died. After the death of my uncle, my father who had the means took the responsibility to raise and finance the studies of my cousins. And among my cousins, there was one to whom my father had entrusted money to fend for his brothers, and to be independent. But we noticed that he had become relatively rich in a very short time. Initially, we attributed this to his ability and business skills, but that was not the case. To tell the truth, he had used occultism and black magic to excel, advance and enhance his business. He wanted to become a great businessman but he was impatient. And so, he sought a shortcut by resorting to occultism.

As a result, he was supposed to offer human sacrifices to excel and prosper his business. Blood had to flow. And since at that time we had a lot of house helps at home, he targeted one of them. A few days later, one of our house helps fell seriously ill. He was the target of my cousin who wanted to sacrifice him to the devil for his business. We noticed that his health was deteriorating even though he was receiving medical treatment. I then suggested to him to find men of God for prayer. Once my satanist cousin heard about my suggestion, he was angry and started insulting me. I could not understand his attitude, but my cousin was already deep in occultism and he knew the power of prayer.

The Bible says that the fervent prayer of the righteous is very effective. It was after visiting a local church that our servant was delivered and cured of his mystical illness. And our servant continued earnestly in prayer and in the presence of God after his healing. Therefore, he had become out of reach of my satanist cousin. And when my cousin realised that he had lost his prey, he decided to sacrifice me instead of our servant. Since it was I who had suggested to our servant to go to church, I had to replace him as a sacrifice. In order to sacrifice me to the devil, my cousin used money he had bewitched as a tool of destruction against me.

It was during the exams period at school. As I had not paid the totality of my school fees our principal prevented me from taking the test. So I left the classroom where the exam was taking place, and I was on my way home, when I met my satanist cousin. After telling him what happened at school, he offered me 5 dollars; but this money was cursed. Although I had enough money in my pocket to complete my fees, I wanted to disturb my parents. In this way, I could spend my money on other things. In fact, my cousin had bought my soul with this money that was bewitched.

The next day, I ended up falling ill. I suffered from intense headache. Later in the hospital, I was operated upon but the doctor could not diagnose the disease that tormented me since it was of mystical origin. I can remember that since the day my cousin gave me the money, I started having strange dreams. I dreamed of people who had died, I dreamed of coffins and cemeteries. Later, I saw in my dreams weird people who made fun of me. They said to me, "You're going to die Matthew, we've already got you, it's over for you." These sorcerers were celebrating, saying, "We got you."

After that, I was taken to the hospital. The doctors could do nothing for me, because the source of my illness was mystical. I was taken from one hospital to another. At one point I said to myself: "Since modern medicine cannot do anything for me, if I stay in the hospital I may die, I have to resort to prayer." So I asked my family to take me to Church. My family took me from the hospital to the church, and there I saw the effectiveness of prayer because my health had improved all of a sudden. I then asked my family to let me stay under the supervision and guidance of men of God. I said to myself, "If I am interned in the Church, I have the chance to be healed completely." My family agreed with me. They left me under the care of men of God. But when my sorcerer cousin learned that I was transferred to the Church, he became uncomfortable. He sent demonic spirits to manipulate my family.

As a result, they came to uproot me from the church and from the hands of men of God by force, because they were influenced by demons deployed by my cousin who knew that the only way to K_ill me was to keep me away from men of God. Otherwise he would lose me as he had lost our servant. I was then taken home; the day after the illness came back and forcefully; it was worse than before. Since doctors could not diagnose this mystical disease that was changing places in my body, I was taken to the Kisangani University Clinic, but the doctors were surprised to see my condition deteriorate despite their efforts. My family exhausted its resources on a mystical disease that modern medicine could neither diagnose nor treat. As I was desperate at the hospital, I saw my spirit go out and enter my body twice. Then I heard the doctor tell my mother that there is no hope for me. I remember that day, I heard the doctors talking to each other and they said, "Matthew is going to die, we can't do anything for him anymore." A few hours later I saw my spirit coming out of my body, but instead of reinstating my body in a normal way, my spirit went to stay in my leg.

At that very moment, I heard the doctor announce to my family the news of my death. I saw and heard all the shouts, cries and lamentations. Mystical death involves moving the victim's consciousness and keeping it away from its location, either in the body or outside the body. We will come back to that. I saw everything in this university clinic but I could not establish any communication with my family and the doctors. I witnessed my death and attended my funeral. I remember one night during the funeral, almost everyone was asleep. I saw my mother shed tears in agony for me. I was so sad to see her crying so I started crying. And while I cried, people noticed tears in my corpse's eyes. On the day of the burial, my corpse was transported to the cemetery and I attended my burial. After the cries and lamentations, all the family and friends returned home. Let me remind you that even today my family has the death certificate and the burial permit issued by the authorities.

The astral world of sorcerers and slaves

On the day of my burial, after the departure of everyone, I remained alone in the cemetery. It was dark and was very hot in the coffin. When it was late at night I heard a swarm of people on the surface, like the voice of a group of people. These people introduced a stick that penetrated my coffin. Then I heard someone calling my name. He raised his voice and said, "Matthew, come out!" When this voice called me for the third time, something happened. In fact, my corpse came out mystically from my coffin and crossed the gravestone. I found myself on the surface, and those people who were sorcerers returned my spirit into my body, and I recovered consciousness. I came back to life and I was alive again and full of strength. The mystic disease that K_illed me was gone. My consciousness was back in my body again. Then suddenly, I saw a number of people dressed in black in a queue. They were under the control of sorcerers who were their executioners.

Among these executioners, I noticed the presence of my cousin the occultist. When I saw him among these sorcerers, I tried to question him about what was happening because all this was like a movie to me. But I was beaten seriously and I was instructed to keep quiet. You must never die in the hands of sorcerers; victims of witchcraft are tortured in an intense and atrocious way. In fact, you will spend the rest of your life in torture because you will be a slave. My cousin was cold and emotionless towards me, as if he did not know me. We must know that when sorcerers are in the operating mode at night, they become like demons devoid of empathy and compassion. So, after being beaten severely, I was instructed to join the people dressed in black who were in the queue. As soon as I joined these people dressed in black, we instantly changed location. In fact, these people in black were victims of human sacrifice like me.

As soon as we left the cemetery, we landed in the astral world of sorcerers in the headquarters of slave trade. In fact, every human being who has died a victim of human sacrifice becomes a slave in the invisible and visible world. It was in this astral world of sorcerers that my memory was lobotomised. I found in this area of sorcerers a crowd of people who had died of witchcraft. They were deprived of their identity and became slaves. This place was truly a slave market where sorcerers and satanists sold and bought souls who were victims of human sacrifice and witchcraft. All these slaves were wearing black pair of shorts and were bare-chested. When I arrived I was stripped naked. I was ordered to wear the black pants, because all these slaves were in black pants with a specific number like prisoners, and they were identified by the number of their pair of shorts since they had lost their identity. While I was in this slave market, I noticed that the slaves were grouped together in relation to the nature of forced labour they had to do. But once I put on that black pair of shorts something happened in me.

My humanity was captured, I lost consciousness of what I was. In fact, my memory was lobotomised. I did not know who I was, where I came from and which family I came from. I lost my human identity and received a new identity that is that of a slave. A few days later, we were still there in the slave market when an order of 4 slaves was placed in the market; these 4 slaves had to go to work on the earth. I was instructed to join the other 3 and we were transported to the surface of the earth, to work in shops belonging to servants of satan. As soon as we arrived on the earth, I was surprised to find that we were in the city of Barumbu, a large economic city in our country where there are lots of commercial activities. My father used to take me to this city for the purchase of items. I recognised the city.

My life on the surface of the earth as a ghost

Once we arrived on the earth, each of us was assigned to a shop he had to manage. Once I started working in this shop, I had to employ 4 people who had to work with me. These workers did not know that their leader was a ghost, a dead man. I was in a situation where I was dead and officially buried, but I was working on the earth several kilometres from my region. I was supposed to receive the items for sale from satan's world every Monday, and return the money every Saturday. While I was selling in this store, I was still in black pair of shorts, but my workers and the customers who came to this store saw me well dressed. Their natural and optical vision captured only the false identity and appearance I had adopted. They saw me as a normal man and well dressed, but in reality I was still in my mystic pants and bare-chested. Only those who are advanced in occultism could identify me as a ghost and see my true nature.

Every day after the sale, we closed the shop and spent the night in night clubs, bars and hotels. When we went to these bars and hotels, we even slept with women. Sometimes I took women and went home, but in reality we did not have a house. We slept in the cemetery, but the perception and the optical vision of these women were manipulated because they saw the cemetery as a neighbourhood and the tombstones as houses. I slept with women on the tomb. Often they woke up in the morning at the cemetery, lying over the gravestones. Their lives were destroyed as a result. While I lived on earth as a ghost, I had even betrothed a girl since I could take on various identities. I was actually a demon. I remember getting engaged to a girl who became very attached to me because of money. Her family loved me because they thought they were dealing with a businessman. They did not know that I was officially dead. But this girl eventually disappeared from the face of the earth, because she was removed to the world of pandemonium. I regret her passing away because her family will never see her again, not even her corpse.

One day, while I lived as a ghost far away from my family, I saw my father, but he could not see me, because I was invisible in this boat where he was travelling; I was right at his side because I wanted to see him. And I was happy to see him. As a ghost I could disappear and operate as an invisible spirit because I was functioning like a demon and sometimes we were harming people. I would like to emphasize that all those who have been subjected to rituals, incisions or ceremonies in the name of custom and tradition, have the door of their lives greatly open and these doors drew our attention to attack them. I was really a demonic spirit. I could come into your house and steal your money, even if you hid it in a suitcase with codes. Whenever I gave someone money, I captured his chances, wealth and star. In life you must not accept money from someone you do not know. He can buy your life with this money. So I lived 6 months on the surface of the earth with my pants, but ordinary men saw me well dressed.

You should know that God has given each human being a specific number of years to live on the earth. Sorcerers and satanists who attend the world of pandemonium know exactly what year they are supposed to die. The world of the devil knows precisely how many years God has given every human being to live on the earth. And since I lived in the world of satan for 3 years, I know how many years I am supposed to live on the earth. In the invisible war between the kingdom of light and darkness, the devil needs human spirits to enlist them in his army. As a result, he K_ills people through witchcraft, which is a branch of black magic. Since these victims died prematurely, they cannot go to Hades. These souls are mostly enlisted in his army. They will work like demons until they reach the number of years predetermined by God. It is then that they will go to the abode of the dead. My death was not natural; my life was shortened and interrupted by satan's sons. Many people die prematurely.

After their death, they are taken to the world of satan as slaves to do forced labour. Some are displaced far from their region and country where they work as slaves in fields. They would work as slaves or as demons until the number of their years is reached. While I was dead and officially buried, I was working away from my region as a store manager. There is an industry of slavery in the invisible world of sorcerers where men and women who are K_illed on earth by mystical methods are sold as slaves. In fact, there are markets and places of soul transactions in the astral world of sorcerers, where sorcerers and witch doctors sell and buy souls who are victims of human sacrifice. I saw a crowd of people in these markets, people officially dead on the earth, but who continue living as ghosts.

I remember when I was selling in this store, one day my former teacher came to buy stuff in my store. He could not recognise me because I had another identity, but I could recognise him. While he was shopping, I asked my workers to give him a few appliances as a gift. He was surprised and suspicious. He could not accept and understand all this. He said to me, "Sir, I do not know you, how can you give me all these for free?" So, I decided to reveal my identity to him. When he saw my face, he was terrified and shouted, "Matthew, but you're already dead." He was so terrified that he ran away, abandoning the stuff he came to buy. Later, he went to inform my family of what he saw. There was confusion in the family. Normally, ghosts take on appearances and identities depending on the place of their mission. If they are sent to work in a field in Europe, they will take on the appearance of a white and they will be perceived as whites by natural men, even if they are of a different race.

My customers could not imagine that they were dealing with a living dead person from the invisible world. Many corporations, companies and enterprises belong to the realm of darkness. Bosses and leaders of these companies are not necessarily ordinary men. One day, while I was working in this shop, I saw a phone and there was a particular number. It was the store number of the cousin who had sacrificed me. When I called this number, as he was absent, I had to talk with his younger sister who was present. I told her, "Julia, I am your brother Matthew." She replied that Matthew is already dead. But as I insisted, she eventually fell into a coma because of panic and she was rushed to the hospital. When she came out of coma, she reported to the family what had happened. People were overwhelmed by what she was saying.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:16 pm

A few months later, I called the same number again. Julia received me on the phone. She was overwhelmed by events; I told her, "Julia, go home and tell my parents to send me some clothes because I'm here half-naked." Julia was so terrified that she hung up the phone. When the cousin who sacrificed me heard about it, he reported me to the astral world and the authorities delegated someone who took the phone by force and warned me not to use the phone. I was still a black man but the customers perceived me as an Arab, because I had taken a false appearance. I recognised some of my customers but they could not recognise me. Humans on the street are not all ordinary men. I was already functioning as a demon, a human spirit serving the kingdom of satan.

The mystery of the submarine world

One day, while I was going about my business as usual, I was visited by a mermaid from satan’s world of pandemonium. She is called Madame Jacqueline. She had come to the surface of the earth to inspect the businesses and industries of the dark world in the region. She inspected my store within seconds, because she is a mermaid, a powerful demon who works at the speed of light. She proposed to use me as her servant, and she asked me to join her in the underwater world of the sea where she lives. She said to me, "Your work here on earth is finished. From now you will work as my bodyguard in the world of the waters." The next day she came with the person who was to replace me and I handed him the key. The day I was going to the submarine kingdom came; we were in a group of 4; we were all servant spirits in the shops of agents of darkness in the city. The mermaid came to gather us and we went to the bank of the Congo River.

She explained to us the ritual we had to do to open the inter-dimensional gate to the submarine kingdom. Before disappearing, she gave us a New Testament, a perfume, two black candles and an egg. She gave us a Bible verse that we were supposed to recite during the ritual and the incantation. The mermaid selected a leader among us. She explained to him the prayer of incantation to be done in the New Testament. She instructed him to put the perfume on our eyes after the prayer and to throw the eggs into the river as soon as the candles go out, in order to open the inter-dimensional gate leading into the underwater world. Then, she disappeared. So our colleague began to pray with the New Testament. Then he put the perfumes on our eyes and as soon as the black candles that were lit went out, he threw the eggs into the Congo River. The river withdrew as when the children of Israel walked in the Red Sea. And then a golden boulevard emerged in the middle of the river, and this boulevard reached the bank of the river. In fact, this golden boulevard led directly into the underwater world: The pandemonium.

As soon as we went down this golden boulevard, we saw in front of us a magical, fairy-like and mysterious world that we have never seen since we were born on earth. It was an urban and sophisticated civilization. It was another universe. To tell the truth, there is no city on earth that can match submarine civilization. We saw huge constructions and advanced architectures. The level of technology and sophistication is far ahead human civilization. The infrastructures of this cosmopolitan and prehistoric world go beyond those of human civilization on the surface of the earth. This city is a dazzling metropolis, built with precious stones. When we arrived in this metropolitan city, we saw the great lady of the sea, the mermaid Jacqueline who was waiting for us. She received us enthusiastically and then took us to her palace. Once we arrived at her palace, she introduced us to her staff and workers. She told them, "Here are my new bodyguards." When we started the new life in this mysterious world of satan, I started seeing the elites who manage our world.

I saw royal families, aristocrats, the upper class and the people we see on television. I saw our musicians, I was shocked to see all the famous people we watch on TV. I saw them all in the kingdom of satan, the submarine kingdom. They live there and regularly attend satan’s meetings. This kingdom is ruled by the world government of satan. There are 2 Congolese in this government: one is a pastor and the other is a musician who dresses as a fitter. In this government of satan, there are those who sit at the left hand of satan and those who sit at his right hand. Many satanists claim to be secretaries of satan, but in reality the secretaries of satan are fallen angels, not humans. He was betrayed and exposed by many former satanists who came to Christ, so he no longer has trust in man. The mermaid we were serving is a member of satan's government. It is thanks to her that we could see satan. Access to the throne of satan is not given to everyone because he is god in the underwater world. It is the members of his government like Jacqueline, Andou Sankara and Nabam who have easy access to him.

The destruction of humanity is the main and strategic goal of satan's world, hence the need for parliament to debate this subject. I would like to recall that I went to live in the world of satan with my physical body and not in spirit. The construction of houses in the underwater world by marine spirits is done by the spoken word. To build a house in the water world, demons pronounce the word and they specify the structure of the house, and the house appears. We must know that in the underwater world there is a government and a parliament, and in this universe under the sea, parliament is continually debating and determining how to destroy humanity. When we arrived in the water world, Jacqueline who is a mermaid of the toilet installed us in our respective homes. She was supposed to come and pick us up every time she needed us.

After we had settled in our homes in this mysterious world, she asked us to get married before serving her. She offered us women. But these beautiful women were goddesses, ladies of the sea, mermaids of waters. So we got married. The celebration of our weddings was no different from the one happening on the surface of the earth. After my marriage to the lady of the sea, Jacqueline offered us another house. I had 4 children with my wife the mermaid that I left in the submarine kingdom. When a mermaid is pregnant, her pregnancy lasts only a few days and the children born from the marriage between men and mermaids are hybrid demons, but these demons are not immortal. And these children who are demons grow up in a very short time. In fact, when these children become adults they are often sent to the surface of the earth with specific missions. When they come to the surface of the earth, they look so much like ordinary men to the extent that it is difficult to detect them. They manage corporations and large companies.

The Bible says in Genesis 6:1-2,4 "When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. … The Nephilim were on the earth in those days - and also afterward - when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown." The underwater world is filled with hybrid demons from the union of men with sea ladies: mermaids. The infernal world of satan is under the water. As Christians, we must know that under the seas, rivers and oceans, there are different kingdoms, there are cities and agglomerations with dense populations. There are people there living a life that is not very different from our life on the face of the earth, because the agglomerations that are under the seas, under the rivers and oceans, are physical civilizations with infrastructures as on the surface of the earth. People who live there go to work and get paid. They get married and they give birth to children; they have boulevards and cars. They have bars and restaurants.

My education and training in the submarine kingdom

After my marriage to the mermaid, Jacqueline ordered that we undergo training in different disciplines, because we will be deployed regularly on the surface of the earth in different missions. Our training was scientific and esoteric. Within the context of my scientific training I learned to drive a car, although I never owned a car during my life on earth. I remember when I lived in the submarine world, there was already the car René there, while this car was not yet on the earth; it was more developed and advanced than those circulating on the earth. Scientists travelling in the underwater world have tried to copy this technology. But in the underwater world this car is equipped with a computer that offers options. For example, when you press the "kitchen" button, the interior of the car turns into a kitchen; and when you press the "bathroom" button, the interior of the car turns into a bathroom.

Know that the greatest scientists in the world are satanists. They go to the world of pandemonium and work with demons that transfer to them the technology they are supposed to bring to the surface of the earth. The mysterious world of the devil has several metropolises. It is a computerised world. The rapid technological advances we have recorded on earth during this century are perpetrated by the world of satan. Scientists around the world travel to the world of pandemonium to acquire knowledge, because the technology on earth is less advanced than that of the macrocosmic world of satan. The mermaid had put us in different training programmes, in order to prepare us for the various missions that we were going to perform on the earth. The training was related to scientific and esoteric knowledge. In terms of scientific knowledge, I learned to drive a car, a train, a boat, a bicycle, although before I died I did not know how to drive a car or a bicycle. I learned all this in the underwater kingdom.

I did many sport disciplines under the sea by the recommendation of the mermaid. I also learned music and the use of musical instruments. We were trained to walk with leaders. We were taught how to talk and walk with political leaders. And concerning the mystical knowledge, we learned different techniques to K_ill humans. This training was imperative because we had to carry out missions on earth as unseen and visible spirits. Therefore, we were to function as demons. The strategic goal of the kingdom of satan is the destruction of humanity and the Church. So we learned all the techniques of destruction. We learned the mystery of nature, we learned to operate like evil spirits, like demons. We learned to disappear and to become invisible.

We learned how to enter the bodies of men and dwell in them, to possess and influence them as evil spirits do. We also learned to capture the souls of humans to K_ill them. At the end of these different training courses, we were to be deployed in missions of destruction. Most of our targets were Christians, because there is an invisible and perpetual war between the realm of satan and the realm of light. We had to cause destruction and even traffic accidents, because we had become like demons even though we were human spirits. Life there was not very different from life on the surface of the earth. In fact, every day I went to work, I had a wife and children.

I see my nephew in the submarine world

I remember one day, I was with my colleagues in that mysterious underwater world when suddenly I saw my nephew. He was actually captured by people who were taking him to where I did not know. When I saw them, I recognised my nephew and I blocked their way. I asked my nephew, "Young brother, where are you going like this?" He was confused and he said to me, "Big brother Matthew, I do not know, these people came and abducted me, and I do not know where they are leading me." I told him: "Younger brother, you're not going to endure the realities of this world, you have to go back to earth. I know that my cousin sacrificed me to the devil but he cannot finish the whole family. It is unacceptable. You will return to earth willingly or by force." Then the executioners who had captured the spirit of my younger brother began to argue with me, but as I was one of the bodyguards of the mermaid Jacqueline, I had authority.

So I ordered these people to return the spirit of my younger brother into his body. In fact, while I was tussling with those satanists who had captured the soul of my younger brother in the underwater world, he was in a coma on the surface of the earth; since I was categorical, these satanists ended up returning my younger brother's spirit into his body on the surface of the earth. And when he came out of his coma, he started crying. And later, he told the family that he was captured and transported to a mysterious world by six individuals who were satanists. He informed the family that he met me in that mystical world and I fought to free him from the hand of satanists.

Articles from the submarine world

Beloved, know that about 90% of items we use on the surface of the earth come from the world of satan. Whenever satan wants to win souls or women, he will gather mermaids. These ladies of the sea have long hair running down to the foot. He will order that this hair be cut. Later, this hair will be subjected to certain treatments and processes, before being sent to the surface of the earth. They will be put in sachets and sent to the earth. It should be noted that this hair is well prepared to affect women and marriages. When you wear them, once you sweat on that hair, your sweat which is your blood will be transferred to the spiritual world. You will be controlled from your sweat because your sweat is your blood. Many women are controlled around the world because of artificial hair, and their marital lives are destabilised from the underwater world.

I remember when I came back to life, I warned women about the release of the artificial hair called "Cabello" while this hair was not yet circulating on the earth. Freshly coming from the water world, I knew that this hair was being prepared when I left the kingdom of satan. I had left mermaids who were working on that hair, in order to carry it to the surface of the earth. I warned people that there was an artificial hair brand called "Cabello" on its way to the surface of the earth by mermaids. People thought I was joking. Later, this artificial hair was put into circulation. Beloved, you must invoke the blood of Jesus in order to avoid the manipulation of the underwater world that manufactures all that we use on the surface of the earth. You must learn to pray and declare words of authority when you make your purchases.

Roles of physical demons

You may wonder how submarine items are transported to the surface of the earth. The answer is simple. I told you that I was married to a lady of the sea. And we had 4 children. These children are hybrid demons that are not necessarily immortal. Most children from the union of earthly men and water beings begin their life in the underwater world. They grow up there but when they become adults, they are sent to live on the surface of the earth with specific missions. These missions have definite durations. Some are sent to earth for 50 or 60 years. They come with finances and they set up enterprises, businesses, companies and corporations. Then they employ workers who will be potential targets of human sacrifice. And as the mission of these physical demons on earth is to win souls for the world of darkness, they will begin to sacrifice those who work in their company.

No one will be able to suspect them because they do so mysteriously and tactically. Several multinational corporations are run by men who were born and raised in the underwater world. They come from the union of humans and mermaids. They are on the earth on mission. All items and products that are sold in these companies and businesses, be they food, clothing and cosmetics, come directly from the underwater world. There are also business leaders who are in agreement with the evil world; they receive articles and products from underwater world industries. As concerns the food we eat on earth, know that people often visit witch doctors to become rich; they must therefore offer human sacrifices to demons. These demons that live in the world of satan do not drink water; they drink human blood every day. When someone offers a human sacrifice to a demon through mystics and witch doctors, this demon will only drink the blood of the victim and after drinking the human blood, he will transfer the human body to the industries of the world of satan who cut these bodies and make them go through processes. Later, they are put in cans. These multiple cans are exported to the surface of the earth at night to corporations and companies run by hybrid demons.

War and invisible battles against Christians

Beloved, "put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand." Ephesians 6:11-13

Once our training programmes were completed, it was time to be deployed on the face of the earth as part of the spiritual war against Christians and humanity. Our first mission was to destroy a man of God who was previously a satanist. He was delivered from the darkness by Jesus Christ, and was blessed financially by His Master. This man went from one church to another to denounce and expose the works of the devil and the kingdom of satan. So we were mandated to K_ill him. But before any operation on earth against Christians, the mermaid would project direct images of the target to attack. These pictures showed the person we were supposed to fight, and where they were and what they were doing. One had the impression that all men living on earth are filmed by the world of satan. Then the mermaid pointed at the wall and as a result a giant screen appeared, and live images of this pastor were projected into this giant screen.

We began our mission against this pastor by looking for an open door, but this man had closed all the doors in his life. We looked for something in his life that belonged to the devil like sin, but he feared God. The Bible says: I will not speak with you much longer, for the prince of this world is coming. He has no hold on me. John 14:30 Beloved, do not keep the properties of the devil when you go to war against him. The life of sin that many live in is a property of the devil. Finally, we decided to strike this man although we did not find an open door. So we travelled in spirit and we landed in his house. We could see this man. He was asleep with his wife on their bed. So, we went to his room where he was sleeping with his wife. They were there just a few meters in front of us. We were about to execute him.

We began making prayers of incantations in order to capture the spirit of this pastor and transport him to the world of pandemonium. In fact, every time we captured a soul on earth, we carried it into the world of satan, and there was a big party. And after the party we were supposed to be rewarded and given presents. So, we were in that pastor's room doing invocation prayers to capture his soul when suddenly something happened. A man dressed in bright, brilliant white, appeared. He was slender, he was a being of light. He gave me the impression that he did not take into account our presence and he was silent. He went to the bed where the pastor and his wife were sleeping, and he covered the preacher and his wife with a sheet that came out of his fingers. And as a result, they became invisible, including their bed and mattress. Then, the being of light disappeared.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:22 pm

We were amazed and confused. We did not understand what had just happened; all the stuff in the room were there, but the bed including the pastor and his wife who were sleeping there had disappeared. Then, we began to pray invocation prayers to satan and to the mermaid Jacqueline. She gave us encouragements and assurances. She told us to fear nothing and to continue to call upon satan, then she assured us that there is no power in the universe that can harm us. But at some point something in me told me to get out of the room and wait outside. My colleagues were still in the room of this man of God. They were invoking satan when suddenly the being of light reappeared. He was suspended in space. When this being of light, who was the guardian angel of the man of God, pointed his hand at my colleagues, I heard the sound of a very loud detonation like the explosion of a bomb. In fact, the angel of the Lord had struck down my colleagues who were in the room.

When I heard this explosion, I noticed that 2 of my colleagues had died on the spot. Another colleague was burned severely but he survived, the third got a shock because his leg was cut off. I was the only one who did not receive any shock and injury. This was our first mission. When we returned to the pandemonium, I said to the mermaid Jacqueline: "I do not want to go on a mission on earth because it's dangerous; I'd like to take care of my wife and children." But she gave me encouragement and advice. And later, my wife who was also a lady of the waters advised me to continue the battle and the war against Christians, because there were many rewards attached to its success.

Beloved, man is spirit. He has a soul and lives in a body. When we sleep, it is only our body that sleeps, but our mind never sleeps. What our mind sees during the night, we perceive it as dreams. The night is a time when demonic activities are intense, but the Lord keeps us. There is always an angel of the Lord at our bedside to protect us. The Bible says, "Watch and pray at all times, that you may be able to escape all these things." Later, Jacqueline sent me to earth with the mission of drowning a ship in the river. There were many people in this boat. Since I was equipped with a demonic force, I seized this ship and I pulled it by my hand with speed. The captain lost control of the boat, and I drowned the boat. It sank causing many deaths.

Our second mission was to destroy a Christian lady. After several attempts, we finally decided to move her heart away from the presence of God. The tactic to get there was to influence her son's behaviour to the point where she would be offended and lose faith in God. I told you that during our training in esoteric knowledge, we were taught to enter a person's body in order to live there to influence them. So one of my colleagues decided to enter the body of this lady's son to manipulate him and control his behaviour. My colleague entered the body of the child through the fingers and settled inside his body, and he began to influence the behaviour of this child. The latter began to steal, fight and cause all kinds of trouble to his mother.

At first, her mother did not want to accept the negative report she received about her son, but later her son's behaviour became apparent and she was overwhelmed by her son's delinquency. The problem is that the lady did not exercise good judgment; because her son was docile and there was a sudden change in his attitude, but the young lady did not understand that the change in behaviour of her son was due to the influence of an evil spirit. In short, the lady had to discern the change in her son's behaviour and take authority over the forces that were influencing her son. The Bible says, "I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy ..." Luke 10:19.

But the lady proceeded by the flesh, she was offended. She began to mistreat her son and as her son did not change, this lady moved away from God. It was then that we were able to capture her soul and were able to deport her spirit into the invisible world. Of course, she continued her life on earth, but spiritually she was already dead. We decided what kind of death she should die. And later she died. Many are already dead, only the body moves. It is only prayer that can reverse their death. After the death of this woman, we were rewarded with gifts and cars, and many other things.

One day the mermaid Jacqueline gave us a box containing blood contaminated with AIDS. She gave us syringes. We were supposed to go to earth in public places to inject people with this contaminated blood. Once someone is injected with this blood they will feel like they have been bitten by a mosquito, but that is not the case. Many are diseases with mystical origins. It is only prayer in the name of Jesus Christ that can make a difference.

After that, we were again deployed on the earth on a mission. I was sent to earth in a church with a mission of destruction. Since I had to perform this mission physically, I physically went to earth and joined the church in question. I had adopted the identity of a businessman. The mermaid had given me a lot of money for this mission, because money is one of the weak points of modern men of God. With money, it was easy to buy the conscience of men of God. As I became a church sponsor, the pastor eventually made me one of the deacons, and people died in this church because of me. Agents of satan constantly offer human sacrifices to the devil, and these souls eventually become servants of the devil in his kingdom. Some work like demons; they will be sent to attack the churches and humans on the surface of the earth.

Indeed, every time we managed to cause the destruction of Christians, there were many rewards for us, a lot of money and gifts were given to us. But in many cases we were confronted with death by meeting Christians. Personally, I had never signed a contract or a pact with the devil's kingdom. I was just a victim of human sacrifice who was enlisted in the army of satan like any other victims of witchcraft. But when I began to confront Christians with their spiritual powers, I knew that I was exposed to danger. There was an operation on the earth that a group of human spirits could not successfully execute. We were solicited. We had to take over.

I remember, we were sent to destroy a family of born again Christians. When we landed at night in this family's yard, we noticed that the whole family was asleep. While we were figuring out how to destroy this family, something unpredictable happened. In a fraction of a second, the parcel of this family turned into a massive river that flowed with great pressure, and this river was flowing into a massive waterfall. Beloved, the residence of this family had become a river flowing into a waterfall. In this situation, if you do not know how to swim you will die, and since we were a group of several people, some died because of the pressure and the fall of this river.

I give thanks to God because I was a fisherman and I knew how to swim. That's the kind of thing that happened to us when we were deployed against Christians. When we returned to the underwater world, Jacqueline developed a new strategy. She told us: "Instead of attacking the whole family, we will attack the members of this family individually." So we selected the first target. The mermaid Jacqueline informed us that the new tactic is called sudden death. We had to hit the target on the head with a stick. The mermaid made a sign with her hand, and a giant screen appeared. And on that screen we saw the target on the earth walking down the street. So we travelled to earth precisely in the street where our target was walking. We started pursuing him. He could not see us because we were invisible. But a man of light appeared behind him. He was blocking us. He stood between us and our target. And when we stopped, this being of light disappeared; but each time we approached our target, this being of burning light reappeared to block us; each time we stopped he disappeared.

But at one point we noticed that the being of light that was the guardian angel of this man no longer appeared. So, we decided to finish with him. We were supposed to take the command and execute this man, but there was fear in our midst, although our target seemed to be unprotected because the man of light no longer appeared. Beloved, for me, the manifestation of this fiery entity of light was a signal that something was going to happen. So I was careful. I felt in my spirit that something violent was going to happen. So, I retreated. My friends were in front of me. A colleague then took the responsibility to execute our target. First, we prayed for him. When this colleague approached the target, he raised his arm and was about to hit the target with the mystic staff when suddenly we saw a double-edged saw coming down from the sky, and this double-edged saw cut off my colleague's hand. It was the rout! Everyone was running in his direction.

The Bible says, "The Lord will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven." Deut. 28:7. Jacqueline was watching this operation and our defeat from the underwater kingdom in a giant screen. And when we went back into the water world to give her the report, I was extremely angry and started insulting her. I told her, "Are you sending us in these operations to K_ill us?" My colleagues began to beg me and cry, asking me to stop what I was doing. They said to me, "If you continue she will end up k_illing us all." But I continued to insult her because I knew I was going to die. Her staff came to see what was happening. Then Jacqueline rose from her chair and got angry, she was shaking with anger. When she got angry, I saw all her hair, long to the point of touching the ground, transformed into snakes, and her eyes rolled. All her hair had become snakes. I knew I was not going to survive this incident.

Demons are similar to human beings. It is only when they are angry and when they want to operate and execute operations that they take monstrous forms. After this incident with Jacqueline, I could not work for her anymore. She had to take a decision about me. Beloved, anyone who makes an alliance or a pact with the devil, even if he conformed to the requirements, in the end the devil will K_ill him before the time marked by God in order to enlist him in satan's army and to put him at work as a demon.

I remember, there was a woman who was a witch. She was divorced from her husband because of her witchcraft. So she decided to destroy her former husband. But the first group of human spirits that had to execute this operation failed to K_ill this man because he was a disciple of Jesus; he was invisible to the systems and instruments of the dark world. But when we came for an inspection, we could see this man in our surveillance instruments. It must be said that this man was a backslid Christian; he had one foot inside and one foot outside. To K_ill this man, one of my colleagues had decided to enter his body because we were able to do that. To enter the body of a human, we should make sure that our targets are in a state of emotional and mental instability, such as fear or panic. When my colleague entered this man, he began to influence the actions and conduct of this man. In fact, once a man is controlled, manipulated and influenced by a demon, he behaves irrationally, but he will not realise it because his intelligence is manipulated. This man ended up committing suicide after arguing with his new wife. It was when he was about to die that my fellow demon came out of his body. It was at this moment that this man realised what he did, but it was too late. When an evil spirit influences someone, he only realises it when the damage is done.

A fisherman finds himself in the submarine world

Wherever the mermaid Jacqueline passed in the underwater world, activities stopped because she is a member of satan's world government. So, one day we passed in a neighbourhood of the underwater kingdom, and we found that there was a lot of noise. People did not know that Jacqueline was in the neighbourhood. When she arrived there she was informed that a fisherman had landed illegally in the submarine kingdom. In fact, this fisherman was diving, and was trying to pull out his net when he landed in this mysterious world. He could not understand where he was. He was naked and confused. People were harassing him. They said to him, "We cannot be quiet because of net fishing?"

When Jacqueline arrived, she saw this man. She saw this fisherman who trembled with fear and with wonder. She said to him, "Sir, I do not want to K_ill you, but you will not talk about our world over there to the surface." But when this man was about to be brought to the surface of the earth, the mermaid called him and said, "I feel you're not going to shut up." Then she blew air on this fisherman, and he lost his speech and became dumb. Then he was brought to the surface. Let me tell you that the way people see planes flying in space is the same way that people in the underwater world see boats sailing over water. Most humans living in the underwater kingdom were satanists. The devil K_illed them before their time. So they died and they continued their life in the underwater kingdom. These human spirits are enlisted in the army of satan and function as demons until they reach the total number of years that God had assigned to them.

The mermaid Jacqueline

This mermaid is one of satan's wives. She often says that she is the wife of everyone because she is immoral. In fact, many satanists are married to her, but they must observe strict laws that characterise the marriage of men with mermaids. She takes the form she wants to manifest herself. She often comes to the surface of the earth physically but no one can suspect or identify her. She makes cosmetics and makeup for women in order to bewitch them through these items. The mermaid Jacqueline is also called "Thousand years". She is the mermaid of the toilet because she is the mermaid who lives in the toilets of every house on earth. When a sorcerer comes to visit you for the first time, the first thing they will do is to go to the toilet to invoke this mermaid who has information about every home and family on the earth. The sorcerer will invoke her to get information about you.

Human sacrifice

I want to specify that there are two types of human sacrifice. In the first kind of human sacrifice, the demon drinks the blood of the victim and the body is sent to the industries of the Pandemonium kingdom for transformation. In the second type of human sacrifice, the victim becomes a slave in the spiritual world and is called "cattle". I was a cattle in the spiritual world, I was a slave; a private property belonging to a servant of satan. I belonged to people who could sell me to whoever they wanted. There are demonic spirits and agents of satan who are buyers and sellers of souls that are victims of human sacrifice. They sell human souls that are regarded as cattle; and when these slaves, these cattle die, their bodies are shipped to the food industries of the Pandemonium world to undergo transformations.

Once these bodies are transformed, they are put into cans and sent to the surface of the earth. Today, even Christians do not pray before eating, although the Bible says: "And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints." Ephesians 6:18. We must not forget that most of the food we eat today comes from the kingdom of satan. Satan's world is full of slaves, cattle or human spirits functioning like demons. They cause accidents, diseases and destruction on the surface of the earth. The Bible says that where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint. I recently saw a pastor introduce a secular musician into his church, saying that the musician is a servant of God. I had a hard time looking at this because this musician is a member of satan's world government. He is one of the two representatives of the devil in our country who are part of his government. This celebrity has the power to sacrifice any man of any tribe or nationality.

Every time this musician launches albums in the market, people die in large numbers around the world and in the continent. They die gradually, in a different way and in geographically separated places; some by disease, others by accidents, under different circumstances. Whenever you hear about an accident in their concerts, it is a human sacrifice. And during this accident we were sent and we were deployed by the world of water to suffocate and asphyxiate the victims. Remember what happened in Ivory Coast during their concert. Let me tell you that most of the musicians are satanists, not only secular musicians but also Christian musicians. The devil has entered Christian music. There are people who sing the name of Jesus but they have signed pacts with the devil and their music bewitches Christians who listen to them, hence the need to discern those who are animated by the Holy Spirit and those of the devil.

The case of a young orphan boy

I remember one day the mermaid had deployed us on the earth to capture a young boy. He was an orphan. When his parents were alive they had signed a covenant with the world of darkness to gain success and wealth. But according to the terms and conditions of this covenant, their offspring were supposed to die when they reach a certain age. Over the years, they grew rich with the goods of this world, but their children died in turn in the predetermined age due to the pact they had signed with the world of Pandemonium. And when they became mature and grew older, they noticed that they got rich but they had lost all the children. So they were childless. They felt that this situation was tragic and that they risked dying without leaving offspring, and not having an heir who will enjoy and benefit from their wealth after their death.

As a result, they deliberately decided to have a child they will not sacrifice. They were ready to go against the terms and conditions of the contract they signed with the underwater world. They agreed not to sacrifice their son as stipulated in the gruesome pact signed with satan's world. Later, this couple gave birth to a baby boy. And when the boy grew up and reached the age of death predetermined in this satanic accord and pact, he was supposed to die but his parents refused to obey the request of the evil world of satan. In fact, there were procedures and rituals that this couple had to perform, in order to deliver the souls of their children to the devil.

They were therefore supposed to perform the ritual by which the child was to fall ill and then die without suspicion. But this couple informed the kingdom of Pandemonium and the evil spirits that they would not sacrifice their son. Satan's infernal world warned them that they would die unless they sacrificed the child as signed in the agreement. And despite the warning of the evil spirits of the infernal world, this couple chose to die instead of their son, because they felt they were old and therefore they accepted the consequences that will follow. In this way their son can at least benefit and enjoy their wealth.

Not long after violating the contract signed with the world of satan the mother of this boy died. Sometime after her burial, this young man's father was pronounced dead. All this so that their son can enjoy their property. But just after their death, the extended family took and forcibly confiscated all the wealth that this couple left to this boy, accusing him of being the wizard responsible for the death of his parents. They could not understand that this boy's parents died to allow him to enjoy and benefit from their belongings. Sometime after confiscating these cursed belongings, the family threw the boy into the street after taking everything his parents left to him. This boy eventually became homeless.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:27 pm

But after this family had taken control of all these goods something happened. It should be noted that when this boy's father and mother died prematurely, they were taken to the kingdom of satan as slaves to perform hard labour until they reached the number of years that God had assigned to them. It 's only after that that they may find themselves in Hades. So they continued life in the underwater world as slaves doing forced labour. And from the astral world, they saw how the extended family took control of their property and threw in the street their only child who was supposed to inherit all their property. In fact, after their death, this man and his wife became slaves and serving spirits in the service of satan's kingdom. As human spirits, when they saw their son stripped and thrown into the street, they began to strike the extended family members who grabbed their belongings by force. As a result, there were deaths in the family.

Most people who enter into alliance and sign pacts with the devil die prematurely. The devil K_ills them so that their souls are enlisted in his army. They will work for the infernal world and will function as missionary demons on earth and in the astral world until they reach the number of years that God has given them.

When this boy was thrown into the street and became homeless, thank God a local church noticed his situation and came to his aid. Men of God took responsibility for this boy. They gave him a place to sleep and they sent him to school. Meanwhile his parents were doing forced labour in the underwater world where they were slaves. One day, this couple who became enslaved in the world of satan was summoned by the legal authorities of the kingdom of darkness, in the world of Pandemonium. When they arrived before the authorities, they told them this: "It is true that we interrupted your life on earth because you did not keep to the terms and conditions of the contract we signed together. You broke the contract, so your life on earth was interrupted. But in truth we did not need you here; it is your children that interested us because they are ours by law and by agreements. According to the agreement you signed your children belong to us, and since you had signed the contract to give us all your children, we inform you that we are obliged to take your son who is on earth."

Beloved, this couple tried to plead with the judges of the submarine kingdom. They tried to form a legal defence and plead for their son, arguing that they agreed to die in place of their son; but the judicial authorities of the underwater kingdom were categorical because the pact signed by this couple was still in force, it was not cancelled and so their son had to die on the earth and join them in the world of waters. He was going to die and become a serving spirit in the underwater realm. The kingdom of satan had therefore deployed human spirits to K_ill this boy, but they failed because this boy was in the hands of men of God. After this failure, we had to take over the mission. Mermaid Jacqueline gathered us and projected live images of this young boy on a screen.

We took time to study and investigate his life to get information about him. In fact, we were looking at live pictures of this boy's life on the earth in a giant screen, in order to see how we could proceed with success. We knew he was an orphan because his parents were here in the underwater world. According to the direct images projected on the giant screen of Jacqueline, you could see that he lived in a church, but he seemed to be miserable because he often thought of his parents. Finally, we travelled on earth to meet him. We landed physically on the surface of the earth, precisely in his neighbourhood. In fact we landed with three new jeeps, because we had taken on the appearance of businessmen. After landing in this area, we headed for the boy who was about 200 meters. When we saw him, we greeted him and asked him about his father and mother. He started crying before answering us, then he said, "The people you are looking for are my parents, but they are already dead." We told him, "We are your father's friends, we are from Europe, we came to see him because he helped us to travel to Europe."

After a friendly conversation with this boy, we gave him a lot of money and told him not to live in the church anymore, but to rent a place. Instead of talking about all this with the pastors who took care of him, he ran into the city to rent a place. To K_ill this boy, our tactic was to distance him from the men of God and the church, so as not to fail as the first team of human spirits who had failed in this mission. I would like to point out that while we were talking to this boy, we had to place invisible barriers around a given area, so that people would not pass within that area. Once a man reaches these barriers, he will tend to change direction as this place was like isolated. This was necessary so that we could perform our operation without disturbance and interruption of the public.

After giving this money to this young man, we went back to the underwater world. The boy began to live a life of opulence, far from the church and from men of God, because we had given him large sums of money. It was necessary to start by keeping him away from the church and men of God. You can ask me where these jeeps and the large sum of money came from. In fact, I was not even well dressed, I was in black pair of shorts as usual, but I disguised myself. The jeep cars we parked were just used empty tins of sardines that we took in a trash bins. We ordered them to turn into cars. These tins of sardines were perceived as cars by natural men but in reality it was something else.

Here we are dealing with the manipulation of the five senses, it is nothing but illusion. The optical eyes of the natural man perceived these tins of sardines like cars thanks to optical manipulation. Many cars in the street are coffins and skeletons, but they are seen by human eyes as cars. In fact, in the spirit world we operate with words and declarations. We command things to come into existence by the spoken word. On the day of this operation, I ordered that I be dressed in precise set of clothing. I ordered the tins of sardines to turn into a car. If only the Lord could open the spiritual eyes of His children, they would have seen me in black pants and bare-chested, and instead of seeing the jeeps they would have seen tins of sardines that were already used.

The physical world is a world of illusions because the optical eyes of humans do not capture the totality of the realities of things. I told you that I had learned computer science in the underwater world. Let me inform you that the greatest scientist in the underwater world is satan, he is at the root of new technologies. Every moment this archangel thinks about how to entertain and distract humanity with new media technologies that he invents like the computer, the telephone. satan created the René limousine car by the spoken word. He started by imagining and thinking about this car, then he spoke the word, giving details and precisions as he wanted, and the car appeared. Even the homes in the underwater world are built by the spoken word.

Scientists came from all over the world to copy satan's technology and take it to the surface of the earth. They take time to study the new technologies of the astral world. In the underwater world, the devil needs strong men. But when the human spirits that are in his kingdom are about to die, he gathers them together and demons would make invocations to transform them into cars and motorcycles. And these motorcycles and cars are exported to the earth. If you buy this bike or this kind of car, know that when this man dies you risk an accident, because the bike or the car is a human being. If the Lord could open your eyes to see the reality of the cars you envy in the street, you would be shocked. The Bible says, "Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him." 1John 2:15

So one day we were in the underwater world playing the game of checkers, we remembered the boy to whom we gave money and we decided to end his life. When we travelled and landed on earth, he was drinking and having fun with his girlfriends. After that, he began to drive. In fact, this time we landed on earth as invisible spirits, so they could not see us. It was while he was driving the car which he bought with our money that we grabbed the car in question and started pulling it. He then lost control of the car. He tried in vain to stop the car. He and his girlfriends were trying to get out of the car but they could not because we had blocked the doors and the windows. Finally we hit the car on a wall and he died.

During his funeral, people said he might have resorted to magic because he had become very rich. When he was buried we travelled to the cemetery at night and brought him out of his coffin through mystical prayers. He was surprised to see the three people who had given him money and claimed to be his father's friends. Later we took diabolical forms in front of this young man. We transformed into monstrous creatures with long nails and sharp teeth in front of him. He could not understand what was happening before him. We took hold of this young boy and took him to the astral world under the water. And when we arrived in that kingdom, the young boy saw his parents doing forced labour because they were slaves there.

All this appeared as a movie to him and he was overwhelmed. This boy was enlisted in the army of satan and he became a serving spirit who had to undergo scientific and esoteric training programmes so as to be deployed on earth as a demon. He will therefore work for satan until he reaches the allocated years that God has set for him. Once we succeeded in this operation, there was a party and gifts for us from the mermaid Jacqueline. The Bible says: "there will be more rejoicing in Heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent." Luke 15:7. Let me tell you that there is always a party in the Pandemonium for a Christian who is destroyed more than for a thousand non-believers’ death.

Generally we are born into families who are in alliances through the application of customs and traditions, and unless these ancestral and parental covenants are broken, we will be victims. We do not know the state of mind of our ancestors. Most of our problems come from our ancestors who were in idolatry, in traditional ceremonies and practices. Let us understand well: if your parents have ever visited charlatans, witch doctors, marabouts, or meddled with fetishes, you need deliverance because these people are servants of satan. They bring us into direct and indirect alliances with the world of satan. If you have ever visited a church with an occultist pastor and he has laid hands on you, you need deliverance.

The letter from the ghost

One day, I was with my colleagues from the underwater world. One of my colleagues started talking about his family that he left on earth. He said that he left a wife and children on the surface of the earth when he died. But he had found out that his wife and children were suffering. He thus felt compelled to do something for them so as to soothe and relieve their suffering. Beloved, here we are dealing with people who are officially dead and buried, but they have the ability to operate spiritually and physically on the surface of the earth. Because his wife and children were suffering on the earth, my colleague wrote a letter to his wife and put money in the envelope. He then went to the surface of the earth and placed the envelope at the door of the house where his wife and children lived.

When his wife woke that morning, she found the envelope at the door. She opened it and she saw a pack of American dollars and a letter. She opened the letter and noticed the writing of her late husband, and she was surprised. Then she began to read her husband's letter saying, "Honey, I'm your husband. I know you and the children are suffering; this is why I sent you this money so you can take care of my children; do not be afraid because I'm not dead, I'm fine where I am. Take the money and take care of the children." This woman was afraid; she took the envelope and went to her pastor. She explained that her husband had already died years ago but he sent her the letter and the money, but she is afraid to use it. The pastor warned this woman that this money was dangerous, but this pastor kept this mystical money and used it for his needs. In fact, he shared this money with other pastors and they used it for their needs.

We observed all this from the underwater realm; my colleague was not happy to see these greedy pastors enjoying his money. When he saw that his wife and children did not benefit from his money, he attacked these pastors by traffic accident and they all died in a car accident. I participated in this operation. Later, my friend travelled again to the surface of the earth with an envelope and he placed this envelope in front of the door of his family's house. In fact, he wrote his wife another letter saying: "Darling, if you do not want to use my money, let my children enjoy my money. Let me inform you that I am the one who K_illed those pastors who died in a traffic accident; it was because they spent my money for their needs."

For the second time, this woman took this envelope containing silver notes to another pastor. When this pastor read the letter, especially the part where it talked about the pastors' death by accident, he was scared. He did not want to keep or even touch that money. The lady returned home with the money which she used to take care of the children; nothing bad happened to them. So it became a habit for my colleague to drop an envelope and money for his wife and children each week. The implication was that this woman could not get married, because her husband who was dead was taking care of her. Those who tried to unite with this woman in marriage were dying.

The mermaid Jacqueline decides to get rid of me

The various missions that Jacqueline entrusted to us became more and more dangerous and whenever we met Christians we were in danger, whereas Jacqueline had assured us that no force in the Universe could challenge us. As I felt in danger, I began to disrespect the mermaid Jacqueline. Therefore, she decided to get rid of me. The fact that she had decided not to K_ill me was a miracle. Later, she ordered her staff to find a solution to my fate. Jacqueline's staff then contacted my cousin the occultist and said, "Sir, the princess is asking you to get another person to replace your brother who is causing problems here." My cousin told them, "The best thing you can do is to execute him, and even if he dies, I take the responsibility to provide you with another person." But, the mermaid's staff told him that the princess' order is not to K_ill me, but to replace me with another person.

My cousin wanted me to be executed because all the family members he offered as human sacrifice, I returned their souls in their bodies on the earth. He could no longer sacrifice our family members. So there was a debate between the staff of the mermaid and my cousin. The mermaid’s staff suggested that they should drive me crazy and throw me into a neighbourhood on earth where I am not known. But my cousin was opposed to this idea, saying that family and friends can recognise me and it will be detrimental to him. So there was no agreement on what to do. As this meeting continued, suddenly a businessman who lives on earth came to see the mermaid Jacqueline. This businessman is an entrepreneur. He buys victims of human sacrifice. He buys souls in the slave market of the astral world. And since he has many plantations in our country, he places those slave souls he buys from the invisible world in these plantations on earth, so that they work for him as slaves and farmers in his plantations.

This man is well known in our country; we see him on TV all the time, and if I call his name people will recognise him. He has big companies in the field of agriculture. He has a cornfield, a field of cassava, potatoes, rice, soybeans, beans, but the people who work in these plantations are officially dead. These people are souls he bought in different slave markets in the astral world. This businessman supplies several supermarkets with agricultural products such as maize, rice and beans. In fact, this man came to see the mermaid because he wanted to buy human souls to put them in his plantation. And that day that man bought thirty-seven slaves, that is, people who were victims of witchcraft. It was at that moment, when he was about to return to earth with the slaves he had bought that the mermaid asked him to take me with him. This man took me as a bonus, and he took me to earth in his vast plantation.

Slaves and ghosts in the plantation

When we arrived in this plantation, we were shocked by the size of the people who worked there. They were very short, I mean less than a meter. We were surprised at all this. While we were in astonishment, one of the slaves said to us, "Are you surprised at our sizes? Wait, you will become like us in a very short time." Later, we started working by cutting the bush and started planting maize seeds, rice and other agricultural products. I must say that our supervisors were not ghosts like us. They were men living on earth but practicing occultism. They came to work and they returned to their families in the natural world. By the way, not long ago I had just met one of them in a residential area where he has a lot of business setups. When he saw me he recognised me, and he hurried to avoid me.

So we started working in this plantation. It was when we were supposed to load and unload the bags of these agricultural products that I began to realise that we were going to be short like other slaves. Indeed, we were supposed to carry eight to ten bags of maize, rice and other products, per person; and with time, it had an effect on our size. We worked with a demonic force. Beloved, in this world we live in there are people who are dead and buried, but as they died by witchcraft, they became slaves in the astral world. They have become the properties of their executioners who can sell them in the flourishing slavery industry that is in full swing in the astral world of wizards. Many men and women who are officially dead are sold and bought as slaves, and are transported to plantations. There are plantations around the world whose workers are ghosts, because in the world of witchcraft slavery is a flourishing industry. There are markets and places of sale of slaves spread out over the world.

When we had to start working in this plantation we noticed that the slaves worked with a supernatural force, a demonic force, for a slave could carry seven to eight bags of rice or beans. This was made possible by the invocations of the occultists who managed these plantations. They made invocations in order to increase the physical strength of the slaves. These slaves could carry several bags of agricultural produce thousands of kilometres through the forest, until they reach the villages where the vehicles that were supposed to transport those products to delivery points were. When I started working, I was surprised to find that the bag of cassava and rice that were heavy when I was alive, had become light. I could carry six to eight bags of soya beans or potatoes.

I would like to point out that not only did all slaves working in these fields work with supernatural demonic force, but they moved at a very high speed of spirits, they moved like spirits. We could go ten thousand kilometres in a few minutes and come back. We could cover a distance of several kilometres, from the plantation forest to the village where we were supposed to load trucks and come back in two minutes. I was supposed to carry a specific number of bags of agricultural produce in a specified time. And since I had the demonic strength and the speed of spirits, I travelled thousands of miles and I went back and forth with these bags in short durations.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:34 pm

These plantations were deep inside the forest and when we reached the villages where we had to load, we were seen by the villagers as normal carriers. They could not suspect that we were ghosts working as slaves in plantation fields inside the forest. It was after the first harvest and the loading of the trucks that we became short like the slaves we had found in these plantations. While working in these plantations we often saw hunters but they could not see us. There were other farmers who also came to the forest to cultivate, and as they did not see our plantation, they destroyed our products without knowing it. They could not see our plantations that they were trampling on and sometimes they were causing damage. Forests hide many mysteries and there are spirits that are active in the forests.

At times traditional chiefs of surrounding villages forbade hunters and farmers from entering our area in the forest, warning them of the activities of the spirits. They could not tell them the whole truth. They were aware of the mystic plantations in the forest, and the slaves and ghosts who worked there, but they could not tell the villagers. Hunters and others were forbidden to linger in the forest. There was a hunter working in the forest to catch animals. He did not see us; we could see how he set up traps and helped him by pushing animals into his traps. Later he wanted to settle in the forest for a while, but he started cutting the trees without knowing that he was cutting and destroying our agricultural products. This caused anger among the slaves' farmers. They resolved to K_ill him. A slave entered his body and pushed him to death. The slaves who worked in this field K_illed the people who came to disturb them. That's how a dad who came for palm oil died by accident caused by a slave who cut the rope by which he climbed the palm tree. The forest is a place where demons are active.

My father's funeral

When I was in the underwater world working for mermaid Jacqueline, my cousin had sacrificed a number of people who were members of our family, but I was returning their souls into their bodies. He could no longer sacrifice members of the family because I was fighting and defending the family. But when I was taken to this plantation, I could no longer fight for the family in the invisible world. In the underwater world of Madame Jacqueline I was privileged, but in this plantation I was only a slave. As a result, my cousin took advantage of this opportunity and began to sacrifice members of my family. In one year he had K_illed six people in the family, including my father.

When my father died, I was authorised by the plantation manager who owned the slaves to attend my father's funeral. I physically went to my father's funeral assuming a false identity. They could not recognise me because I pretended to be a friend of my father. I attended his funeral with some colleagues and slaves who were working in the plantation with me. We went there physically assuming the appearance of unknown people. We pretended to be my father's friends and we spent a lot of money on his funeral. Nobody could recognise me, and later when I returned to life miraculously, I told the family in detail how the funeral had gone. They were astonished and overwhelmed because I informed them that I was present at the funeral by giving them all the details of the funeral.

My return to normal life on earth

After a while life continued in this plantation, but at times we noticed that our leaders lived a normal life on earth, I mean they were not dead like us but alive, because they came to work and returned to the world. But to return to the world they had to eat a certain type of food. In the canteen the food was prepared for two groups of people. The first group were slaves and the second were normal men who came to work and returned to the natural world. These people were occultists who entered our astral dimension and returned to the earth. But to return home, these men who were our leaders only had to eat their type of food. One day I decided by curiosity to eat the food of our bosses who were all occultists. They forbade us to eat their food. They warned us that we would die if we ate their food. In fact in their food they put salt that allowed them to leave this astral dimension. When I decided to eat this food, my colleagues objected saying that I was going to die. I told them, "It is better to die than to live as a slave in these sufferings."

After this debate, they lined up with me and as soon as we ate what our bosses ate, something happened. From the moment the food entered my stomach, I felt like I was under water and I was suddenly ejected from the water by force. I felt as if I had blocked ears that had just become unblocked, and I had the impression that scales had fallen from my eyes. I saw the sun and the light of day after three years in horror and twilight. In fact, as a slave we were in a situation where we did not see the sun or the light of day. Everything was dark, as if our perception of reality was altered, demoted and veiled. We started to hear the cry of the birds, the air and the wind blew on us. We realised that we were in a big forest, each of us began to realise what he had become since our consciousness had returned to us. When I looked at myself, I realised how small-sized I was and I was scared. When I looked at my colleagues, their size and appearance scared me. And when my colleagues looked at each other, they were filled with terror. As a result, everyone started fleeing in his direction.

We had a lot of hair and beards. Imagine someone who does not shave their hair and beards for three successive years. And I noticed that my skin was filled with a lot of layers of dirt because I had not washed it for three years, since I was dead. So it was when we ate food containing salt that we disappeared from the astral dimension and we landed in this forest on the earth. I started walking up and down in this forest which was the equatorial forest. After walking for three days without seeing anyone and without eating, I was tired, I rested near a tree. I could hear the sounds of monkeys. Then at some point I heard people talking far away. These people were hunters. As my head was bowed with a lot of hair that I had not been able to shave, they took me for an animal. They were about to shoot at me when I raised my head, and when I got up they got scared and started running away screaming: "demons!" And they used the name of Jesus Christ against me.

While they were fleeing, I pursued them because I knew they were the only ones who could get me out of this forest; I did not know the way. They said to me, "You are a demon, a man cannot be like that." I said to them, "My brothers, I was lost in the forest for three years, this is why I am like that." I had said to myself, if I told them the truth that I was dead and buried three years ago, they would abandon me in this vast forest. After talking to me from a distance, one of these hunters was convinced and persuaded that I was an ordinary man, but the other was filled with terror and shouted with panic saying, "You are a demon, a normal man cannot be that size and be like you." Finally they agreed to take me home and I washed.

Then it was necessary to remove the mystical pair of shorts that was on me for three years. Beloved, scissors and knives could not cut this pair of shorts. After two days of effort to remove the pair of shorts, we had to give up. But it was when I prayed in my heart, "Lord, help me to take off these pair of shorts", that I felt the pants move. I called the hunter and after several hours of effort, the pants were removed from my body. We put it on fire. But after hours in the fire, those pants were still not burned. Later, the pair of shorts that was my identity in the invisible world eventually disappeared on its own. It was imperative to remove this pair of shorts because the astral world could make some invocations, and by mentioning the number of the pants they would have returned me in the invisible world. This is exactly what happened to three other colleagues who had landed in the equatorial forest with me. As they could not get rid of the mystical pants, they were transported to the astral world by their executioners’ invocation.

Later, these hunters showed me the way to the city. After walking for three days, I saw a Vodacom antenna. I followed it and later I found myself in the main road. My impression was that I saw people but it's as if they did not see me. Then I saw a man who was tall. I was about to explain my problem to him when he said to me: "Do not worry, I know everything about you. Take this direction that will lead you to a group of soldiers. You will explain your situation to them and they will take you to the office of the local authorities, who in turn will call pastors for you." Beloved, things went exactly as this man had predicted. I'm sure this man was an angel or the Lord Himself. The commander of those soldiers I met along the way was my uncle.

He was informed that a certain Matthew Badjoko was outside. He claims he was dead and that he has come back to life. When my uncle heard this, he replied with a solemn voice and said, "This name of Matthew Badjoko is that of my nephew who died 3 years ago." My uncle ordered that the person claiming to be Matthew Badjoko be taken to his office. So I was taken inside my uncle's office, and when he saw me, he was under emotion and he collapsed into a coma. Later, he was taken to the hospital. So the soldiers transferred me to the local authorities. They launched an investigation to determine who I was. After a while, they discovered that my family lived in the Eastern Province which is the neighbouring province. The authorities contacted my family by phone and they confirmed that they had a son named Matthew Badjoko who died 3 years ago.

The file of the ghost

Later, the news reached the governor who came to visit me. People came from all over the city to see me. When the governor informed the central government of the country, he was instructed to arrest me and conduct an investigation to uncover this mystery. This investigation was called "the file of the ghost." After my arrest, the authorities revealed to me that the whole region was in turmoil because of me. And if it turns out that my story was wrong I will be publicly punished. At this point, I was influenced by powerful demons. I was unstable and very strong, and I could break the chains because my strength was not ordinary but demonic.

I remember one day while I was in my prison's cell, the soldiers and the police came to beat me up, because they thought that I was a usurper. But that day I had beaten a whole division of the police. They had to look for reinforcement to restrain me. And later I was chained. That very day, a pastor was walking in the neighbourhood when he saw a crowd in front of the police station. The police explained to him my situation, but he insisted on seeing me even though the police had warned him of the danger he in doing so. This pastor questioned me and prayed for me. He proposed to the authorities to take me to church, but he was informed by the regional authority that my file was under investigation by the provincial and national governments.

So I spent six months in the regional police jail and the government managed to retrieve my death certificate and my burial permit. This terrified them because they were now convinced that they were dealing with an unprecedented and paranormal situation. They were dealing with a man who died 3 years ago and who reappeared. They made telephone contact with my mother and they summoned her to the Eastern Province for an interview so as to advance the investigations. They asked my mother, "Mr. Matthieu Badjoko who is presently with us, is he your son? We have his death certificate and his burial permit." My mother confirmed that I was her son.

Later, they undressed me and they asked my mother to identify the different scars on my body. My mother identified all the scarring spots on my body and she explained to them the history and origin of these scars. After questioning my mother, the national government instructed the regional government to arrest my cousin who had sacrificed me for questioning. And during his interrogation, my satanist cousin confessed being at the root cause of my death. Beloved, it was thanks to the hand of God that Jacqueline had not K_illed me, because we are dealing here with a high-ranking demon.

I remember after my return to life, I had to be baptized but I was seriously under the control of forces of darkness. It was only men of God who could manage my situation because I had a demonic force. At one point, I had to be baptized but having lived in the world of satan for 3 years, I knew the secret of the Catholic church working with the devil and many pastors who made a pact with satan. So I was careful. I needed a serious and authentic man of God for my baptism and my deliverance. To tell the truth, my deliverance was not easy because my cousin who had sacrificed me had landed in the complex of the local authorities where the pastor was taking care of me with a mystical helicopter. There were pastors and soldiers who witnessed these paranormal demonstrations. My cousin had come to take me away and get me back to the mermaid Jacqueline who was looking for me, but it did not work. This was a spiritual and physical fight.

When my cousin had landed his mystical and physical helicopter in the parcel of the local authorities where I was kept, he came out of the helicopter dressed in white and he was holding a briefcase filled with money. He entered the office of the official authorities where the pastors were and asked them: "What will the family of Matthew give you for your efforts? Take this briefcase of money and go to do business, but first you must handover Matthew to me." At this very moment, pastors began to exercise authority over him. They used the name of Jesus against him. He disappeared before them. During my prayers of deliverance, he was trying to capture me and take me to the submarine world where I had been.

Apart from my cousin the occultist, I was also threatened by my mermaid wife that I had left in the underwater world with 4 children. She was disappointed and she begged me to come back to her. While I attended the prayers of deliverance, she came to harass me and to beg me. Pastors could listen to her voice, but they could not see her. She came every night. Sometimes I woke up in the morning and saw her sleeping by my side. And every time she appeared, I called the pastors who could not see her, although they heard her voice. She complained and cried, saying, "How can you leave me with the children like this?" I knew that this woman was a demon, even the children we had there are demons and are very dangerous.

My water baptism and my deliverance

When I came back to life, many pastors told me that I had to receive the baptism of water, but I did not want to be baptized by these pastors because I remember before I died, I was Catholic. But when I was in the submarine world I learned a lot of secrets about this Roman church as well as famous pastors of this world. I saw pastors and priests who regularly came to meetings and summits organised by satan. I knew that many pastors were servants of satan. So I was suspicious of pastors and did not want to be baptized by them. But one day while I was sleeping, I had a vision in which the Lord recommended me to receive the baptism of water, but I resisted the Lord.

Later, when pastors prayed for my deliverance, they received the same message in a vision. The Lord insisted, and warned them that if I refused to take the baptism of water I would become mute for 3 days. After a few days when I woke up in the morning, I realised that I had become dumb. I was amazed. I started to communicate with people by signs. Pastors had to schedule a day when I was supposed to receive water baptism. There was a quarrel between the pastors for my baptism. I had become so popular that pastors were fighting to baptise me. Everyone wanted to baptise me to capitalise on my popularity. There was disagreement between these pastors.

Later on, the Lord intervened and revealed what was going to happen on the day of my baptism. He warned that anyone who wants to baptise me must know that the day of my baptism long demonic serpents will attack the baptismal service in an attempt to prevent it. This oracle of the Lord Jesus Christ discouraged many pastors who were fighting to baptise me. Among those who accepted to baptise me despite this oracle of the Lord, I chose an apostle for this service. At that time, I was very short and my eyes were all white. I had no pupils and I was unstable. Sometimes I lost control because forces of darkness were influencing me. On the day of my baptism there were many people on the river who came to attend, because my story was widespread in the area. I understood that baptism is essential in Christian life, because after my baptism the demons who controlled me were gone and I was totally free.

On that day, I was in the water with many pastors. They were singing hymns, praises and adorations. After praising and worshiping the Lord, the apostle began the service of baptism. As soon as he started this service, I heard the crowd of people on the river scream. In fact, 2 large cobra snakes moved towards us. The people who came to attend this service escaped, and the pastors who were assisting us and who were in the water came out of the water to save themselves. I was left alone with the apostle. I saw the first snake coming from the left side. It was hitting the water and doing an up and down movement. The crowd was watching this scene from afar and was screaming. I watched what this snake was doing. I noticed that the apostle had his eyes closed; he did not want to look. He had his eyes closed long before people started screaming. While the crowd screamed, I watched what the cobra was doing and then it disappeared from the water.

Then I saw the second snake. It approached us and he encircled us. While the apostle still had his eyes closed, the serpent lifted its head from the water. It was about 5 meters long. To tell the truth, this snake was Jacqueline, the mermaid of the toilet, one of satan's wives. This snake was staring at me, and then she started talking to me and complaining. She said to me: "Matthew, I loved you very much and I gave you everything, but is this what you do to me? I’m disappointed at your actions and your attitude." While this mermaid spoke to me, the apostle listened but he had his eyes closed and he did not want to see all this. He was focused on the prayer of protection against the serpent. When the Holy Spirit seized him, he took me and plunged me into the water and took me out. Immediately after that, Jacqueline disappeared.

After investigating my history, the national government concluded that my story was true. They took me to the capital. They wanted me to work for them but I knew them all, from the president to the members of the government and parliament. They all signed pacts with the devil. One day I was in their meeting, one of their leaders was late, but when he came I noticed that his upper part was that of a demonic beast, and his lower part human. He was a Luciferian.

Later, the first lady of the country gave money to the authorities of the intelligence agency to get me clothes. We were in a supermarket doing some shopping, but the gentleman who sold in that supermarket was not an ordinary or natural man, but a ghost who was already dead. When this man saw me, he panicked because he knew I knew his identity. As soon as he noticed that I knew his identity, he disappeared from among his workers. It was terror among the workers. The news spread about this, but intelligence agents were not happy because they were all in occultism.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:40 pm


Let's start this "Lessons to Learn" section with a review of what the Bible says. Although this case is already so clear that it can no longer be the subject of any dispute, it is always important for us to bring it closer to the word of God, to better appreciate it. Finding out what the Bible says about death, about Hades, and about the resurrection of the dead, and seeing if there are any examples of such cases in the word of God, will be very useful in the kind of warfare that we will lead from now on. Our faith would be strengthened.

The Bible from one end to the other speaks to us only of eternal life. Seeing people dying around us every day, and knowing that we are also called to die one day or another, one may wonder how the Bible can speak of eternal life. If God in His Word speaks to us about eternal life when He has made us to die, it is because He knows that physical death on earth is only a passage to a much longer life than the one we are called to live on earth. Death and resurrection are no longer empty words, but rather the reality that awaits every human being.

Note therefore, dear brethren and dear friends who read this message, that eternal life awaits you, and you will be unable to avoid it. After life on earth, another life awaits us. Whether you serve God or serve satan, another life awaits you. Whether you give your soul to Jesus Christ by accepting Him as your Lord and your personal Saviour, or that you rather sell your soul to satan, by signing abominable pacts with the occult world and other satanic sects such as Freemasonry, Rosicrucian Order and other esoteric lodges, to have glory, power, might, fame, and riches on the earth, another life awaits you. And that life, fortunately or unfortunately, will be eternal.

The notion of death and resurrection, whether transient or definitive, is therefore well taught in the Bible. Except for those who will have the privilege of being raptured according to the promise of God in 1Thessalonians 4:13-18, every individual on earth will die, and will be resurrected. This fact is established, and no one can do anything against it. The Bible says in John 11:25-26: "Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?" The Lord thus clearly announces the notion of death, resurrection, and eternal life.

John 5:28-29 tells us, "Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice and come out - those who have done good will rise to live, and those who have done evil will rise to be condemned." The resurrection is therefore not something reserved for the privileged few, but rather a thing for every human being.

Some fortunate people will have the privilege of not experiencing death, but of leaving the earth by the rapture, as we read in 1Thessalonians 4:13-18: "Brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant about those who fall asleep, or to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope. 14We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. 15According to the Lord's own word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left till the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. 16For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. 18Therefore encourage each other with these words." We will not treat the topic of rapture in this teaching. It has already been the subject of a study that you will find on our website mcreveil.org.

To return to the subject that concerns us, we will examine some cases of resurrection in the Bible. We find several cases of resurrection in the Bible; but in order not to render this teaching unnecessarily long, we would only take three. We would take a case of the resurrection of a dead person but not yet buried, a case of the resurrection of a dead person already buried, but who spent only a few days in death, and a case of the resurrection of people dead and buried for a long time.

Acts 9:36-41 "In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (which, when translated, is Dorcas), who was always doing good and helping the poor. 37About that time she became sick and died, and her body was washed and placed in an upstairs room. 38Lydda was near Joppa; so when the disciples heard that Peter was in Lydda, they sent two men to him and urged him, "Please come at once!" 39Peter went with them, and when he arrived he was taken upstairs to the room. All the widows stood around him, crying and showing him the robes and other clothing that Dorcas had made while she was still with them. 40Peter sent them all out of the room; then he got down on his knees and prayed. Turning toward the dead woman, he said, "Tabitha, get up." She opened her eyes, and seeing Peter she sat up. 41He took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. Then he called the believers and the widows and presented her to them alive."

John 11:1-45: "… 31When the Jews who had been with Mary in the house, comforting her, noticed how quickly she got up and went out, they followed her, supposing she was going to the tomb to mourn there. 32When Mary reached the place where Jesus was and saw him, she fell at his feet and said, "Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died." 33When Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled. 34"Where have you laid him?" he asked. "Come and see, Lord," they replied. 35Jesus wept. 36Then the Jews said, "See how he loved him!" 37But some of them said, "Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man have kept this man from dying?" 38Jesus, once more deeply moved, came to the tomb. It was a cave with a stone laid across the entrance. 39"Take away the stone," he said. "But, Lord," said Martha, the sister of the dead man, "by this time there is a bad odour, for he has been there four days." 40Then Jesus said, "Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?" 41So they took away the stone. Then Jesus looked up and said, "Father, I thank you that you have heard me. 42I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me." 43When he had said this, Jesus called in a loud voice, "Lazarus, come out!" 44The dead man came out, his hands and feet wrapped with strips of linen, and a cloth around his face. Jesus said to them, "Take off the grave clothes and let him go." 45Therefore many of the Jews who had come to visit Mary, and had seen what Jesus did, put their faith in him."

Matthew 27:50-53 "And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit. 51At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook and the rocks split. 52The tombs broke open and the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. 53They came out of the tombs, and after Jesus' resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many people."

Without making any comments, these are three cases that prove to us that the case of our brother Matthew Badjoko is truly justified by the Bible. The resurrection of the dead by God is thus confirmed by the Bible; whether it is the resurrection of a dead person but not yet buried, or the resurrection of a dead person already buried, but who has spent only a few days in death, or the resurrection of people dead and buried for several months or even years like the case of brother Matthew we just read.

Now, beloved, let's learn some lessons

Spiritual Warfare

Christians used to pray only for sick people or dead people not yet buried, and even that case, they did so with a certain amount of unbelief and timidity. They had never thought that they could venture to pray with faith and commitment for the resurrection of people dead and already buried. If the Lord has given us this case, it is to open our eyes, and to awaken us in relation to this other aspect of spiritual warfare that was hitherto hidden from us. Wake up and embark on warfare. Victory belongs to the Lord.

Who should you fight for?

You must fight for all those, Christians or not, who died before their time, and of whom you are convinced that they were K_illed by sorcerers. You may wonder if Christians too can be K_illed by sorcerers and satanists; the answer is yes. This is what happens around us every day. Considering the degree of warfare that the world of darkness wages against us, many Christians are dying as victims of this fierce war against satan's camp, which includes demons in spirit, demons in flesh, and other satanists and sorcerers. And they are so many, and fight against us second after second.

For whom not fighting at all

You must not waste a single minute praying or fighting for sorcerers who have been victims of their own incantations, and for those who voluntarily signed pacts with satan and whose pacts have turned against them. Nor should you waste time for those to whom you preached the Gospel, and who decided to be stubborn despite the many warnings and opportunities for repentance that God had given them. All those who themselves sought death by their extreme wickedness or their commitment to satan in witchcraft and the abominable sects, waste no time on their case.

How should you fight?

Now that you know that all these people K_illed by sorcerers are in slavery suffering atrociously, you must fight a committed battle. You must strike with strength and violence all the satanists who use as slaves those for whom you pray. You must cover the spirit, soul, and body of those for whom you pray with the blood of Jesus, and untie them from all the chains of the dark world in which they are held captive.

You must destroy all the incantations made to keep them in the world of satan, and set them free in the name of Jesus Christ the living God. Lead this warfare with rage and with great faith. Conduct this warfare relentlessly until you reach total victory. Satanists are not as strong as you think. They are strong only because the people of God let them be. It is therefore time for the people of God to finally wake up and lead a warfare worthy of the name. That is why the Lord has chosen to put this kind of testimony at our disposal.

Know once again that many of those captured by satan and his agents can be released. You just have to embark on a real spiritual warfare, and carry it out as it should, that is, with seriousness and determination. What had to be defeated in order to win in this kind of warfare was unbelief related to the fact that no one could imagine bringing back someone who had been dead and buried for a long time. The Lord has just revealed to us that this is possible. What is needed now for total victory is seriousness, great determination, and a real rage to conquer. And this rage to conquer will come from the fact that you are convinced that your brother, or your sister, or your husband, or your wife, or your child, or your parent, is being used as a slave by some agents of satan. You must not sit back when faced with such situation. So, get up and fight!

If the Lord has revealed to you satanists who hold your person, it is on them that you must focus in your fight. You must strike them by calling their names, and destroy them. They may be powerful, but if you hit them hard and constantly every day, they will eventually be defeated. If you do not know the identity of these satanists or if you are not sure, you must just direct your fight on them, without naming them, with the same rage. Do not forget to hit all those who contributed to the death of the one for whom you pray. Do not spare any of them.


Message to unbelievers

Dear friends, you who have just read this testimony, if you have not yet given your life to Jesus, know that you are in danger. Sorcerers can K_ill you at any time, to make of you a slave in the world of darkness, where you will suffer horribly until the end of the days God allocated for you, before you go to Hell to burn for eternity. Here is the moment to save yourself and protect yourself against this risk. To get there, you must be born again. In other words, you must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and your personal Saviour, confess all your sins, and be baptized in water for the forgiveness of your sins. Do not take the risk of postponing your salvation to tomorrow, since you do not know what the next day holds in store for you. Do not be stubborn to death hoping to enjoy the same grace as Matthew. Know that this grace is unfortunately not given to everyone.

For those of you who say you are Christians, but have not gone through new birth, that is, the confession of sins followed by baptism by immersion, here is the time to really accept Jesus, by a true repentance in accordance with the Bible. Do not fall again into the trap of believing yourself a Catholic christian or an Evangelical christian. The true Christian disciple of Jesus Christ is the one who has invited Jesus Christ into their life, who confessed their sins with the commitment to abandon them, and who has been baptized by immersion, that is to say in the water, for the forgiveness of their sins. For you who have received a few drops of curses on your head as baptism, stop deceiving yourself. You are still in satan's camp; and if death surprises you in your state, Hell has begun for you. If you have any questions about water baptism, refer to the teaching on Baptisms that you will find on our website mcreveil.org.

As long as you have not given your live to Jesus, you are at satan's mercy. As you have just read in this testimony, many of those who work in large plantations, in shops and other supermarkets, are ghosts. And many products that you buy in markets, come straight from satan's world; and when you consume them, you are directly initiated into witchcraft. Whereas those that have Jesus pray before going shopping, so that the Lord will lead them not to buy products made in the world of satan.

Message to traders and the greedy

You who are ready for anything to have money, you who do not hesitate to sell your brothers or your friends in witchcraft to have money, know that your end will be terrible. Not only will satan with whom you sign pacts and who promises you wealth will turn against you and swallow you once he has trapped you, but you will not escape God's wrath for your wickedness. God's judgment against you will be proportional to your cruelty.

This is the time to repent and renounce witchcraft. You can still escape the chastisement that awaits you, if you accept Jesus Christ now as your Lord and your personal Saviour. Do not take the risk of being stubborn. Take no risk of postponing your salvation to tomorrow. Satan is watching you. Your days are numbered before him. As soon as he gets the slightest error, he will sacrifice you. Invite Jesus into your heart now, and seek to go under His protection.

Message to those who want to become rich, powerful, and great in this world

You who want to become rich, powerful, and great in this world, know that to be great, to be powerful, to be famous, to be rich and influential in this world, it is absolutely necessary to make pacts with satan, and to prostrate before him. Power and glory of the earth are under satan’s control, and it is he who gives it to whomever he wants, as we read in Luke 4:5-7 "The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. 6And he said to him, "I will give you all their authority and splendour, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. 7So if you worship me, it will all be yours."

You cannot obtain the glory, fame, power, and wealth of this world without going through satan, and the only condition to get there is that you sell him your soul, to spend your eternity with him in Hell. Before running after the vanity of this world, know that it is at the cost of your life and of your eternal life, that satan will offer you what you ask him. He will never give you something for nothing. The pact you make with him, you will regret it bitterly, and this in the next few days. It is Hell that awaits you for all eternity. Now is the time to accept Jesus Christ to spend your eternity with him in His kingdom.

Message to celebrities and athletes

You who sign pacts with satan to be famous, to have the glory of this world, to become rich and to be honoured and respected by everyone, know that the contract you signed with satan will someday turn against you. It's just a matter of time. Satan will trap you, put an end to this contract without prior notice, and you will end your life as a simple slave in his world, waiting to suffer Hell for eternity. You have examples of some of your colleagues who have already been K_illed by satan, and who are currently paying the price of the confidence they had in him. You may be telling yourself that you will do everything to avoid making the mistakes they made to be K_illed by satan. You are wrong. With satan, you will always make mistakes. He knows how to set you traps, and he always knows how to get you. If you are stubborn, you will understand it in the days ahead. Remember once for all that satan never gives something for nothing. It's your life that will pay for everything you receive from him. Seize this opportunity that God grants you, to flee the hellish world of satan, and save your life, seeking refuge in Jesus Christ.

Message to sorcerers and other satanists

To all of you who are in witchcraft, occultism, and satanic sects such as Freemasonry, the Rosicrucian Order and other esoteric lodges, you who spend all your nights in cemeteries, in abominable meetings in satan's world, know that your end will be sad. satan, whom you are serving for the moment, knows very well that Hell awaits him for eternity. It's a trap that he is setting for you to suffer the same fate as him. Do not fall into his trap. Stop believing in his lie.

You will no doubt be tempted to ask yourself whether it is not too late for you, or whether it will still be possible for you to break free from the pact signed with satan, and to be forgiven after all the abominations in which you plunged yourself. The answer is yes. Jesus Christ is ready to forgive you all your wrongs and all your crimes, regardless of their gravity. Give Him your life now, and seek refuge in Him. If you want to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord, your personal Saviour and your new Master, go on your knees and invite Him sincerely into your heart. He will accept you and lead you to the path of your total deliverance.

End of Testimony
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

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Nearly 1000 Years in the Kingdom of Darkness
Testimony of a former agent of satan, who has spent nearly a 1000 (thousand) years in the world of darkness, before encountering the ultimate power of Jesus Christ.

Dear brethren and dear friends, we are pleased to put at your disposal an excerpt of this other testimony that may seem unreal, but which is justified in the light of the teaching on Discernment that the Lord has given us. It is the story of someone who has spent nearly a 1000 (thousand) years in the world of darkness, before encountering the ultimate power of Jesus Christ. The person came to earth several times, sometimes as a woman, sometimes as a man, sometimes as a white person, sometimes as a black person, according to the mission entrusted to him. And whenever he came to earth, he lived his life normally, died normally, but returned to earth through another birth.

This testimony will open your eyes on how the true servants of God are the target of the world of darkness several hundred years before their birth. This testimony is a valuable tool for true servants of God. Not only will it allow them to understand how the war against them began well before they are born, but it will also help them to better understand their surroundings, and their spiritual and physical environments.

As you can realise, all these testimonies always confirm the teachings on Discernment and on Spiritual Warfare that we put at your disposal several years ago. It is just amazing to see that God in His infinite greatness had chosen to reveal to us these mysteries without waiting for all these testimonies. To Him be all the glory!

The first time I came to this world I was born in Egypt and I was a man by then. I had one wife and four children. I was a soldier and we all went to the war front. We were up to twenty thousand soldiers in our troop but the war front was so tough and our commander died and we were all wasted. When we died, there was no place for us to go. Because if somebody who does not have the spirit of God or lives a holy life that pleases God dies, the person’s soul will be stranded immediately the person gives up the ghost. There will not be an escort angel that will lead the person to the direction of Heaven. Therefore our spirits hung in the air.

Suddenly there were demons called Magog. They appeared in that battle field with their tanks loading blood. When they were about to go, they discovered we were hanging in the air. They arrested all of our souls and took us to the deep sea. When we got to the deep sea, they took us to the palace of the queen of the coast. They put us in a straight line. They got all of us initiated by giving us a cup of blood. We drank the blood as a covenant of initiation. After being initiated, they sent for our master plan in order to send us an assignment. In the kingdom of darkness there are different levels and equally different grades: Local level, State level, Federal level, National level, Worldwide level.

These are five stages of the world in which many people used to call five stars. Some people may draw it in their church, some in their houses. They do not know what five star means; it means five stages of power of the world and it represents the kingdom of darkness. So, these stages are grade by grade, when the local level is dealing with you, they can easily do anything with you without looking for your master plan. There are 333 realm, 666 realm, 777, 999 realm and above. But this day, we are into 666 realm of marine kingdom. And there, before they took any step on you, they ought to ask for your master plan.

This master plan can only be got from the kingdom of darkness called the 999 realm, where international demons dwell. Before anyone could come to this world, from Heaven, they will first get to the place called an Immigration Centre. At the immigration centre, every human must be stopped and searched for their master plan. If they see any white file in your hand, they will collect it. And from there, they will check your master plan. Master plan means what God has sent you to accomplish in this world, from your first day to the last day. It contains your destiny or life mission record. And whenever they discover you are coming to this world to do the will of God, perhaps, you have been given an assignment that will affect the kingdom of darkness, they will manipulate and remove the original master plan of God for your life and replace it with counterfeit plan.

So that, when you get to this world everything you are doing will not be according to the will of God. For example, if God sent you to this earth to be born in Canada as a citizen, they will programme and make you to be born in Ghana. Your helper angel, your benefactor and every good thing of your life sent by God will be in Canada waiting for you. When they manipulate your master plan, your entire divine programmes and your blessing will be in Canada while you are born in Ghana where there is no helper, no goodness, and nothing to achieve. The guardian angel of your life will not be there with you. That is why you see some people suffer a lot to the extent of asking, God why did you bring me into this world to suffer? No, my dear, the angel of darkness has changed God’s plans for your life with a counterfeit plan. You have been miss-directed. That is why you are facing problems. Beloved Children of God, you need to pray earnestly. With prayer, God can still send another angel to relocate you.

As I was saying, they sought for our master plans in order to know the kind of assignment that was given to us. When our master plans were brought, they started giving everyone a position and where to work. So, when it got to my turn they suddenly gathered and buckled me up. For two weeks, I was imprisoned in their demonic prison. I did not know why they locked me up. When they eventual brought me out, I inquired why they had locked me up. They told me I did not offend them but they discovered in my master plan that God had sent me into this world to be a Prophet.

So, that was the reason why they prepared me a special assignment that will work against the original master plan of God. So that God will regret sending me into this world. They also told me that they will send me to school and that I was going to spend 300 years in the school. I was so surprised, how can I spend 300 years in school? That means I still have to die again, they laughed at me. They told me, in this place, nobody dies. And they showed me some people who had been living for 2000-3000 years. This word mounted courage in me and they also gave me something like a small stone. They put it in my mouth and I swallowed it, which I believed it had immortality. Not knowing the devil was just deceiving me. They later sent me to school in the deep sea, to the university to study.

The deep sea is so big and bigger than the whole world itself. I do not know how to describe it. The whole world we are now, maybe it’s just a small local state in that place. That place is very big. If you see their stadium over there, you cannot compare it with what we have here. If you see their universities, hospitals, they are more than ours; they are civilized and advanced more than us. Fallen angels descended from Heaven due to their rebellion. They knew the secret behind all the plants, the secret in creating animal. But when God wanted to create humans, he sent forth his breath into man and the secret behind that breath is a mystery to them. That is why man is specially adored above every other creature. I did many courses in the kingdom of darkness beneath the Deep Sea. But the particular course I went there for was Theological course.

This theological course took me 100 years to study before I could finish it. You may be surprised that in the kingdom of darkness we read the Bible. The Bible is the greatest book. It’s the book of law. We do not have any other book of law in the kingdom of darkness. Though other religions may regard other books as books of law, the most fearful and respected of all books which the kingdom of darkness does not joke with, is the Bible; because they know that by this Bible shall every human be judged. The Heaven shall also be judged by the Bible.

So, if you want to be great or have promotion, you may want to be a police, a lawyer, a judge, or to have higher rank in the kingdom of darkness, you must read theology in the Deep Sea. You must know the Word of God because it is powerful in the kingdom of darkness. The same way that the Word of God is often used in light, it is likewise used in darkness. The only difference is that, in the kingdom of darkness we only used it to contradict genuine Christians because they are ignorant and do not know the power of the word and how to use it.

I read many courses in that place beneath the Deep Sea which I cannot elaborate on. I advise anyone who wants to go to school or to university to only read some courses and leave the rest. Talking about education, you would only receive theories. The truly practical side of all those courses you get in school is right there in the deep sea. They may give you courses, that is, you may read books, but to do the practical and other sorts of things is not possible. For example, you may want to produce a chemical, medicine or a machine at the end of your studies. Despite all your efforts, your production will not be acknowledged. But, you will find people who come out with exactly what you produced, and theirs is recognised. And you will wonder why is theirs the best and not yours!

There is a cult called World Scientific Occultism. Those called genius in any course are members of this world scientific occultism. It is true that there are geniuses of God but not in the way of the world, I am very sure of this fact. So, it took me 300 years to complete studies. After my graduation I was promoted and sent to California, USA. The reason why I was offered that course was because I wanted to become Chief Justice in the highest court in the kingdom of darkness. And since I worked hard, I passed all my exams and later became chief justice in the highest court of darkness.

That was why I was sent to California. California is the head quarter and office of the devil in the whole world. The devil has 3 offices in the whole world. He has an office in California, another in India and the third in Nigeria. The Office in Nigeria was established in 1977. During the era festival called FESTAC 77. This festival was brought to Nigeria by one of our former presidents. You may think it was just an ordinary festival. The festival FESTAC 77 was programmed in order to initiate and enhance the establishment of the kingdom of darkness and demonic empowerment in Nigeria. And the office, the secretariat, is based in the centre of Obamhma market in Benin City.

When they promoted me to California as chief justice, I was to serve 30-year term. While serving there as a chief judge, I did many cases, I judged many saints. I condemned many souls which I cannot explain in this confession. I was there doing my work perfectly until the day I went to my chamber to go through files. I came across the file of an unborn person. How can somebody that is not born have a case? How can I judge a person who has not come to this world before? I was baffled. I did not know how to handle such a case. I needed to call my registrar. I asked my registrar to give me details about the case. He couldn’t explain. I then sent for the demonic lawyer that brought the case. When I interviewed the lawyer, he laughed. He said it’s possible for somebody that has not been into this world to answer a case in the kingdom of darkness; but I responded, how?

How can someone who has not been born into this world yet answer a case? He replied that they have astrologers, I mean star browsers. Before any man is born into this world, his star will be on the sky for about 300-400 years ahead. His star will be there waiting for him, programming him for his generation to come. So, there are some fallen angels called star browsers. These are demonic agents we call astrologers of darkness. They read stars, 300-400 years to come. So when the demonic star browsers were on their mission work, they came across a strange star that was wrapped in a pillar of fire.

Moreover, a resemblance star wrapped in a pillar of fire had been witnessed previously - the star of Moses. Before Moses was born the kingdom of darkness noticed that somebody strange was coming; that was the reason why they waged war against Moses. They did not want him to succeed in his missionary work even to the extent of abolishing and k_illing every new born male baby in Egypt. Thank God that he eventually triumphed.

However, when they discovered this star again, they instantly marked the personality. Therefore, they wanted to build a programme against his life. That is the reason why they brought the case to me. Though the unborn child did not offend them, they rather wanted to reprogram his life as a means to create loopholes that would work against God. They brought the case to my office waiting for instruction from me on how they can reprogram the unborn personality.

Hence, I asked the lawyer how we were going to see the personality to be judged. He said it is possible to bring such a person to the kingdom of darkness for judgment, and that they have to take permission from Heaven. I said I do not believe such a thing. But he replied and said, as the devil asked and got permission from God to touch all that Job had, they could also request the same. I thought it was a joke but I reluctantly gave them a date; that in such an appointed date I will set up a judgment for him. But frankly, I did not know the kind of judgment I would pronounce to the unknown personality. The lawyer told me that if I did not do the case, they will go and report me. This threat forced me to go back to my library to do more research. So, the judgment I set for him was to set up a marriage for him.

The baby that appeared in front of me was a full grown man, yet unborn. So, I arranged a demon reincarnate for him as wife and I got them wedded. In fact, to my outermost surprise, while they were reading his data to me, exactly the name that the baby will bear on earth was in his master plan including the name of his parents and where he will be born, I mean, 300-400 years before the baby was to be born. Even his parents were not yet born. They told me everything and where he will be born, the name of his parents, the location of his birth and everything concerning him. So, I had to reprogram the master plan of God for his life and also set up a demon reincarnate as wife for him.

Beloved, if you discover that you have a spiritual wife or husband, do not believe to be too holy. Just go straight for your deliverance and pray. Because, many are being initiated or get married to demons, before they are being born. Many people are being engaged before their mothers gave birth to them. So, do not argue, just go for deliverance, everybody needs deliverance, because you are in this world. This world has been polluted and you need deliverance every day.

After pronouncing this case, I also did another case and many like that. I finished my 30 years term in that office in the kingdom of darkness. After my case in that kingdom I was promoted to another kingdom of darkness, called Anti-god kingdom. There are three kinds of kingdoms of darkness controlling this world: Anti-god kingdom, Anti-Christ kingdom and satanic kingdom. Since the time of the Garden of Eden, it is only one kingdom we have had till today, the Anti-god kingdom. After this kingdom, the Anti-Christ kingdom follows and the satanic kingdom comes at the end.

In their kingdom, they told me that they are not concerned with attacking people or k_illing them anyhow. Neither do they stop people from prospering or cause them to be barren. In sum, they are not concerned with afflicting people on Earth with sickness; that’s the mission of local and inferior kingdoms than theirs. The only assignment they have in their own kingdom is to make man to serve God under the anger of God. Their major work is to lead man to Hell fire. Their level is the highest level in the kingdom of darkness, which is to stand against man from making Heaven. They told me that their motto and power is in the word of God.

They told me that their motto is in Deuteronomy 5:7-9 "You shall have no other gods before me. 8You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 9You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me."

These things did not mean anything or sounded strange to me since I had read this in school when I was in the deep sea. I asked them how the quotation could empower them. In response, they told me that they were fallen angels; they had been dwelling with God for thousands of years before the mistake they made which resulted in their being cast to this world. They thought that they know and understand God’s attitude very well. They know that God will never admit or accept anybody that worships another god.

They know that anybody that worships another god must always be under the anger of God. And if that person dies, they are very sure that the person will never see the favour of God. This is the reason they cause people to worship God under the anger of God. This is why they take the idea of idol worship very seriously. Whenever God says something, he does not reverse his word. He is a God that never changes. So it’s only when a man repents that he withholds the destruction process; if it happens that that person goes back to sin, then God will reverse all those sins and pile them on the concerned together with those previous ones the person had committed.

But when man repents and does not go back to sin, then he has overcome totally. In sum, they told me, they neither stop man from going to church nor hinder him from worshipping God. In addition, they use wisdom and not power to programme people’s lives so that they worship God under His anger. This is the reason they have established many churches today, most of which teach and follow what is not written in the Bible.

Talking about how they use some religions and churches to fulfil their mission, they told me that they would cause people who want to worship God to worship idols by following those churches that do not follow the Bible strictly. It follows that no matter their righteousness and goodness, God will never accept them. As soon as they die, this quotation will be opened against them by demons at the gate of Heaven. They told me that it is not only on this earth that demons fight against people. When people die, demons stand at the gate of Heaven to quote against them the things they missed on earth. More often than not, this is what they do against Christians who thought they were holy while on earth.

Concerning how they operate in the church, they told me how they introduced idol worship in the church. After the death of Christ, the apostles went about working. They went from one place to the other, preaching the gospel, causing revival and healing. Anywhere they went, there was healing, power demonstration and deliverance. People started coming to Christ and following the apostles. So, they (anti-god kingdom) said, "how are we going to stop these people?" They tried stopping them by k_illing them. The more they K_illed them, the more they increased in number.

When the apostles went to Rome, they staged their programme there and many people attended. Many of the demon-possessed and those suffering from all forms of sicknesses including the blind were healed. After the programme, the apostle laid a foundation of a church so that people could worship God. The church was established. The apostles appointed some leaders and evangelists to head the church, and they went on their way. But the devil managed to gradually introduce idolatry in the Church, by the worshipping of the queen of Heaven they called Mary. The genuine name of that idol is Venus. The demons say by this, they have the power to cause people to worship God under the anger of God. When people get to the Gate of Heaven after they die in such conditions, demons would use this quotation to make their entry to Heaven impossible.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:14 pm

They deceive and cause people to worship God under God’s anger. Their aim is to use what people worship as idol to condemn them when they die. As far as my mission with them was concerned, they told me, they would like to use me in establishing shrines for idol worship. I was then trained for this mission. So, I began coming to this world through child bearing. Somebody will give birth to me - I will grow and after some years, I die. I did not die prematurely; I sometimes died at the age of 70 or 80. I will grow to adulthood, marry and have children. But my main purpose in any given country was to live with them, know what they liked, and know how to arrange gods for them. And this is how we established our idol.

If we wanted to establish an idol, we would live among people so that we know their sicknesses and their weak points. If we wanted to force a state or city to worship idols, we would cause a sickness among them so that they either experienced continued deaths or we would send the spirit of Magog to another village or country to come and fight them and start k_illing them. And when they see people dying, they will start going all around, consulting oracles. It is during these consultations that they would be directed to a specific person who can help them solve their problem. They would be directed to me. In my turn, I will tell them to establish an idol and begin worshipping it; and if they did, truly, their problems were over. This is how they would be turned to idol worship. I have been born in many countries.

As a Christian, you might want to argue with me on the basis that man has been mandated to die once. True, the Bible does not lie. It’s true that man has been mandated to die once, but let me tell you something; this is so only with true Children of God. True Children of God have the Holy Spirit, and when they die, the angels called Escort Angels will welcome their souls, protect them and take them to a place where their souls will rest. But, those who do not live a holy live, whether you believe me or not, there are some demons that wait for them to die. These demons would hijack their souls and take them to their kingdom. Do you know that many of us do not reach our ages before we die? The only thing that will make someone go to the land of the dead is when they die at the appropriate age. But if you die before your age, you will not go there. You will go to the kingdom of demons and start serving them.

In some traditions, when some people die, their faces, hands and/or legs are scarified before they are buried. If it happens that they are born a second time, they come back with the same scars on their body, exactly on the places where the marks were made. Some of them have acute memories after their rebirth to the point of being able to recognise the cloths and shoes they used before dying.

How do we penetrate into the body of human beings?

If we want to come to this world, we will first come in spirit. We do not have flesh. We will mark any woman or man that has the kind of face and complexion we like and need. But if the person is still single, we will quickly programme their marriage since we want to use their body. Even if that person were holy, we will release sexual urge upon her that will make her to go and fornicate and get pregnant. And if such a woman dares abort it, she will die. During the sexual act, a spirit will be monitoring the sperm that will be released. And during the temperature and warming, just at the point that the sperm cell is about to become flesh, the spirit will enter. The flesh will mix-up with the spirit and it will turn into a baby, and everybody will rejoice that a new baby has been born.

That is why I am giving this advice; any married couple that wants to meet together or have sexual intercourse, whether they want a baby or not, they should cover themselves with the blood of Jesus Christ and sanctify that place or bed with the power of the Holy Ghost. This would keep you from producing demons into this world. This explains why there are children that do not resemble the father and mother in character in many Christian homes. These children act so strange and behave differently from the whole family. This is simply because the parents did not know that there were some unseen spirit programming against their intercourse when they were meeting together. My prayer is, everyone of you that has been in this kind of condition or has such a person in their family, that the Lord that touched and changed my life will also touch and change their lives; and if the ones born into their family are demon re-incarnate, the Lord should uproot and remove them from that family in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

So, this is how I started going from one country to another to establish demonic temples. I worked for this kingdom for many years. I prospered anywhere I was born. I was good at carrying out any assignments and respecting contracts. I prospered in all things. I constantly had promotion everywhere until I got to the highest level, to the extent that I became one of the executive members in the kingdom of darkness. As executive members, we normally went for annual meetings and did annual budgets. Budgeting always comes up around September and October.

We meet every year to give reports, and each person in the meeting represents a continent, i.e. one person will represent Africa, another Europe, and another Asia and so on. Not many of us are executives. During one of those annual meetings, somebody may stand up and say, "Ah, in my own continent, of the 2.000.000 people that died this year, we afflicted 700 with sickness; 300 people backslide; and about 400 people were given fibroid; ..." People are given additional powers, promotion, and demons according to how they work. They may decide to give them 20,000 demons to work along with them so as to facilitate and make their work more effective. Others would get powers, snake, scorpion and many weapons and arrows so that their work can be faster, and they will also give a report of those initiated in a year.

Let me tell you something; if a local government has 10 witches, whether you believe it or not, those 10 witches will be multiplied into 100 within a year. The kingdom of darkness always initiates, and multiplication is always their mission. It is only in the Christendom where people do not care about multiplication; multiplication is the greatest assignment in the kingdom of darkness, because the devil always reminds us every year that the rapture will soon take place. He said he did not want Jesus Christ to have any candidate. They want the rapture to sound and that nobody should be raptured. They want Jesus Christ to score zero. That is why they are very fast in initiating people.

In the old days, before somebody was initiated, they would ask that one to bring this and that and to make a covenant; but now, whether you like it or not, a person could be initiated either by a dream, or in school. That is the reason why I am going to unveil how they bewitch people. It is only by the grace of God that you can be freed. They also initiate people in the market. So, they will give report of the number of people they initiated and after the whole thing, the person can be promoted. This is how we started giving our report, one by one. Normally, those that report last are demons called "International demons". These are the people who normally stay between the entrance gate to Heaven, and who know how many people enter Heaven in a year. They are the same people Daniel called Prince of Persia. They are the people who hindered the prayer of Daniel. These demons have the power to hijack man or his life after death.

They are the people that welcome man while he is coming to this world and also when he is leaving this world. They know the number of people that make Heaven in a year and number of people that go to Hell in a year. So, that day they all stood up with sad faces, they were not happy. We all wondered why these people were not happy, because they are always cheerful; they always put on great air of superiority whenever they want to talk. They started talking, saying, "This year, about 15 souls made it to Heaven." We were so surprised, because it had not happened like that ever since I joined them. Since I joined them, it was usual for them to say, "Heee, this year about 2-3 souls made it to Heaven." And sometimes no single soul will make it.

You may not believe me. If it were not so, God would not have been raising people every day to preach the Gospel of Christ. Do you know that in the whole universe, people who are dying every year are above 100 millions, and 100 millions go to Hell every year? And nobody is entering Heaven. But the report that year was very very different. And everywhere was scattered and everybody was angry. The devil himself cried, roaring like a lion with anger, scattered everywhere, released fire, injured and burnt many people. He was shouting, why, do you want to destroy my kingdom, do you want to destroy me? How do you allow 15 people to make Heaven in a year, 15 people making Heaven in a year is very dangerous for the kingdom of darkness, because as soon as all the seats God has reserved are occupied, the rapture will take place. That is why the rapture has been delayed. If the number is complete, our time will be over. He was seriously annoyed, he then summoned the astrologers to go and browse through the internet.

Talking about the internet, it existed long before you people on earth discovered it. So, astrologers were sent to search out the cause of the problem. They discovered in their research that this barrier got broken in the land of Africa, in Nigeria. The Devil now commanded them to go and check what caused the problem. But the report made me afraid; they came back with a report of a man against whom I passed a judgment in the kingdom of darkness when I was in California. That man was the founder of the Christ Apostolic Church. If you would remember, I told you of an unborn man that, in judgment, I programmed a demon and re-incarnate demon as human being that he would get married to. I made him to marry that demon as a wife. And truly, physically on earth, I am sorry to say, the people that are members of that church can attest to the story very well. They know the very woman; they know that the woman that man married did not repent until she died.

The point here is not if she wanted to repent or not. God would not accept her even if she repented simply because she was a demon re-incarnate. If you know about that church’s story very well, you will know that I am not lying. We programmed so many things about that church, but I thank God who helped that pastor to overcome the power of that woman. Even though that woman tormented him, but still, he made Heaven. All glory be to God.

They said he was the one that caused what brought the barrier that made the number of people to make Heaven like that. And argument broke out on how a single man can break such a barrier. Was he so strong? Or was it the message that was so powerful or was it the anointing? The astrologers then told us that it was neither the message nor the anointing. It was because he gave instructions in the church that all the members should not wear earrings and jewelleries. We were at this point told how that could affect the kingdom of Heaven. I raised my hand to confirm that I came across something like that when I visited the international demons at the gate of Heaven.

There was a day I was going to Hell fire to mark a record. Due to my position and promotion to the higher level, I had access into Hell fire. When I was still in the kingdom of darkness, I could go to Hell fire without being burnt. I did not know that it was hot. I did not know they were deceiving me until the very day I had an encounter with Jesus Christ in the 99 realm. When Christ Himself met with me and destroyed all the power in my body, it was then that I knew that Hell fire is hot.

So, I was going to Hell fire to mark a record by targeting somebody we wanted to K_ill. At our level, we do not K_ill anyone. We would only go to a person’s record in Hell. Every human being’s name is in Hell fire. Two spirit beings always appear on the day of a person’s naming ceremony. The first spirit being is a demon from Hell fire. The second is an angel from Heaven. If the name which the baby bears is attached to any name of any idol, the angel that came from Heaven will disappear. Let me tell you something, the name of an idol can never enter into the book of life. Forget about your position in the Christendom, you may be a bishop, a reverend, or whosoever you think you are; you may be holy on earth; your work may even be acceptable; but if your name has to do with an idol, it will not be recorded in the book of life. Make sure your name has to do with God if truly you want to make Heaven. But if your name has a connection with idols, it means you belong to the lineage of idols. So, note that and change your name.

If we want to attack people, if we want to K_ill them in the kingdom of darkness, we go through that name. That second demon that comes from Hell fire can write everybody’s name. Whatever your name is, he will write it down. He will go and record it in their register room in Hell fire. So, if you are alive, if you are committing sin, the blood of Jesus Christ will not be on your name. But if you are in Christ, and are holy, the blood of Jesus Christ will cover your name. When the demon goes there to check, your name will be blank. But the blood will be wiped away and your name will appear the moment you backslide and go back to sin.

If we go there and the name appears, we will strike that person to death. We will not allow him to repent before we K_ill him. But when we get there and see that the blood still covers a name, no matter how great our programme against that person is, we will not K_ill that person at that moment, until we see him in the act of sin. It is at that point that we can K_ill him or else if we K_ill him without wiping away the blood of Jesus Christ, he will go to Heaven and we will lose the candidate. And the kingdom of darkness will punish us for losing the candidate.

Danger of wearing jewelleries

In our own kingdom, k_illing is not our target, but destruction to Hell fire is. We set numerous traps in this world to make sure no one makes Heaven. We did not believe that people could still make Heaven because we polluted everything on earth. And whenever someone made Heaven, it pained, baffled and bothered us a lot, and we always wondered how they had managed despite everything we had done to prevent them from making Heaven. On my way to Hell one day to check a name, I decided to branch to the international demons to greet them in their position. As I was exchanging word with them, we noticed the arrival of a woman who had feared God on earth. She was a pastor's wife and she won many souls for the Lord. But our agents on earth succeeded in deceiving her. This woman was wearing little earrings and had believed that the fact that her earrings were tiny is not a sin. This woman got to the gate of Heaven, and to her uttermost surprise she was told she could not enter Heaven with her earrings.

Before she finished saying, "I am sorry, I did not know", before she finished tendering her explanation, a force came from nowhere, and just turned her face from the direction of the gate of Heaven to the direction of Hell fire. A strange wind took this woman and rolled her seriously and she speedily ran to Hell. Do not think you will walk majestically to Hell fire or that somebody will throw you there. You will run with your legs, with speed. Another sad side of this story is that the angels took time to show to that woman the crown and all the rewards that were stored in Heaven for her. Because of the work that she had done on earth for the Lord, she had a beautiful crown in Heaven, a very glorious crown, filled with stars all over, and shining with more than 500 hundred stars, and many other rewards, including a beautiful mansion. When I asked the international demons why the woman's crown was so glorious, they said, this was the crown for a soul winner ... and that the stars I saw on the crown were the number of souls that the woman won for the Lord.

They also told me that there is no crown for a bishop or pastor in Heaven. Any title we give to ourselves on earth has no reward in Heaven, it is only the work we do for the Lord that gets rewarded there. The woman was sure of her life; she believed she lived a holy life. She won many souls for the Lord, she had glorious crown waiting for her in Heaven, yet she could not enter. When the angel told her at the gate that she could not enter, she started arguing, "No, I must enter. Jesus even appeared to me before I died, I’m holy", but in the course of her arguments, the international demons interrupted her and said, "woman you cannot enter Heaven with your earrings". The worst part is this ...This woman started shouting the name of Jesus Christ. She was shouting Jesussssssssssss. Brethren, it is when you are still alive that you can shout the name of Jesus Christ for salvation. So please, accept the Bible as it is.

This woman went to Hell fire because of ignorance. She did not believe that God hated earrings, no matter how small they could be. It is easy for a man to make Heaven than a woman. Because of worldly attachments women are very scarce in Heaven. I remember when Jesus Christ took me to Heaven when He met me. When he took me to the banquet hall, I discovered that men were more than women. In the Church on earth women are many but in Heaven woman are very scarce, because of what satan has programmed for them.

What does the Bible say about jewellery?

Genesis 35:1-5 "Then God said to Jacob, go up to Bethel and settle there, and build an altar there to God, who appeared to you when you were fleeing from your brother Esau. 2So Jacob said to his household and to all who were with him, get rid of the foreign gods you have with you, and purify yourselves and change your clothes. 3Then come, let us go up to Bethel, where I will build an altar to God, who answered me in the day of my distress and who has been with me wherever I have gone. 4So they gave Jacob all the foreign gods they had and the rings in their ears, and Jacob buried them under the oak at Shechem. 5Then they set out, and the terror of God fell on the towns all around them so that no one pursued them."

Exodus 33:1-6 "Then the Lord said to Moses, leave this place, you and the people you brought up out of Egypt, and go up to the land I promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, saying, I will give it to your descendants.’ 2I will send an angel before you and drive out the Canaanites, Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites. 3Go up to the land flowing with milk and honey. But I will not go with you, because you are a stiff-necked people and I might destroy you on the way. 4When the people heard these distressing words, they began to mourn and no one put on any ornaments. 5For the Lord had said to Moses, tell the Israelites, you are a stiff-necked people. If I were to go with you even for a moment, I might destroy you. Now take off your ornaments and I will decide what to do with you. 6So the Israelites stripped off their ornaments at Mount Horeb."

These passages show us that God's position in relation to ornaments is clear.

In 1Corinthians 3:16-17 the Bible says that our body is the temple of the Lord, and no iniquity shall dwell in it. "Do you not know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you? 17If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him; for God's temple is sacred, and you are that temple." Therefore, anything that attracts the wrath of God must not remain in our body. Do not use any jewellery on your body, which is the Temple of God.

Some people will say, "God does not have anything to do with our body, but only with our soul or heart" ... It is a lie!!! God has something to do with your body, spirit, heart, and soul. Your body is the temple of the Lord. Iniquities must not dwell there. You must be careful; your body belongs to God. You cannot use it the way you like. You must please God with your body. Let's read Romans 12:1 "Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God - this is your spiritual act of worship."
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:18 pm

God talks about your body here, and not about your heart or soul. If God wants to talk about heart, He will talk about heart, and if He wants to talk about body, He will talk about body. Do not let any preacher of satan deceive you. Do not allow any agent of Hell to tell you that God is only concerned with soul, heart and not with body. Your body, soul and heart are for God. If you Christians truly want to make Heaven, you should get rid of all these things. The reason why we are using them today in the church and we are not dying, and fire does not fall to consume us, is because we are under grace. Do not worry, thunder will not K_ill you in the church today; fire will not burn you; but do not forget that a day comes when you will die and face the anger of God. Please take this message very seriously.

My encounter with the servant of God

In our meeting that day, we realised that our dressing and ornament have been destroying many souls and we were very happy. We specifically used this aim and power in a mighty way in our kingdom. So, as we rounded off the meeting, we concluded that we must deal with that pastor who broke the barrier that made people to make Heaven and with his ministry. We then sent many agents to Nigeria to attack him. But glory be to God! As many as were sent to attack this pastor, so were they hit. He just stood up one day in the church and said "I release the fire of the Lord, the Angel of the Lord, to arrest the spirit of darkness in this place" and they were arrested, and started confessing. They confessed and repented. It is only re-incarnate demons that cannot repent; if they do, they will die. But the genuine human being who has been possessed can truly repent, and if they pray for them, they will be delivered.

The devil started losing many candidates. That is why another meeting was held in order to look for superior and experienced people, those who can do the contract very well. That was how they found me some years later. They said I should be the one that should go to Nigeria to eradicate that dangerous doctrine which that man had established. So please do not argue with your eternity. Sacrifice whatever can hinder you from making Heaven. If it is your beauty, sacrifice it. Whatever you have here, you cannot compare it with eternity. Anything at all, that the kingdom of Heaven does not like in you, sacrifice it, in order to make Heaven.

In our meeting, we were thus assigned to come and wage war against Africa because of that man of God. My assignment to Nigeria was to pollute the Christendom. That means bringing the world into the church and taking the church back to the world; everything going on outside in the world will be taken into the church, and people will not know the difference. My assignment was to blindfold people to the extent that they would not know the difference between Deborah and Delilah. There must be a difference between the two. You must recognize Deborah when she appears and Delilah must also be recognized when she appears. In the church today, you no longer know the difference between a prostitute and a child of God, they both dress the same way. No, you cannot make Heaven with this; there must be a difference between darkness and light. What is the friendship between darkness and light? No, No, there is no friendship among them, but there must be a difference.

That is why, you must be very careful. Do not allow the devil to deceive you. Let's read from 2Corinthians 6:14-18, "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? 15And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? 16And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said: "I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God, and they shall be My people." 17Therefore "Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you." 18"I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty." That means you must not have any thing in common with them. If your dressing becomes common with theirs, if the way you talk is common with theirs, it means you are part of them.

It follows that, your dressing must be different from the world; your attitude too must be different. If nothing is making you different from them, that means you are still in the world. You are not in Christ. So, if the first brethren’s attitude, speech and their way of life earned them the name Christians, that means there is a way real Christians behave; the way true Christians do things make them to be different. You must be different among the multitude. If you do not obey the Bible, the language that will come at last will be the language of death. If death says, "give me your life", you cannot argue. And if you do not obey the Word of God and die in sin, then you will die forever. Do not allow this testimony to condemn you after death.

As I was saying, my assignment in Nigeria was to come and pollute the Christendom. They told me that I must use their dressing to drive away the presence of God from the church. Note that the existence of certain things in the church would stop God’s presence from appearing. You may argue with me that in your church there are miracles, people speak in tongues, the voice of God is heard... No Problem. There are thousands of gods, especially if you say, you hear voice, you see vision? Do you think all visions come from God? Do you think all things you hear are from God? Does not the Bible say even demons disguise themselves as angels of God? Beware of that god that is speaking to you in sin.

You are committing sin, you are dressing like Jezebel, you are dressing like demonic people and you say God is speaking to you. I have dwelt with them, have reigned with them for many years. I know how they operate. I do not believe that a woman can dress like Jezebel and the Spirit of the Almighty God still dwells in her, it is a lie. You may argue with me, but you will never, never argue after death. Be careful, if you think I am lying and you discover after death that I was saying the truth, will you have another chance to come back to life? That is why you must think twice before you reject this message.

Before I went to Africa for my assignment, I needed to consult the superior ones, which had been there before me, those that understand the things that go on in the kingdom of darkness. I needed to consult the queen of the coast. I consulted many kingdoms for their advice so that they could guide me, so that I would not make mistakes. Assignments in Africa are very difficult assignments. Many had failed. I was then promised that should I succeed, I would be promoted to a higher position. As I went to them for advice, they gave me keys on how I could do it. But in the kingdom of darkness, they said I should go and prepare my proposal before they would approve my assignment. The proposal must contain a biblical quotation, which will be used against anybody that will fall under your trap. My proposal rested on the quotation of Romans 1:26 "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones." You may say, "What is the meaning of this?"

It means women exchange natural, anything called natural is natural. It is either sexual or a part of your body. It says "women exchange natural for unnatural" and God released His Judgment upon them in verse 32 "Although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them." Note that before this last verse, so many sins are mentioned. At this point, I am only interested in the one I pointed out in my own proposal. It says, anybody that does this especially "anybody that changes natural for unnatural, whether sexual or dressing, so far as you change anything God has given you to unnatural, the Bible says you deserve death".

And it also says, they "not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." This portion is talking about some people that say they are born again, they do not do it; but they have a hairdressing saloon. If anybody brings attachment (wig) or brings hair relaxer, they will do it for them. If you say you are not doing it and you are doing it for somebody, you will also be condemned. That is why you must separate yourself from them. So, this is the quotation I wrote in my proposal and some other quotations like that, and they accepted it from me and thus gave me the contract. I began establishing fake churches when I was about starting my work in polluting the Christendom. Without the counterfeit, one cannot appreciate the original. Before having counterfeit churches we must first have counterfeit ministers. Let me reveal something about the kingdom of darkness to you ministers listening to this.

You know that some so-called Christians and so-called servants of God are evil, and sometimes you gather to pray against them, striking them to death and asking God to crush them. Yes, God can answer that prayer, but not the way you expect it. Let me tell you one secret. The devils are wise in their kingdom but powerless. The Holy Spirit makes us to be wiser than them; if you obey the word of God you will be wise, but if you commit sin, you become a fool. Let me tell you the truth: the power used for miracles in the kingdom of darkness does not originate from them. The devil has no power for miracles; it’s the power given to genuine ministers of God from Heaven that they collect by sexual intercourse, which they keep in their storehouse. It is the same they use to ordain their fake ministers.

It explains why you see them working the way Children of God are working, doing miracles like Jesus. That is why whenever you pray against them they’re not affected; they are actually using the same power of God against the work of God. The devil has no power for miracles; we collect it from Children of God. We have women agents who, when a minister of God is powerful, when the anointing of God is highly filled up in him, we send them against those ministers. They pretend to be workers in the Church or a sponsor of the Church. They will get closer to the pastor. They will be too good and humble to the pastor. The pastor will have special interest in them because they are good. In addition, they are ready to give whatever they have to the ministry. This would bring them closer to the minister. We may use this opportunity to seduce this pastor. And if this pastor can mistakenly fall in love with this agent and have sexual intercourse with them, we get him!

We put a snake in the private part of those women. If it happens that the pastor has sexual intercourse with them and release in their body, it does not matter whether or not they use condom or whatever, the real sperm goes straight into the body of that woman and the snake in the private part will open its mouth and swallow the sperm. In the night, the snake would move out and would go to the lab in the marine world and vomit the sperm there. The sperm would be scanned as a means to know the level of the glory and the anointing. To all men listening to this, do you know that your glory, riches and everything you have on earth is in your sperm? That is why if you mess around anyhow, it’s your glory you are messing around with. Both anointing and glory are all stored in the sperm. That is why, if you fornicate too much before getting married, you may not give birth to good children; all the glorious things in your sperm have been given out to useless women. When you fornicate, you can sell off your life and glory.

So, we take ministers’ anointing from their sperms. We store it to prepare our fake ministers with. When we prepared these fake ministers of ours, we endowed them with wisdom. They are wise. Let me tell you something. There is something we call micro-chip implant. These fake ministers of God are richer than you are in the word of God. This is because the entire computer has been implanted into their brains by the micro-soft. We have installed all the quotations and everything in the Bible into their brains. You see them quoting many biblical passages and also interpret them. They do this to the point of marvelling genuine men of God. You would be surprised to the point of saying, "God is great; this man of God is talking". Be careful; go back to your Bible. Forget about what they say. Forget about how good they are. God is there in your Bible. Beware, do not follow their deception. They may write many books. I too wrote books; but do not be carried away by it.

They may say seven true words of God and they will add two lies into it. The seven truths they say will make you to admit the two lies and you will be deceived. So, please anytime you read books go back to the Bible. Anything you read in them which does not go along with the faith you have in the Bible, be careful! I had more than two thousands ministers I had ordained from the marine kingdom and they have established churches in this world and they are general overseers today. They are operating and they are dong miracles today, and nobody can stop them except God. I have gone myself to some of them in order to do restitution but they called police to arrest me. They said I am a liar and mad. I have tried to rescue them but they refused because they believed it is God who called them.

This is how I called them in the dream; I will go to them and talk to them like God and say, if the name is Samuel, I will say, "Samuel, hear the voice of god, I am god almighty, the creator of heaven and earth. I want to send you with a message. Carry your cross and follow me. I want to send you to the world, to deliver my people from the power of darkness, to stop them from worshipping idols, to save their souls. I will give you anointing and power for healing, breakthrough, blessing, and to comfort my people and I will honour you, I will bless you. I will give you power to go throughout the world and I will be with you. I am your god almighty".

And when that person wakes up, will he not think that it were God? He will believe it is God who is talking to him because according to the Bible, that is how God called His people. We had been trained to imitate God and His angels. If we do not deceive them, how will they follow us? So, that is how I called many people and all the signs that follow genuine call, will also follow that person. If they refuse, we can afflict them with problems. They can be sacked at their jobsite, and their businesses may collapse. All the system that God uses is the same system we use in calling fake ministers. I am not saying that God does no longer call people. God is still calling people, but ask very well of the name of the god that called you.

If you hear a call, or if you believe to have heard a call, the first thing to do is not to go to a bible college, but to pray. Keep in mind once and for all that the bible college does not train a true servant of God; it is God who trains His true servants. Pray for several weeks, and spend a lot of time in your Bible, so that you will not regret it. Find out if it is the true God who called you. Beg the Lord to explain the secret of this call to you, the covenant He wants to make with you. And even when you start serving God, check the Bible as you go along.

As I already told you, the target and mission of my calling was to eradicate holiness in the Church. We believed that if holiness continued in the church, if they remained in the true word of God and if we did not deceive them and give them the counterfeit, they would continue to make Heaven. That was the reason why we started establishing fake churches by calling fake ministers. Apart from establishing fake churches, we also had other preparations and areas in which we worked. For example, our preparations in gospel musicians, the way we deceived the choirs, our works in baptism and holy communion, and how we worked among the workers in the church.

When I started my assignment, we first ordained our fake ministers with water, sperm and stars we collected from the anointed men of God. Whenever we sent our ministers to come and establish their own church, they did not start in a local way, they started a church in a big way. We mostly made our fake ministers to start in a big way. Sometimes, they might also start in rough and terrible way but it all depended on the level of the demon that used them. But if the level of demon that uses them is from local level, they can start with poverty. I am not saying that anybody that starts the work of God in poverty is from God. There is no system that the devil cannot use; but during my assignment, we normally established our ministers in better ways and also gave them good locations. These fake ministers I am talking about are trained and prepared for the mission ahead of them. They are taught the type of sermon they will be preaching. The sermon we taught and trained them in was not for salvation.

We only taught them to teach about God’s love, God’s greatness, God’s goodness, and also to regard God as the almighty powerful and miracle maker, who can bless people and do wondrous things. We equally taught them to make their congregation to see God as a friend but not make them to remember or allow them to see God as someone who is seriously annoyed with this world of sin. That they should not bring their mind to the destruction that is coming upon this world. When they preach, they tell people not to commit sin, but they do not emphasis on those common sins that are committed everyday. They always base their preaching on miracles, healing, success, breakthrough, power and faith. They do not preach on holiness, righteousness and the fear of God. This is how we taught our fake ministers on how to eradicate the fear of God from people's hearts.

Moreover, any topic or sermon they give, they always round it up with blessing and miracle. Please listen to me, "If you see any pastor preaching like that, know that he is one of the agents of darkness. He is either a registered agent or ignorant agent." What I mean by ignorant agent is that, some people are working for the devil and yet they do not know they are working for the devil while thinking they are working for God. You might not behold them going to the shrine or the world of darkness to obtain diabolical powers or make any covenant, but ignorantly they are working for the devil because their sermon and system is the same as the system of darkness. Loving God is an act of obeying His commandment. It is not by spending or giving money alone. Satanic ministers only preach about what pleases them. Their preaching is only based on self-profit.

We trained fake ministers to preach about something around salvation, but while deceiving people on the language of salvation. They will teach their congregation that if they come to church, they should confess the name of Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Lord and personal Saviour. They also tell their members to come regularly to church, pay their tithes and offerings, donate in the church. They will also tell them incidentally that it is not good to fornicate and tell lies, but they will never place emphasis on sins. The reason why the church is established is to remind the faithful of those sins everyday. We come to church everyday for the pastors to preach against that sin that will hinder us from making Heaven. It is when something is repeated in the ears of human beings that they remember. But what we hear everyday in our churches today is blessing and breakthrough. These messages are from satan.

If truly it was God Almighty who called you and you later diverted and started preaching the way other preachers do, He would reject and replace you. True servants of God should let their faithful know what is coming upon them if they refuse to live a holy life. The church is not an entertainment hall. Why should your members be clapping for you whenever you are preaching? If your members continue clapping for you everyday, that means you are out of the way. You must preach and chastise them with the word of genuine salvation. When Jesus Christ was preaching, people gnashed their teeth and went away. They did not applaud. John 6:60-67 " ... 66From this time many of His disciples turned back and no longer followed Him. 67You do not want to leave too, do you? Jesus asked the Twelve."

You refuse to preach the truth just because you are afraid to lose members. You do not care if they miss Heaven. God is losing many souls everyday while you keep gaining more souls in your church. Your church has become full while Heaven is reducing. What an unfortunate scenario. My dear, God is disappointed in you because you have abandoned your service. If truly you were working for God you would be caring about souls, salvation and not population. God does not care about your population, but He only cares about salvation. These are ways to identify and differentiate between fake ministers and genuine ministers of God.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:21 pm

There are holy and righteous churches where holiness and salvation messages are being preached, where people hear and receive the true word of God. But, most of the times members face various kinds of problems in their lives. Though they pray and pray fervently, they do not receive answers to their prayer; do you know why? It is not because God does not answer their prayer, but we send stand by demons against them to monitor them, and accuse them to God if they commit any sin. The demon will hold a strong reason against them and say: God, though this brother deserves this blessing but because he has committed this sin, he must be punished according to Your word.

A child of God may commit any fault; this may be unfaithfulness in tithe payment, the fact of not redeeming their vow and pledges, etc. Sometimes, they commit those little sins, which they do not count nor regard as severe sins, such as backbiting, rebellion, lies, laziness, coming to church late, etc. The enemy can use any of these to accuse them because they know that God is faithful and cannot deny His word. Even if the angels want to fight against them, they would tell the angels, "You know God is not respecter of any person, even if Heaven and earth pass away, the word of God must surely be fulfilled". This accusation will cause the angels to hold their peace. They will be silence and would not fight nor do anything and the demons will seize the blessing.

The worst part is that, when the faithful ones among them pray in order to receive blessing, God will sent an angel to bring the blessing to them but when the angel get to the church the same thing that happened to the angel assigned to answer Daniel will also happen to them. Daniel 10:12-13 "Then he continued, "Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them. 13But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia." The demons will stand against the angel and seize the blessing while the person will still be expecting the blessing from God, not knowing that God has already released the blessing.

Sometimes, people wonder why big miracles are rare in those holy and righteous churches. Miracles are rare there because the accusers of the brethren are accusing them greatly. But in those fakes and counterfeit churches you will witness mighty miracles, because nobody is accusing them. If you see any church in which sins abound, where women dress like Jezebel and in such a situation God does not warn them about that sin, He does not correct their mistakes, but instead He keeps blessing them, know that that church is of satan. God can in no way be behind these miracles. The purpose of God for the Church is not miracles, but salvation. Miracle is just a way to give faith to the people, just to build our faith so that we can listen to what God wants.

Some pastors while preaching in their church say, "The blood of Jesus Christ is there any time you commit sin, go and plead for the blood. It will remove your sin and you shall get whatever you need from God." Please listen, the blood of Jesus is not for abuser sinners. The blood of Jesus is for sinners that repent from their sin. When you repent and forsake your sin the blood will cancel the record, and God will see you as a holy man. Then you will be adopted into the kingdom of God as a child of God. But God should not forgive you today and you go back as a bastard, and tomorrow you plead the blood again and come back as a son, and the next day you go back as a bastard, it will not work. The word of God says: "What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? 2By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?" Romans 6:1-2.

So, because we have grace, must we continue to abuse the grace? No. If your pastor tells you that the blood of Jesus Christ is there for you to commit sin and use it to bathe as bathing water, bear in mind that it does not work like that. This message comes from satan. Hebrew 10:26-27 "If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, 27but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God." The scripture says if anybody tastes the grace of God and later goes back to sin, it says such person does not deserve Heaven. 1Peter 1:15-16 "But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; 16for it is written: "Be holy, because I am holy." It says be holy as your Father in Heaven is holy, that means God knows that we can be holy.

God also does His own miracles but demonic evil spirits are always high-jacking them by constantly accusing and reporting the little sins of the brethren. But no one is reporting or accusing the counterfeit churches, they have their own gods and their own gods do not take into consideration nor regard their iniquities. All that people believe in today in the church is just miracle. What is the power behind the miracles you claim to receive? You better be careful about the power behind the miracles you receive or else you will regret after receiving them. Whatever satan gives you, you must surely pay for it either now or in eternity. Do not be a fool. Satan is wiser than you, but only the Holy Spirit can empower you to be wiser than satan.

Do not think you can manipulate God, by dining with the devil and seeking after his diabolic power and later use the same mouth to praise the Almighty God. Whatever the devil gives you, some demons will ensure that they dwell with you with that miracle and follow you up in order to frustrate, toil and manipulate your life in latter days. Now is an appointed time and gracious period for you to pray and seek the face of Jesus Christ, the Almighty Saviour, and confess and repent from your evil and former ways and embrace His salvation before it becomes too late.

I specifically devoted my time to model (dressing). In those counterfeit churches, we permitted women to dress anyhow because we wanted them to make use of the dressing material we produced from our demonic kingdoms. In counterfeit churches, they do not care about the dressing style of women because they are permitted to dress anyhow without minding what the word of God says. 1Corinthians 11:6 "If a woman does not cover her head, she should have her hair cut off; and if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut or shaved off, she should cover her head." We can see how the word of God emphasizes the importance and how godly women ought to present themselves before the Lord. 1Corinthians 11:13 "Judge for yourselves: Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered?" But, the counterfeit churches tend to prove otherwise by justifying themselves with the following scriptures: 1Corinthians 11:15 "But that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering." This scripture portrays that long hair is a woman’s glory and beauty and needs to be covered with scarf while praying to God.

African women do not have long hair but due to clamour for beauty they have decided to possess artificial long hair, therefore contradicting against the perfect will of God. Today they have what is called attachment, wig-on and hair perm. Even in the church, they will wear all this artificial attires, and they will be praising and worshipping God. Note that your church doctrine may change, but the Bible cannot change because it is infallible. Your church and self-system of worship and service to God may change, but the Bible cannot be altered. This generation will pass away but the word of God cannot be broken. This warning is fairly plain and simple but some will rather reject it and comfort themselves with 1Corinthians 11:15.

Whether you believe me or not, that was how we used to train our demonic ministers in the kingdom of darkness. These are the key points we enforced and gave our ministers and pastors to deceive the world and for their deception enterprise in the church. Women are mostly used by the devil as a powerful weapon of darkness to destroy churches. These are the various strategies and systems we used in our counterfeit churches to divert the attention of genuine and holy churches of God. Even with all their holiness and seriousness in the service of God, there would not be any miracle; while those that dress like Jezebel will be receiving multiples miracles and testimonies. This action will tend to propel confusion among the holy worshippers. They will be confused and would not know what to believe and which church is counterfeit or genuine.

They will rather conclude in their hearts and say, "Those things we say is a sin is no longer considered by God as sin due to His showers of blessings upon the counterfeits churches; if God is no longer interested in our dressing, then let us dress anyhow we like." This is what is happening today in churches. Most people end up doubting that the righteous and godly ways of dressing is better, because those who dress godly are suffering while those that the word of God condemns are receiving so-called miracles everyday. This has generated a lot of confusion and also caused many believers to backslide. That was how we marked out our strategies. I am the architect of that mission. I was the person that executed the assignment during my era in the kingdom of darkness.

If you are under this perpetual bondage, please lose yourself before you die. Your blood is no longer on my head because I am free by the grace of God. If you are still under the deceitfulness of dressing, your blood cannot be required from me; because I am confessing the truth to you and you ought to repent now and ask God for His mercy and forgiveness. That was how I introduced model and started my operation in modelling and worldly dressing in churches. I mapped out my assignment outlines through my proposal I mentioned above and which I submitted to the queen of the coast. I explained to the queen of the coast that I wanted to give Africans an artificial beauty, and she took me to the laboratory where I told them that I wanted to start my assignment in hair beauty and that was how they gave me an idea to introduce Stretching Cool.

In Africa we have coil hair; so stretching cool would now turn it to straight hair. Therefore from coil hair to straight hair, it is no longer natural; it is now artificial. When I introduced it to the world many people liked it and they used it, but later they started complaining that their hair was cutting and they no longer have long hair. This also prompted me to go back to the queen of the coast and she assured me that they will give me another idea. Later on I was taken to the laboratory and Relaxer was introduced. While in demonic laboratory, they produced relaxer for me and I was assured that if they used it on their coiled hair, it will change from coil to long or straight hair and it would not be natural anymore. Inasmuch as it is not natural, if they die with it without repentance, they will be condemned. When they told me all these things; they clapped for me and we all rejoiced and were jubilant. That was how we came to the world and started producing relaxers.

However, the idea of relaxers was initiated by the queen of the coast. She was the person who gave me the idea and that was how we started producing it. But when some people came up with complains that their hair were not long or straight enough, I went back to the queen of the coast and she told me that the only way she could assist me was to send me to another demonic evil spirit called Medusa, which is specifically in the kingdom of beauty. She told me that Medusa was a beautiful woman who was cursed by her mistress.

Moreover, she was the most beautiful woman in the world, but she was cursed and later turned into a beast. She requested that I should go to her temple, that she will assist me. When I got to her temple, she greeted me and also asked me for the purpose of my visit. I told her that I came to collect an artificial beauty for my people. She said no problem and she promised to offer me help. Instantly she brought out a cup filled with blood and suddenly turned it into mercury, I mean some things like chemical substances. There are many factories in the deep sea that produce many products you are buying every day in the market.

Afterward, Medusa gave me the chemical and told me that when I get to earth, I should mix it and apply it to ordinary rubber and it will turn into an attachment. You might be an expert in cosmetic products and tend to justify your argument that is only ordinary robber and chemical mix together that formed attachments. Yes, you are right, but the covenant behind that chemical will speak after it. The covenant we made together with that beast called Medusa is that anybody that uses the product from that chemical, after death their appearance and hair shall turn and look exactly as hers [Medusa]. I mean, whosoever indulges into attachment and beauty clamour or make-ups, after death his/her hair will turn to snakes and I am very sure that snake cannot and will never enter into the kingdom of God.

That was the covenant she enlisted out for me and instructed me to market her product. Moreover, you know in our kingdom, we do not give anything for free. The reward is that, after making use or applying her beauty on head, immediately after you die, your head's image and appearance will look the same as hers and all your hair will turn to snakes. Instantly, I agreed with her and we signed the paper and the chemical was given to me. That was how we started producing the chemical and using it in the manufacturing of attachment for earthly consumption. You must stay away from artificial and rather remain natural. It is your natural being that will make Heaven and not artificial. I am the author of all this attachment and perming, but I am telling you now that I am out of it. If you are still using them, your blood is on your head.

All the women using satanic dressing and any other satanic products are cursed by God. Your failure in marriage is as a result of spiritual husband which you brought upon yourself. Afterward, you will cast the whole blame upon witches, wizards and spiritual husband. Who brought spiritual husband into your life? There is never a problem without a cause. This problem is consequently caused by your involvement into worldly attires and dressing which you brought upon yourself. The anger of God is the enforcing power which empowers the spiritual husband to afflict you. The anger of God brings spiritual husband; it gives power to the ancestral demons and witches and wizard. God will therefore watch them torture you. He is silent because He knows you are in the chain of sin. You may mention and call the name of Jesus Christ 10 times; it would not stop their power neither hinder their demonic exploit against your joy because you are under the anger of God. Your prayer can only be effective and answered whenever you escape from God's anger.

Some may tend to justify themselves by saying "If God instructed us not to wear earrings because it is abominable, then why are we piercing our ears? Do you know the meaning of ear piercing? In the land of Israel, it is slaves whose ears were pierced in order to distinguish and separate them from the free born of the land. Deuteronomy 15:16-17 "But if your servant says to you, "I do not want to leave you," because he loves you and your family and is well off with you, 17then take an awl and push it through his ear lobe into the door, and he will become your servant for life. Do the same for your maidservant."

Therefore, if you want to be servant and slave forever, continue wearing earrings, but remember Heaven is for sons of God and daughters of Zion and not for slaves. If you want to be a slave forever; you can continue putting earrings. Even if you have already pierced your ears, God can still forgive you only if you stop putting or wearing earrings on them. That notwithstanding, some continue piercing the ears of their children due to ignorance, thereby enslaving themselves and their children into perpetual bondage of slavery and Hell. Hence, if you are into this sinful act of slavery, the above scripture is meant for you.

I do not want you to be another victim or candidate of Hell because of fashion. That is the reason why I am making this great sounding warning; thereby calling you for an urgent repentance and change of mind-set. This message will bring salvation to your soul if you accept it and take necessary action. Howbeit; this was how we used to produce attachment in order to condemn people to Hell fire. We obviously and keenly knew that God disapproved and hated every form of worldly system of fashion. God hates artificial beauty: painting, attachment and worldly dressing with perfect hatred.

Women wearing trousers

I will like to emphasize on women wearing trousers. One day by chance, I listened to a TV interview of a so-called woman of God; she was a pastor and Mrs..! The interviewer asked her a question, "Madam some Christians say it is not good for a woman to wear or put on trouser, how do you see to that?" She replied and said: "The Bible says my people are perishing because of lack of knowledge. Please my dear do not mind them. They do not know there is a different between women’s trousers and men’s trousers. We have men’s trousers and ladies’ trousers. If you wear ladies’ trousers and not men’s trousers it isn't a sin."

Let me point out and make it clear to you, my dear listener and reader, the statement made by that woman of satan is a big lie. There are nothing like ladies’ trousers. Moreover, I am the person who designed and invented ladies’ trousers during our meeting in the kingdom of darkness. Deuteronomy 22:5 "A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this." This is happening because we have read the scriptures; and discovered that God hated it because it is abominable.

God says He hates it; can you therefore force or persuade God to love it? God professes that He hates it and has already pronounced it once. The next shall be during judgment followed by eternal punishment in Hell. You cannot force God to love what you desire or want. God is God and He cannot come to your level or standard. You are the one who is supposed to live up to the standard of God. God can never come down to your level because He loves you. These are the reasons why you ought to research and read your Bible before death comes knocking. If you decide to deceive yourself by the false teachings of the pastors of satan, you will spend eternity in Hell.

Someone once told me that in their culture, men always tie and wear wrapper. I asked her, is your culture designed by a demon or by God? Hence, most of our cultures are designed and introduced by demons. Even the ways we react and carry out our activities are mostly designed by demons behind our traditions. Even if you believe that men should tie wrapper, ask yourself: is it biblical? Inasmuch as you know that wrapper was meant for women, the best thing is to separate yourself from it. Please forget everything about culture and allow the Bible to be your culture.

Some people even told me that in western world, it was the culture for white women to wear trousers. Nevertheless, I prove to them that it was a lie. They should Google-out and watch those ancient European and western films and movies. When you watch them, you will see how the early white women used to wear long flowing gowns, which looked like wedding gowns, very elaborate and wide like an umbrella. They would also put sucks or gloves in their hand with a small hat on their head. This was their cultural ways and style of dressing and not wearing of trousers. It was later in modern days that women started wearing trousers. Wearing of trousers by the western world was recently introduced to oppose the agenda of God. Do no longer deceive yourself. God knows the beginning of the world because He is the creator of all creativity. In addition, who are you to argue with God? God knows the beginning and the end of the world.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:25 pm

This was the main purpose we decided to introduce trousers into the church. Today, it is very unfortunate that you will see so-called female Christians, some of which baring the titles of evangelists, prophetesses and pastors, dressing in trousers, wearing make-ups and other forms of paintings in the church like Delilah. Even some of their cleavage parts are exposed; half of their breast is being exposed. The main primary reason why we designed half naked dresses is because we wanted our agents to seduce men. Therefore, if you dress up half naked as they do; it means you have changed and also entangle yourself with them. Some women used to manipulate their dress, they will wear a long skirt and at the same time tear or make an opening around their laps, while some will re-amend their skirt to mini quarter and tightly size, thereby showing their inner panty line to seduce men.

Therefore, if you want to remain in the church, please be perfect. And if you do not want to, please just leave or move out instead of tagging yourself as an agent of darkness or serving as agent for the kingdom of darkness. You cannot be in the church and at the same time outside the church. You must either choose one or else Heaven will spill you out. Please be very careful; if you want to be for the kingdom of Heaven, be for the kingdom of Heaven; and if you want to stand against the kingdom of Heaven, stand against it and be ready to face the judgment. Henceforth, if you do not know which path to follow or which kingdom to serve, this testimony is giving you an insight view on which way or path to follow.

I am not the only person professing this truth. There are so many that had died and later woke up and testified about their encounter either in Heaven or Hell. They were not agents of darkness and neither were they in the kingdom of darkness but yet, God revealed those facts to them. Why can you not believe and hearken unto their testimony? Or do you expect Jesus Christ to come down from Heaven and say it to you again? Therefore, I am beseeching you to follow the word of God. Moreover, concerning this worldly dressing in the church, we have used it to destroy and send many saints and anointed ministers of God to Hell fire. Many of them did not fornicate, steal, commit murder or bewitch, but this little things I am professing is what lead them to Hell due to their ignorance.

This is the reason why the Bible says in Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge ..." My people die due to lack of understanding. This is the reason why we have the Holy Spirit and you must ensure you obtain Him. The Holy Spirit is supposed to reveal all these things to you. The major work of the Holy Spirit is to guide you to Heaven. That holy spirit you have that always does miracles; that holy spirit that you obtain that always speaks in tongue but will not tell you things that will hinder you from making Heaven, is a counterfeit holy spirit. The major work of genuine Holy Spirit is to guide you to Heaven and not only to do miracles every day.

In our counterfeit churches, we had also programmed the hands of our fake pastors and ministers. We had to computerize their hands with spiritual black gloves. Anybody they took to the river or water for water baptism; the moment they plunge you into the river, they consciously dedicate and initiate you into the marine kingdom, into the hands of the queen of the coast. Hence, by indulging into water baptism, you can also be initiated, because their hands had been programmed for initiation, thereby connecting you into the hands of the queen of the coast.

Whenever you go to their church anything can happen to you. When they lay hands on you, you are initiated because their hands had been programmed. Their initiation is very strong and powerful. If you went there for their miracles, it means you went there for initiation. Always remember this; the devil is not a fool. The devil gives and also takes, this is how he operates, please be very careful. You can also be initiated through Holy Communion. You might even be the person that brought the wine, but laying hands on it can contaminate it. So, remember that the Holy Communion (blood and bread) they give you is not the blood and flesh of Jesus Christ. It is the blood of demons and flesh from the world of darkness. What they had been giving you is the blood and flesh of an antichrist. That is the reason why you ought to be very careful.

Only the genuine Holy Spirit that dwells in you will help you discern the right and best pastor or church. If truly you want to go to Heaven, immediately you receive Christ, the first target should be how to acquire or obtain the genuine Holy Spirit. If you do not seek after the genuine Holy Spirit, there are multitudes of deceivers in the church. They will deceive and lure you into sinfulness due to your ignorance. You can be deceived anywhere, but the Holy Spirit will come gently and tell you the right path to take if you live in obedience.

You can also be initiated during the church convention or anniversary. Our agents will join those who will be cooking food for the occasion, because they know that many people will attend the programme. At times, if the church makes an arrangement of slaughtering a cow for a celebration, before daybreak, our demonic agents will transform the cow into a human being. Through this process, you would also be initiated into the kingdom of darkness by what you have eaten. I want to use this medium to plead with you pastors; if you want to do any ceremony or convention in your church, whatever they bring for the ceremony, ensure you give yourself time to pray over it. Sanctify it all with the blood of Jesus Christ to cancel and nullify the plans of the devil and prevent people from being initiated in the church. Many people are also initiated in hospitals, schools, nurseries, and universities and even in the banks.

I will now talk of how I met Christ. The day I encountered Jesus Christ I was on an assignment to check a record in Hell fire. During my days in the kingdom of darkness we believed that Hell was not a terrible place. We could easily go in and out as a special satanic agent. The fiery burning flames of Hell could not burn us and neither the heat hurt us, due to the satanic powers which satan had deposited in us. Let me draw your attention to various testimonies of people who have gone to Hell and come back to earth with a special message which contains horror and terrible things about Hell. My dear, if you are still pondering about the existence of Hell or perhaps you do not believe the existence of Hell, please there is Hell and it is real.

If you are one of my co-satanic associate or agent in those days and you still feel that Hell is nothing, please I am out of your kingdom. The reality about Hell is that Hell does exist. I was once deceived as you are deceived, but I am grateful to God for His mighty deliverance upon my life. Talking about Hell; there are different parts, places and departments in Hell. Any damn soul in Hell at this moment is just in the entrance of Hell fire while the real main Hell is deeper. The deeper furnace part of Hell is known as the lake of fire. Therefore, in those days we normally went to Hell fire. The name of any human being born on earth is written in Hell.

My first encounter with Jesus Christ in Hell

Now, one fateful day I was going to Hell to check the name of a brother, very holy, fearful and obedient to God. That day I discovered that the day every person is born and his name is given to him, about 70 demons are automatically attached to him. There is no way you will commit sin secretly that the demons would not know. Even if God overlooks your sin, demons will not overlook it. They are always watching you. If you say you are born again beware of hidden sins because any sin you commit is always exposed; demons are monitoring you both in and outwardly.

On that fateful day, this brother committed a sin and the stand by and monitoring demons that were monitoring him quickly sent us a signal that the brother had committed a sin. It happened that the brother was a graduate, educated but was frustrated, no work, no wife, no house, no children for many years. We rendered him useless just because he was living a righteous life with the fear of God. We were tormenting and frustrating the brother by shutting down all his financial breakthroughs, connections and prosperity, because he refused to compromise his faith.

Immediately he committed the sin of lies telling, a signal was sent throughout the whole world; because I was in charge of Africa continent. I quickly went to make research in his personal life in order to execute him before his repentance. I was in a very high speed to Hell to inquire more about his name and also to carry out the assignment. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name. I had only two names by which I was called. Physically on earth my family knew one name while in the spiritually realm I was known by another name. During those years I usually appeared in two different forms. At home my family knew me as a good child whereas in the spirit I was dangerous.

Hence, I was surprised when I heard my physical name in the spirit world and kept wondering who could possibly know me by such name. None of my co-agents in spirit world had ever called me with my physical name in the spiritual realm. For this reason I was furiously annoyed. The voice called the second time but I refused to hearken. He called the third time with annoyance and I looked back in order to behold and rebuke the person but I was utterly amazed at the sight of the strange personality. I cannot really describe how he looked like because he was tall and handsome. I never thought I could ever come across any man that possessed such attributes of handsomeness and beauty. I was amazed because in our knowledge and according to our discovery, we thought it was satan who was the most beautiful personality on earth.

I was reasoning in thoughts, who is this strange personality? Due to my fast thinking memory I immediately recalled that we were once taught about the dazzling beauty of the Son of the owner; in our kingdom we do not call the name Jesus. I was wondering if this could be the Son of the owner, but why is he so glamorously endowed with such beauty and handsomeness? While I was still pondering over this, he called my name and said: I stopped you because I want to give you a message. I was so surprised, I laughed and tinkled, you want to give me a message, I replied and said, but your word says, you know your people and your people know you. He replied and said, "The earth is the Lord’s and everything that dwelt in it ..." Psalm 24:1 Then I said, but your word says that nobody can serve two masters. Matthew 6:24. He replied and said; "... with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

In my earnest desire to utter the 3rd quotation, I then remembered we were taught in the kingdom of darkness that whenever you are in an encounter in Word with any strong Christian or personality, if they win and overcome you in the 1st, 2nd encounter with the Word and finally win you in 3rd attempt, you will become their slave under the power of words. For this reason I did not want him to win me again. Hence, I pretended and said all right if that be the case say whatever you want to say. He discovered that I was lying. He perceived that I was just pretending. Then he said, you want to go to Hell and check records. I said yes. He said, no problem, if that is the place you want to go I will permit you to go. Before he finished his statement a strange whirl force turned my face toward Hell and I was accelerating with a greater speed that I had never experienced before in my life.

As I said, since I had been voyaging to Hell, I had never felt the fiery burning heat of Hell. However, that day as I was running in high speed to Hell the heat kept increasing. I felt the heat terribly; it was so intense and horrible. I could not bear the heat anymore because all my soul was almost burning and turning into charcoal. When the pain was so severe and terrible to bear, I remembered that while I was still schooling in the kingdom of darkness, my satanic lecturer taught us that a soldier that is not dead will certainly live to fight another day. Therefore, it is better I pretend and surrender to this man so that he will not K_ill me, so I would go and get prepared in order to fight him another day.

Nevertheless, I succumbed to Jesus in my pretence and screamed in a loud voice; alright I will go where ever you want me to go, please send me, send me, please send me, I will go. Immediately I shouted and proclaimed this agreement tune, within a twinkling of an eye the speedy force that was transporting me to Hell suddenly stopped, reversed and brought me back to the feet of Jesus Christ. My face was bowed down before Him but I struggled to behold His face once again in order to surrender my willingness and told Him to give me His message, but I could not. It was His grace that empowered me to behold His face during my first "Word" encounter with Him. I did not know that it was not easy to behold the face of Jesus Christ. Yet with great effort I tried to look at His face. Oh my God! My dear brethren, the radiance and brightness of light, forces and mighty powers that emit from His eyes is 100 times greater than the reflecting beam light of the sun. The light was so heavy and powerful.

I began to ponder, so His face is so powerful like this, why did He not reveal this to me during my word encounter with Him? Afterward, I discovered that the powerful force of the light that emitted from His face had destroyed many things in my body because every part of my body was enchanted with demonic weapons, which was comprised of thousands of snakes. My hair, eyes, nails, stomach etc. were all charmed with dangerous weapons. Everything was destroyed by the powerful force that beamed from the face of Jesus Christ, including all the powers I always used for astral travelling. I became powerless and empty. Then He said, listen to the message and assignment I am giving you. Go back to the world and tell my people that I am coming for them because the rapture will soon take place. The time is up; it is only 5 minutes to go. Tell them 5 minutes to go and I will soon come to take my people home. Tell my people to prepare and not to look back because it is 5 minutes to go.

As He made the last statement, I suddenly woke up. Immediately I woke up, my dear brethren, I could not find it easy with my body. That fiery heat of Hell fire that dried my soul, veins, ribs and muscles in the spiritual realm affected me greatly. When I awoke up I discovered that my blood was dried and my body temperature was so high. There were pains all over my body and I fell sick. As I was crying, my parent came around me asking why I am shedding tears but I lied to them that I had stomach pain. I did not want to expose the secret to them because during those years I had never fallen sick and had not been to the hospital before. However, my parents were surprised and later took me to the hospital because they had never seen me in such a condition before.

They eventually took me to a hospital. To my utmost surprise I did not know that the kingdoms of darkness were already aware of my encounter with Jesus Christ and my predicament. They had arranged everything and also programmed how to send a message across to me. One of our agents, a woman of the medical corps also fell sick in her husband’s house in order to come and talk to me. When I got to the hospital I met her in the same hospital room where I was admitted. After everybody had left the room she started ministering to me, even if you were in the room you would not know that she was talking to me. She told me; "please sorry, we all saw the encounter and also what transpired within your body system". I was so annoyed and retorted; "so all of you saw me, but refused to come to my aid. Why couldn’t you come and rescue me, what if that man had K_illed me?" She burst into laughter and said, He cannot K_ill you. I said but He has destroyed all my powers. She replied, Yes we know He has destroyed all your powers, that is the reason why I am sent in order to give you some powers that will enable you come to our meeting. I was greatly annoyed but I accepted the power.

After some days I went to the meeting but was seriously annoyed with them. There was a powerful screen in our kingdom which revealed every activity. There is no hidden secret in the whole world that is not exposed on the screen. I retorted, "So you all were here watching me through the screen and refused to assist me, what if that man had K_illed me?" They all laugh and said, "He cannot K_ill you because He is a merciful God; He purposely wanted to give you a message. Please do not hearken unto Him for He is powerless, He does not have any power". I retorted, "That is how you have been deceiving me; you told me that this man has no power, how did He manage to destroy all my powers after you have affirmed that I have been given a greater power that no man can challenge?" You told me that my power is the greatest in the whole world. Now, tell me, who was that man that tormented me in such a disastrous manner, who used His power to dry all my powers?

They replied, "do not hearken and neither follow Him for He is powerless. If you follow Him you will lose." Then I said, "inasmuch as He has power more than you I will follow Him". They replied, "If you intend to follow Him, don't you know how many of His servants you have K_illed? Let’s assume he has power why couldn’t He deliver them from you?" This means that He is powerless, that is how He always entices them to follow Him and later forsakes them for the enemy to K_ill them. Therefore if you follow Him, you will also be K_illed the same way you K_illed many of His servants. Please do not follow Him. That was how they convinced me not to follow Him because I had K_illed many of His ministers.

"If truly this man has power why couldn’t He deliver them from my hands? No, I wouldn’t follow Him", I said. Thereafter I was equipped with more powers than before, I became more powerful. Formerly I was not attacking churches but only indulging in church pollution, initiating worldliness in churches and defilement of the congregation. But, after this encounter with Jesus Christ, I angrily focused my attacks on pastors and other ministers of God. After a year I experienced another encounter but this time I was in a dream. Let me rephrase this, my dear brethren. I did not believe in sermon and nobody ever preached to me before I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I once believed that preaching of the Gospel is just a secular job and anybody can become trained into such a profession.

I believed that the Bible is a language which anybody can read and practice some scriptural verses and start presenting it to people. I foresaw preaching as a business because I did not believe in sermon. God knew that nobody could preach to me to repent or change. The Lord God Almighty is a master planner and already knew the Gospel tools to implement and how to apply and use them in order to ensure my conversion. Proverb 21:1 "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord; He directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases." Please beware of this fact, if God needs you He knows how to arrest and get you converted. God is your creator and your heart is in His hands. He controls and directs your heart as the rivers of water and wherever it pleases him. Nobody can prove stubborn to God unless he is not ready to arrest you. But whenever He is ready to arrest your heart He will certainly win your heart. Nevertheless, He will give you the chance to freely make your choice before He fills your heart because He cannot force or compel you to repent.

All the numerous divine revelation messages of Heaven and Hell and encounters of those that were formerly involved in demonic kingdoms and wickedness which you have seen and read; talking about their spiritual journeys to the celestial city of Heaven and horrific journey to Hell fire, and who equally came back with divine revelation messages are purposely enacted by God in order to convinced you and also to send a message across to billions of souls whose hearts are sealed with hot iron of iniquities. God purposely releases His grace and commissions those people to encounter such glorious and horrible spiritual experiences of those who turn from darkness to light in order to convince and pierce your heart to rethink about where to spend your eternity.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:29 pm

Yet, if all these great signs of divine revelations and testimonies do not touch your mind or convinced your heart unto repentance and you refuse to change from your wickedness, Hell fire shall change you, but it will be too late. Repentance in Hell shall amount into an everlasting torment and doom while today’s repentance on earth shall bring about salvation. If you are possessed by doubting spirits and refuse to hearken unto this confession, please go for deliverance because God cannot lie, Heaven and Hell are real, you are warned.

My second encounter with Jesus: The mighty throne and rapture

The second encounter that led to my salvation and to finally succumb to the message of Jesus Christ occurred in my dream. In that dream I was walking along a pathway in order to purchase something, suddenly I looked up and behold the sky began contracting and shrinking mysteriously like someone folding up a mat. Suddenly I saw a very long staircase descending from Heaven with very tall and giant angels of God. The angels stood at each side, left and right side of the staircase holding a long trumpet on their hands whose length is like an electric pole. At the edge of the staircase I saw a beautiful and glorious throne of a king and a man was seated on it with a crown on his head. I looked intensely and observably saw the man sitting on the throne as the same man whom I first encountered. When I observed it was the same man, Jesus Christ, who destroyed all my powers, I exclaimed, "Ahhh! You this man so this is you, you were the person that disturbed me years ago, thank God, I'm going to deal with you today."

While I was still contemplating this in my thought, suddenly the angels blew their trumpet and I saw multitude of people ascending up towards Heaven. Immediately I saw this, it caused me to remember the Bible teaching I heard from the church where I used to fellowship with my parents during those days. Therefore, when I perceived this I was shocked because I was well educated in the kingdom of darkness that all dreams are real and have reasons, either with good or bad meaning. My dear, there is power and force behind every dream. Either the spirit of God is behind your dream or demons with either good or bad meaning. Due to this fact, I accepted the truth about rapture because no demon could disguise to deceive me in my dream because I knew my level and rank in the kingdom of darkness. I was higher in rank for them to manipulate or deceive me.

I concluded that be it rapture or not, I am not going to be raptured because I have no business in His kingdom, therefore let me go and challenge Him. "Why did He disturb me and wither all my powers on that day?" I jumped up to attack Him but unfortunately I fell down. I jumped more than 30 times, yet the more I tried the more I fell down and found it difficult to stand on my feet. Suddenly I saw a black cat so big like a goat; I was surprised and was contemplating the meaning of such animal. Then the cat laughed at me and said, "Sorry you cannot go with them. We both share the same kingdom together and you do not have any part in their kingdom. Likewise also, do you still recall the scripture which says, every man must carry his own load? That basket laid over there is filled with the same work we both carried out."

When I saw the basket, it was so big, dirty and filled with bad things. Then I replied, no, the basket is not mine. The cat retorted, "That is the reward of the work you and I both did together on earth and you cannot abandon it to me because I cannot carry it alone. You better remain and come so that we carry this load together," I pushed him away and started jumping again, but he insisted that I must help him, but while I was fighting him suddenly the whole Heaven closed up. When the Heaven was closed, multitude of people were crying and lamenting; ooh no, so rapture is real...! So rapture is real…! I concluded to return back home and inform my household but I discovered that my mother had been raptured. I quickly ran to our church which was just about 3 block building distance from my residence but fortunately the pastor was also raptured. Many people in the street were raptured, it looked exactly the same way we were taught in Bible studies and that was how everything manifested on that very day.

Every crock and crane was filled with shout and noise of lamentation, oooh, no, so rapture is real..! oooh, no, so rapture is real…! Then suddenly I woke up. When I awoke, I felt so touched, and I began weeping. My mother and brothers ran into my room and were questioning me and demanding for answers. The terrible fear and shock prompted me to narrate the whole story to them. With such severe touch and terrible fear I felt within me, I quickly removed all my earrings, chains and all worldly attire from my body. Then I pretended to be born again, though I was not, I was just pretending because I was greatly in shock and fear of the whole dream and also annoyed with my fellow colleagues in the kingdom of darkness. Hence, they knew that rapture was real, yet they concealed it from us; why were they deceiving us?

This prompted me to surrender to Christ at that period but I did not give up my powers. All my powers were still active and intact within me because I wanted to know more about that man called Jesus Christ and Christendom. I perceived there was a mystery behind such secret and reason why we were kept in darkness from knowing the deep secret of the rapture, Jesus Christ and Christianity. This caused me to divert from being an agent of satan and I started attending Bible studies and weekly church activities and meetings, asking questions in order to acquire more knowledge about Christendom.

However, after some weeks I went back to my satanic meeting in order to relay about the shocking dream I had because they told us that all dreams are real and have meaning. Therefore how come about rapture? "You told us that rapture isn’t real but I saw it in my dream, why? How come, what is going on”? The demons were utterly surprised. They started lying while attempting to defend themselves but I immediately discovered their lying motives, they were telling lies. I was very furious with them because they could not deceive me anymore.

"You told me that all dreams are real and have meaning yet why can you not explain the meaning of the rapture to me? How did rapture come to my dream?" There were uproars and series of arguments between us. These arguments made me to be seriously annoyed with them because they concealed the truth from me. After my annoyance with them I declared to them that the person I saw on that throne in my dream, His name is "Jesus". You dare not mention the name of Jesus in the kingdom of darkness, moreover we were warned seriously never to mention the name JESUS in our kingdom but I purposely mentioned His name in order to injure them. Immediately I mentioned the name "Jesus", the whole place scattered with great turmoil; thunder strike, fire storm, and a mighty quake which erupted with shockwave, which greatly injured many of them.

The demons were so annoyed and later got me arrested and placed me in their holding cell. They chained me and were tormenting me day and night in their spiritual prison but physically on earth I fell sick and my parents were treating me medically with drugs. They thought I had typhoid fever. The sickness was so severe and they thought it was just an ordinary illness; but unknown to them that the punishment and affliction I was incurring from demonic prison of the kingdom of darkness was the reason why I was being tormented physically on earth with those sicknesses and symptoms.

My third encounter: The great tribulation

After several months, the demons released me from their spiritual prison and commissioned me to continue in my satanic enterprises which I was obliged to. I accepted and continued in my demonic exploits. After 6 months I had another encounter. I witnessed the great day of the Lord according to Revelation 16:1-21, that great day of the Lord is coming upon the whole world, especially those that are into witchcraft practice, satanism, occultism and demonic kingdoms and unbelievers, ritualists and blood suckers.

Revelation 16:1-6 "Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, "Go and pour out the bowls of the wrath of God on the earth." 2So the first went and poured out his bowl upon the earth, and a foul and loathsome sore came upon the men who had the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. 3Then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living creature in the sea died. 4Then the third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood. 5And I heard the angel of the waters saying: "You are righteous, O Lord, the One who is and who was and who is to be, because You have judged these things. 6For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and You have given them blood to drink. For it is their just due."

Read the whole scriptures for confirmation because that very day is fast approaching. Everyone on earth especially you that call yourself a witch, wizard, ritualist and occultist, you shall be tired of sucking blood. On that very day of great tribulation, the Lord shall saturate the whole world with blood; you will suck and be tired of blood. The wicked one shall be soaked with blood. Therefore if you have opted to be attending your witchcraft meetings in order to shed blood, on that very day your fridge, bathroom, toilet, bucket, plates, gutter and water reservoir and everything around you shall be filled with blood and you shall be greatly shamed. At the moment you think that God is powerless. This is a wrong perception pushes you to indulge yourself into bloodshed and human sacrifice. It is rather a pity on you to have such an assumption because you are not wiser than Him. God has purposely set aside, a period, a day and timeline for your judgment and He shall judge without mercy.

On the judgment day of the Lord your entire secret shall be made manifest and there shall be no mercy. You’d better seek His mercy while it is still time and while He is still accessible now, because tomorrow might be too late. In this 3rd encounter I witnessed terrible things that baffled me; the Great Judgment and Tribulation Day of the Lord occurred in my dream and will surely come to pass. The Holy Scripture is infallible and contains the living word of God which cannot be broken.

In my dream, I saw a mighty terror invading the whole world both the young and strong ones. Everyone was in a great shock, terrorized and was panicking in fear. Lions and other wild animals left their dens, bushes and ran into town causing some people to run out of their houses. The animals ran in and out of their house. I saw a gigantic aquatic animal from the deep sea running into town; they were as tall as storey buildings as portrayed in the movie titled King-Kong. There are some animals which are 3 times bigger than king-Kong, terrible and mighty animals marching forth from the sea toward the earth taller than 10 storey buildings.

My dear, what I saw at the sea coast was so terrible because it was filled with much blood. Even the demons who also lived beneath the sea even before the creation of the world, though they cannot die, were so much afraid that they had to run out from their hidden places. The whole sea was filled with blood so much so that it became uncomfortable for both the demons and aquatic animals to abide thereof. The whole earth was terribly filled with terror, commotion and panic. I was so much annoyed when I saw the queen of the coast running out from her kingdom and walking on earth surface, even though she could not move majestically on earth surface because half of her body is fish with scales while other half is human being. The queen of the coast was so beautiful, yet in her beauty statue she was running speedily for her dear life with terror, fear and panic.

When I saw this, I exclaimed; so something can happen that will cause you to run in this fearful manner? I was greatly shocked, annoyed and surprised. This caused me to discern that something mighty is really about to happen, something which is bigger than the whole world and also greater than the queen of the coast can bear. I saw the queen of Heaven fall from her throne in her kingdom. She was blown by the winds and she was running helter-skelter. I was utterly amazed but pondered "so this spirit being can be shaken and terrorized by a mighty and greater power? No, I need to seek for more powers."

During my 3rd encounter in my dream, I also saw nursing mothers running for their lives, they will throw off their babies and mutter, "I am sorry, I cannot protect you on this day, I have to run for my dear life". Unfortunately, a moving vehicle crushed the child to death. I also saw pregnant women running for their lives and unfortunately they were trodden by people and moving vehicles equally passed over them. Their unborn babies will gush out and they will also die. Terrible things happened and there were even some locations where no vehicle could pass due to human traffic jam. Earthquakes were also witnessed in different places, swallowing great multitudes of people and houses. Satellite network signals were frozen and jammed, no news or network signals to broadcast the horror and chaos terrorizing the whole world, the world was in total darkness.

When I awoke from my dream after having these entire dreadful incidents and was greatly in fear, I finally regained my conscience. I said "this is terrible, so these people are not the most superior beings in the world?" It troubled and pierced my heart, I was so confused. Afterward I went to our meeting in the kingdom of darkness and confronted them; I explained to them what I saw. "You told me that you were mightier and stronger than the Son of the owner but I saw you all in total panic and despair".

After sharing the vision of the great tribulation to them, they could not give me any real justification which made me to affirm that indeed these demons are full of deception and have been deceiving me all this while. This prompted me to make a personal decision and later indulged in a quest of seeking for deliverance and also where to get rooted in the divine word of God. Unfortunately for me, while I was seeking for a sound place of worship, wanting to hear more about the rapture, the great tribulation, God’s judgment, righteousness, inward and outward holiness, modesty and purity, my heart was pierced due to the kind of messages pastors and other ministers of God were preaching during that period of my innermost desire of the sound Gospel of God. It was so pathetic.

The pastors were laying more emphasis on breakthroughs, financial blessings and worldly possessions. They refused to preach and counsel me on how to make the rapture, how to amend my wicked ways and wrong doings and how to undergo restitution and remain in Jesus. If you are a pastor, minister or preacher of the Gospel, please do not think that everyone you see in your church is burdened with financial needs or seeking for miracles. Some of the members in your church are not seeking for financial breakthrough or any sort of miracle but rather salvation. Some purposely come for salvation because they have tasted and enjoyed wealth, power and perverse things of this world but could not find any satisfaction or peace.

Hence, endeavour not to pinpoint your sermon or preaching mostly on breakthroughs, financial blessings, miracles and progress because someone has already acquired them but seriously needs peace of mind which is rooted in the undiluted word of God. Nevertheless, there was a particular church which many professed to preach salvation messages but when I got there, it was the same scenario. They were preaching about healing, miracle, marital breakthrough and financial prosperity. This prompted me to stop seeking for a genuine place of worship because they were preaching the same kind of gospel.

My fourth encounter: Melting and passing away of the old earth

A year later, after my 3rd encounter of the great tribulation, I later had the 4th encounter. This 4th encounter was so powerful and horrible. In fact, the Bible categorically states that Heaven and Earth shall pass away. Malachi 4:1 "Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and that day that is coming will set them on fire," says the Lord Almighty. "Not a root or a branch will be left to them."

After this 4th encounter of the melting and passing away of the old earth I devotedly made up my mind to surrender my life totally to God. Thereafter, I commenced going to several churches seeking for personal deliverance. Whenever I narrated my ordeal to any deliverance minister or pastor, they would breathe deeply and exclaim and ask me to come back tomorrow or next week. Sadly, at the appointed day, the pastor would refuse to give attention but I would meet his wife who would inform me that the pastor has travelled. Then it would be clear to me that he did not want to listen to my plea for deliverance then I would go to another church.

After sharing my story to another set of pastors, they would practically reply "Sorry, we do not think we can help you". The situation continued with none to help for my deliverance. More than 20-50 deliverance ministers and pastors ran away after hearing my ordeals. By the grace of God, I met a sincere man of God. After sharing my ordeal with him he vibrantly replied, "My daughter, I cannot deceive you, there is no pastor that can stand to conduct deliverance on you because your atrocities are numerous. It’s only God that can forgive you. And if truly you have an encounter with Christ, it’s only that Christ that can deliver you. Therefore, the only advice I will give you is this; go to a prayer mountain and stay there until God remembers you."

While seeking deliverance, I virtually lost everything. The kingdom of darkness attacked me severely because they had detected my intentions of surrendering to Jesus and willingness of getting delivered from the kingdom of darkness. I was totally wrecked down financially, hanging around in hopelessness. Howbeit, when I arrived at the prayer mountain with about 15 US 36 cents and my baby [yes; I had a baby girl at that time]. I commenced white fasting and prayer. The white fasting simple means; I wouldn’t eat anything that contains pepper, salt and oil for a couple of days.

Nevertheless, I patiently waited upon the Lord for about 6 months; yet I did not receive any vision, revelation or dream that indicates that He is with me or wants to use me. But instead of having divine ministration I always encountered several demonic attacks, weaknesses and oppression in dreams. God allowed me to undergo those trials because if I had been assisted, there would have been the tendency of being polluted by demonic agents. I think God purposely ignited my shamefulness from seeking help from other people in order that I be strengthened in prayers and become serious with him. Even though He refused to listen to my plea, I chose rather to die and meet with Him in Heaven than to give up.

After a short while, some ministers of God who were also on that mountain later became aware of my ordeal and previous enterprises in the kingdom of darkness. They abused and insulted me, yet above all God granted me the divine grace to endure all those persecutions. After about 6 months, Jesus Christ appeared to me again with divine consolation and revealed some mysteries to me. He showed me some diabolical powers in my body, which were hidden from me and also instructed me about the kind of prayer points to pray against them. He instructed me to commence my prayer on a specific week and pray against some powers deposited in my brain, tongue, eyes, armpit and diverse places in my body, which I was not aware of. He revealed every secret thing about me, including my blood system and gradually deliverance started taking place. Nobody laid hands on me or ever conducted deliverance on me except God through self-deliverance. I am ever grateful to God.
End of Testimony
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:11 pm

Testimony of Jeremie of CAR
Testimony of Jeremie of the Central African Republic who came into contact with the mystical world because he wanted to be someone important in society.

Dear brothers and dear friends, we want to share with you this testimony of Jeremie of the Central African Republic (CAR) who came into contact with the mystical world because he wanted to be someone important in society. This testimony warns us against the risk of living without having Jesus Christ as Lord and Master, and confirms the teachings on Spiritual Warfare and on Discernment that we made available to you a few years ago.

Beginning of the testimony

Beloved, in 1992, I came into contact with a mystical community. It attracted me because I wanted the things of this world. I wanted to be an important person in the society. When I went there, I was accepted and initiated into mysticism. I started to learn basic and astral concentration. I also familiarised myself with inter-dimensional displacement techniques in the parallel and mystical world of satan. They taught me the basic technique to get in touch with the mystical domain through concentration. I learned a lot on concentration. When I was concentrated and in contact with the parallel world, if someone came to my home unannounced, they would see me levitating.

While I was still learning the basic mystical techniques, my master told me that if all went well, I would become one of the great mystics of my time. One of the techniques that I was taught was that I could call someone just by concentration without opening my mouth. I could also move an object that was far from me by concentration and by my will power. I was able to hang in space thanks to levitation. One day, my master told me to be in my private room because around 1am, magic words will scroll therein. My master said, "You will have to memorise and recite one of the magic words coming up on the wall of your room, and something will happen." As indicated my master, I was in my private room and at 3am I suddenly saw words scrolling on the walls like a video. I managed to memorise one of them. Beloved, when I began to recite the magic word that I memorised, something unexpected happened. I found myself in a mysterious and modern world.

It was an urban and cosmopolitan city. The city was lit by candles, and houses built of diamonds and gold that shone and emitted light. Suddenly, I found myself in front of a demon dressed in black with a belt around his hip. He walked towards me, and said: "Welcome to our world." After greeting me, he told me to drink water that was in the pot. This water was very black. When I drank it, it was so bitter that I was about to spit it out but this demon insisted that I swallow it. When I swallowed it, a spirit of wickedness entered my heart. Then this demonic entity took a knife that was in the calabash and wounded my hand with it. I then bled. And he said to me, "This is your first covenant with the mystical world." He then gave me a cross and told me it was the cross of Bethlehem. He said that whenever I needed money or something in my heart, my thoughts would be transmitted into the dark world of satan through this mystical cross. As a result, every Saturday at 10am, the money I needed would land in my private room. I had to spend that money the same day.

After the first covenant was made with the first demonic entity, a second demon arrived where I was, dressed like the first demon. The demon placed its hand on me and transferred demonic spirits inside me, among others the spirit of cockroach, of rat, of ant, and of lizard. At that time, I did not know that it was transferring demons into my body. It was when I started to operate that I saw these demons in action against humanity. After putting demons into me, the demon later put human blood on my right hand, which became a means of communication with the spiritual world. I communicated with Asia, America and the mystical world. My hand was like a communication receiver. I had to receive messages and instructions from the invisible world on specific days and times. Whenever a message was sent to me, I did not have to press anything. It was direct and automatic. This system was integrated in my hand.

After that, my visit to this magical and mysterious world came to an end and I returned to earth. Later, I went to sleep. My master had been informed by the mystical world of my visit to the inter-dimensional world in the land of satan. I also knew that I had just visited the universe of the devil. My master encouraged me by saying that the visit went well. He told me, "If only you would remain faithful, you would see great things." The next day, at 1 o'clock in the morning, I was visited by an evil spirit. This demonic entity had the form of a human skeleton. It presented itself as my guardian angel mandated by the world of darkness to assist me in various missions. So the entity said to me, "I'm here to help you, teach you mystical truths and techniques you need to know." In fact, this demonic being was the angel of death; it came to teach me about the destruction of the human race. It informed me of a meeting scheduled for 3 o'clock in the morning, which I was to attend, on the invisible world's instructions.

He said to me, "There are strategic hours that you need to know, these moments are peak hours, hours of affluence and accelerations of the operations of satanic manipulations." He told me: "We are intensifying our activities at 11pm and from midnight to 3am, the demonic troops are patrolling the earth because they are satanic hours." Then the angel of death said to me, "This meeting you have to attend is a major gathering because important decisions against humanity and against Christians will be taken, it is an annual gathering." It informed me that every year and precisely at the end of the year, there is a high-level luciferian meeting in December that I was to attend as a satanist. At this point, I was already able to make astral journeys and astral projections. Even if the door of the house were closed, I could through concentration cross metal doors and solid walls. After this short presentation, this angel of death held me by the hand and we travelled together to attend the worldwide annual meeting of satanists.

Beloved, the satan’s world that I visited had three levels. The first level was in the firmament or the second heaven. The second was established on earth and the third was under the ocean and under the earth. When we arrived at the meeting room, I noticed that the director of this meeting was from Mexico but the speaker was Italian. After the Mexican moderator had finished speaking, the Italian speaker stood up and delivered a speech. When the Italian addressed people in the auditorium, fire came out of his eyes and mouth. He said to the audience, "Our satanic and cosmic world has noticed the diminishing of its destructive power and its influence in the world of humans. We must begin by eliminating traitors among us." He said again: "We have to carry out traffic accidents around the world; we have to cause plane crashes and cause air disasters; we have to wreck ships and boats; we need motorcycle and bicycle accidents."

The audience was calm and attentive and the speaker said: "The purpose of these accidents and deaths is to get blood that is the fuel to fill our fuel reserves. We need these accidents to recover the years of life of the victims and transfer them to our followers who are already dead on the earth but who work in our production industries and factories in the underwater world and in our civilizations under the earth and under the sea." The speaker continued his speech and said: "We are obliged to frustrate surgical operations in hospitals by creating confusion in the minds of doctors." The sea mermaid called goddess Monica attended this satanic gathering. She worked in collaboration with our mystical order. Once the Italian speaker had finished his speech, the goddess rose and began to address the audience. She raised the tone of her voice and shouted at the participants, "I want human blood and I want human blood. Go and cause abortions and miscarriages of babies from 0 to 3 months. Push young people into fornication. Once they are pregnant, harass them to have an abortion and to throw the foetuses in the toilets or dustbins."

It should be noted that the mermaid Monica can recover these foetuses whatever the places where they are thrown. Once she gets them, she has the option to incarnate sea mermaids in them and place them in women's wombs. In addition, sea mermaids also feed themselves with foetuses. After finishing speaking to the audience, she shouted: "EXECUTION!" The meeting ended at this point. The angel of death held me by the hand and we returned to the earth. Then he said to me, "You have to learn practically how we are going to recover, steal, and trade goods with human beings." Beloved, when someone is not in Christ, his mind and thoughts are exposed to the dark world. As I could read the thoughts of men without Jesus, if I noticed that a man had positive thoughts, I would replace them with negative ones. The training I received from the angel of death was about manipulation of thoughts in the human mind, especially the transfer of negative and bad thoughts. It should be remembered that we are at war. This planet is subject to spiritual warfare and satanic manipulation.

In this war, there are battlefields and frontlines. The mental dimension of thoughts is one of the battlegrounds of this war, it is a spiritual warfare. I injected negative thoughts into people's minds, such as thoughts of self-hatred, of inferiority and superiority complexes, of despair. It is written in Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things." Every day, when we wake up in the morning, the enemy injects negative thoughts into our heads that affect the mood of the day. Later, the angel of death told me that when a man fails in his goals and feels worthless and useless, it becomes easy to inject thoughts of suicide into his mind. Beloved, the thoughts that come in our heads are not necessarily our own thoughts.

Some of them are injected into our head to cause us to behave in a certain way. The angel of death said to me, "Our occultist colleagues who are already dead and working in the infernal kingdom need an update of their intellectual capacity. As such, we must steal the intelligence of the living and transfer it to the underwater kingdom and to the underground world for our servants the human spirits." I would like to specify that those who sign contracts with satan die prematurely so that they can serve the devil in his civilization under the sea and under the earth where they will live the remaining years of their lives. We had to steal the intelligence of the people and transfer them to our colleagues, the dead occultists who work in different factories and production industries in the underwater realm. To steal human intelligence, we would visit students at school, university students, graduates working and unemployed graduates.

When you notice that your child who was smart in elementary school is no longer intelligent in high school, understand that he received a mystical visit and an exchange took place. It may be that his intelligence has been tampered with or stolen. I also injected memory loss and forgetfulness into people's minds. As a result, they could not succeed because their memory was stolen or sacrificed. I caused memory lapses and repeated forgetfulness to my victims. Every human being living on this earth without Jesus is exposed to many demonic manipulations and even several diseases. So I was sent to destroy all that is beautiful and attractive in the physical world. I had to make old and ugly all that was beautiful and resplendent. I stole the beauty of women and left them with old age. As a result, while others are getting married, they will be stuck in the neighbourhood. Nobody will be interested in them because of the exchange and manipulation that has occurred in their appearance. I applied this exchange even in families.

I managed to dislodge 84 couples. Women lost their beauty and charm even in marriage. Once a married woman received our mystical visits and manipulations, she spiritually got an ugly and repulsive face. As a result, her husband saw her old, ugly and unattractive, and could not stand her anymore. I was empowered to transform myself into a woman as a spiritual night wife. Know that every time you have sexual dreams, substances are deposited in your lives and will manifest in the day in the form of failures, illnesses, blockages and sterility, resulting in many problems including conception problems, erection problems, miscarriages, and diseases such as fibroids. Even if you go to the hospital with these mystical diseases, medical science will not be able to do anything for you. Only the fervent prayer of the righteous which is powerful and effective can make the difference.

Beloved, the main purpose of the intervention of the mystical kingdom of satan on the planet earth is the destruction of humanity. As the Bible says in John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and K_ill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." I had been instructed to destroy all that is good, beautiful, and positive in the physical world, and even the family, which is the divine establishment. I was guided by the spirit of destruction. I could not accept or tolerate a family living in peace, joy, happiness and well-being. It was unacceptable to us. Everything that was beautiful, everything that looked positive and good was supposed to be destroyed or exchanged. It was my mission and that of the angel of death on the part of the mystical hierarchy. When we meet love and harmony in a family, we were forced to bring about division, conflict, misery. When a family is divided and in conflict, we excel in our activities, and we cause grief and sadness.

You must know that a united family living in harmony is difficult to bring down. But where there are divisions and animosity it is easy to operate. I caused calamities, catastrophes and disasters in families without Christ. Every human being living on this earth without Jesus is not protected. He is exposed to many diseases that we spread. Diseases were thrown into space and innocent people without protection were affected. Modern medicine could not treat these mystical diseases. It's beyond science. While we were flying in hyperspace, the angel of death told me that it was time to work in the hospitals as stipulated in the satanists worldwide summit by the goddess Monica. The hospital is one of the places where demons are very active to K_ill and capture the souls of non-Christians and to drink their blood. While working in hospitals, I tried to sabotage and manipulate 15 surgical interventions.

I managed to disrupt seven surgeries and as a result, there were deaths. There was a young woman who was sick, and was supposed to be operated upon. The doctor sent her brother to buy drugs in the pharmacy but since she did not have Jesus in her life, I went after her brother to the pharmacy. There, I exchanged the drugs he was supposed to buy by replacing it with a fake that was a poison from the mystical world. Then I pushed the pharmacist to sell the fake medicine to her brother. Later, the doctor transfused the fake medicine into the young woman who died as a result of this poison. Another woman had a hernia problem. While she was having surgery, we managed to disrupt and disturb the doctor's mind. As a result, he cut a vein by mistake; the woman lost a lot of blood and died. Another woman was supposed to have an operation related to fibroids.

She did not have Jesus in her life. During the operation, we disturbed the doctor's mind who gave her an overdose of anaesthesia, and she died. Another day, I arrived at the hospital and there was a surgical operation going on. A girl was being operated upon. I was accompanied by my guardian angel, the angel of death. We tried to attack but we were unable to enter the operating room because it was surrounded by intense light. We tried to get around the windows but we could not get in because of the bright and fiery light. We were in direct connection with the mystical world, and we asked them to verify the spiritual identity of this girl because she was in a bright and dazzling light. Once the mystical world verified the girl's identity, they informed us that this girl was a born again Christian. Without Jesus we are without security in this lost world. By serving Jesus, His grace is on your life, and nobody can harm you.

A few days later, a couple had to have their child operated upon. So they went to church and asked for prayers. After that, they went to the hospital for the operation, and they were fasting. During this surgical procedure, I came mystically with the angel of death to the place, but to my surprise, we saw the operation room surrounded by the energetic blood of Jesus. As a former satanist and ex-mystic, I certify that the blood of Jesus Christ is true and real. The blood of Jesus is filled with electricity and is full of strength so that no demon can come near. That day, the blood of Jesus protected this girl. There was nothing we could do against her. You must understand that the mystical world exists. The satanic kingdom is real and works but Jesus Christ is Lord. One day there was a car accident and there was a woman pregnant with twins among the victims. She was transported to the hospital. But since she did not have Jesus Christ in her life, she was unprotected and exposed. As a result, the twins died and we handed over their bodies to the goddess Monica. Later, the woman also died. The years of her life were transferred to a satanist that had died long ago so that he would continue to serve in the underwater civilization.

Apart from our operations in hospitals, in terms of physical activities, I attacked cars by causing them to burn down mystically. Nobody could suspect that the problem of the car was mystical. If the car did not belong to a Christian, it was exposed to our attacks. You may wonder why I was destroying cars and houses. It is because the men and women of this world go continually to satan to ask for material goods such as cars, houses, money and health. I was empowered to destroy or sacrifice these things. I sacrificed material things through destruction and gave them to satan's kingdom. This is where the mystery lies. By destroying your car, I sacrificed it because our partners are asking for material goods from satan. It must therefore be stolen. It was done by means of sacrifice. Clothes, technological and physical instruments could be sacrificed.

Beloved, there are people who lose things in their life, such as money. There was a man who contributed in the church in which he was a member. I came after him, I tried several times to destroy his car but to no avail. After many attempts, I went with my guardian angel, the angel of death, but there was a huge hand over his vehicle and this hand brightened up the car and there was nothing we could do on this subject. In this spiritual and demonic conflict against humanity, it is very easy to recognise the Christian in the astral dimension. I found that Christians had many signs around them. There are Christians who are dressed in sparkling lights and fiery flames of fire. Some Christians have swords on their left and right and even around them. Some have a huge bright hand above their heads. The Bible says in Psalm 91:1-2 "1He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. 2I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust."
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:18 pm

In addition, I had four demons living in my body; I used them to steal and devour people's properties. I used the mouse spirit to steal material goods and bring them to me. Once a property had disappeared or had been mystically stolen by the rat, I put it on my red carpet. After incantations, the object was bewitched. Then I ordered the rat to return the object where it had been stolen. Beloved, once you find what you lost, if you use it again you are bound and connected to the mystical world to be monitored. At the beginning, I told you that I had received the spirit of wickedness. My sister was touring, traveling to neighbouring countries and buying goods. Because of the wickedness in me, I deployed the spirits of mice and cockroach who were spirits of poverty against her business that eventually collapsed. I deployed four agents of destruction who were resident-poverty agents in my body, against property such as houses, stores, warehouses or depots.

I remember a woman who was a major dealer of rice, beans and peanuts, and who excelled in her business. Since she did not have Christ in her life, she was therefore without protection. So, I sent the mouse spirit against her business. Later, the demon brought me back the profit of her products. After making incantations on this profit, she fell victim and her business collapsed. Later, troubled by the collapse of her business, this woman heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and gave her life to Christ. When this woman came to Christ, she started her business again, and it was fully restored by Jesus Christ. Know that those who love to give their goods for the advancement of God's work are protected. When a Christian gives, he and his family are protected. We worked to prevent Christians from knowing this truth about giving their offerings and tithes, because it is a secret for protection. Beloved, you can dream that someone gives you money but in reality, it is an exchange. Your real money is taken that way and you have been given white paper.

If you find abandoned money and you take it and put it in your pocket without praying over it in Jesus' name, if that money is bewitched it will create a hole in your pocket. I also used the lizard spirit. I should say that every time I flew, in company of the angel of death, above the Christian churches, we were touched and seriously disturbed by the prayers and we lost strength and energy. In my neighbourhood, there was an acacia tree that was our fuel station. Whenever Christians prayed, we were attacked by the fire of prayer and our flight into space was disrupted. We lost strength. We were forced to land in that tree to refill fuel. To cause accidents on the road, I would dig virtual holes on the road. In reality, there were no holes. Only a bewitched driver saw these virtual holes.

The mystical aspect of my mission was very dangerous because it involved the battle and the invisible warfare against churches and Christians. I had to write strategic information and tactics that I had to use against Christians. I was supposed to receive training and I got this training to be equipped for this conflict and hostility. After these trainings, I was given a 666-page mystical book containing methods and tactics to use against Christians. Every page of this book is the result of demonic research on the church and Christians and how to attack them successfully. There are points in this book that satanists should know before starting such a war. I had to make sure that I was in communication with our command base in the invisible world. I was in contact with the stars that were to guide me to avoid the dangers while I was performing an operation against Christians.

The stars gave me warnings by pointing out the dangers. They told me not to fly over a place where there were genuine Christians, instructing me to deviate, otherwise I would fall. They warned me against the location of revival churches and stormy places. The first targets of the dark world in spiritual warfare are the lukewarm Christians who have one foot in and one foot out. I had to stop them from reading the Bible and gaining knowledge of the Truth. I had to stop them from fasting and praying because this was very dangerous for the mystical world. I had to neutralise the thoughts and intentions of fasting and prayer in their minds. I worked hard to disturb their prayer programme because a Christian in prayer can prevent and destabilise our activities against Christians and churches. I also attacked brotherly love so that they would stay away from each other. I had to keep them apart because each time they were together, they tended to pray and spread fire.

The shortest way for the destruction of the Christian is anger. When a Christian is angry, it's a shortcut for me to come in and create an unleashing of things in his life. You can get angry at school, at work and at home, but it is even more dangerous to sleep with your anger. Anger opens the door for the enemy to destroy you. Sleeping with anger means that when demons move at night, you are exposed and they can do what they want. Another shortcut that is an open door for me and the dark world of satan is lack of forgiveness or grudge because their are opening doors for satan in your life. A Christian who focuses on the things of this world like the lust of the flesh or the pride of life, opens the door to destruction for the dark world of the devil. The division of a family is also an open door. In the mystical realm, when two people do not get along, the kingdom of darkness takes advantage of this situation of conflict and division to reach them.

I attacked the Christian with discouragement. I injected disagreement, conflict, thoughts of hate, animosity. In the mystical realm, we had studied the church and Christians. We know their weaknesses. When we come and find these things as conflict, disagreement, animosity, resentment, then we unleash on them the spirit of sexual immorality and we take away holiness in the church because a church where the people are not in sanctification is powerless. Through the door of conflict, of division, I could stifle the zeal of prayer and service, and cause coldness, laziness, discouragement, spiritual slumber, and heaviness.

It was necessary to prevent prayer at all costs. We knew that if we could succeed then we could destroy a church. The Bible says in Ephesians 4:31-32 "31Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." The leadership team was also our target. We first sought sin and weakness in the leadership group and used it as a gateway and demonic control. When one of these leaders was found to be lover of money, that allowed us to cause chaos in the church and to attack the church. I used a mystic camera for surveillance, and candles for incantations. I also used these candles to control the thoughts of those who are not in Christ so they do not come to church.

I used green candles to capture the property of those who are not in Christ. I used white candles to cover myself mystically. These white candles were sent to me by the world of darkness because they did not exist on the earth. I used the blue candles to win souls and distance them away from Jesus in order to K_ill them later, recover the years of their lives and pass them onto those satanists who had died and were working in the underwater world so that they live long and help us in the invisible battle against Christians. I used black candles to K_ill and make the victims go mad. Pink candles were used to cause women to dress indecently. I mean sexy. When they go to church, they will seduce weak minds by their dressing. It was important to wait for the moment of offerings to make invocations with the pink candles. Sexy-dressed girls and women go in front in order to attract the attention of weak minds, when people march to the front to give their offerings, and those who will covet them will lose the blessings they had received from God during the preaching and worship sessions.

One day in the afternoon, I received a call from the kingdom of satan. I was informed that there was an assignment for me in Ivory Coast. I was told to participate in the installation of our mystical order in Ivory Coast. The space allocated for the installation of this mystical structure was a former cemetery. Therefore, we had to negotiate with the dead of this cemetery. I was assigned to this task because I was told that I have the potential to achieve this assignment successfully, but I had to prove to them that I had the skill to do this job. A few days later, I received another mystical call instructing me to first go to Rwanda for a brief assignment. After that, I had to go to Ivory Coast. I was reluctant to go to Rwanda. So I asked the mystical hierarchy to give me time to think about it. I could not decide, I was divided. I was not convinced to go there. I did not want to comply.

This incomprehension of satan and the mystical world marked the beginning of the Holy Spirit’s action in my life. I was at home thinking about all this when a woman in the neighbourhood came to greet me with her son. This woman had a 9-year old boy. She said good day and her son came over and leaned over me. He says, "Father, everything shall pass away, but Jesus Christ is Lord". I was surprised to hear this. The words of this child pierced me like a spear. I was disturbed and confused by the words of this boy. I asked the boy what that meant. But he repeated the same phrase: "Everything shall pass away but Jesus Christ is Lord." In my confusion, I began to reflect on the words of this boy. I thought and reflected so much about it that the angel of death who was my guardian detected my thoughts. He appeared and began to reproach me.

He said to me, "You are a great mystic. Why are you troubled because of the words of the little child? You should forget all that. You have many promises of the invisible realm. You will become great and rich, so get rid of the words of this little child from your heart and your thoughts." Then the angel of death disappeared. After the apparition of the angel of death, I went to the headquarters of our mystical order. I told the hierarchy that I was not in a position to decide on Rwanda. I asked them to give me 4 hours to think about it. Then I entered a room lit by candles. I was thinking about the option of going to Ivory Coast and Rwanda. While I was thinking about it, the words of this 9-year old boy came back in my thoughts. "Everything shall pass away but Jesus Christ is Lord." From the moment this boy's words came back to my thoughts, I could not think of anything else. Meanwhile, the room where I was suddenly became illuminated by intense light. This light was neither terrestrial nor ordinary.

When I opened my eyes to observe it, I noticed that it grew in intensity and increased in luminosity. It filled the room and increased the more. I was scared. I fell to the ground and closed my eyes. To my surprise, even with my eyes closed, I could see that light. So, I opened my eyes. I had the impression that the light was transporting me and that I was moving up in space. When I looked at the sky, it was an intense blue colour and it was bright. Then I heard sounds of thunder and thunder rumblings. Then I saw the sky open and the clouds withdraw. Then I saw something bright coming down from the sky with great speed. In fact, I was seeing a star coming down from the sky. It was sparkling and powerful. I did not know what it was. I watched it come down from the sky. When this bright, burning and luminous star reached an altitude of 10 metres from where I was, I noticed that it was a man.

This man was neither terrestrial nor natural. This man was not physical like us. He was shining and he was bright like the sun. He was whiter than the clouds of the sky. I noticed by his constitution that he had wings. He was an angel of the Lord. When he came down to my level, he did not touch the ground but he smiled at me. Then he put his right hand on my shoulder and said to me: "Jérémie, I have come to confirm the words of this little boy of 9. I came to confirm to you that it was God who spoke to you through the mouth of this little boy. The words that this little boy spoke are the words of God Himself. Everything shall pass away but Jesus Christ is Lord. God spoke to you through this boy." Then this luminous angel said to me: "Jesus Christ sent me because He wants to work with you. He wants you to be His witness. He wants to send you to testify around the world of what you know and have experienced."

When this angel of the Lord was speaking to me, he had his hand resting on my shoulder. As he spoke to me, we began to go up into space together. As we were going up, I noticed that it was as if a very black garment was being removed from my body. Then this angel began to speak about the hidden terms and conditions that governed my covenant with the mystical world. He said to me: "The first implication of your covenant with the satanic world is that you had to serve the devil all your life until death. The second implication is that your memory is captured. The third implication is that the world of satan decided that you had to die on December 25, 2004. All those who sign pacts with the satanic world have the date of their death determined in advance so that they can continue to serve the devil under the water." The angel of the Lord said to me, "The satanic world had decided to send you to Peru on assignment." That's where I had to die in the date it chose. "The fifth term and condition hidden by the satanic world is that after your death, you were to become an evil spirit in the service of satan to finally be a lost soul at the end time."

When this angel of the Lord revealed to me the hidden terms of my covenant with the satanic world, a rain fell on me, and black smoke began leaving my body. It was stuff that the mystic world had deposited in me. Demons came out of my body in the form of black smoke. Then the angel of the Lord lifted up his hand and as a result, a screen appeared. I saw images of people singing and dancing for Jesus Christ in this screen. The angel of the Lord said to me, "This is the place where you must go to testify." Then the vision ended. When I realised it was a vision, I trembled. I felt fresh as if strange forces had come out of me. I went to tell my superiors that I wanted to go home and take my time to think about the options that were in front of me. When I returned home, I collected all the magic books and all the mystical tools. I reached a point where I thought it was over with these mystical practices.

The day after the appearance of the angel of the Lord, I was walking in the street when I saw a placard of a Christian evangelism crusade on which was written, "Jesus Christ came to set captives free." As I walked, I felt the spirit of God urging me to participate in this evangelistic meeting. The crusade was already in its 4th day as it was a 5-day meeting. The next day, I went to attend this meeting. During this service, I felt a force pushing me in front of the altar. When I saw the crowd of people singing and dancing for the Lord, I immediately remembered the vision of the angel of the Lord. When I realised that it was the church that the angel of the Lord had shown me, I became emotional and had tears in my eyes. I was surprised and amazed. I wanted to join them in singing and dancing for the Lord but I did not know how to sing or dance. In this church, I could feel the flames of fire burning on my feet.

It was when the preacher began to proclaim the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I felt completely overwhelmed by the flames of fire. My feet began to shake. I asked the person sitting next to me if he was experiencing the same thing as me. To my surprise, he said no. The fire of the Lord began to go through my whole being. It was like electricity going through my body. The people who sat by my side noticed that I was troubled and uncomfortable. Later, the preacher asked the congregation to stand up for deliverance prayer. When all the audience rose, the preacher raised his voice and shouted, "You are free in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth by the power and fire of the Holy Spirit." Immediately, I saw the flames of fire of the Holy Spirit coming towards me.

I fell to the ground, and my spiritual eyes opened. It was then that I saw Jesus Christ the Son of God in His glory. How wonderful it is to see Jesus Christ! He is so glorious! It is He who created us and who loves us. Jesus Christ laid His hands on me. He said to me, "From today you will be at My service, but you must keep My words so that those who are lost and those who are in the occult can see My glory and be converted through your testimony." When Jesus Christ was speaking to me, I could see my superiors of the mystical hierarchy and the angel of death, the skeleton. They watched me at a distance of 14,000 kilometres. They looked at us in despair and astonishment. They were shocked. There was a whirlwind of fire separating us from them. I saw my guardian angel, the angel of death, with his hand on his cheeks. My superiors had their hands on their heads in despair. Jesus Christ handed me a Bible and instructed me to teach about what was in it.

When I woke up from this experience, I found myself in the presence of intercessors. I saw intercessors who had surrounded me and praying for me. They all prayed in unknown languages. My heart was filled with an inexpressible heavenly joy. Tears flowed from my eyes. Later, the pastor told me not to sleep at home and the next day we went home. We gathered my occult books and my satanic instruments. As we returned to church, a powerful occult book fell on the ground. When an intercessor tried to pick it up, demons entered into her. She was thrown several metres to the ground. She began to make several noises like a pig. The pastor and the other intercessors had to pray for her for 45 minutes and she was delivered from the unclean spirit. Then pastors and intercessors had to burn my books and my instruments. There was a little book and a mystical cloth that I put on for incantations that took more than an hour to burn. It made noises like detonations when it was being burned. After my deliverance, I spent more than a year studying the Bible. It was after that that the Lord allowed me to testify and there were miracles. End of Testimony
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:33 pm

Testimony of Emmanuel Eni
Testimony of the life and conversion of a great witch doctor from Nigeria, Africa. He was also member of a Christian church.

Dear brethren and dear friends, we are happy to share with you this excerpt from the testimony of Emmanuel Eni, an orphan who had the misfortune to be initiated from an early age into witchcraft by one of his friends. He served satan with in spite of himself, until the day Jesus Christ took pity on him and delivered him from the world of darkness.

Chapter 1: My Escape to "New Life"

This is a story of God's works - mighty, wonderful and mysterious - in obedience to the command of Jesus Christ to me saying: "Go and testify what I have done for you." My story started 22 years ago in a little village called Amerie Iriegbu Ozu Item in Bende Local Government Authority, Imo State. My parents were not classified amongst the rich but my dad was privileged to inherit 42 hectares of land from my grandfather, a blessing which has today brought the greatest misfortune ever recorded in the history of the family. My dad was greatly envied by his distant and near relations for reasons I do not know, perhaps for his vast land inheritance. We were a happy family, my parents having got four of us: Love, Margaret, Emmanuel and Chinyere. After having the first two daughters, my parents waited for 14 years before having me (the only son) and later my younger sister Chinyere. This brought real happiness to the family but this happiness was short-lived as the first tragedy struck.

My lovely and caring mother died. She was alleged to have died owing to witchcraft, and four years later my father died, again through an alleged work of juju involved against him. Two years after the death of both parents my eldest sister, Love, disappeared mysteriously and Margaret, the second daughter of my parents, went mental. It was a chain of tragedies in the life of a humble and otherwise happy family. My younger sister Chinyere and I were sent to our grand parents. There I completed my elementary education and was later admitted into Item High School. I read up to Class III and dropped out of school as a result of lack of fund for fees etc. Shortly after that, my grand parents also died. After all the ceremonies that go with burials, an unknown relation collected my younger sister Chinyere, and up to this date I do not know her whereabouts. I was forced by severe maltreatments to go back to my father's house, and there to live alone at the age of 13 years. How does a child of 13 years feed himself in the midst of his father's enemies and consequently his own enemies?

How very afraid I was! These events seemed to have brought me to the end of worthwhile living. Was there anyone who cared? Was there anyone who was concerned about "a little boy's misfortune?" One day I met a friend I knew during my elementary school days named Chinedum Onwukwe. Chinedum loved me very much and having heard all that befell took me to his parents who readily received me and took me as a second son. Life came back to normal again. I was well cared for. I was happy again: then I knew that the God my mother prayed to when she was alive was alive somewhere hence He had provided me with new parents, so I thought in my mind. I enjoyed this goodness for about two years and then the devil struck again. Chinedum and his parents were travelling to Umuahia and their car ran into a tipper carrying laterites. Chinedum and his parents died on the spot! On hearing the news I collapsed. At the end of the burial, I went back to my father's house and resumed the menial jobs to be able to feed.

I continued doing odd jobs on the farm, in gardens, going fishing with elders until one day, a man from my compound hired me to work in his farm for 50k. At the farm, he subjected me to a series of questions. First, he asked me to show him my father's lands; secondly, to hand over such lands to a man, no matter how closely related he was. In either case, I objected and he was offended. He then vowed to K_ill me in the forest. I became afraid, ran, and shouted for help. Unfortunately, because the area was far into the thick forest, no one came but help came from God. He pursued me with his knife but being younger I was too fast for him, and fell into a pit of about 1.82 metres deep and was covered by the grass in it. He searched for me and after a while, he gave up. I later struggled out of the pit and through another route returned to the village. I reported the incident to the elders in the compound but no action was taken - the common plight of orphans. This incident created real hatred in my heart; no one loved me, no one cared. I reflected in my mind why anyone would want to K_ill me knowing I had no parents.

Life was full of misery. Now I know that God in His love restrained the devil from suggesting suicide to me. I turned to the Church and became a full member of the Assemblies of God church in my village (I still am) but unfortunately no one cared even when some of the members knew about me. It is important to note that I became a full member of the church without knowing Jesus Christ. I never knew what it meant to be born again. In the midst of all these hardship and suffering Alice appeared! Alice was a girl I knew during my elementary school days. She was five years older and from the same village. We were in the same class, sat on the same bench and became very friendly. With this childhood's 'love' affair, we promised 'getting married' when we would be old. Ridiculous! A child of 11 years then, without parents, no education, no food to eat, promising marriage to a girl of five years his senior!

Alice later left for Akure for her secondary education and sent me dozens of 'love' letters. The next time I met Alice, I was 15 years and she was 20. She had finished her secondary school education and was working with the Standard Bank Lagos (now First Bank), where her parents lived. Alice having known my background and my plight, took advantage of it. She told me to join her at Lagos and handed me her house address with N50 (Naïra: National Currency of Nigeria)! That was a fortune for a young boy of 15 years who had never earned up to N2 a day! This was manna from heaven and this meant that Lagos must be a wonderful place with plenty of money and the good things of life for all to enjoy. Then I must go to Lagos to make money and get riches too. Going to Lagos to my mind was my only way of escape. Escape from my father's enemies, escape from my enemies, escape from hunger and all my problems. Escape! Yes, escape from all that is evil!

Chapter 2: The Initiation

"There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death." Proverbs 14:12 "But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. 21"There is no peace," says my God, "for the wicked." Isaiah 57:20-21. And life outside Jesus Christ is exactly as stated in the above Scriptures. I left my village armed with N50 and the address given to me by Alice, escaping to freedom, liberty, enjoyment and all that go with them: but as you will see later it was far from what I had conceived in my young heart. When I arrived in Lagos, it was so beautiful in my eyes and I compared it with Heaven, whatever Heaven is like. I saw all those tall and beautiful buildings and on each face, I could see happiness (so I thought). People appeared very busy each one minding his/her business. I was excited and said to myself, now I know I am free!

I arrived at Akintola Road, Victoria Island and was well received by Alice and her parents. The parents knew me and my background as we came from the same village but never knew of my relationship with their daughter. Alice then introduced me to them as a man she has 'chosen' to marry. The parents were shocked but after some discussions with her, agreed on the condition that they would further my education. Alice rejected their offer and requested that I be allowed to live with her in her own flat. The parents could not accept this but she insisted. They had a strong argument for four days and under some unexplained influence they agreed and I moved in with Alice. Alice, a very beautiful girl, told me that she was an accountant with the Standard Bank and that she would make me rich and give me all that I needed in this life and said: "Just settle down and enjoy yourself!"

My first impression about Lagos was true after all; few months ago I was in a small hut in a small village surrounded by hatred, starvation and suffering and here I am, living in a big city, in a well furnished flat with a beautiful 'wife' who had promised to give me all that life could offer. She showered me with gifts, money, clothing, 'love' etc. I never knew that the world was filled with these 'good things'. The devil indeed is a deceiver! He has no free gift! Whatever he gives you is for an exchange with your soul. This state of euphoria was short-lived, because after a period of three months strange things started happening.

The Mysterious Experiences

One night, I woke up in the dead of the night and found a boa-constrictor beside me. I wanted to shout but could not. Some nights, I would wake up to see Alice's body as transparent as a cellophane bag. Some nights, she would disappear and reappear. Some nights I would hear strange noises or dancing in the living room etc. I could no longer bear these fearful happenings so I decided to ask her, and the first reaction was violence and serious warning. She said: "Do not ask me this question again or else I will deal with you." From then I knew my life was in danger. I then preferred the sufferings in the village to what I came to discover. I became afraid of her. Two days passed and she came with smiles, gifts and hugged me. She told me how much she loved and cared for me and encouraged me not to be afraid and promised to explain things to me later.

She took me to a nightclub and there reminded me of her promise to make me rich etc., and told me: "one day you will know all that I know!" We came back and life continued as normal between us. Inwardly I knew I was in danger, but how could I escape and where would I escape to? It is important to note here that Alice's parents did not know that their daughter, though young, was involved seriously in occultism and spiritism and she seriously warned me never to tell them if I loved my life. Dear reader, can you imagine, a 20 year old girl doing all these things? The outside world saw her as a very beautiful and harmless girl working with a big Bank but she was the devil's agent. There are a lot of Alices in the world today as you will find out later in this testimony.

A Horrific Discovery

One day, after she had left for work, I decided to search the flat. As young as she was, the flat was well furnished. She had four refrigerators and on opening one, I saw human skulls, different parts of human body both fresh and dry. Inside the ceiling were skeletons. In another corner of one of the rooms I saw (what I later knew as a 'chamber') a water-pot filled with blood and a small tree in the centre of the pot, a calabash and a red cloth by it. I could not continue. Now I knew that I was a dead man and since I had no where to run to. I surrendered my life to whatever comes, life or death and kept sealed lips. Alice came back from work and from the way she looked at me, I knew that right in her office she knew what I did in the house.

Encounter with the Occult World

The following day she requested me to follow her to a meeting. I was already a captive and had no choice. We went to a very big building on the outskirts of Lagos. On arriving (the building had an underground conference hall), I was instructed by Alice to enter backwards. I obeyed and entered with my back, she also did the same. The hall was so large with about 500 young men and women seated in a circle, and seated above them was a man whose head could only be seen and without a body, as the Leader. Some of these young people were students, undergraduates, graduates, teachers etc. Alice pressed a button on the wall and a seat came out from the ground and I sat. She did the same and another came out for her and she sat. She introduced me to the congregation as a new member and they applauded and welcomed me. Alice was promoted as a result of this. All that they discussed in the meeting I never understood. At the end of it and as we were about to leave, I was asked to come back alone the following day by the Leader. This was my first encounter with the occult world.

That same night, at 2.00 a.m. (and this is the usual hour of meetings and dangerous operations by all the forces of darkness and their agents), Alice woke me up and revealed certain things to me. She said: "I am not an ordinary human being. I am half human and half spirit but mainly of the spirit. What you see in my chamber is what I use during my prayers every morning, so that the spirits will guide me through the day. As for the skeletons I will tell you later." I never said a word. She brought out some books on world mysteries for me to read, and with my inquisitive mind I decided to read them. Shortly I became interested and immediately she saw that I was now interested. Unknown to me, she sent my name to an occult society in India. As previously instructed, the following day I went back to the society alone and there met nine others and some witnesses. We were to be initiated.

We were called out to the centre of the hall and the following things were administered to us: 1. A concoction that looked like putty was rubbed on our bodies. This qualifies you as a full member. 2. A glass shot of oil-like liquid was given to us to drink. This qualifies you to be an agent. 3. A gunpowder-like substance was rubbed on our heads. This qualifies you to study their mysteries. Unknown also to me, this initiation ceremony was being recorded in India and the next day I received a letter from them. In the letter I was instructed to stain the letter with my own blood and to post it back to them through a means they described, not the Post Office. I did. From this point, there was no turning back; turning back meant death as one was always reminded and I knew there was no more hope for me.

Covenant with Alice

Early one morning, she told me there was an important ceremony to be performed in the house. At 2.00 a.m. she brought a crawling child, a girl, alive. Before my eyes, Alice used her fingers and plucked out the child eyes. The cry of that child broke my heart. She then slaughtered the child into pieces and poured both the blood and the flesh into a tray and asked me to eat. I refused. She looked straight at me and what came out of her eyes cannot be explained in writing. Before I knew what was happening, I was not only chewing the meat but also licking the blood. While this was happening she said: "This is a covenant between us, you will never say out anything you see me do or anything about me to any human on earth. The day you break this covenant your own is gone." Meaning that the day I break this covenant I will be K_illed.

After this incident, I started having strange feelings inside me. I was changed and could no longer control myself. A word of warning to mothers. Do you know your house helps? What is his/her background like? Do you care to find out all about him/her before entrusting the lives of your children etc. to him/her? How did Alice get the little child she slaughtered, you may ask. Therefore parents, know the background of your house helps. When Alice saw that she had succeeded in getting me fully involved in spiritism and was fast growing in it, she was satisfied an knew her mission was accomplished. She found a flat for me, helped furnish it and thereafter severed the relationship.

Covenant in India

The Society in Delhi, India sent me a second letter asking me to come over to India. In it also I was instructed to do the following: "Eat excreta, eat decaying smelling rats, and to have sexual intercourse with spirits in the cemetery at night." After fulfilling the above I was bound never to have any sexual intercourse with any women on earth. I sent a reply to their letter informing them that I had no visa neither do I know how to get to India. At this time I had started doing 'business'. I was a serious smuggler but because of these powers behind me I had no trouble with customs etc. I started having a lot of money, food and materials were no longer scarce. One day, I locked my flat and went out; coming back, I opened the door and behold a man sitting in the parlour.

I was afraid. He said: "Are you not Emmanuel Amos?" I said I am. He said: "I have been sent to come and collect you to India, so get ready." I locked everywhere, went and sat beside him on the cushion ready for the next order. But like lightning, he touched me and we vanished. The next place I saw myself was in a big conference hall in Delhi, India, with a large congregation already seated and waiting to welcome us. They brought out files where my name had already been written and asked me to sign beside it. I did. A tray containing human flesh, cut in pieces with a basin of blood were brought. An empty jug was given to each person, then a man without a head went round pouring the blood and flesh into the jugs. Different candles and incenses were being burnt also. The headless man made some incantations and everyone drank the blood and ate the meat and the meeting was over.

The Initiations in India

Now the period of my testing had come. I was sent to a valley about 200 metres deep. In it were assorted dangerous reptiles and wild beasts. These were to torture me. I was not to shout, for if I did, I have failed the exam and the consequence was death. After seven days of agony, I was brought out and sent to a place called "India jungle". In this jungle, I saw different types of demonic birds; demonic because some had faces like dogs, some like cats, etc. yet with wings. Inside this jungle was a cave, and this cave is only opened by these demonic birds. They opened the cave and I went inside. The things I saw are hard to explain. There were terrible creatures, some looked like human beings but with tails and without human faces, etc. This was another place of torture. The torture there could best be described as semi-hell. I was in that state for 7 days and was brought out.

I was then sent to a very big library that contained large volumes of mystic books to study. I later picked two books: Abbysinia, which means destruction, and Assina, which means giving life or curing. Later I was given more books. I was instructed to build a chamber as soon as I return to Nigeria with the following things in it: "A native water pot filled with human blood, a living tree inside, a human skull, vulture feathers, wild animal skins, boa skin and a big shiny laterites beside the pot." The blood inside the water pot is to be taken every morning with an incantation. I was also instructed never to eat any food cooked by humans but that I would be fed supernaturally. With all these instructions, I came back to Nigeria the same way I went, and fulfilled all.

Back Home in Nigeria

I had now become a part and parcel of the spirit world and could travel at will to any part of the world. According to the books I brought, spirit beings are living in space. Perhaps they would increase my powers, so I decided to try. I came out of my house, made some incantations and called the whirlwind and disappeared. I found myself in space and saw these spirit beings. What do you want they asked; I told them I wanted powers. I came back to earth after two weeks having acquired powers from them. Like I said earlier, I no longer could control myself. Despite all these powers I had already received, I still needed more and more powers! I then decided to go into underworld to prove what was written in the books given to me.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:39 pm

One day I went to a hidden place in the bush, made some incantations as stated in the books and commanded the ground to open. The ground opened and the demons created steps immediately. I stepped in and went right inside the ground. There was total darkness that can only be compared with one of the plagues that occurred in Egypt as recorded in the Bible. I saw a lot of things that are hard to explain. I saw people chained, people used for making money - their duties are to work day and night to supply money to their captors. I saw some elite society members who came in to do some sacrifices and would go back to the world with some gifts given to them by the spirits controlling the place. I saw some church leaders who came for powers, powers to say a thing that is accepted without questioning in the church. I stayed for two weeks and came back after receiving more powers. People saw me as young and innocent but never knew I was dangerous. There are lots of such people around; only those in Christ Jesus are safe in real sense of safety.

Covenant with the queen of the coast

One evening, I decided to have a walk. Along Ebute Metta bus-stop, I saw a young beautiful lady standing. I never spoke a word to her. The next day while passing also, I saw her still at the same spot. The third day I saw her still at the same spot and while passing she called me. I stopped and introduced myself to her as Emmanuel Amos but she refused introducing herself. I asked her name and address but she only laughed. She asked me mine and I told her the street only. When I was about leaving, she said she would visit me one day. In my mind I said, that was impossible, I did not give her my house number how then could she come. But true to her words, I heard a knock on my door after a week of that meeting at the bus-stop. There she was, the mysterious lady! I welcomed her in my mind. I wondered who this beautiful lady was, and did she know she was treading on dangerous grounds? I entertained her and she left. After this first visit, her visits became regular without any relationships.

I noticed that in her visits she kept to a particular time, and would not come a minute earlier or later! In some of her visits, I would take her to the Lagos Barbeach, or to the Paramount Hotel or Ambassador Hotel etc. All these while, she still did not tell me her name. I decided not to worry since I knew the relationship would not develop more than that. I had already been instructed never to touch a woman. Suddenly she changed the day visits to nights. During one of the visits she told me: "Now it is time for you to visit me." We stayed together that night and at 8.00 a.m. the following day we took off. We joined a bus and she told the driver to stop at the Barbeach. As we stopped, I asked her: "Where are we going?" She said: "Don't worry, you are going to know my house." She took me to a corner of the Barbeach, used something like a belt and tied around us and immediately a force came from behind and pushed us into the sea. We started flying on the surface of the water and straight to the ocean. Dear reader, these happened in my physical form! At a point we sank into the sea bed and to my surprise I saw us walking along an express way. We moved into a city with a lot of people all very busy.

The Spirit World

I saw laboratories, like science lab, designing lab, and a theatre. At the back of the city, I saw young beautiful girls and handsome young men, no old people. She introduced me to them and I was welcomed. She took me to places like "darkroom", "drying room", and "packing room". She then took me to a main factory and warehouse and then came to her private mansion. There she sat me and told me: "I am the queen of the coast and would like very much to work with you. I promise to give you wealth and all that go with it, protection and all that go with it, life and an 'angel' to guide you." She pressed a button and a tray came out with human flesh (in pieces) in it and we ate together. She commanded a boa to appear and asked me to swallow it. I could not. She insisted but I could not, how could I swallow a live boa. She then used her powers and I swallowed it. These were three covenants: The human flesh and blood, the boa and the demonic angel were always there to make sure no secret was revealed.

But the 'angel' was given power to discipline me if I went astray and also to bring me food from the sea any time I was here on earth. I promised to obey her always. After this promise, she took me to another part of the ocean, this time an island. There were trees and each of these trees had different duties: tree for poisoning, tree for k_illing, tree for invoking, and tree for cure. She gave me powers to change to all kinds of sea animals like hippopotamus, boa constrictor and crocodile and then she vanished. I stayed in the sea for a week and through one of the means (as crocodile) mentioned above I came back to the world.

The Underworld Laboratories

I stayed in Lagos for a week and went back to the sea, this time for two months. I went into the scientific laboratories to see what was happening. I saw psychiatrists and scientists all working very seriously. The work of these scientists is to design beautiful things like flashy cars, etc., latest weapons and to know the mystery of this world. If it were possible to know the pillar of the world they could have, but thank God, only God knows. I moved into the designing room and there I saw many samples of cloth, perfumes and assorted types of cosmetic. All these things according to satan are to distract men's attention from the Almighty God. I also saw different designs of electronics, computers and alarms.

There was also a T.V. from where they knew those who are born again Christians in the world. There you see and differentiate those who are church goers and those who are real Christians. I then moved from the laboratories to the 'dark room' and 'drying room'. The dark room is where they K_ill any disobedient member. They K_ill by first draining the person's blood and then send the person to the machine room where he/she will be ground to powder and then send the dust to the 'sack room' where they will be bagged and kept for the native doctors to collect for their charms. There were more things, which are hard to explain in writing. Despite all these powers in me, I was not yet qualified to meet with satan but only qualified to be his agent. All the same, I was satisfied that I now had powers and could face, challenge and destroy things at will. Could there be any other powers anywhere, I mused within my mind.

Chapter 3: The Wicked Reign

"The thief does not come except to steal, and to K_ill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." John 10:10. On returning to Lagos, I continued in my business and after two weeks I went back to the sea. The queen of the coast gave me what she called her "first assignment". I should go to my village and K_ill my uncle, a prominent powerful native doctor who was responsible, according to her, for the death of my parents. I obeyed and went but having not K_illed before, I hadn't the courage to K_ill him, rather I destroyed his medicines and rendered him powerless. As a result of this act he lost all his customers till this date. I came back to give a report assignment but she was wrathful with me. She said the consequence of disobeying her instructions was death, but because of her love for me she would send me back to the same village to K_ill two elders who she said gave a helping hand in the k_illing of my parents. Whether this was a punishment for disobeying her or not, I did not know.

However, I obeyed and went back to the village and 'managed' to K_ill these men and sent their blood to her. As a result of the mysterious circumstances of their death the elders in the village went to inquire from another powerful native doctor who normally sent lightning to investigate the killer. Unfortunately for these men, I met the native doctor in spirit where he was consulting with spirits and warned him not to say anything if he loved his life. He came out and told the elders to go home and beg one of their sons whom they had offended and never mentioned my name. The lightning he sent returned and struck in their midst k_illing some and leaving many wounded. After this first act, the powers in me started manifesting themselves. I would deform a girl for refusing me friendship etc.

My Meeting with satan

I later went back to Lagos. One day, a girl named Nina came to me. Nina whose parents were from Anambra State was a very beautiful young girl but lives mostly in the underwater spirit world. She was an ardent agent of the queen of the coast and very wicked. She hated the Christians to the core and would go all length to fight Christianity. I first met her during my visit to the sea. Nina came for an errand from the queen of the coast. We left immediately and reaching there I learnt of our having a conference with satan. Satan, in this meeting, gave us the following instructions: To fight the believers and not the unbelievers, because the unbelievers were already his. When he said this, one of us asked: "Why?" He said the reason was that God drove him out of 'that place" (he refused to call the word 'Heaven' and all throughout our meetings with him he never mentioned the word 'Heaven'. Rather he would always use the word 'that place') because of pride, and therefore he does not want any Christian to get there (Heaven).

He also told us that we should not fight the hypocrites. "They are like me", he said. He continued his speech and said: "We should only fight the real Christians." That his time was near, therefore "we should fight as never before and make sure no one enters 'that place'." So one of us said to him: "We heard that God has sent someone to rescue mankind back to God." Satan then asked: "Who is that?" One member answered "Jesus" and to our greatest surprise, satan fell from his seat. He shouted at the man and warned him never to mention that name in any of our meetings if he loves his life. It is true that at the name of Jesus every knee must bow (Philippians 2:10), including satan. After this incident, he encouraged us and told us not to mind "these Christians", that he satan would soon come to rule the world and would give us, his agents, a better place so that we would not suffer with the rest of the world and he would make us rulers. He continued that since man likes flashy and fanciful things, he would continue to manufacture these things and make sure that man has no time for his God and that he would use the following to destroy the church: money, wealth, and women.

At the end of this speech he dismissed the meeting. This was my first meeting with satan. Several others followed after this meeting. As we were leaving, the queen of the coast, who now appears in different forms, invited me to her mansion. She inserted human ashes with other things inside the bones of my two legs, a stone (not an ordinary stone) in my finger and something else inside the bone of my right hand. Each of these things had their duties. The stone in my finger was to know the thought of anyone against me. The one in my right hand was to empower me to destroy and the ones in the legs are to make me more hardened and to become more dangerous and also to enable me change to a woman, beast, bird, cat, etc. She took me to one of the laboratories and gave me a telescope, a TV, and a video. These were not ordinary things but were to be used in detecting the born again Christians and the church goers inside the Church. Finally, she gave me sixteen girls to work as my agents. Nina was one of them. I came back to Lagos armed with the above mentioned 'gifts'.

Transformed into satan's agent

I had no human feelings nor mercy in my heart any longer. I went into operation immediately and destroyed five duplex at a go. They all sunk inside the ground with their inhabitants. This happened at Lagos in August 1982. The contractor was held responsible for not laying a good foundation and paid dearly for it. A lot of destruction happening in the world today are not man made. The devil's duty is to steal, K_ill and destroy. I say it again, satan has "no free gift". I went into causing accidents on the roads etc. A case I would like to mention is about a young convert who went about testifying of his salvation and deliverance. He was causing a lot of harm in the spirit world for doing this, so I planned an accident for him. One day he was on a luxurious bus to Lagos. He had an appointment where he was to give his testimony. As the bus was on high speed, I wheeled it out of the road and it went and crashed onto a tree. All the passengers died except this young convert. His escape was miraculous because he came out of the vehicle through the boot of the bus and shouted: "I am safe! I am safe!"

We tried to stop him from testifying but we failed. Through the T.V., we would know a man who repented newly and would pursue him seriously to see if we could make him backslide. If after six months we do not succeed, we would go into his business and make it go bankrupt. If he/she is a civil servant we would oppress him/her through the boss, and if possible make the boss terminate his/her appointment. If after all these he refuses to backslide then we would give him up. But if he backslides he would be K_illed to make sure he does not have a second chance to repent. I destroyed lives to the extent that satan became very pleased and made me chairman of the wizards. A month after my chairmanship, a meeting was called. We attended that meeting as birds, cats and snakes. These creatures are used for the following reasons: 1. Turning to birds make wizards more dangerous. 2. Turning to cats make wizards able to reach both spirits and humans. 3. Turning to rats enables wizards to enter into a house easily, then in the night turn to shadow, and then to human being and suck the victim's blood.

In this meeting we had only one item on the agenda: "The christians." We then scheduled to hold an African wizard conference in Benin city in 1983. We published it in all the dailies and all the public media. All the forces of darkness were mobilised and we were very confident that nothing was going to interrupt this meeting. In fact everything was well planned and there was no loophole. Suddenly, the Christians in Nigeria went into prayers and praises unto their God and all our plans were shattered. Not only that our plans were shattered but also there was real confusion in the kingdom of darkness. As a result, the witches and wizards' conference could not be held in Nigeria. Christians should note that the moment they go into real praises to God Almighty, there would be trouble and confusion both in the sea and in the air, and the agents of satan would have no resting place.

Prayer is like throwing a time-bomb in our midst and everyone would escape for his/her life. If Christians would realize and use the power and authority God has given them, they would control the affairs of their nation! Only Christians can save our nation. After the failure of this conference, which was later held in South Africa, I was called back to the sea. When I arrived, I was told from that moment I would make the sea my home and only visit the world for difficult operations. I was given a new assignment: inventing charms for native doctors, in charge of the control room and sending the gifts, i.e. opening of white garment churches (prayer houses), opening of maternities, opening stores and making them prosper, giving 'children' and money. These will be explained one after the other:

1. Opening of white "garment churches"

When a man comes to us for an assistance to build a prayer house and help him performing healings etc., he would be given some conditions: a) He will agree to donate to us one or two souls every year. b) At a certain level of office in the church the person would be initiated into our society. c) No member would be allowed to come into the prayer house with shoes on. When he accepts these conditions, he would be given something like a white gravel, human bones, blood and charms, all in a native pot. He would be instructed to bury this pot with all its content in front of the church and bury the cross on its top. After the burial, only the cross should be seen. He would be advised to build a pool or keep a basin where spirits would continue to supply special water. This water is what you hear them call "holy water."

Many people when disturbed by evil spirits go to these "prophets" to cast them out. The truth is, they only add more demons to them. A devil cannot cast out devil. What the prophet would do is, he will pray for the member and then give him/her a red cloth to put in his/her house, and then would advise him/her to always pray with candles and incenses. By this act the person invites us into his/her house. Sometimes the member would be advised to bring a goat etc., for sacrifice. These sacrifices are for us to come and help cure the man. The prophet has no power to cure or heal.

2. Opening of Maternities

If a woman comes to us for assistance in opening a maternity and making it prosper, she would be given this condition: "A month would be chosen by us in which all the children born in the maternity would die, but the other months the children would live." If she accepts, she would also be given a charm, which would attract people into the maternity. There are such maternities in Onitsha, Lagos, etc.

3. Opening of fancy stores

When a man approaches us for assistance in this respect, he would be given a ring with a condition that no woman should be allowed to touch it. He also must agree to be our member. If he accepts to fulfil these conditions, his store would be stocked always with the best and latest materials by us.

4. Giving of Children

If a barren woman goes to some native doctors, after laying her complaints, she would be asked to bring the following: a white cock, a goat, native chalk and baby care. She would be advised to go and in her absence, the native doctor will come to us bringing these things. We would then mix certain things, which are difficult to explain in writing, and include human ashes. He would use this charm to cook food for the woman, etc. She would become pregnant and give birth, but it's not a normal human being. If the child is a female she would live and even get married but would remain barren all her life. If the child is a male, he will live and even be trained only to die suddenly. They never live to bury their parents. I would like to mention here that barrenness is mostly caused by demons. You may see a woman barren here on earth, but she would have children in the sea. I therefore advise God's children to wait on God alone because only God gives real children.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:45 pm

5. Giving of Money

If a man comes to us for money, he would be given these conditions to fulfil: he will be asked to give a part of his body or if he has a family, he would be asked to bring his son. If single, he would be asked to bring his elder or younger brother. Whoever he decides to bring must be from the same womb. Something worth mentioning is: during the k_illing of the victim, the person who brought him would be given a spear or an arrow. His relations would be made to file past in a mirror. As soon as the one he had donates passes, he would be asked to strike and as this happens the victim would die where he is. There are other methods but one thing satan does is that: he makes sure that in the different methods, the donor becomes responsible for the death of the victim, by making the donor strike the victim. Remember, satan has no free gift!

Chapter 4: How Satan Fights Christians

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12.

Fighting Christians

After the command by satan to fight the Christians, we then sat and mapped out ways of fighting them as follows: 1- Causing sicknesses. 2- Causing barrenness. 3- Casing slumber in the church. 4- Causing confusion in the church. 5- Causing lukewarmness in the church. 6- Making them ignorant of the Word of God. 7- By fashion and emulation. 8- Fighting them physically. Amongst the above I would like to explain two:

1. Fighting physically

With the TV given to me, I would through it see the born again Christians. We do not fight hypocrites because they belong to us already. We would then send our girls first to the big churches. Inside the church, they would be chewing gum or making a child cry or doing anything that would distract the people from hearing the word of God. They may decide to come spiritually and cause the people to sleep while the preaching is going on. The moment they see you have a sober reflection because of the preaching, they would wait on you outside the church and as soon as you come out, one of them would greet you and even present you a gift (and it's always what you love), and would appear very friendly. She would do everything and before you knew what was happening you had forgotten all you learnt in the church.

But for a real Christian, one of these girls, after the service, would jump out to greet you and would desire to know your house with the pretext that she was new in town and did not know many Christians around. On taking her home, she would quickly buy bananas and the Christian would take this as a gesture of love. She would continue her visits until she finally puts off the light of Christ in you and then stops coming. Major operations in the living churches and fellowships are: discouraging the Christians from reading and studying the Word of God, and thereby making them ignorant of their authority and of the promises of God. In crusade grounds, these girls would be sent to cause disagreements and quarrels.

How Christians are Known?

The born again Christians are not known by the Bible they carry always or the many fellowships they attend. They are known in the spirit world by the light that shines continuously like a very bright candle in their heart or a circle of light around their head or a wall of fire around them. When a Christian is walking along, we see angels walking along with him/her, one by the right, one by the left, and one behind. This makes it impossible for us to come near him/her. The only way we succeed is by making the Christian sin, thereby giving us a loophole to come in. When a Christian is driving a car and we want to harm him/her, we find that he/she is never alone in the car. There is always an Angel by him/her. Oh! If the Christian only knew all that God has for him, he would not meddle with sin or live carelessly!

2. The Making of Backslidden Christians

As a chairman appointed by satan, I would send these girls to living churches and fellowships. These girls would be well dressed and after the preaching would come out for the altar call, pretend to have received Christ and would be prayed for. At the end of the fellowship or service, they would hang around waiting for the preacher who naturally would be very happy for these new converts. The said convert may even follow the preacher to his house. If the preacher does not have the spirit of discernment, she would lure him into the sin of fornication or adultery. This takes place the moment he admires her lustfully. She would make sure he continued in this sin until she finally quenches the Spirit of God in him and then leave him, mission accomplished.

At this juncture, I would like to give a testimony of a minister. In the evil spirit world, he is known as a man of God. When he went on his knees there would be confusion among us. We therefore sent these girls to him. This man would even feed them but would refuse to be enticed. They did all they could but never succeeded. As a result, these girls were K_illed for their failure. I then changed to a woman and went to him, and by words an actions tried to entice him, but he was adamant. This was too much for me, so I decided to K_ill him physically. One day, this minister went to Oduekpe Road market town. I watched him and as he bent down to price some commodities, I wheeled an oncoming trailer loaded with drums of oil into the market where he was. The trailer struck the NEPA high tension pole and fell right into the market, leaving many people dead, but this minister escaped. How he escaped was a miracle.

Another day, I saw him travelling to Nkpor town on foot. I again wheeled an oncoming army lorry loaded with yams to K_ill him. The lorry went straight into the new cemetery road, K_illed many people, but this minister again escaped. After this second attempt, we gave up. He is still alive! Because of a single christian, the devil may decide to destroy many souls, thinking he could K_ill him, but he always fails. These incidents had happened to many Christians unknown to them, but their God always delivered them. The trouble is, the devil does not give up. His thoughts are always: "I may succeed." But he never does. As long as the Christian walks with God's love and remains in Him and does not get entangled with the affairs of this life, the devil can never succeed, no matter how hard he tries. Only the unbeliever is at his disposal.

The Oppression of the Christian

This mostly happens in dreams. A Christian may see in his/her dreams the following: 1. A dead relation visiting him/her. 2. Masquerades pursuing him/her. 3. Mates swimming in the river. 4. Mates bringing food and asking him/her to eat. 5. A single female having sexual intercourse or even a married one having s_ex with a man. This, if not dealt with, sometimes leads to barrenness. Or a pregnant woman sees herself having sexual intercourse with a man. This, if not immediately dealt with, could lead to a miscarriage. If a Christian experiences the above in his/ her dreams, he/she should not put it aside by the wave of the hand, but on getting out of sleep he/she should examine himself/herself and confess any known sin unto God, bind all those demons and ask God to restore whatever had been tampered with. This is very important. The person should also seek the help and counsel of a mature Spirit-filled Christian, older in the faith.

The devil's soul winning

When Jesus Christ was leaving this earth, He gave His disciples a command: "Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations." While some Christians are still waiting for a more suitable and convenient time to obey this command, the devil has also given this command to his agents. The difference is, the devil's agents are more serious in winning souls than the Christians! One of the areas of the devil's soul winning is the secondary schools, especially girls' schools. Some of our girls are sent into the schools as students. We supply them with all the latest and expensive underwear. This is first priority, because in girls' hostels, they like using underwear only. Our agent would never lack anything, cosmetics, dresses, underwear, books, provisions and money. A particular bathing soap would be given to her to lend to any student who requests for soap from her. A girl desiring to be like her would be attracted and would befriend her. Gradually our agent would introduce us to her.

At this point we would visit her physically and would start giving her gifts and meeting her needs. With this, she would join us willingly. She in turn would win another and so on. This is taken as a mission and it is carried out with a determination to succeed. One thing should be made clear: satan does not force anyone. What he does is to attract and make you come to him willingly. That is why the Bible says: "... Resist the devil and he will flee from you" James 4:7. Another area of soul winning for the devil is giving lifts. We would send our girls to stand on the road, and usually they are very beautiful and attractively dressed. You will also find them in hotels and through these avenues, we get men and women. Many people we see advertised in the papers as missing, got lost through giving lifts to girls they did not know. You should then be careful who you lift in your car.

Chapter 5: My Encounter with Jesus Christ

In the month of February 1985, we had our normal meeting in the sea, after which I decided to travel to Port Harcourt in Rivers State, to visit my late uncle's wife. I met a man called Anthony. He has a workshop at Nwaja Junction, along Trans-Amadi Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He sent for me and since in our society we have a law never to refuse calls, I decided to answer his call. I went to him in the afternoon on a Thursday of that week. He started by saying God has given him a message for me. He brought out his Bible and started preaching. There were three other Christians seated (a male and two females). He continued his preaching for a long time and I wasn't sure I heard all he said. He asked me to kneel down for prayers. I obeyed and quietly knelt down. Immediately he started his prayers. I was knocked down by the spirit of God and I fell flat. I struggled up and stood like an iron.

I destroyed the iron chairs inside the workshop. I looked outside and saw three of our secret society members, a man and two girls. They came in human form and moved towards the door but because of the power of God they could not enter. I am sure the alarm in the sea alerted them of the trouble and with the TV, they knew where the problem was and had sent the "powerless" rescue team. This always happens when any member runs into trouble. While the two Christian men pulled me down on my knees, the girls continued praying and binding the demons, but they were not specific. They asked me if I believed in Jesus Christ, I said nothing. They asked me to call the name of Jesus, I refused. They asked me my own name and I told them. They struggled for hours and released me to go. No spirit was removed from me, so I went out the same way as when I came in.

The Church events

The following day being Friday, I was invited by the same Anthony to attend their night vigil at the Assemblies of God church, Silver Valley, Port Harcourt. I accepted this invitation because attending church services to cause slumber and confusion was part of our assignments. The programme started with choruses. We sang until one of the members raised a popular chorus by a particular Christian band, of the powerlessness of other powers except Jesus' power. Then I started laughing. I laughed because when in the spirit I looked into their lives almost three quarters of the people singing this chorus were living in sin. I knew that because of the sins in their lives, they were exposed and could be harmed seriously by these powers. It is important that Christians obey the word of God and not allow besetting sins to remain in their lives.

In that service we were four from the sea and were singing and clapping with them. Again, I want to stress here that when a service is started, members should be advised first to confess their sins, then go into a period of real praises to God. This will make an agent of satan present very uncomfortable and in fact escape for his/her life. In this particular service, we were very comfortable and even went into operation. Many started sleeping, choruses were sung weakly and things went zig zag. Brother Anthony had already told them about me so at about 2.00 a.m. they called me out to pray for me. As soon as I came out to the front, they started pleading the blood of Jesus. I stopped them and said: "It is not pleading the blood that is the solution. I am a deep secret society member. If you agree that you can deliver me, then will I kneel down."

These words I spoke were not premeditated. The blood of Jesus scares the demons and protects the believer, but does not bind demons. Binding of demons only takes place when the Christian uses his authority and gives the command. They agreed and I knelt down. At that point a sister led by the Sprit of God shouted and said: "If you are not worthy, do not come near!" I am sure many did not understand what she meant. It is dangerous for a Christian living in sin to cast out demons. Many withdrew and a few came out to pray for me. As they started with "In Jesus name," I heard a big bang inside me and fell on the floor. Immediately the flying demon in me went into action. I started running with my chest. Anybody possessed with this flying demon is always very wicked and dangerous. The brethren never saw what was happening spiritually. I was running because of the stronger power in the room. Two opposing forces went into action and the atmosphere changed. I suddenly stood up and became very violent etc. A demon went out of me and possessed a boy in their midst and he started fighting them, trying to rescue me.

The brethren never wasted time with him rather they took him and others who were afraid to the church vestry and locked them inside. This continued till 7.00 a.m. I was physically exhausted and became quiet, so the brethren gathered around me again and started shouting: "Name them!" "Who are they?" etc. I kept quiet. After waiting for a long time and I said nothing, they were deceived to believe that I was delivered. They prayed and we dismissed. I was so physically weak that I found it difficult to walk out of the church. But something happened, for as soon as I walked out of the church and crossed the road, I became very strong physically. Perhaps some of the demons that left came back. I became very angry and decided to take vengeance on the church. "This people had insulted me" I said to myself, and for this insult I was going back to Lagos and get more powers with others as wicked as myself, and then come back to Port Harcourt to take vengeance on all the members of the Assembly of God, Silver Valley.

En route to Lagos

On getting to my uncle's wife house, I told them I was leaving for Lagos immediately. I refused to be persuaded to stay and I took a taxi to Mile 3 Motor Park where I took a taxi for Onitsha. My intention was to stop at Onitsha, see a friend and then proceed to Lagos. At Mile 3 we took off and on getting to Omagwe, at the International Airport Junction, I heard a voice calling me by my native name "Nkem." I turned around to see if there was a known face in the taxi but there was none. Who could this be? Only my late mother calls me by that name, all others including the spirit world knew me as Emmanuel. While I was still wondering, the voice came again: "Nkem, are you going to betray me again?" I did not recognize the voice but the voice continued asking me: "Are you going to betray me again?" Suddenly I had severe fever. The heat that came out of my body was so high that the other passengers felt it. One of them asked me: "Mr., were you well at-all before travelling?"

I told them I was well and that I never had even a headache before leaving Port Harcourt. At Umuakpa in Owerri, I collapsed inside the taxi. The next I knew was that two men, tall and huge, came to take me, one on my left and the other on my right, and they never spoke a word to me. They led me through a very rough road with bottles and metals. As we moved along, these bottles and metals gave cuts and I started crying but these men still did not say a word. We moved on and came out to an express road. It was here one of them spoke and said: "You are a wanted man!" and we continued. We moved on to a very large and long building that looked like a Conference Hall. As soon as we climbed the pavement a voice from inside said: "Take him in!" They took me in and disappeared, leaving me alone.

What I saw inside this hall is difficult to explain, but I will try to explain as much as I can. The hall was well decorated and so large and long that one finds it difficult to see the end of it. I walked to the middle and then was able to see the end. At the end was an altar. I saw a moon and stars surrounding the sun. Then I saw a throne and seated on it was a very handsome man with a garment shining like the sun. He said: "Come!" But because of His brightness I could not go. Whenever I tried to move a leg, I would fall. I stood up, tried again and fell. Suddenly a moon came out of the throne where He was sitting and moved on the ceiling right up where I stood. Then two hands came out of the moon, held my head, shook me and my physical body pulled off, like pulling off a dress. And the real me stood. The hands folded it as if folding a cloth and dropped it at the corner. The moon then moved back to the throne and then He that sat on it said again: "Come!"

The spiritual cleansing

I walked to a point and He stepped out of the throne to me, removed my legs one after another and poured out what was inside them and fixed them back. He did the same with my hands and put them back, in fact all the places the queen of the coast kept powers. I wondered in my mind, who can this be and how did He know the spots these things were kept.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:53 pm

After this He went back to His throne and asked me to come. As I started walking, certain objects started falling from my body, scales fell from my eyes, etc., but before I got to the altar, it stopped. "Where are you going?" He asked. I answered and said: "I am going to Onitsha to see a friend." He said: "Yes, but I will show you what you have in your mind." Up till this moment I did not know who He was, but one thing was certain and that was He was more powerful than all the powers I had come across. He beckoned on a man and asked him to show me what I had conceived in my heart. This man took me to a room and opened something like a blackboard.

In fact, if there was a way to escape I could have escaped, for before me was written all that I had planned against Christians and my plan against the Assemblies of God church, Silver Valley. The man brought me back to the altar and left. He came out of the throne and took me by His hands and said He was going to show me certain things. On our way, He said: "I do not want you to perish but to save you and this is your last chance. If you do not repent and come and serve me, you will die. I will show you the abode of the saved and the disobedient." When He said this, I then knew He was Jesus Christ.

The divine revelations

We entered a room and He opened something like a curtain. I saw the whole world, the people and all the activities going on. I saw both Christians and unbelievers all doing one thing or the other. We went into a second room. He opened a curtain again and what I saw was a sorry sight. People chained! He called these people "the hypocrites." These people looked very sorrowful and He said: "They will remain this way until the judgement day." We went into a third room. He opened a curtain and I saw many people rejoicing and wearing white garments. This time I asked him: "Who are these?" He said: "These are the redeemed awaiting their rewards." We went into a fourth room and what I saw was very frightening. Dear reader, it is difficult to describe. It looked like a whole city on fire. Hell is real and terrible.

If you had been made to believe that Heaven and Hell are here on earth and that man has no hereafter but total annihilation after death, you better be well advised here and now that there is a real Hell and there is a real Heaven! No wonder when Jesus Christ was on earth He warned man about Hell. I say it again, Hell is real. I saw it and it is a terrible place. I asked Him: "What it is?" His answer was: "This is prepared for satan and his angels and for the disobedient." He named them as recorded in Revelation 21:8 "But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death." We went into a fifth room and when He opened a curtain, what I saw can only be described as Glorious. It was as if we were looking at it from mountain top. I saw a new city. The city was so large and beautiful! The streets are made of gold. The buildings could not be compared with anything in this world.

He said: "this is the hope of the saints. Will you be there?" Immediately I answered "Yes!" After this, we went back to the throne and He said: "Go and testify what I have done for you." Again, He took me to another room and when He opened a curtain, I saw all that I was going to encounter on my journey to Onitsha and Lagos and how He would finally deliver me. After this, He said to me: "Do not be afraid, go, I will be with you." He led me out of the hall and vanished, and I woke up on a bed in another man's house. I shouted, so the man and his wife ran out from their room. They first peeped and then came in. "Why am I here?" I asked. The man then narrated how I collapsed in a taxi and how they carried me to the Catholic Cathedral there in Owerri. How they sent for a Doctor, who came and after examining me said my pulse was normal and that they should wait and see what would happen. The Doctor gave them the assurance that I would revive.

The man then took me in his car to his house and had been waiting. He also confessed he never knew why he believed the Doctor and why he took responsibility of taking me to his house. They asked me my name and address which I gave them and after that, I kept quiet and never told them my experience. I stayed calmly with this kind family for two days and then the man and his wife drove me to the Owerri motor park, where I took a taxi to Onitsha. All that the Lord showed me about my journey happened one after the other. I took another taxi to Lagos first thing the following morning. I obeyed and left Lagos for Port Harcourt the following morning. I often ask myself, why would the Lord save a man like me. A man so wicked and destructive, an agent of satan! I found the answer in these three words: God is love. Indeed, God is Love!

Chapter 6: Temptation and Victory

"My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. 28And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand." John 10:27-28. After my conversion to Christ, the first thing that happened was all the gifts from the sea, the telescope, the T.V., shirts, photographs I snapped inside the sea laboratories and the photograph of the queen of the coast which were displayed in my flat vanished. On returning to Port Harcourt, I had the urge to testify what the Lord had done for me but was not allowed in the church. My late uncle's wife who is also a Christian, took me to one of the pastors, but the question he asked was: "Did he bring the paper?" It was later that I understood that the paper he meant was a 'membership letter.' What has membership letter to do with my testifying the power of Christ and what He has done for me - God, translating me from the power of darkness into the kingdom of His dear Son, in whom I have redemption through His blood, even the forgiveness of my sins? I was sad, having known that satan does not allow young converts to go about testifying, especially those who previously were deeply involved in his activities, and would do everything to stop such testimonies.

Again, I remembered, the Lord clearly instructed me to "go and testify what I have done for you" and here I was faced with rejection. Perhaps it was not yet time. So I decided to shelve giving my testimony to anyone. I travelled with three traders from Aba to Togo for a business trip. There I bought goods worth N160,000 (One Hundred and Sixty Thousand Naïra). Out of this amount my personal money was N70, 000 while the remaining N90, 000 was borrowed from traders in Aba. Amongst the things I bought were bundles of laces, assorted drugs (especially antibiotics), injections, thermometers, etc. At the Nigerian border, we were held by the Customs and later were asked to pay some bribe. We refused and the goods were seized including those belonging to my colleagues. A few months later, those belonging to my colleagues were released excepted mine. I went back later and was asked to pay N40, 000, but on checking the goods I discovered that all the valuable goods, bundles of laces, injections, drugs, etc., were already stolen.

I assessed the remaining goods and knew that paying N40, 000 to the Customs would only increase the loss, so I decided to forego the remaining goods. The traders whose money I borrowed started chasing me. Some called the police, others took the laws into their hands and planned to do away with my life. The only solution was to close my Bank accounts and use all the money I had to settle all the debts. By God's grace, I paid all except N1,000 meant for my landlord in Lagos. I went completely bankrupt and would borrow even 20k for taxi fare. I went to a few business Christians I knew then, to seek for help to enable me start afresh. None said yes or no, rather I would be asked to come the following day repeatedly until I would be tired. I did not know the Word of God and with all the confusion in my heart, I would read the Bible and would not understand. Still contemplating on what to do, I received an urgent call from my village.

I rushed home and found that the little building I was setting up had been pulled down by my uncle who was also present and threatened to K_ill me. The old nature in me was challenged. I remembered when I was with the secret society, how he dreaded me and would go on his knees before me. But now he knew I was a changed man (how he knew I did not know as I had not travelled home since my conversion) and he now threatened me. I called on the Lord and said: "So you saved me to leave me frustrated and to allow my enemies to rejoice over me!" I wept and decided to go back to the society. At least I would be saved from all the confusion and would also teach my uncle a lesson he would never forget all his life. Although I took the decision, I had two prominent fears within me:

1. During my conversion, the Lord clearly told me: "This is your last chance." My going back to the society might mean death, not only physical but also spiritual death. 2. If I remained in the Lord, my uncle was breathing threats to K_ill me. I was so confused and I needed help. I was ignorant of the Word of God and never knew what the Word says in respect of the above. Dear reader, you will realise here that I had all these confusions because of lack of follow-up as a young convert. Follow-up for young converts is very important and Christians should take this seriously. If you know you cannot follow-up your converts, please do not go out for witnessing. Jesus Christ emphasized this three times when he asked Peter: "Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me more than these? ... Feed my lambs." Many converts backslide because of lack of proper follow- up. If you love Jesus, take care of His lambs!

The Battle with satan's agents

During this period, the queen of the coast's agents started pursuing me. I suffered greatly in their hands. I had nightmares. On the 1st of May 1985, a month after my conversion, at about 2.00 a.m., others in the house were asleep. I was awakened by these agents. They commanded me to walk out of the house. I obeyed, walked out and they followed behind. It was all happening like a dream but this was in reality. We moved on to the burial ground by St. Paul's Anglican church, off Aba Road, Port Harcourt. On reaching there they said: "You must come back. If you refuse we will K_ill you or make you a destitute." After this instruction they left. I regained my senses and wondered how I came into the burial ground. I went back to bed and slept. They decided attacking me in the afternoons. At times, while walking along the road they would fight me.

Others around would see me fighting with the air or see me running as if being pursued. I alone would be seeing them. This they did for four times and stopped. Then their leader, the queen of the coast, took over. The first day she came in a car and parked beside our house. She was well dressed and as usually very beautiful. People around took her to be my girlfriend. Immediately she came in, I knew who she was. She came at about 12.00 noon when the whole area was less busy. She sat down and among other things said: "You can go to your church, believe whatever you want to believe, but if only you will not reveal me, I will give you anything you need in this life." I had not known the Scriptures so I only listened and watched her talk. She pleaded and tried to persuade me to come back to her. I never said yes or no to her. She stood up, walked into her car and drove off.

About two times my uncle's wife entertained her without knowing who she was and I never told my uncle's wife who the lady was. During her last visit she changed her approach. This time she gave me a stern warning saying that she had tried during these visits to persuade me to come back to her and that I had been very stubborn, and that this was her last visit. If I still refuse to come back, she would come to me in August and would either K_ill me, or disfigure me or make me destitute. With this she left. I was afraid, so one day I went to the church and called out a brother. I told him my problems and my observations on some members of the church, etc. This brother gave me the Scripture Union's (S.U.) office address and told me: "There you will find help."

Incidentally that was the last day I saw this "brother." I have never seen him anywhere in Port Harcourt up till date. I took the address and the following day, took a taxi to No 108 Bonny Street, where the office is and met the typist who gave me the quarterly programme of activities of the S.U. Rumuomasi Pilgrims Group, being the one nearest to me. She said: "Come on Sunday!" I was there at the Fellowship Centre - St. Michael's State School, Rumuomasi - at 2.00 p.m., not knowing that the fellowship starts at 3.00 p.m., but I met the prayer band, so I joined them. After the fellowship that day I knew this was the right place for me. God provided me with a Christian lady, whom I took as a mother, who took interest in explaining the Word of God to me and counselled me as well. The brethren became very interested in me and cared. I saw real love. The Holy Spirit began giving me understanding of the Word and my faith grew.

But the queen of the coast did not show up as she threatened. Psalm 91, God's protection, was fulfilled in my life. Isaiah 54:17 "No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me," Says the Lord." This also was fulfilled. September 1985, I received a message that my name appeared as a distributor with the Silver Brand Cement, Lagos and that I was expected to report at the office on 27/9/85. I left Port Harcourt on 26/9/85 and arrived in Lagos in the night. The following morning 27/9/85, I went into the office only to be told by the personnel manager that my allocation had been assigned to someone else. He asked me to repeat the following day 28/9/85 to see the managing Director. On my way back to my flat, passing through a path, someone came from behind and gripped me and tried to suffocate me i.e. held my nose and mouth together. I struggled for life and while people passed by, none came to my rescue, but the Lord intervened.

While I still struggled with the hands I heard her shout and pushed me away saying: "Who is that person behind you?" She repeated a second time and disappeared. From the voice, I knew it was a woman but never saw who she was. I was dazed and staggered to my flat. Here again my landlord was very furious and said: "Why did you run away with the money of my rent?" I pleaded with him and tried to explain that presently I was not working and would pay all his money as soon as I had money. With the way he consented I thought this matter was settled. The following day 28/9/85, I went back to the office and met the Managing Director who apologized for having given my allocation to another. While he was still talking a young man walked in and asked me: "Are you not Emmanuel?" I said: "Yes, I am." He said: "Yes, we have got you at last! Have you finished running? We have visited Port Harcourt several times and found that you were always with your spiritual mother. She had been a stumbling block to us and now that you have come to Lagos we have caught you!

You can never go back to Port Harcourt. I am the one that took your allocation." I challenged him and told him: "You can't do anything!" The Managing Director was surprised at what was happening in his office. I excused myself and left for the flat. Few minutes later, I heard a knock on my door and Nina entered. She asked me if I was going back to Port Harcourt. I answered yes. She pleaded with me to come back to them and that the jobs I was particularly trained for were still lying unaccomplished: Kotipari (in the Yoruba language). I had been trained: - to be in charge of the agents of demonic powers; - to be in charge of the "sea control room," to monitor the happenings in the world, to send and receive signals, and to mobilize forces, etc.; - to be next to the queen of the coast. This involved not only ceremonies, sacrifices, execution of special assignments by her, but also other things difficult to explain; - with the assistance of the powers of darkness, to establish new secret societies that would appear harmless so to attract young people and more churchgoers.

She said, if I accompanied her, what awaited me was double promotion and many blessings. She confessed they were responsible for my goods being seized and stolen, also that they instigated my uncle to destroy my building and to threaten my life. That if I refuse following her, they would do more and make sure that I did not prosper. That they had decided to fight my spiritual mother: "If we get her, we've got you" she said. At that, I started preaching to her. She stood up and said: "They are deceiving you," and left. This took place in the evening of 28/9/85. Not quite fifteen minutes she left I heard another knock. This time they were four men. They beckoned on me to come out and I saw myself going along with them. We walked up to about two poles and one of them asked me: "Do you know us?" I said no. He continued: "We have been hired by your landlord to K_ill you." While he was still speaking one among them brought out a gun and another brought out a dagger. I was defenceless and knew that they would K_ill me, but God in His supernatural manner performed a miracle that surprised both myself and themselves.

The man with the gun fired at me but there was no sound. The man with the dagger used it on my back but it never penetrated rather it sounded like using a rod on someone. They were as frightened as myself. The Spirit of God came on me and I started preaching. Three of them ran away, but the fourth man broke down and started weeping and pleaded that I should pray for him. I did not even know what to pray at that time but only said: "Lord, please forgive, forget and pardon him. Amen!" He gave his life to Christ so I took him to a Pentecostal church and explained what happened to the Pastor. I handed him over to the Pastor and left. As I walked into the house the landlord ran out and on his knees started pleading and said: "Please forgive me. I thought you decided to run away to Port Harcourt because of my money (N1,000)." I forgave him and we finally agreed that the money be paid by instalments.

That same night, about 2:00 a.m. the Lord woke me up. I did not know why I woke up so I walked to the living room and what I saw was a large tortoise facing me. Immediately I remembered the Bible study we had in Port Harcourt, about the power in the word. I then spoke these words: "Tortoise, since I was born, the home of the tortoise is either the bush or the sea, but for coming into my house while windows and doors are locked you have sinned, and for this you must die." As soon as I said this it vanished. I went back to the room and slept. A second time again, I woke up and heard some noise in the living room. I went and there standing before me was a horrible looking vulture. I repeated the same words and as soon as I said: "For committing this sin you must die," it vanished also. During this Lagos trip I saw God's goodness, greatness and faithfulness.

The following morning 29/9/85, I took a luxurious bus to Port Harcourt. Reaching Ore, the bus ran onto a tree. It got damaged but no one was hurt. The driver pulled it out back to the road and as he drove along, the bus started swerving from one side of the road to another. I remembered Nina's threats, so I stood up in the bus, preached to the passengers and concluded by saying: "It is because of me that these accidents are happening. But from now on, there shall be no more accidents until we get to Port Harcourt, in Jesus' name!" And I sat down. In fact, when I sat down, I wondered at what I had said. And so it was. The vehicle moved smoothly to Port Harcourt - no more accidents or breakdowns. They (the queen of the coast and her agents) tried, but because their gathering was not unto the Lord but against His child, they all stumbled and fell. "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him." Isaiah 59:19. I give God all the glory for showing Himself strong on my behalf.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

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Chapter 7: Activities of satan's agents

This testimony would not be complete if the different methods of operation of these powers are not exposed. Also it is important that the different forms in which they manifest themselves be exposed. One thing is clear and that is, the devil would either encourage you to believe that he is a myth or simple evil thoughts, or would make you see more of his powers and less of the powers of God. While the Bible says: "We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places". The Bible also says that the weapons of the Christians against the devil and his agents "are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 5casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ." (2Corinthians 10:4-5). Again the Scriptures clearly declare: "For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil" 1John 3:8.

And Jesus having spoilt principalities and powers, He made a show of them openly, triumphing over them. The Scriptures say in Proverbs 6:2 that "You are snared by the words of your mouth; you are taken by the words of your mouth." Therefore, the child of God must be careful to confess the Word of God, which God has promised He will hasten to perform. There are three confessions stated in the Word of God: 1. Confession of the Lordship of Christ. 2. Confession of faith in the Word, in Christ and in God the Father. 3. Confession of sin. When we hear the word "confession," we easily think of sin. The dictionary definition of confession is: 1. Affirming something we believe. 2. Testifying to something that we know. 3. Witnessing of a truth we have embraced. It is therefore to be regretted that whenever we use the word confession some minds run to sin. The author is here encouraging the child of God to start today to confess what God has said. You who were dead in trespasses had God quickened together with Christ and He has raised you up together and made you sit in heavenly places (far above principalities and powers) in Christ Jesus.

Christians should therefore realize where they are seated. They should know that they are operating from that height, above satan and his agents. The Lord Jesus Christ has given you all powers and authority just as He has given you all things that pertain to life and godliness (2Peter 1:3). God never intended that circumstances should control His children, rather that the Word of God in the mouth of the Christian should control his circumstances. God spoke in Jeremiah 23:29 saying: "Is not My word like a fire ... and like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?" Christians, I mean born again Christians, should realize that when the name of Jesus is pronounced, what comes out of their mouth is fire. When a Christian stands on the authority given him by Christ and gives a command in Jesus name, fire pours out of his mouth and any demon controlling the circumstances must obey. Jesus is alive today to see to it that every word of His comes to pass. Again, I want to highlight an important fact many Christians overlook, and which satan is using.

Jesus said: "Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also if you say to this mountain, 'Be removed and be cast into the sea,' it will be done. 22And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive." Matthew 21:21-22. "... Have faith in God. 23For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be removed and be cast into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. 24Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them." Mark 11:22-24. Here the Lord points out to us the power of the spoken word and also encourages the Christian to be specific in his prayers and in exercising his authority. Some Christians ask the mountain to move but do not tell the mountain WHERE to go. Jesus said if you shall say to the mountain: "Be removed and be cast into the sea..." Let us take the case of casting out demons for instance. Some Christians bind and cast out demons without sending them to specific destinations. This is dangerous. When you bind a demon it is bound. If you cast it out without sending it to a specific destination, it remains within the vicinity. If the demon is only rebuked out of a man, he may later come back or enter into anyone around who is not a Christian. Therefore, Christians should be careful when dealing with demons. Make sure the demon is bound, cast out and sent to a specific destination.

Some Christians while praying would say: "I arrest you demons in Jesus' name." In the spirit world, you really see demons standing erect waiting for the next command. But if the Christian stops at that point, he has not helped the victim. Do not play around with the devil. You don't play around with your enemy. God has sent you out on a ministry of deliverance and reconciliation (reconciling men to God). Therefore you must be careful to do a thorough work. I repeat, when you bind a demon, it is bound. When you cast it out to any destination it is so. As long as you do not meddle with sin but live in the will of God, whatever command you give the devil or his agents in the name of Jesus must be obeyed. God has promised to back every word of His. As we go on to the next phase, manifestation of satan and his agents, I want you to have the following passages on your mind:

"You are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power." Colossians 2:10. "Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you." Luke 10:19. "15Indeed they shall surely assemble, but not because of Me. Whoever assembles against you shall fall for your sake. 17No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me." Isaiah 54:15,17. I want to show you in this testimony that these evil forces operate mainly in churches, market places, graveyards, jungles, hotels, sea and air.

In the Churches

We are witnesses today that there are many possessed persons in the churches. Some speak in tongues and even prophesy. Only those with the Spirit of God can discern these fellows. But we are here discussing the agents of satan in the churches, those who come in as agents of satan: 1. To cause quarrels and confusion in the churches. 2. To scatter the churches. 3. To make men and women sleep while the sermon is on. 4. To cause distraction of various sorts when the service is on. 5. To win souls for satan. Since I had already said a few things on the above in chapter three, I will only give you a testimony of what happened in the recent past. Christians should abide by every word of the Lord Jesus Christ, because when they disobey or compromise they are prone to fall at the slightest attempt of satan or his agents. Christians have been called out from darkness into God's own marvellous light. Christians have been called to total separation from the world and what it offers. "Come out from among them and be ye separate", says the Scripture.

There was this sister, sister J (name withheld). She was born again and was full member of one of the "living" churches. She later joined my church. She partook in all the activities in the church and was very active in them. But her character at a point became suspicious. So a few of us decided to visit her at her house and to find out what was really wrong with her. While interviewing her, the spirits in her were provoked and began manifesting, and then told us she was their agent in the church. These demons were cast out of her and deliverance was ministered to her. "Sister, how come you are an agent of satan, yet a full member of the church?" we asked. What she told us was the following: It all started one day, after a Sunday service, a 'sister' (female believer in Christ, so she thought) came to her and expressed her desire to be close to her because, according to this "sister", she admires sister J's Christian life. She accepted her friendship without reservations. The two went to sister J's house and the so-called 'sister' brought out bananas and groundnuts, which they both ate.

She stayed with sister J for a while and later left. Her visits became regular, and on each visit, she brought gifts to sister J. The gifts ranged from dresses, shoes, money, etc. On some occasions sister J's friend would come with many other girls. This continued for a period and when the 'sister' saw that she had succeeded in putting out the light of Christ in sister J, she changed and started visiting sister J in the spirit. Sister J was then given a red cloth, a water stone, a ring for her right toe, and a chain for her ankle. Because she had eaten so much with them and had taken so much from them, there was no chance of turning back. She entered into covenant with them and started attending their meetings. She could change into snake, bat, etc. She then became their agent to win souls for them in the church. Praise God she is now delivered! All the gifts given her were destroyed and she is now happy again in the Lord.

Dear reader, it all started with an unusual friendship, and because sister J lacked the spirit of discernment and was not watchful as is commanded by the Lord "watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation", she went astray and fell deep into the hands of the enemy and her race could have ended in Hell because of carelessness. You can easily identify satan's agents with the following: - They wear rings on one of their big toes, chain around the ankle, nose-rings, unusual bangles, etc. - They could enter into a church or fellowship and be very zealous in the activities of the group or church, just for a single Christian they are after. Some behave abnormally, others are wicked, etc. That is why the child of God should ask God for the spirit of discernment, to enable him/her identify them at a glance. The moment they know you have recognized them, they make sure they do not come near you. The reason being that their master will warn them about you!

In the Market Places

They operate in various forms in the market. The market is one of their major areas of operations, just as the hotel is where they lay in wait for men. In the market, they pick their victims, some pregnant women whose miscarriages they cause to enable them get the blood for their blood banks. Some victims they would accompany to their residence in order to visit such in the nights. This happens to the unbelievers! Certain fanciful products sold in the market e.g. necklaces, lipsticks, perfumes, and food items such as sardines "queen of the coast" etc., have strange origins. There are certain actions Christians have to watch out for: you might see a lady or perhaps a gentleman who suddenly touches your stomach or any part of your body. It causes sickness. The Christian therefore should, on experiencing this, give the word of command in Jesus' name, scattering or destroying the plans of the devil, etc. And sure enough whatever you scatter or bind here on earth shall be so.

Cultural activities

It is also very important to note that many people get initiated into satan's activities or get possessed through most of these cultural ceremonies and dances. Most of our cultures are demon oriented. Demons hover in the vicinity of every idol. They function through idols in the practice of idolatry (Zechariah 10:2). As a definite part of religion, idolatry ascribes divine power to natural agencies and pays divine honour to a created object (Romans 1:18-22). The Scripture defines idolatry as spiritual adultery (Jeremiah 3:8-10). Therefore a child of God should have no connection whatsoever, directly or indirectly, with idolatry. So-called high life, juju and disco music are inspired by satan and his demons. I do remember, that before the Lord saved me, in one of the meetings we had with satan, he said: "This world is mine and I am going to rule the whole world in my power, and would destroy all who believe in the name of the Righteous One." Satan does not mention the name of Jesus. If anyone does that in his presence he/she stands the risk of losing his life. He promised making those of us his agents, governors, etc.

Satan is a liar and indeed the father of lies. There were also plans to silence the Christians in Nigeria by restricting importation of Bibles and Christian literature. He operates through unbelievers in positions of leadership and authority, to initiate anti- Christian policies and programmes. He establishes healing centres which would appear very religious and through them claim souls. These centres usually called spiritual healing homes are all around us. Here many lying wonders are performed to deceive their clients. Satan is very much aware of the second coming of Jesus Christ and constantly urges his agents to hurry and be ardent in their operations, always saying: "We have no time left." Dear child of God, satan is not sleeping, why must you sleep!

Chapter 8: The Believer's Weapons

The Name of Jesus, The Blood of Jesus, The Word of God, Christian Praises

"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. 11Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." Ephesians 6:10-11. "And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony ..." Revelation 12:11. I have already said much on this earlier, but just to give a few instances. Please realize that there is Power in that name of Jesus! There is Power in the Blood of Jesus! The Scripture says: "And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross. 9Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, 10that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 11and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." Philippians 2:8-11.

Let the name Jesus always be on your lips! These two, the name and the blood, scatter the plans of satan, and in fact destroy the strategies of satan and his agents. Secondly, you must learn to sing praises to God always. There is power in praises. There was this Pastor - Pastor I.K. (name withheld). He was pastoring a church in Ebute Metta. He became my target and his offences were: 1. He disturbed our peace by carrying out early morning calls i.e. preaching in the early hours. 2. He went about with his megaphone and stationed himself at N°2 Bus-stop along Akintola Road, Ebute Metta. There he would preach. He would not stop at that but would keep binding demons, etc. 3. In his church he would preach, exposing the works of darkness, after which he started binding demons. 4. He prayed a lot. 5. He was always singing and praising God. I sent my messengers to him but they could not K_ill him so I decided to carry out the mission myself. On the said day, I saw him walking along the new G.R.A.

A thing worth mentioning here about this Pastor is: any time we went for him, we would see pillars of cloud by his right and left hands, walking along with him, so these hindered us. But this particular day I saw nothing, so I was doubly sure my mission would be very successful. I commanded rain to fall to enable me to strike him with thunder. The rain started and the thundering began. The whole trees in the area started losing their branches, but this Pastor was singing joyfully. I still remember the chorus: "In Jesus Name every knee shall bow." As he continued with this chorus the rain stopped, the thundering ceased. There appeared immediately two angels, one of each side, with flaming swords. Their eyes and the swords were like flames of fire. Then a strong wind carried me away and I found myself in another town! In fact, I was baffled, but because we were so hardened, what I said was: "This man has escaped again!" The Pastor did not know the spiritual war that was fought on his behalf. So, you can see, the child of God is well secured. When the Bible says: "Nothing shall by any means hurt you," it means what it says!

The second testimony is about a Christian who boarded the same taxi with me. He was very zealous and started distributing Gospel tracts inside taxi. When he gave me the tract I rejected it. He started preaching. So I became disturbed and knocked him with the ring on my finger. That was to K_ill him. This boy shouted: "The blood of Jesus!" Immediately lightning and fire and an angel appeared. A strong wind again removed me with great force out of the taxi and into the thick jungle. Had it not been that I was a man backed by evil powers I could have got lost in the jungle. The Christian did not know the war that went on his behalf. All he knew, including the other passengers, was that I had disappeared from the taxi! The name of Jesus or the Blood of Jesus in the mouth of the believer sends out fire, etc. The Scripture says: "The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe." Proverbs 18:10.

Dear reader, if you are a child of God, remember that God has magnified His word above all His name (Psalm 138:2), therefore confess the Word (the Word of God) believing that what you said shall come to pass, and it shall be so. That is God's promise! Again I would like to mention here that you can only confess what you know. The Scripture enjoins us to delight in the Word of God, meditating on it day and night. For you to rightly divide the Word of Truth, you must know it. Colossians 3:16 says: "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom." Again Psalm 1:1-3 says: "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful; 2But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night. 3He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper." Get close to your Bible; pray without ceasing; have a singing heart and stand, exercise the authority given to you by the Lord Jesus Christ!

Chapter 9: Now What Next?

"And the Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!" And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely." Revelation 22:17. Having read through this testimony, you need no further preaching to give your life to Jesus Christ. The Scripture says: "The thief (satan) does not come except to steal, and to K_ill, and to destroy. I (Jesus Christ) have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." John 10:10. Satan hates you and has devised various means of taking you to Hell with him. That, you can testify from this testimony. If satan makes a promise to you or even gives you a gift, know that it is ill-intentioned.

Satan is a liar and the father of lies. God called him your enemy, why not believe God and His Word? It is not by accident that you came across this testimony. Examine yourself and make sure you are in Christ. You will only succeed in deceiving yourself if you choose to remain a 'church goer' and worst of all, if you still decide to put up an nonchalant attitude to this most important decision of your life. We implore you on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God. If you are not yet saved, that means if according to the Word of God you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour yet, following by water baptism by immersion, we encourage you to do so without delay. Tomorrow may be too late.
End of Testimony
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

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Testimony of Chidubem Okwu
Testimony of a sorcerer pastor from Nigeria who, in his unbridled thirst for power, fame and wealth, had signed pacts with satan through his mermaids.

Dear brethren and dear friends, we want to share with you this sad testimony of a sorcerer pastor from Nigeria who, in his unbridled thirst for power, fame and wealth, had signed pacts with satan through his mermaids. The result is what you will read below. This testimony will help you understand the power with which the so-called great pastors, great prophets and other so-called generals of "god" operate. These agents of satan sign pacts with satan and operate with a great satanic power that they succeed by their incantations in making the naïve believe that it is the power of the true God.

For lack of discernment, many people, including the so-called born-again Christians fall into the trap of believing that these agents of Hell are servants of God.

My name is Chidubem Okwu, I am a pastor, but I have disappointed God and I really don’t know where to begin to tell my story. I must tell you the truth. I can’t really say if I have a call or not. I was a Sunday school teacher in my church for 9 years at Kaduna. In 1999 I was led to start a church, but from the experiences I have gathered now I cannot say I was actually led by the Holy Spirit to start that church. As at 2008, I was not making any progress both spiritually and materially. I saw many churches which began several years after mine and they were making waves and are still making progress.

At a point I did not know what to do again and after discussing with my wife I decided to approach the general overseer of a church that began 7 years after I started my ministry and explained to him that personally I was not making any headway and same with my ministry. My ministry would grow up to 200 people and after a short period it would shrink to 50 people and at time it would grow to 150 and shrink to 40 people. I approached him because the growth in his church was fast. He began the church in 2006 and by 2012 he was recording 11,000 people on a Sunday service and he was also making good money and riding great and big cars including the latest jeeps. After listening to me, he promised to help me solve my problem.

He said I needed to be empowered and that it is going to cost me some amount of money besides, I need to have a big and strong heart. Then he asked me if I have got a strong heart and I told him that I have as long as it is not going to involve k_illing a fellow human being. He asked me thrice if I have got a strong heart and I consistently gave him the same answer. Again he asked me if I want a single empowerment or double empowerment and I asked him which one is better and he said double empowerment is better but, it will cost me a lot of money and that after the empowerment I am going to be told how to maintain and renew the power.

This time I became afraid and I asked him if the maintenance and renewal involves any ritual, he said no that whatever the renewal and maintenance will involve are just normal things that I am already doing so I should not be afraid. He said I should go and raise three hundred and fifty thousand naira (350,000.00) which I had to borrow from my wife. The next day I handed over the money to him and he asked me to go and get ready that we shall be going to Lagos and Port Harcourt. I got ready and we took flight from Abuja to Lagos that same day. In Lagos we lodged at the guest house of a big ministry and at 11.30 pm we went out in a private car to the Bar beach.

At the Bar beach we were at the bank when he spoke some unknown language and told me that a woman was going to come out of the water and that I should do whatever she says. As soon as he said that, there was rumbling on the surface of the water and a mermaid came out of it. The general overseer told me not to be afraid that the mami-wata will not harm me so I picked courage when I saw her. When she came to the surface of the water, the lower part of her body was fishlike, but my eyes were transfixed as that lower part and as she was getting close to me it became human part. Then she came to me and asked me to have s_ex with her, which I did in the presence of the general overseer. After having s_ex with her, she put her hand in her vagina and made a sign of the cross on my forehead and my palm and told me that she has empowered me and that I will see the difference. The mami-wata left me, went to the general overseer and brought out a golden cross and chain from her stomach and wore it on the neck of the general overseer who gave her some money. The mami-wata thanked him and went back into the sea. All the time she spoke in English language.

When we eventually got back to the ministry’s guest house, the general overseer told me that we have to go to the church of that ministry because they were having night vigil and when we got there, I was given an opportunity to minister in the church and as I raised my hands from the altar the members began to fall on themselves and some were tumbling on others and I must say I was almost embarrassed because I never expected the manifestation of the mami-wata power to be so soon. After the all night service, we went back to the guesthouse and the general overseer asked me if I was happy the way the power manifested and I said yes. He told me that we should go to bed and take some sleep because we shall be going to Port-Harcourt that evening.

In afternoon as I was sleeping that same mami-wata I had s_ex with at the Bar beach came to me in my dream and told me that to maintain and also constantly renew the power I must be having s_ex with a virgin once a month, so this jolted me out of sleep. I went to the general overseer’s room to explain what I saw and heard in my dream and he said it is no problem. When I asked him how I was going to be getting the virgins he said he was going to assist me get them, but I need to pay for his service. Honestly apostle after this I wanted to back out, but I had no courage to say or do so.

While at the Bar beach I saw many pastors who came there with other senior pastors. It is like a tradition. There must be a senior pastor bringing in younger pastors and I believe each senior pastor had a particular mami-wata they relate with because I saw up to ten mami-wata attending to some other young pastors. In the evening, we were at the local airport in Lagos and took a flight to Port-Harcourt. At Port-Harcourt, we lodged in the guesthouse of another ministry and at mid-night we got out eventually arriving in a very big compound of a woman called Eze-Nwanyi inside the compound were many houses. We met many pastors there including first generational churches’ pastors. When it was my turn the general overseer paid some money and itemized what should be done for me. When I went into the room I was surprised it was a woman again and as I was thinking - woman again! I found myself on top of the woman on a bed in an adjacent room.

Honestly I have not been able to recall how I found myself on that bed. I had s_ex with her and also sucked her breasts. After the sexual session she made some animal cry and administered some stuff into my eyes and I began immediately to see into the spirit world and also discussed with some spirit beings. After that she gave me a bottle of olive oil which she called "do as I say". She said with this the members of my church will do whatever I ask them to do. She also gave me another bottle of olive oil, which she called "all seeing oil". She said with the oil I can see deep into people’s secret and a bottle of olive oil which she called "slaying oil" for slaying people during prayer. She finally gave me two more bottles of olive oil. The first one is "crowd pulling oil" and the second one is "touch and follow" - which I will be using to hypnotize women especially virgins because I will be having s_ex with them and married women to renew the empowerment.

She said I could have s_ex and immediately after that I could go straight into ministration without having my bath. She bound me with oath of secrecy. We left that same midnight and went back to the lodge and the general overseer told me to rub the "touch and follow" oil and we went to the vigil of the church we were lodging in their guest house and I was allowed to minister and I burst into prophesy to my own astonishment. In the morning, two virgins were sent to the general overseer and he gave me one so we took them to the guesthouse and had s_ex with them. What really surprised me was that the young girls never asked where we were taking them to and why we were taking them there, which is unusual for virgin girls.

When the girls left, the general overseer told me that from now I have to concentrate my sermons around prosperity and stop salvation and righteousness messages. He said I should be sending tithes to him and that he knows how part of the tithes will get to the woman at Port-Harcourt. Eventually we left Port-Harcourt to Abuja and back to Kaduna. When I began service after my return things began to change. Money began to come, the crowd also began to come and within one week miracles, deliverance followed by prosperity began to happen in the church, the spirit of prophecy came in like I had never seen it in my life.

I have been having s_ex with virgin girls and married women and things have been working out fine for my family and the church for the past six years, but I have gotten to a stage in which I am no longer feeling comfortable with the whole thing. I have had dreams in which I saw myself burning in Hell. I have had this dream of Hell seven times and in one of the dreams, I woke only for the same dream to continue when I went back to bed. I have been having sleepless nights and many nights I got raped by that same mami-wata. I have lost two of my children mysteriously, but through the same pattern. For the past three months I have not been able to get virgin girls and this has affected the power as it is going down.

I want to get out of this whole issue even if it means closing the church. I have gone to the general overseer and he said it was too late for me to get out. He threatened me with mysterious death. He said it is not possible for me to turn against the mami-wata and Eze-Nwanyi because they are already part of my life. I told him that I will do everything positively possible to get myself out of this. Three days later two men approached me and told me that if I love my life I should vanish from Kaduna because they have been paid by the general overseer to eliminate me, so I had to close the church and leave the town finally after two days. As I am writing to you now I have nothing to hold on to but, only God Almighty.

The problem is that God seems to be very far from me no matter how much and fervent I have been calling on Him and asking for His mercies. I know I have offended Him, but I know He is a God of second chance. I have read one of your writings on how to overcome the queen of the coast and I strongly believe you are the only one that God can use to help me out of this physical hell I have put myself into. I am really afraid of going to meet any other person (man of God) because those who are using devilish powers are more than those who use the power of God. For some time now I have not been sleeping at night and I also at times hallucinate. Sir, I urgently need your help because I believe time is running out for me as the attack from the marine kingdom increases.

No other pastor has exposed them like you. I know I have transferred many spirits into so many people and I want to know what I can do so that those people can be free from these wicked and evil spirits. Apostle, it is really unfortunate that the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ has been taken over by Mami-wata. The number of pastors using marine spirits is alarming and more of them are getting initiated daily into this wicked kingdom so are these pastors initiating their spiritually illiterate members. Before I messed up myself spiritually, I had always wondered why members of churches follow their pastors sheepishly, but now I know better. The marine kingdom is working day and night to overtake the church and unfortunately the church is sleeping. In the last two months I have had four car crashes and I know they want to eliminate me, but God has been my helper and my only hope.

They have K_illed my two children and now they want me dead. I am becoming afraid of staying alone because of some bizarre spiritual appearances I see, and things have began to move in my brain and body. Any time I start praying the movement would start and sometimes I feel the movement in my marrow. The greatest need I have now is to be forgiven by God. If I can get His forgiveness I don’t mind dying after that because I really don’t want to go to Hell. I have been misled by the general overseer just as so many young pastors have been misled by their general overseers and senior pastors.

Sir, I know you are a very busy person. I will appreciate if you find time to pray over this my problems and seek the face of the Lord on how He will use you to help me out. I know that if I am forgiven, my deliverance will be easy. I regret selling my soul to marine spirits. The Eze-Nwanyi is also a very strong mami-wata agent. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your co-servant in the Lord,

Pastor Chidubem Okwu.

Response of the apostle: When I received this letter I called the number he gave me over three times, but it was switched off so the next day I called and it went through. A woman took the call and when I asked to speak to pastor Chidubem, I was told that he had died in a car crash the previous day and I was dumbfounded. I just expressed my condolences to the woman who later told me that she was his wife, that she has to amend her ways with the Lord and move ahead with her life and she expressed gratitude and thanked me.


Dear brethren and all of you who have just read this sad testimony, we would like to warn you against these agents of satan that out of ignorance you call servants of God. Know that when these demons call themselves servants of "god" or generals of "god", they do not speak of our God. They speak of their god satan. Remember once and for all that these sorcerers are of their god and of their father the devil. You will never see a single Servant of the true God clamouring with so much zeal for the gospel of satan, as these serpents who give themselves all possible titles do.

Some of these titles that they give themselves and on to which they firmly cling are titles given to them in the world of darkness. You should therefore not be surprised if some of these demons bear titles that you cannot find anywhere in the Bible, such as "superintendent", "general superintendent", "general of god", "general overseer", "chief apostle", etc. We give you below some elements of discernment that will help you to recognize these servants of the devil who have signed pacts with mermaids, and who work under the influence of the power of satan.

Keep in mind that all the so-called servants of God who preach prosperity, are agents of satan, all of them without exception. You will never see a single true Servant of the true God preaching prosperity. The gospel of prosperity is the gospel of the devil. It is a Gospel that is imposed on the agents of satan to the detriment of the messages of salvation, of sanctification, of the renunciation of the things of the world and of vain glory. You cannot find the gospel of prosperity anywhere in the Bible. It is indeed the opposite that the Bible teaches us, as you can read in the passage below:

1Timothy 6:3-12 "If anyone teaches false doctrines and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teaching, 4he is conceited and understands nothing. He has an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions 5and constant friction between men of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain. 6But godliness with contentment is great gain. 7For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. 8But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that. 9People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many silly and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. 10For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 11But you, man of God, flee from all this ..."

Also keep in mind that all the so-called servants of God who preach a sermon of power and who spend their time pushing people to the ground, under the pretext of delivering them, are agents of satan, all without exception. You will never see a single true Servant of the true God pushing people to the ground by an alleged power. The true Servants of the true God have no power for the show, and they never exhibit their power, because in reality they have no power as such. The power that the real Servants of the true God has, is not their own, but rather that of Jesus Christ their Lord. Whenever their God and Master Jesus Christ finds it necessary to do some miracles through them, He does them.

This so-called power that these sorcerers manifest each time by pushing people to the ground is none other than the power of satan, controlled and manipulated from the world of darkness. The unclean spirits are behind this power, and they further possess people who have the misfortune to allow those sorcerers to pray over them. In reality, this means that all those who accept the so-called deliverance of these sorcerers, rather than being delivered, are possessed by new demons that are more powerful, and that will again bind them, blind them, and make them more incredulous to the true Gospel. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Therefore, whether we talk in terms of material wealth, or in terms of power or glory, the Bible instead asks us not set our mind on high things. Romans 12:16 "Be of the same mind toward one another. Do not set your mind on high things, but associate with the humble. Do not be wise in your own opinion." If these demons spend their time speaking only of material wealth, it is because they know that they will not enter heaven. They know very well that they will have no part in the real wealth and the true glory that await the true Children of God in Heaven. It is therefore in their interest to do everything to make the most of the earth. That is why they have embarked on an unbridled race for power, wealth and the glory of the world. Therefore, if you treasure your salvation, flee from these agents of Hell, and come out from all the so-called churches in which these practices are done. Just like the gospel of prosperity, the gospel of the demonstration of power, is the gospel of the devil. It's actually the only stock-in-trade of these pastors and other generals of satan, improperly called servants of God.

Call to Repentance

For you, so-called servants of God who have signed pacts with satan for money, fame, power and glory, the case of this Nigerian may scare you, and prevent you from seeking repentance. You should not be afraid. You must act with wisdom. If you want to escape from that world of darkness, here is what you need to do. Inform neither your superintendent, nor your senior pastors or spiritual fathers of your desire to repent. Keep secret the intent of your heart, and contact us quickly. With the grace of God, we will help you to free yourselves from these satanic pacts, in the name of Jesus Christ.
End of Testimony
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

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Testimony of Paul Adam
Testimony of Paul Adam, a young satanist who had the grace to seek refuge in Jesus Christ and to escape the fate that his pitiless satan master reserved for him.

Dear brothers and dear friends, we are happy to share with you this excerpt from the testimony of Paul Adam, who had the grace to find refuge in Jesus Christ, and to escape the fate that his pitiless master satan reserved for him. For not being able to deliver to satan in time the few remaining members of his family, his death was already set in the eyes of satan. Fortunately for him he knew where to find help. He did not hesitate to run to the churches, to seek the protection of Christ.

This testimony further exposes the actions of satan and his agents towards the Children of God.

I was born during my grandfather's funeral. In fact, during my grandfather's funeral, my mother was pregnant but she was crying and she was agitated because of the death of our grandfather. As a result, she started having contractions and she gave birth to a baby that I am, just in front of my grandfather's coffin. I was born with a scar of my grandfather on my body. The people of the family said that I was the spirit of the incarnated grandfather.

When I was still a child, witchcraft began to manifest in my life through clear dreams. I had dreams that were actually the realities of the spiritual world of sorcerers. There are two kinds of sorcery: active or conscious witchcraft and subconscious witchcraft that manifests in dreams.

One day I dreamed of a mango tree that was in our compound. I dreamed that on this tree there was a staircase reaching the top of the tree. In this dream, I started climbing this tree through the stairs. When I reached the end of the trunk of the tree, I saw many people on the branches of this tree. Those people who were gathered above that tree were my neighbours and the people in my neighbourhood. In fact, these people were sorcerers.

When I joined them on the branches of the tree, I saw a fallen angel. He was dark. He touched my shoulder and said, "Here is my beloved son who will honour our master." Then the angel wounded me by making a sign on my foot. This sign represents the eye of satan. In fact, this mystical sign made me able to see beyond the optical eyes. My spiritual eyes were opened; I had become capable of seeing the invisible world, the worlds of spirits.

After wounding my leg, this angel collected my blood and asked me to sign a golden book with my blood. I did exactly what he asked me. So I signed the pact with the devil. This alliance made me pass from subconscious sorcery to conscious or proactive witchcraft. Following this, I began to leave my body and travel in space and hyper-space. I began practicing the astral journey and the astral projection. Later in the world of sorcerers I was offered human flesh on a plate, which I had to eat. And since I had no choice, I had to eat human flesh as is customary for anyone who is initiated into witchcraft.

Then I was asked to offer a white fowl. I did not know that the white fowl was a human. When I brought them a white fowl, the high priest of this brotherhood of sorcerers began to make incantations in front of a magic mirror. And I saw the images of all the members of my family projected into this magic mirror. Then the high priest took the white fowl I had brought and cut off its head. As soon as he did this, I saw my aunt in the mirror react with pain. She began to agonise as if she was suffering atrociously.

I looked at it in the mirror and then I saw the members of my family who took her to the hospital urgently for medical care. While my aunt was in the hospital, I was instructed by the high priest to drink the blood of the white fowl and as I drank its blood, my aunt gave up the ghost in the hospital. I was appointed governor of sorcerers in the astral world as a consequence of this human sacrifice. I was responsible for initiating children of my age into witchcraft. I was 6 years old at the time. I had to spread witchcraft among children. I used comics as a tool to initiate children into subconscious witchcraft.

I used cartoons like "Dragon ball z", like "Dora" or "Bubble Mermaid" and also "Bubulle Illite". These cartoons make children rebellious and stubborn to their parents. First the children will begin to dream since the unconscious sorcery is manifested in clear dreams. But once these children move from subconscious sorcery to active sorcery, they must provide us with information about their families. So, when their parents get their wages, we worked to generate problems that will cause them to spend their money, and in the end they do not do anything significant with that money.

I passed on witchcraft to other children through food. Once a child eats this food, it turns into human flesh and this mystical flesh activates extra sensory faculties in the child, and opens his eyes and ears to the invisible world.

One day I gave food to a friend to initiate him to witchcraft. After he had consumed it, I was sure he was awakened spiritually. At night I came out of my body and travelled out of my body to his house to call his spirit out of his body because I assumed that his spiritual eyes and ears were already open. When I reached his house, I tried to call his spirit but he did not answer. I called his spirit several times, but he did not react. I did all sorts of ceremonies and rituals to get him out of his body so as to take him to the big gathering of sorcerers, but he did not answer. Then I called for help from an experienced wizard of our brotherhood to resolve this situation.

When he came, he brought a magic mirror and began to invoke the spirit of this child to appear on the magic mirror, but instead of the child's spirit appearing on the mirror, we saw a pair of shoes appear on the mirror. We were confused; we could not understand the meaning of this. Then my colleague who was a senior sorcerer transformed into an owl. He flew over and penetrated inside the house of this child to get him out. I was there waiting for them, but they were not coming out. I waited for them from midnight to five in the morning, but they still did not come. When it was dawn, I had to go back into my body. I understood that my colleague was stuck inside that house.

In the morning, I learned that there was a funeral in the neighbourhood and it was my sorcerer colleague who had died. Later, there was an emergency meeting in the astral world to determine the cause of his death. We found out that the parents of the child I was trying to initiate into witchcraft were born again Christians. We discovered that recently they had bought a new pair of shoes for a preacher who had come to preach in their church because the pastor's shoes were not in good condition. When they had offered the shoes to this preacher, he was so merry that he prayed for them. I want to remind Christians that supporting the work of God can lead the Lord to protect and preserve what is precious to them.

There are seven levels in subconscious sorcery, and these seven levels are manifested in dreams. Once you are initiated or used in unconscious witchcraft, you begin to dream that you are participating in meetings and gatherings. You dream that you are eating with people you do not know. In reality, your mind actually participates in meetings and night celebrations. You also dream that you are married and have children. If you dream that you are flying in space like "Superman", it means that your mind is making astral journeys in hyper-space or in the astral world. You also dream that you drink wine but this wine is actually human blood. All these dreams are the manifestation of unconscious witchcraft.

While I was only 7 years old something happened to me. I went with my parents to an animist church of which we were members. As we were coming home, I was abducted. I was trying to cross the boulevard when I was kidnapped and thrown into a jeep. The author of this kidnapping was an American occultist of high level. He took me with him to the province of Bas-Congo. When he took me to his lodge, he made an incantation in front of a magic mirror, and I saw images of my family appearing in this mirror. I was watching my family who were looking for me all over the city. I watched how local television was broadcasting information about my disappearance. Then this American began to initiate me into occultism.

He took care of me from 7 years to 9 years. While I was under his responsibility, I did many esoteric courses. Later, he took me to South Africa where I was introduced to red magic and yellow magic. The purpose of these occult initiations and courses was to prepare me to meet satan. When I reached the age of 12, my American occultist master told me that it was time for me to meet the great master satan.

In this planet, the devil has three temples on earth. The first temple is under the Atlantic Ocean, around Cape Verde. The second temple is called "the temple of Dai" which is located in the basement of India. This is the seat of the world government of satan and the residence of its prime minister. The third temple is in the basement of Great Britain. At this point, I was no longer a sorcerer but a satanist; there is a difference between a sorcerer and a satanist. A sorcerer serves the devil but only works with demons, while a satanist attends meetings and gatherings regularly with the devil.

As I had become ready to meet satan, we therefore made a trip to the white house of satan under the Atlantic Ocean. Once we arrived under the ocean in the submarine kingdom, my master warned me not to greet anyone in the street, for fear of dying. What is sad is that I saw men of God in this kingdom of satan under the ocean. I saw Catholic priests in this temple and even Christian musicians. The devil has succeeded to establish his throne in many churches on earth.

After going through this mysterious kingdom, we entered a gathering where there were many people. Once we sat down, I noticed a character that was humanoid who was sitting on a throne, he was extremely handsome. My master told me it was the devil, satan. I thought the devil was ugly, but my master told me that the image of satan in literature is just an illustration. But satan can take as many forms as he wants.

During this gathering in the white house of satan, there were so many new satanists that were consecrated. Then the devil said, "Bring me the mystical child." I was taken before the devil. I knelt before him and he placed his hand on my shoulder and said, "Here is my beloved son, who will honour his master." Then the devil told me that the first condition to be his missionary was that I should be married. I was only 12 years old. The devil called a goddess named Linda who resides in Britain. She is responsible for the design of artificial nails, powders, artificial eyelashes, beauty products that make women attractive. When the siren Linda approached, I noticed that she was taller than me, but she made a magical prayer, and she grew shorter and shrunk down to my height.

My wedding with her took place in our cemetery, and the feast took place under the fall of the local river. There were many people at this marriage, including Christian musicians. After the marriage in the underwater kingdom, my wife and I travelled to the satellite world which is one of the parallel worlds of the devil. That is where we made the covenant of blood. We swore never to betray satan. I was responsible for targeting and destroying young people. I had the power to bewitch young people by leading them to make blood pacts.

One day we were in a meeting in the Congo River. There were two young people who loved each other so much that they decided to make a blood pact by collecting their blood in a bottle and then throwing it into the river. We who were in a meeting collected this bottle and started celebrating their marriage. After some time the young people decided to get married. On the day scheduled for the celebration of the wedding, the couple was returning from the hairdressing saloon to go to the place of celebration. Along the way, they had an accident and died on the spot. While the people were crying, we were putting wedding rings on their fingers.

The satellite world is a parallel world that is also called the cellular world. It is from this kingdom that the technology of mobile telephone originated. I was the representative of this kingdom in my country. Network codes like 555 or 999 or 777 are simply 666. After my consecration in the white house of satan and my marriage with the siren Linda, the devil gave me 999 demons to work with me in various operations and missions. I had received the title of malefactor. The devil then gave me a hexagram, a six-pointed star. My mission was to destroy the living churches of Jesus Christ with this star. I had to fight the true Servants of God. I had to detract their preaching; instead of preaching the word of God as written, they would have to tell their lives, their travel experiences, and all kinds of teachings that have nothing to do with the Bible. Here are the functions of the six branches that constituted the star I had received:

1st branch: My first mission was to incite Christians to doubt the Word of God in order to weaken their faith. For without faith it is impossible to please God, and faith comes from the Word of God that is heard. There was a demon who worked with me to harden the hearts of Christians during preaching. This demon is named Thomas Ankara. This demon urges Christians not to obey the Word of God. This demon also pushes Christians to go late to church, knowing that angels come to church in time with blessing for Christians.

2nd branch: My second mission was to prevent Christians from reading the Word of God. I was helped by the Hindu demon Ankara. We made sure that Christians did not read the Bible, but rather other books like "Watchtowers". Reading the Bible is one of the pillars of Christian life. During the preaching of the Word in the church, I deployed demons that had the size of mosquitoes to distract people and push their thoughts to travel.

3rd branch: My third mission was to prevent Christians from praying unceasingly as recommended by the Bible in 1Thessalonians 5:17. Once a Christian loses the habit of praying, it becomes difficult to get this habit again, and when such Christians try to pray, they lack words, they find it difficult to concentrate; a feeling of restlessness surrounds them. The first thing I did to prevent a life of prayer among Christians was to put unbelief in them. This distanced them from their leaders and the Word of God. That is why you will see some brothers who were very zealous in their life of prayer weakened, this is the mission of the devil in the church. These brothers were victims of the bite of the spiritual mosquitoes I had received from the devil to spread to the church, in order to keep Christians away from God.

4th branch: My fourth mission was to deploy the demons of fornication in groups of the church, such as the choir, the group of worship and intercession. I sent my wife Linda to seduce the brothers. When she did not succeed, I transformed myself into a woman and did it. In case I did not succeed, I would start to overload their thoughts, pushing them to watch pornographic movies. Pornographic films in black magic are a sexual initiation because they are acted by demons. These films are devoted to the world of Polium. When you watch them, you are contaminated. You feel great sexual desires to the point of not being able to control yourself. We then work on your thoughts as a means to lead you to masturbation. The fact is, in black magic, when you masturbate, you are actually having s_ex with 600 demons. After this act, 300 demons leave and 300 remain, and keep you in fornication. You begin to love s_ex without control and restraint.

The intercession group was my main target because they are one of the pillars of the church. The stronger they are, the stronger the church. I attacked the intercession group by sending the mermaid Linda. When she failed, I sent the siren Jacqueline. When she failed, I used beauty products, eyelashes, lotions as open doors to reach the intercessors. I used these products in case they were designed by sirens.

Products such as eyelashes extension are designed by the mermaid Linda. And products like lipsticks are designed by the mermaid Jacqueline. Many makeup and beauty products are demonic and make women appealing. The simplest way to enter the intercession group was through the beauty product because many of these products are designed by the sirens and goddesses of the underwater world.

Thanks to these beauty products, I could push the brothers to covet and desire the sisters in the intercession groups. Once the brothers and sisters in the intercession groups fell into sexual immorality, I sent demons of fornication inside the group. From the moment when sexual immorality enters the group of intercession, the group is invaded by the demons of prostitution and their prayers become impotent because of sins.

The leaders of the churches were also my targets. Among the 999 demons the devil had given me, I had a demon called Maria, a woman of great beauty. The latter turns into a physical woman and goes into churches to ask for information in order to seduce pastors. Hence, the importance of discretion. She also likes to go to the pastors for consultations. Generally when she arrives, she gives the impression to the pastors that her problems are related to her intimate parts. If you are not vigilant, you will immediately fall with her into immorality. And when you fall into fornication as a pastor, the whole church is drawn into immorality. These fornication demons have so much possessed pastors today that some even have a bed in their office. And when a pastor falls into immorality, it becomes very difficult for him to preach sanctification. Yet without sanctification, no one will see the Lord.

I also attacked groups of worship to prevent their songs and praises from reaching the throne of God. I sent Linda to cause fornication in the worship group, so that their worship would be rejected by God.

5th branch: In my fifth mission, I worked with two goddesses. One is called Dalila, she is the demon of homosexuality. When he enters a man, he leads him to behave like a woman. The second is called Cynthia, she is the demon of lesbianism. When he enters a woman, she behaves like a man, and begins to dress like a man; even her manners and personality change. I also tried to encourage Christians to listen to worldly music. Know that the music of the world is a great gate for demons. When you listen to or sing the music of the world, you call demons in your life.

6th branch: This branch was intended for false prophecies. There is a demon called Martadela who very often possesses Christian women and urges them to give prophecies that come from the devil. Beloved, the prophecies of God never come to divide the church. When a prophecy divides the church, it does not come from God, but from the devil. You need discernment.

In addition to my mission against the disciples of Jesus Christ, I had to offer thousands of people to the devil as sacrifice. I had to K_ill by accidents, by illness, by miscarriages. Many motor accidents are simply human sacrifices. The devil had given me several conditions:

Firstly, in order to carry out his mission, I did not have to run when rain threatened falling and I should not be wet by rain. I was astonished when he gave me a horn with a mirror on it. Using this horn I could check the weather. For example, around 6am if it indicated that it was raining at around 12pm, I had to go back before 12h so that I did not get soaked by the rain.

Secondly, I had to sacrifice 12 people each year through the money on which I was making incantations. I went to different community areas, I threw the money and the number of people who picked it was the number of people who died. Therefore, do not seek to have a life of ease. You have to work. The Bible says that the one who does not work should not eat.

Thirdly, I could not sleep outside my lodge; as soon as that time rang I had to go home. After that the devil gave me 7 demons and told me that these demons had to possess anyone who was to enter my lodge. One of these demons is called the breaker of breakers. His mission was to destroy people's projects. When he came where you were, I was able to listen to your conversations. If you had for example a project to receive money I would block the project. Do not be astonished at the cases of those who have retracted without real reason, after having made a firm promise to render you a service.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Mon Jan 20, 2020 6:57 pm

In order to increase my power, I had to sacrifice my father. We made a magic prayer and the image of my father appeared on the magic mirror. I was handed a knife to stab him. When I stabbed my father's image in the magic mirror, there was red blood covering the mirror. Beloved, it is impossible to K_ill a true child of God in a satanic mirror.

The purpose of human sacrifice is the search for favour, promotion and well-being with fallen angels and demons. The kingdom of darkness constantly needs human blood. They are responsible for wars throughout human history so that demons should feed on human flesh and human blood. When my father died, his soul became my servant. Many people whom I offered as human sacrifice became my servants and my slaves. I became higher in the world of darkness because of human sacrifice.

Most victims of human sacrifices do not go to Heaven or Hell, but they become spirits serving their tormentors. Other victims of human sacrifice become enslaved in the spiritual world, precisely the astral domain of sorcerers where they do forced labour until they reach the number of years fixed by God. The astral world is a stormy world where thunders are constant in the sky. This kingdom is populated by deformed demons. It is located between the physical world of men and the pandemonium kingdom of satan.

When somebody has been sacrificed, his spirit is either under his armpits or under his feet. To know that somebody has been sacrificed, either you will see the dead sweating in his coffin, or tears flowing from his eyes. He hears you cry but cannot react. These are the reactions of his body which confirm that he was sacrificed. If a true servant of God comes and prays for him, he can rise again. But to prevent this, we used to bewitch children of the neighbourhood in order to distract the pastor with insults. We were doing everything to prevent the pastor from accomplishing his mission. Among our actions, we were bewitching youths of the neighbourhood and family members to provoke fighting among them. Because if at all the pastor prayed being concentrated, the dead would rise again.

One day I was in the Premacury lodge with twelve satanists. We were supposed to execute a victim in a human sacrifice. The target was a young Christian. We began to invoke her spirit so that it appears on the mirror. As we continued to perform the ritual, her soul appeared in the lodge on the black board. We were about to execute her when suddenly we saw the spirit of a pastor entering the lodge, pulling her out of the black board, taking her out of our lodge, and they disappeared together.

In fact, the pastor was at home doing a spiritual warfare prayer. He pulled many of our victims from satan by force. In fact, when true Christians pray, their spirit travels spiritually in the world of spirits. The pastor only prayed, but his spirit travelled into the invisible world and set free the young woman which we were about to sacrifice.

After having learned yellow magic in South Africa, I returned to Kinshasa to practice yellow dragon. Yellow dragon is the prophetic liberation from the world of darkness. I was doing this practice on the mountain of Mangengenge. It is a pilgrimage mountain always visited by Christians of all religions, although initially only the Catholics were going there. Many people know this mountain and know that its initiator is a Catholic priest. In reality, Mangengenge is a mountain devoted to the devil, I worked there for a year with the yellow dragon.

Many fetish-priests have placed their lodges there, and Christians who go there do not even ask themselves how can there be lodges in a place which is supposed to be a place of God. That is the reason why you see many people coming back from there with the spirit of dragon and become prophets. There is a man at the entrance of that mountain who sells sticks that you buy for 100F, 200F, 300F to help you climb the mountain without easily getting tired. In fact, this man is already dead and buried and these sticks are nothing but gateways that lead you to the world of Polium which is a world of condemnation or Pandemonium.

The Holy Spirit can never take you to a place which is of the devil. If you have the grace of God, it would remain at the entrance of the mountain and all that is of the mountain will possess you. Unless you have received from God a recommendation to go and pray against the place. If you go there on your own, know that it is to receive satanic orientations. When you go there and pray for a particular topic, such as marriage or a job, you will hear a voice saying, "My son or daughter, the purpose of your coming here has been answered". But the condition is that you do not have to throw away the sticks you buy at the entrance.

You take these sticks home and each time you have a problem, you make declarations on them, which is idolatry. The Lord has not asked us to go and pray on Mangengenge or on any mountain or in any particular place to be heard. On the contrary, the Bible tells us in John 4:21-23 "Jesus declared, Believe me, woman, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews. Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks."

People came to consult me in my lodge for various problems. Among them were women who came to abort. Abortions have two components. There are abortions that are done by sorcerers, I was doing that. When a woman came to my lodge for abortion, she remained naked, opened her legs on the coffin designed for this purpose, and I invoked the goddess Kali who opened the cervix, and the pregnancy fell into this coffin. I was the first to drink the blood, then the goddess. We would leave the cervix opened so that the woman should have problems conceiving in the future. That is what justifies the barrenness of some women. The second type of abortion is curettage. When I was a satanist, I had the ability to push the perpetrators of these abortions into incessant sexual desires to commit other abortions in order to collect blood.

One day a woman called me that I should help her because she had just lost her job. For that, I had given her as condition to remain naked for three days in my lodge, and she had to submit to such a sad condition without hesitation. Beloved, as you can see, people always find it very easy to submit themselves to strange and abominable conditions imposed on them by satan, but are incapable of doing simple things that God asks them to do for their good. This woman had remained naked without any embarrassment for three days in the lodge. On the fourth day I asked her to go back to her workplace by confirming to her that the keys would be returned to her. When she returned to her office, they gave her back the keys and asked her where she was.

Seeing that things happened as said, the woman introduced one of her friends to me so that I should help her with her problems. This friend was the wife of the director of a company and the latter began to date little girls, which displeased his wife and she wanted to sacrifice these girls. I had sacrificed the first, by making her image appear on my magic mirror. A month after the same rubbish was repeated and I sacrificed the second girl. Then came the third which I had to transform into a hen and sealed in a white coffin. For you young girls who prostitute yourselves, know that your life is in danger. The easy life you are looking for will lead you to Hell. Seek Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

While observing this girl whom I had just sealed, I realized that she was the sister-in-law of one of my uncles, and I wanted to spare her. I then asked the lady who wanted to sacrifice her, to return and come back afterwards. I explained to her that there were capacities in the girl that I had to remove before doing the work. I just wanted to spare the girl. After the lady's departure, I went to this girl's house. As people knew me for who I was, those I had found at her place told me that she was not there. The following morning she came to my house. I spoke to her about the man she was dating, and she denied it. But when she entered the lodge and saw herself in the cabalistic mirror with the clothes she had worn the day before, she began to weep and to urinate on herself, and confessed her sin. I told her: this man's wife has consulted me so that I should K_ill you.

I tried carnally in every way to get this girl out of this white coffin, but it did not work because the devil knows how to destroy but does not know how to repair. I asked her to come back around midnight so that I could try another operation. It still did not work. I went back to my lodge to carry out all kinds of practices, but to no avail. I asked her to go back. At night in my lodge I was about to carry out practices in the coffin. As soon as I opened it to start the invocation, fire came out of the coffin with a paper that was addressed to me. It said: "Since you want to spare someone in the lodge, you will have to sacrifice 9 people." And these 9 people had to be all from my family.

I was thinking on how I was going to sacrifice 9 people in my family because we were only 7 left. I thought I was going to take the 7 of my family and 2 from outside my family for this to make 9. Without forgetting that at the end of the year we were to give thanksgiving to the devil. Everyone goes to the streets to find people to sacrifice, especially girls who walk around with transparent clothes that show the navel. The navel is a place through which we stole pregnancies. The devil begins fighting a fetus from two weeks of pregnancy. We also caused accidents for thanksgiving.

When I last came to consult the devil for thanksgivings, a flame of fire appeared and a voice came out of the statues I had in my lodge to tell me that I had 2 months to accomplish the sacrifice of the 9 people asked. I began to cry. Even if you serve the devil for 30 years you will never have a reward. If you die, your reward for having served him will be chains and padlocks in the astral world that is the world of condemnation. The devil is never grateful. And even the two months he had given me to offer him these sacrifices were reduced to two days, which pushed me to look for servants of God.

I began to look among the great servants of God. I was thinking because very often at the meetings we had with satan in the Atlantic ocean at the white house in Kisangani, we met many occultist pastors. I went to at least seven churches and each time the pastors of these churches told me that in my case they would need time to pray and to gather strong and powerful intercessors for this service.

When I went to the seventh church, I exposed my case to them by explaining without hiding anything I did. To obtain true deliverance, one needs a sincere confession. I was then asked if I wanted to receive Jesus and I accepted to receive Him. After my repentance, all my witchcraft objects were burned. When I received Christ, my life changed completely. Since I received the Lord I can eat and sleep unconditionally, I live unconditionally, whereas with the devil everything is conditioned.

For a satanist to remain firm in the Lord, he must be well followed up. Many Satanists got converted and were not able to stand because of lack of a serious follow up. One day when I was going home after a Bible study session, I was knocked down by a vehicle and people took me to the hospital. After examination, the doctor found nothing, no shock had been detected, but I had pain in the ribs. Even after the radiography nothing was found, and the pain persisted. By the grace of God a pastor prayed for me, and after two days the pain disappeared.

After sometimes, I was kidnapped in a jeep while I was going to a technician to have my headphones repaired. In this jeep, there was my American master who initiated me at the age of 7. They tied my hands and took me to the fall of Zongo and began to make incantations. I had a phone in my pocket. I contacted a brother. When the brother answered the call I told him, "My brother please, pray a lot for me, I am at the fall of Zongo" and he asked me what I was doing there and I explained to him that I had been kidnapped, but he did not seem to believe me and asked me what I did to be kidnapped.

I had to drop my phone when one of those with whom the master was making incantations looked at me. These people were among the children I had initiated. There were five in number. When he turned away his eyes to continue the incantations, I picked up my phone to put it back on my ears and at that moment the brother understood that it was serious and started praying. The person who looked at me took my phone and swiped through it with a finger. We have never been able to have network with that phone, no technician has ever been able to repair it.

After these incantations, they came to take me to the fall and I struggled in the water. They told me that I did not have the same body like them again. After we were introduced into the water we found ourselves directly in the white house of satan. There were many satanists gathered. The purpose was to K_ill me because at that moment I had not yet testified and they did not want me to reveal the secret I knew about the devil. In this world, I had reached the 32nd degree at Primacoria. I therefore knew 99 secrets of the devil and all the strategies with which he operates. The devil then removed his crown from his head and placed it on my master's head in order to consecrate him because he had succeeded in kidnapping me.

I was still tied up when they began incantations to put me on the blackboard. I felt that my ears, my mouth and my eyes were being opened. I heard this phrase come out of my mouth: "Jesus save me"; and the devil on his throne and all those present all found themselves on their knees on the ground. At that moment, I started running, the path was long, and then somebody pulled me out of the Atlantic Ocean and I found myself in Ngebamangembo. After that I stayed in the church with the brothers for 14 days before going back home. When I was kidnapped, these brothers were praying and the Holy Spirit was revealing to them all that was going on in the world of darkness.

One day I was preparing to go to church. While going out of my room, I saw hooded people in the corridor. I asked them what they were looking for without answer. I scarcely drew back with the intention of reaching the door of my room when one of them seized me and closed my mouth while another stabbed me in the stomach. Blood began to gush out and he took out a syringe containing a green liquid and injected it under my shoulder, and I fell. One of them had taken off his hood and I recognised him. They were doctors who were working with my master. They said to each other that somebody should stay until I die. But finally they all left.

I was soaked with blood; I crawled out to the gate where there was a brother of the church who recognised me. When he saw me full of blood, he called another brother to take me to the hospital. But as I had no more strength, I refused to be taken to the hospital. I felt I was going to die. I insisted that they should take me to church so that I should die there. They took me to church, my breath was almost gone, I had lost consciousness and when they began to pray, suddenly I saw a wall, it was a barrier, I could no longer join the other side of the world. Then I woke up and found that I had come back to life. God shows mercy.

I still have this wound today that is being healed gradually because it was very deep. The Holy Spirit had instructed us not to treat this wound. No medicine was supposed to be put on it. When I got home I felt a wind blowing from the door of my room and when I turned round, it was the devil himself. And he said to me, "Give me all the keys I gave you." Then he looked at me and said, "I will start by k_illing your leaders one by one, then your pastor, then I will K_ill you." Then he transformed into a snake and disappeared.

The papers on which I made pacts with padlocks fell (these objects were burnt by the brothers of the church). From that moment I began vomiting blood. When people came to my house, they took me to the hospital and from there I was treated. The Bible says, "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony." Since I began to testify the greatness of God, I am no longer having such attacks, such kidnappings and satanic threats. End of testimony.

Lessons to be learned

Warfare: You Pastors know that you can forcefully pull out several of those captured by satan and his agents. You just need to engage yourselves into true spiritual warfare, and do it as it should be done, that is to say with seriousness and determination. You Christians, know also that you can set yourselves free from the clutches of satan and all his agents, and also set free all those who belong to you. You simply need to engage into true spiritual warfare, and do it with seriousness and a great determination. I want to make it clear that those who belong to you are all those who are under your control and all those over whom you have authority.

What it takes to have victory in every spiritual warfare you carry out is seriousness, a real rage to overcome and a great determination. If you understand this message well, you Pastors and Christians, satan will never again succeed in stealing anything from you or blocking any of your projects from now on. Satan will only succeed in taking what you will allow him to take. To put it clearly, satan only has victory over us because we do not fight enough. Wake up with regards to warfare, men and women, and you will see the result. Married men should watch over their spouses and children, and parents in general should watch over all those who live in their homes.

Discretion: Put more emphasis on discretion. On the one hand, beware of all those who use tricks to seek to have information about you, and who supposedly to show you love, generosity or tenderness, seek to know more than necessary about you and about what you like. Very often these people are looking for information that will help them get you. Be firm and uncompromising in this regard. And you Children of God, avoid being unnecessarily curious, lest you be confounded with satan's agents.

The demons that roam around you: Make it a habit to regularly strike all demons that roam around you. Do not wait to see them before you strike them, because you will never see them. Note that satanists send demons at your heels to spy on you, watch you, set traps for you and fight you.

Masturbation: For all of you who still suffer incantations from demons and who masturbate, the time has come to seek deliverance, and to seek it with all your heart. What should be done? Take a time of fasting, confess your sin to the Lord, and beseech Him to forgive you. Take authority over those demons with whom you signed pacts through the sin of masturbation, and ask those demons to come out of you in the name of Jesus Christ. If after that you still do not have the result, take a longer fasting moment, and implore God's help for deliverance. Order in the name of Jesus that all those demons who have taken control of your body should go out, and never to come back again. The Lord in His faithfulness will help you. Know that masturbation is as harmful to your spiritual health as adultery and fornication. So take this case very seriously. As long as you have not overcome this sin, satan will always have access to your life.

Cartoons: Take note that cartoons are direct instruments of initiation into witchcraft. If you do not want your children to become wizards in your homes, keep them away from all these demons presented in the forms of cartoons. I am sure some stubborn people will contact me as usual, to talk about biblical cartoons. If you believe that "biblical" demons will not possess you, remain in stubbornness.

Blood Pact: Let all the fools who give themselves to these abominable practices now understand that it is with satan that they sign these pacts, and are bound by demons. If you have had to make such a pact, get to true Servants of God, for them to break the pact and deliver you from it while there is still time.

High places: Never take the risk of visiting satanic places as long as you have not received God's anointing to tread upon such places safely. Among these satanic places you have cemeteries, museums, nightclubs, etc. There are also these so-called christian places, where the ignorant go, hoping to find God. These places are named among others mountain of pilgrimage, mountain of prayer, holy mountain, etc.
End of Testimony
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:57 am

Testimony of Joseph Tshopa
Story of a young man who was targeted by satan since he was young, following his mother's visit to a witch doctor.

Dear brothers and dear friends, we want to share with you this testimony, which awakens us in relation to spiritual warfare. This is the story of a young man who was targeted by satan since he was young, following his mother's visit to a witch doctor. His mother without realising it had signed a pact with the underwater world, thus delivering the life of this child to satan. This boy spent all his youth serving the mermaid of the waters, committing atrocious damage, until Jesus Christ had mercy on him, and took him out of that world.

This testimony will open your eyes to the works of mermaids. It would equally serve as a warning to you against the risks of living without having Jesus Christ as Lord and Master.

My death and my resurrection by Jesus Christ

I am Joseph Tshopa Fololo. I was born to a father of 47 children. My father was a military man and chief bodyguard of former President Mobutu. We lived in the Tshatshi military camp, but I grew up in Lemba commune. My father had so many women and concubines that he had kids here and there. My father had a lot of money. Therefore, he could afford all these women. He was never at home, and my mother could not take it anymore. She was always in confrontation with my father's concubines. She was constantly in conflict with all these women that at one point she could not stand it anymore. She finally decided to divorce my father. I remember at that time, there was no spiritual awakening in the country like today. People were in fetishism, superstition. So my mother left my father and she took me with my younger brother and went away with us.

Later, she met a man and since she got on well with him, she decided to marry him. Their marriage had gone well and my mother moved into her new home. Then my mother gave birth to a boy, my younger brother. We were now three brothers. Since we were only boys, my mother started to want a girl. Later, my adoptive father started asking my mother for a daughter and he was putting pressure on my mother. He said to my mother, "I wish you could give me a daughter because I have enough money to take care of her." Actually my father had a lot of money.

So my mother started looking for a girl to please her husband and keep her marriage. But I would like beloved, to tell you that children are gifts from the Lord, boys or girls. We must learn to be content with what we have because everything God gives is good. So my mother started seeking advice on how to have a girl. And since my mother's friends knew her concern, one of them advised my mother to visit a charlatan. The Bible says that bad companies corrupt good morals (1Corinthians 15:33).

So my mother was taken by her friend to see a witch doctor. I remember, at that time I was in primary 4 at Bonga-Yasa boarding school, outside the capital Kinshasa. Once at the witch doctor's place, my mother explained her concern to this man. He asked my mother to bring a goat and an egg. My mother was surprised. She said to herself, "How does the gentleman know that I have a lot of money, but he asks me for a goat and an egg instead of asking me for money." My mother was ignorant of spiritual realities. Beloved, when a witch doctor asks for a goat, a pigeon or an egg, you must know that the goat and the pigeon is for the sprinkling of human blood and the egg also represents life.

The next day, my mother gave what was asked of her. The witch doctor took the egg and put it on a plate. There was no fire but the egg began to boil. Then the witch doctor gave it to my mother and told her to eat it. And my mother ate this egg. After my mother finished eating the egg, the witch doctor asked her to give him the goat. As soon as my mother gave him the goat, he said to my mother, "We have just had an exchange, I have given you the egg which you have just eaten, this represents the girl you're looking for. You have given me the goat which represents one of your sons." When my mother heard these words, she was surprised and shocked. She was in disarray. My mother realised that she had been deceived and misled. My mother did not understand that in giving this goat to this witch doctor, she entered into an alliance and a pact with the invisible world and that she had given away one of her sons to the world of darkness.

Beloved, the devil is the father of lies. Whenever a man signs an agreement with him, he hides the terms and conditions of this agreement. And by the time you find out, it will already be too late. All this to destroy you. It must be understood that when you set foot in a witch doctor or charlatan, you create problems to yourself because you are pursued by unclean spirits. The witch doctor said to my mother, "Whether you like it or not, I have taken your son, he is under my control, you have come here by your own volition and then ... you should have asked for the conditions from the start!" My mother became angry. She started using the name of Jesus against the witch doctor but unfortunately, my mother did not have Jesus in her heart. Then the witch doctor said to my mother, "I will prove to you that I have taken possession of your son's life." He took the goat and threw it on the mirror. The goat disappeared and my image appeared in the mirror. It was as if I was being filmed at the boarding school because the pictures were broadcast live in this magic mirror. When my mother was recounting this story, she said she had seen me in the mirror dressed with my khaki pair of shorts that I used to put on.

When my mother saw this face in this magic mirror, she cried out with emotion and astonishment, but the witch doctor told her, "It's too late, we have your son but we have decided not to K_ill him because we have seen his star, so he will work for us." As soon as my mother heard these words, she slammed the door and insulted the witch doctor and left. She continued to live her life normally. Later, she forgot what had happened, but the kingdom of darkness never forgets alliances and pacts. A few years later, I fell ill. The disease was so bad that despite the treatment it was getting worse. After a few days, I finally succumbed. I was pronounced dead at the Bongayasa hospital, outside the capital of Kinshasa. Since there was still no cell phone at that time, people could not inform my mother the same day. The next day, I saw how they put my remains in the coffin. Although I was dead, I saw how they had informed my mother to come and take control of the situation.

My mother had a good car. So she drove off in her jeep to meet the mourning ceremonies, but she was late because I had to be buried that very day; I saw how people were preparing to bury me at the cemetery. I saw the nurses dressing me in death-ceremonial clothes, I saw them putting cotton in my nostrils and gloves on my hands, socks on my feet. Then after that, they put my body in the coffin. After laying my body in the coffin, I heard them talking about arrangements for my burial. They said that they had to go and do the parade of my body in the boarding school so that my mates could see me for the last time after which I would be buried in the cemetery. Then my body was laid in the room for the dead and there the doctor and the nurse were arranging my remains for the last parade at the boarding school. At a certain moment, while they were talking about my burial, I could hear them but could see them no more. I realised that I was like in a dark pit, and in this pit I was chained.

I heard the voices of the doctors who took care of my body. It was the voices of several people who were talking to each other, but I could not see them anymore. So I was in deep darkness, with chains on my hands and feet, but I could hear people talking from afar. Then suddenly, I saw the sky open and I saw Jesus come down. He held a sword that he raised as if to hit a target and he came down with strength and power. He was filled with light and His light lit up where I was. When the place where I was chained was illuminated, I realised that I was surrounded by grotesque, bizarre creatures, by demons, and by terrible and vile monsters. I could not see them before because of the absolute darkness that characterised this place, but when the light illuminated the place, I then could see the terrible creatures and monsters that surrounded me.

When Jesus came down, he cut off all my chains. I could not look at His face because of the intensity of the light emanating from His face. He was dressed in fine white linen. After cutting my chains, He said to me, "Jose, you are Joseph, I knew you from your mother's womb." I asked him the question, "Who are you?" He replied, "You are only a child, when you are old, I will reveal myself to you, now hold my hands and follow me." I said, "Jesus, I cannot look at your face because of the intensity of the light." Jesus said to me, "You do not have to look at my face because you risk being destroyed and you cannot stand it, just hold my hand and follow me." So, I followed Jesus. We moved at high speed then we arrived at a place where Jesus said: "Joseph, here is the path you must take, you should go straight, do not look back." I followed the direction that Jesus had shown me, then I heard for the last time the voice of Jesus saying to me, "Joseph, go out quickly, go out!" Beloved, when Jesus spoke for the last time, it was in a simultaneous manner. The doctor and the nurse who were arranging my remains noticed that my hand had moved, they were afraid. They were three: the doctor, the nurse, and the keeper of the hall of the dead, they fled.

After that, I woke up in my coffin. I remember well that I was a child. A green liquid was coming out of my mouth. So I removed the cotton from my nostrils, the gloves from my hands and the socks. I was still a kid, I did not realise what had happened. So when I tried to get out of my coffin, I fell to the ground and the coffin fell too. It almost hit me, but the protection of God was on my side. Now I got up to walk but I staggered since my blood was like coagulated. I continued to stagger but to get out of the hospital, I had to walk through a room that was filled with patients. When I reached this room, everyone including the sick who could not walk or get up, fled out. And as soon as I reached the exit door, the crowd dispersed. It was total chaos, but it was the director of our college, a Catholic priest, who calmed the crowd. Later my mother arrived and was told what had happened. She was shocked, but she took me and brought me back to Kinshasa. She did not realise that what happened to me was the result of the visit to the witch doctor.

The submarine kingdom

My mother had a short memory. She could not even imagine that her visit to the witchdoctor was the basis of my death, and that she had made a fundamental and costly mistake in visiting the charlatan. Because my death was only the beginning of a series of dramatic and paranormal phenomena which were intended to destroy my life. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with cerebral malaria, but in reality my illness was a demonic attack, even though the doctors called it "cerebral malaria". As children of God we must learn to see things with spiritual eyes because we are no longer ordinary people. We must learn to go beyond scientific understanding. We therefore need discernment. We must not accept everything on the pretext that it is the will of God.

In reality, I was under the oppression of satan's world, and no one could know it. A few days later, I was hospitalised. I remember being asleep at the hospital at night when I heard the door open on its own. I was still under the influence of drugs but I managed to open my eyes to see what was happening. It was then that I saw a man dressed in black entering my room. He entered, giving me his back, and then he called my name. When I answered him, he said to me, "I am your protector and I am also your doctor." I replied reflexively, "How can you be my doctor while you are dressed in black clothes? You should be dressed in white." I asked him to turn around because I could not see his face since he had turned his back on me. I told him, "I want to see your face or I will cry out for help." When he turned, I noticed he had no eyes, no ears, no nose, and no mouth. In fact, he did not have a face. He warned me not to scream. He said to me, "If you dare to shout, I'll K_ill you." I do not know how he could even speak when he had no mouth.

This entity breathed on me. As soon as he breathed on me, I lost consciousness and went mad. I started to talk nonsense. I ran out of the hospital running through the streets of the city. I said things that did not make any sense and I ran everywhere. People thought it was cerebral malaria as the doctor had told the family. They did not understand that I was attacked by the kingdom of darkness. In the meantime, my mother was crying and lamenting on my situation as I was crisscrossing the city with dirty clothes. Later, my family managed to lay their hands on me; they chained me and brought me home. So my mother started going here and there to find a solution. My story is similar to that of Joseph who was fought because of his star. My problems began when the devil's world detected my star shining in the invisible dimension. I was chained because I had become a public danger. My mother was wondering about the origin of my madness. She thought it was the result of cerebral malaria, but I knew that it was the faceless entity who appeared to me at the hospital that was responsible for my situation. Glory be to God because my grandfather was a born again Christian. He took me to church. The pastor prayed for me, and the spirit of madness left me and I was healed in the name of Jesus Christ.

After my deliverance from madness, I became a member of the Pentecostal church of Fepaco. I sang in the choir but I was not born again, like many people who go to church but are not born again Christians I was very young at that time. At the age of 20 I had found work in a night club in the city centre. But all this was arranged in the realm of satan who watched my life and controlled me. Indeed, since the day my mother visited the witch doctor, she had opened the door to the world of satan who controlled the lives of her children. During all these years, my life was monitored in the underwater kingdom through a magic mirror. They had already decided that I would be their servant. Because of my mother's visit to the witch doctor, they had the legal right over my life. One day while I was working in this nightclub, I was watching the door as usual and I saw a very beautiful woman. She had a lot of hair and had the size of a model. I was delighted, captivated and dazzled by her beauty.

I said to her, "Miss, you're not supposed to come to this kind of place, what are you doing here? This place does not suit you." To my amazement the beautiful woman said to me, "Darling, I came here especially for you." I could not believe what I heard; it was too good for me. Beloved, this beautiful woman was a mermaid sent by the world of darkness precisely for me. I could not realise it. We agreed to find a place to live together. So we started living together. Whenever we went out, people were amazed by her beauty, and I was proud of myself; but I was bewitched without knowing it.

One day I had to visit my mother and I was looking for my shoes. I was looking for a pair of shoes that could match the colour of my suit, since I used to dress in fashion. While I was looking under the bed, I noticed a cleansing product and a bottle of water containing a fish inside. I was surprised because I knew I did not put those things there. As soon as I took the bottle of water containing the fish, the bottle stuck to my hand. I was electrocuted, I vibrated and trembled. I started screaming for help. I struggled to remove the bottle from my hand, but my efforts were unsuccessful. So I heard a voice in me telling me to remember the name I was singing when I was a member of the choir of the church of Fepaco. Indeed, after my healing from madness, although I was a child and even though I was not born again, I went regularly to church. I heard the voice tell me to use the name of Jesus Christ against the bottle that was stuck on my hand.

When I invoked the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the bottle came off my hand and fell to the ground. I tried unsuccessfully to open the bottle. Then I took a hammer and tried to break the bottle, but this bottle was even resistant to the hammer. Several times I tried to break this bottle with the hammer, but without success. I could not understand; I was shocked to find that this glass bottle was resistant to an iron hammer. While I was using the hammer against the bottle, the fish in the bottle was making movements. Then suddenly, and with my own eyes, I saw my girlfriend enter the house through the wall. She crossed the wall of our room. I was shocked. I told myself that I was dealing with a woman using charms and superstition to dominate and control me. I could not realise that I was dealing with a mermaid who physically came to earth just for me. She came into my life with a specific mission.

When the mermaid crossed the wall, she told me to give her the bottle. I thought she was just an ordinary woman using charm and spell. So I told her, "I'm not going to give you the bottle, you must know that I'm a master in martial arts, if you dare I'll beat you up today." I said to her, "How can you use charm and spell to bewitch and control me." Dear brothers and sisters, I was about to hit this woman, when suddenly she breathed on me. As a result, I collapsed on the floor. It was a Friday night when I collapsed into a coma, and when I woke up from this coma I realised it was Sunday morning. While I was in a coma for two days, something happened. It was like a dream, but it was not one. Christians, I want to warn you not to neglect dreams!

In fact, when I was in a coma, the mermaid transported me to the underwater world. I saw myself celebrating, we were eating meat and drinking red wine, it was actually human blood. It was like a wedding celebration for me, they put a ring on my finger and a bracelet on my hand. During this wedding party under the sea, I was surrounded by people half-man and half-fish. Then I woke up.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:01 am

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I noticed that I was naked. I saw the mermaid naked standing in front of me. She was holding a plate of grilled meat. She said to me, "Joseph, you're going to eat these pieces of meat one after the other." Before giving them to me, she introduced them one by one in her private parts, then she gave them to me. I was controlled by her. I now knew that I was dealing with a woman that was not ordinary. I did everything she asked me. I ate that meat that was human meat.

Although I was bewitched, I still had a certain degree of freedom. Then the mermaid said to me, "I'm not going to hurt you. In fact, I'll make you a great man in this country, as I did with many." She gave me names of people whom she had made rich and famous in our country, but whose names I cannot reveal here. Let me give you a hint: There is a pastor who brags about the fact that he goes on astral journeys; there is a musician who calls himself sheitan, which means satan in Arabic. After finishing eating the meat, the mermaid applauded and said, "Joseph, you just ate human flesh." I was so shocked that I tried to vomit them but to no avail. Then the mermaid made a revelation to me saying, "Joseph, I came into your life because we monitored you from childhood; you were under surveillance through a magic mirror. In fact, it was the day that your mother came into contact with the witch doctor that it all started; she made an alliance with him and this opened the door for us into your life."

The mermaid hit her hand on the wall, and suddenly a big mirror appeared. I noticed that this mirror had my name written all over. It was a big mirror made exclusively for me. There are many people in the world who are monitored like this through magical mirrors in the water world. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, you were monitored from your childhood because you were chosen to serve our kingdom." She added, "My father has charged me to talk to you about 3 missions we have for you." The father she was referring to here is the king of her dynasty in the underground world. She said to me, "Here is your first mission: There will be money under your cushion that we will put at your disposal every day; you will have to use this money. You will sleep with 10 to 15 women each day. After having slept with these women, before washing your body I must first lick your body, including your genitals, to recover the odours of all the women who slept with you."

The mermaid had to lick my body, including my genital organ to capture the odours of all the women who had slept with me. Let me tell you that the practice of licking the genital organ of the man or the woman comes from the world of darkness. It was imported to earth by satanists through pornography. This practice has just arrived on earth, but it has always been practiced in the world of pandemonium. Men who are in occultism tend to sleep with many women and are in strange sexual practices. Every night, after sleeping with several women, at midnight the mermaid would lick my body and would capture the odours of every woman who had slept with me. After capturing these odours, she blew those odours that were in the form of vapour into a capsule. The siren knew the names and identities of every woman who had slept with me through these odours in the form of vapour. After capturing these odours, at 3 am she would travel to the underwater realm, and carry all these female odours or vapours into the world of darkness under the sea. After landing in the marine world, she would blow each vapour-like odour in several mirrors respectively, designed specifically for each of these women.

Whenever she blew a woman's vapour or odour in a mirror, she called her name in the mirror. Therefore, the images and the life of this woman appeared in the mirror. The life of the victim was projected on the screen of the magic mirror. As soon as the mermaid blows your odour or vapour on the mirror and calls your name, you will appear live in the mirror; whether you are sleeping or working or studying, your images will be projected in the mirror screen. And next to your images, there is data and information about your future, your star, your hopes and your destiny that will be displayed in the mystic mirror. Once your image is projected on the mirror, the information and especially what God has given you are projected in the mirror designed for you and having your identity. Your star and your destiny will be displayed. Therefore, your life will be controlled and manipulated by the world of satan.

The mermaid knew the future of these women thanks to fornication and thanks to this mirror. She could read data about their future, their luck and their star. Although the mermaid could know these details, she did not know how God would fulfil the destiny of these people. The devil may know that your star will shine like Joseph's, but he does not know how God will do that. The devil can know your destination, but he does not know how you will get there. On the basis of the data and information displayed in the magic mirror, the water creature and the devil will seek to block and bar the way to the fulfilment of God's destiny in your life. Many people walk on the street, but they are controlled and monitored, they are not free. s_ex outside marriage is very dangerous.

If data in your mirror indicates that you are going to be rich, the devil will make spiritual holes in your pockets or he will burn your hand. That means you will work and you will have money, but you will have nothing to show for it. You will have a good salary, but will do nothing with it. If he sees in the mirror that you are beautiful and will have a good marriage, he will put an age-mask on your face. You can be a beautiful woman physically, but spiritually you are already old because of the age mask, and no man will come for marriage. The fact that your face appears in the magic mirror means that the water world has power and control of your life; they can inflict you with any kind of misfortune.

When I travelled to the world of waters, I saw the case of a man who was inflicted with epilepsy. The demon of epilepsy is a black and white bird. It is mostly in a cage. I saw how the marine spirits got it out of the cage, and blew it to the mirror bearing that man's name. I saw this bird that is the spirit of epilepsy enter the head of this man who was the target. As a result, this man became epileptic on the earth. Epilepsy is a sign of demonic control and manipulation. In fact, I saw a lot of cages and mirrors in the underwater realm. There are people on earth with chronic diseases, heart disease and kidney disease. I saw the hearts of people in cages. I saw the brains of people living on earth in cages. I saw the bodily organs of people in cages. These people suffer from chronic illness on earth because their organs are stolen or sacrificed, and put in cages in the water world.

Once the water world can locate you in their mirror, they have the power to affect you in one way or another, since they have free access. They can inject any kind of disease into your life, and any disease of mystical origin will never be cured by scientific medicine. Only prayer in the name of Jesus can put an end to these diseases. Many people fail because they are under surveillance in the realm of darkness. They will start one thing but they will not get to the end, because they are in the magic mirrors of the water world. Through these mirrors, we can also choose a husband or a wife for somebody. We can also send you a night husband or a night wife. As a result, you will not enjoy marriage life. One of the things we do to people in the mirror is that we put seals, signs, and marks on people's foreheads. These marks will be visible to occultists and witches, but the ordinary man will not see them.

You could be marked on your forehead as single for life, and wherever you go in the world, sorcerers and satanists would work to keep you in this unmarried state, as it is written on your forehead. They will fight you every time you try to get married, because it says "single for life" on your forehead. Many people have seals, marks written on their foreheads. One day I was walking with the mermaid in the city. I saw a beautiful woman. In fact, I was looking for a victim, so I proposed this beautiful woman as a victim. The mermaid told me that this woman was already K_illed in the invisible world; so you had to look for someone who is alive. In fact, there was a date on the forehead of this woman indicating the time she had to die on the earth. Many people are walking down the street, but they are already dead. You can see the date on their forehead with spiritual eyes. There are also people marked "unemployed" on the forehead. They have degrees, but they will never get a job. If they found a job, they would be fired and would not keep a job for a long time.

My mission in the revival churches

The Bible says in Colossians 2:14-15 "having cancelled the written code, with its regulations, that was against us and that stood opposed to us; he took it away, nailing it to the cross. And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross." Beloved, when I became agent of the kingdom of waters, I was instructed to attack the revival churches in my country Congo, because there was an intense awakening in the Congo during this period and the kingdom of darkness was in disarray. I was instructed to perpetuate the invisible war on churches and to coordinate systematic attacks on local assemblies. But first, I had to sleep with the princess named Jacqueline who was supposed to transport me under the sea in the world of darkness. As my third mission was against the Church of Jesus Christ, I was given the mission to destroy a woman who was a Christian. The mermaid told me that this woman was full of grace and divine abilities, which is why she was identified as a potential target to be destroyed. The mermaid said to me, "We will K_ill her and we will eat her flesh."

"How will I execute this mission?" I asked the mermaid. She said to me, "Do not be afraid because we have allocated 450 demons to help you destroy this Christian, they will work with you and accompany you everywhere." As I was established against the churches, so we deployed demons of dreams among the sisters. The purpose of these demons was to cause deceitful dreams with false messages, to create confusion in the local church. Christians were made to have dreams containing false and deceptive messages against the pastor, and even dreams of false marriages between brothers and sisters. Beloved, when you do not live in holiness you can be attacked and you will end up having dreams containing demonic messages. We sought to create confusion in the church, but the Lord also speaks to us through dreams. In the underwater world, I was taught to prevent Christians from dreaming. Normally a born again Christian is supposed to have dreams of revelations, otherwise he is blind and blinded. Even the pagan kings in the Bible like Pharaoh and king Nebuchadnezzar had dreams containing specific and even prophetic messages.

The second tactic against Christians was to let them dream, but I made them forget what they had dreamed at night. The Lord Jesus can give you a message, but as you always forget the dreams of God that contain warnings or precautionary messages, you will end up suffering the consequences of what will happen to you. Sometimes you can even dream and even remember it. Many people do not finish their dreams. The spiritual implication is that you can start things in your life, but you will never end what you started. Many destinies of people are diverted into dreams. There are also people who have repetitive dreams. It is a reflection of their spiritual condition. There are also people who only dream of the past, past experiences, past places of their lives; the truth is that it is the spirit of regression, which means that your life and your mind are stuck in the past.

My first strategy against the sister was therefore to create confusion in her church through dreams caused by demons we deployed. Later, I visited this sister's family just to flatter them. I talked to her mother who loved me very much, because she hoped I would marry her daughter. But in reality, I was trying to destroy her. I was accompanied by 450 demons including the mermaid. After talking to her family, I booked a room at the hotel where I had to destroy her through s_ex. She loved me sincerely because she did not know that I was a fake brother. Many people come to church not to pray. Some of them are agents of the enemy. So I booked the hotel, I knew she was not going to say no, she trusted me. When the day arrived, together we went to the hotel. The mermaid was hiding in the bathroom. She was in her half-fish hybrid form. The sister was unaware of the presence of the mermaid. The sister was in loincloth, and I noticed that her attitude changed, she was a little sad. I think she had guilt. Then she asked me to read a Bible verse. It meant nothing to me, it was just a book. So I quickly went to the bathroom where the mermaid was hiding to ask her opinion. She said to me, "Do not be afraid, let her read if she wants, there will be nothing, there are more than 400 demons here, whether she reads the Bible or not, she will die."

So this sister opened the Bible in the book of Isaiah. I do not know why God wanted me to hear the words of this verse. This woman did not know she was minutes away from her death. She was unaware of the presence of a mermaid in the toilet and hundreds of demons around the hotel. So she opened her Bible that says, "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish. Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them. Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all." Isaiah 41:10-12. This sister did not know why the Holy Spirit made her read this verse. Beloved, when the Holy Spirit prompts you to read the Bible do it right away. As soon as this Christian lady read this Bible verse, I heard the mermaid scream. She said to me, "Joseph, we must flee, run!" It was a cry of distress. So I saw the mermaid run away at the speed of lightning. I did not know why she would run. It was only when I raised my eyes to the sky that I realised why the mermaid had escaped that way.

In fact, I saw myriads and myriads of angelic soldiers come down to answer the reading of the Bible verses by this lady. They had their sword lifted. The mermaid and the 450 demons fled and I was left there with the sister. I thought 400 demons were a lot, but when I saw these legions of the angelic army come down, I got out of the hotel room and escaped. The people working at the reception were surprised to see me in my pair of shorts with my clothes in my hands. The woman could not see all this and did not understand the reason for my escape. She did not know that a whole angelic legion had been deployed by the Lord for her. Many things happen when we pray, even if we do not see them. I left the sister in this hotel room never to return, while the mermaid and the 450 demons were already far from this place.

The second aspect of my mission

In the first aspect of my mission, I slept with 10 to 15 women a day and the mermaid captured the destiny of these women thanks to their odours. The mermaid captured these smells and carried them into the underwater world and blew those odours inside a mystical mirror from which she controlled the lives of those women. In the second aspect of my mission as an agent of the water world, I slept with the mermaid and she deposited seeds in me. Then I went to bed with the women and in my turn I deposited these seeds of the mermaid in them. Before going on my mission, which consisted in sleeping with 10 to 15 women a day, I slept with the mermaid, which deposited in me two seeds: The seed of the snake and the seed of the snail. I want to start with the seed of the spiritual snake, which was a two-headed serpent.

The seed of the two-headed snake

In fact, every time I slept with a woman, I transferred to her a two-headed snake. The snake entered the body of the woman by her vagina, and this two-headed snake resided and positioned itself in the s_ex organ of the woman. The head of this snake was positioned in the vaginal opening of the woman. As a result, the female genitals became the head of the snake. Beloved, there are women whose vaginas have become the head of a serpent, and every man who sleeps with this woman has his genital organ penetrating the head of the serpent and thus becomes affected and bewitched. In fact, this two-headed snake that is positioned in the female genital organ captures the stars, the gifts and the destinies of those who sleep with these women. Whenever a man's body penetrated the woman's genital organ, it penetrated into the mouth of the snake that captured the wealth and happiness of that man. This two-headed snake captured and devoured the luck, the stars and the riches of all those who slept with these women.

Many lives and destinies have been destroyed and compromised because of fornication and illegal intercourse. Because of enjoyment and sexual pleasure, the lives of many men and women are destroyed. Sexual pleasure out of wedlock is extremely dangerous, which is why the Bible says: Flee from sexual immorality... 1Corinthians 6:18. Many have destroyed their lives because of sexual pleasure. Beloved, if by imprudence you sleep with this kind of women your destiny and your future are captured and compromised, and what remains is poverty and suffering. I said that this snake had two heads: The first head of the snake was positioned in the vaginal opening of the woman, while the second head was positioned and resided in the conception organs of the woman, exactly where the baby resides. Sometimes this snake K_illed the woman's baby. But often the snake let the baby live to bite it later; and as a result of the snake bite, the baby will be born either with brain problems or with uncontrollable behaviour.

Dear Christians, I want to warn you not to accept everything that happens to you in life. Many Christians accept demonic situations under the pretext that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. Romans 8:28. There are many who say that we must give glory to God, because all that happens to us is the will of God. We must not adopt this mentality. The things you accept in your life will remain and persist and the things you refuse will eventually leave you. The kingdom of satan trades in the lives of many people. They take the original that God gave them to leave them the counterfeit, this is called exchange. They steal the original to leave you the fake. When you notice that your son or daughter is showing unbearable behaviour, do not tolerate it. We must seek the face of God in prayer and fasting.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:05 am

Beloved, when I slept with a woman and put a snake in her, the snake would destroy the seed of her husband or men who would sleep with her, in order to keep her in infertility. Secondly, this snake was intended to terminate pregnancies and cause miscarriages. Thirdly, this spiritual serpent disrupted the menstrual periods of the woman by making them painful. Finally, the snake could bite or K_ill babies. There are children born with difficult and unbearable behaviours and attitudes. It is because of the bite of the snake. There are children born with defects because of the venom of the snake. Once I slept with a woman and gave her the seed of the snake, this woman will lose her beauty and freshness. She will feel as if something were moving inside her body, she will be nauseated. Finally, she will be inhabited and influenced by a strong desire to sleep with men, and she will not manage to master this sexual desire. These are the effects and consequences that women and men who carry the snake in them will experience.

The seed of the snail

The second seed that I passed on to the women who slept with me was the snail that caused various diseases. There are men and women with various kinds of things and foreign bodies in them. They must be delivered, otherwise they will continue to suffer. This is a warning to men and women living in fornication. You risk sleeping with a man or a woman whose sexual organ is a snake that will devour and capture your chances, your star and your wealth. There are men and women whose genital organs are destructive serpents.

My third mission

My third mission was to fight the Church of Jesus Christ and Christians. But that was not an easy task. Therefore, the mermaid insisted that I travel to the world of waters to be armed, so as to be able to fulfil my obligations and tasks effectively. First, we had to go to the cemetery where I had to sleep with a woman who had died several years ago. When the big day came, I undressed and the mermaid held me by the hand. In the blink of an eye, we changed places and landed in the local cemetery. It was midnight and it was very dark. I thought we were alone, but to my greatest surprise, I saw a crowd of people present in the cemetery. There were musical celebrities, politicians and people we watch on television. We were all naked. Then I noticed lots of luxury cars. So I asked the mermaid who owned these cars. She replied that they belonged to the dead, I mean to the ghosts. The mermaid informed me that every night, when the dead or ghosts leave the world of the cemetery with their luxury car, they will relax in the bars, nightclubs, and sleep with men and women in the hotels.

The mermaid told me that the luxury cars I saw were actually coffins. In fact, the ghosts are men who died before their time, since God has determined for each human being the number of years to live on the earth. However, many die prematurely, either their lives are interrupted by witchcraft or by human sacrifice. These people cannot go to Hades. Therefore, they become serving spirits in the service of satan's kingdom. Many of the beautiful cars we see in the boulevards are coffins, and their drivers are dead people or ghosts who come to earth to relax in bars, nightclubs and hotels. Some people we see in the street are not normal men, they are ghosts, dead people. Those who have the lifestyle of frequenting nightclubs and sleeping with men are victims of these ghosts. They appear in the evening to disappear in the morning.

I was saying that I was in the cemetery at midnight with my wife, the mermaid. There was a crowd of people. These people were ordinary people in search of power, success and wealth. Each of these had received prescriptions with instructions on what to do. It is not easy to serve satan, because there are people who had to sleep with buried corpses in our presence. Suddenly, I heard something like a whistle. Then, I saw the crowd forming two lines: the first line was that of men and the second that of women. We were all standing and naked in these lines. Then I saw a short humanoid demon stand over a grave in front of the crowd. He had a beard that went down to the ground. I saw this demon hit the grave where he was standing with a whip, and as a result, a woman who died several years ago came out of that grave. She was naked. We were all supposed to sleep with this woman inside her grave, and in turn. The naked women in their line were supposed to sleep with a man who had died several years ago like us, in turn.

I was scared to witness this horrific spectacle. Then a man who was a popular musician in our country, whose name I will not mention, said to me, "Joseph, I see that this is your first time of participating in this ritual, but do not worry, everything will be fine." The words of this man reassured me. As I dialogued with this musician, our line was getting shorter as people slept in turn with this ghost woman. But while I was chatting with the musician, I heard a voice in the sky, saying, "It's dawn, it's dawn!" When this voice sounded in space, there was rout. Everyone was on the run. In fact, the activities of sorcerers stop when it is morning towards dawn. When the voice said "Dawn!" I saw with my eyes sorcerers who fled with flying speed like missiles. Darkness cannot stand light.

I always wondered what happened to the gentleman who was sleeping with the ghost when the voice rang out in space. As I watched these sorcerers fly into space, my wife the mermaid held me by the hand and in the blink of an eye we landed at home. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, something is wrong with you, I have taken no one to the cemetery and then brought the person home without completing this ritual." Then one day in the morning, a friend came to inform me that there was mourning in the neighbourhood. So I was supposed to attend these funerals. I promised him I would come. As I prepared to attend the funeral, my wife the mermaid proposed to come with me physically. I contested. In fact, every time I walked with her, she was invisible but I could see her. But often she was physical and people were amazed at her beauty. I did not like her proposal to physically come to the funeral with me. I told him, "You are so pretty that you always attract people's attention because of your beauty."

But she pressured me to allow her to come with me physically. So we went to my friend's mourning. In the street people were amazed by her beauty. Then we arrived at the funeral. But something happened there. I had a girlfriend in the past named Catherine. We had already broken this relationship, but when her friends saw me with the mermaid at the funeral, they went to inform Catherine. They told her, "We saw your boyfriend at the funeral with a very beautiful woman." When Catherine learned this, she got angry although my relationship with her was already broken. She rushed to join us at the funeral. Then she assaulted the mermaid. She thought she was dealing with an ordinary human being. She began to insult the mermaid. She threw sand at the mermaid to humiliate her publicly. Her friends tried to beg her, but in vain.

When we left the funeral, the mermaid was angry and she said to me, "I swear, I'm going to make your former girlfriend pay for the humiliation she gave me. Your former girlfriend Catherine humiliated me publicly. I am a princess of the royal family! She cannot submit me to this kind of treatment. You must know that your girlfriend's life is over, she will die!" When I saw Catherine attack the mermaid, I knew she was going to pay for it with her life, because this mermaid comes from a royal family of the underwater world, so she is very powerful. It was 11 o'clock in the night when I was awakened from my sleep by my mermaid wife. When I woke up it was as if I was sleeping in the bush, although I had fallen asleep in our house. The house had been transformed. Then I saw the mermaid holding an antique knife with mysterious writings similar to Egyptian writing. She hit her hand against the wall of the house and a mystic and antique mirror appeared. I saw the pictures of Catherine appear in this magic mirror. She was sleeping in her bed, and then the mermaid started to call her. When she called her name, Catherine began to move, then woke up.

I looked at all this in the magic mirror. Then the mermaid took her antique knife and stabbed Catherine to death. Then the blood began to flow, and the mermaid brought something like a calabash. She collected the blood that flowed in this mystic mirror. When this calabash was filled with Catherine's blood, the mermaid drank that blood. Then she passed over the calabash to me and asked me to drink. So I drank the blood of my girlfriend. Then the mermaid said to me, "Your former girlfriend who dared to publicly humiliate me is dead; you will hear the news of her death in the morning." Then the mermaid blew on me and I fell asleep until morning. When I woke up in the morning, a friend came to inform me of Catherine's death. She was bleeding and her heart was open. She was bleeding from the nose and ears. There was blood everywhere in her room. When my friend gave me the news of Catherine's death, the mermaid was standing at my side, but my friend could not see her. Catherine's problem was that she was not born again. She was unprotected and exposed.

Mermaids, Catholic priests, and hospitals

A few days later, the mermaid told me that we were going to visit the hospital to see the sick. In fact, satan is very active in hospitals; it is a place of demonic activities. The person in charge of this visit was a Catholic priest. He was doing charity by giving food to people, shoes and clothes, while capturing their souls. Many things happen in the hospital. I would advise women, after giving birth not to allow doctors to separate them from their baby, because they do not know what this doctor is doing with their baby. In this visit to the hospital, the priest was anointing the sick and this resulted in their death, and their stars were stolen. The mermaid captured the souls of the sick who were K_illed by the priest's rituals. The night before travelling underwater, the mermaid showed me the souls of those captured in the hospital. She was transferring them to the sea kingdom.

Children initiated through food

Aside from the fact that the mermaid worked with the Catholic priest to collect souls at the hospital, she also visited children who had just been initiated into witchcraft. In fact, many children contract witchcraft through food. The kingdom of darkness worked with sorcerer children who were responsible for distributing witchcraft in schools and their communities. Since most children are introduced to witchcraft by a mystical human meat, they are asked to repay the meat they ate when they were initiated. As a result, they must choose or point at a family member. The work of the mermaid was to gather the souls that the newly initiated children offered as sacrifice. The capture and the raid of these souls, victims of human sacrifice in hospital, was the work of this mermaid who was my wife. After capturing and raiding these souls, the mermaid took them to the underwater kingdom at night.

My new girlfriend

As I said, my mission was to sleep with 10 to 15 women a day. The mermaid was supposed to capture their odours from which she controlled their lives through mystical mirrors. One day I fell in love with a girl although I lived with the mermaid. I wanted to visit my new girlfriend, so I lied to the mermaid that I wanted to visit my parents and I would come back the next day. The mermaid agreed. I did not know she was aware of my relationship. She knew that I had lied to her, but pretended and let me go. Dear friends, once you are controlled by the marine world, you are monitored in a mirror or a magic board. So I went to see my girlfriend. We had s_ex. At 2 am, I noticed water around me on the bed. I did not know that this woman was a witch who used to urinate in bed when she came out of her body for astral travel. I was surprised and disappointed to find that she used to urinate in bed. When I asked her, she denied it.

Later in the night, this woman took a devilish and monstrous form to destroy me. She had become like a vampire with long nails and pointed and sharp teeth. She began to walk towards me to devour me. It was then that a violent and powerful wind began to blow in the room. It was the arrival of my mermaid wife. She landed in this room in the blink of an eye, precisely between me and the vampire witch like a missile. The mermaid questioned the witch and asked, "What are you trying to do to my husband?" Then my mermaid wife and the witch began to quarrel, and what followed was a trial and a test of power between the mermaid and this vampire. The witch was neutralised by the mermaid, which was too powerful for her. Then the mermaid ordered this witch to kneel. But the witch who looked like a thief surprised in action was filled with shame. She wanted to give the mermaid the cold shoulder. Then the mermaid said to her, "If you do not kneel now I'll K_ill you." But the witch pretended to ignore the mermaid. Then the mermaid repeated her command: "For the last time I order you: kneel or you die!"

The mermaid was about to K_ill this witch when suddenly she received a call from the underwater world. She was instructed not to K_ill the witch because she was an agent on a mission. So I heard the mermaid say to this witch, "You're lucky, I've just been informed by the head quarter that you're on assignment, otherwise I would have K_illed you!" Beloved, let me tell you that the kingdom of satan is not divided. They coordinate what happens between their agents and workers. The Bible says: "Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. If satan drives out satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand?" Matthew 12:25-26. After this communication, the mermaid ordered the witch to return to her normal human form. I saw the witch leave her monstrous form of vampire and resume the human form, and the mermaid drove her away. So I opened the door and the witch went out.

My journey to the mysterious civilization under the sea

After failing in this mission of k_illing this Christian lady, I returned with the mermaid to the hotel where we lived. The mermaid said to me, "Joseph, you are failing in almost all the missions we entrust to you. So my father decided that we should travel to our world under the sea, so that you can learn and be equipped. There is a high-ranking witch in the suburbs of the city, she is responsible for a demon snake. We are going to visit her. You will be swallowed by this snake that will vomit you under the sea in our submarine kingdom." Beloved, like the story of Jonah, a snake swallowed me for 3 days to throw me into the underwater realm. So I had to travel in the underwater world to be equipped and become efficient and powerful. The mermaid said to me, "Normally we should have destroyed the Christian lady the other day because she was a strategic target, this failure is unacceptable!"

Dear Christians, when the day I had to travel under the sea came, the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, it is noon. You must know that midday and midnight are strategic and operational hours for us. It is at midday and midnight that we intensify our activities on Earth, we pour blood at noon, we cause traffic accidents at noon and we travel under the sea at noon." Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, it is noon you must undress, since we have to travel, our journey will be different from that of ordinary men, we would travel by teleportation." After undressing as instructed by the mermaid, she held my hand and told me to close my eyes. In a fraction of a second, we changed location and landed in a bush at the residence of a high-ranking witch in the suburbs of the city. The mermaid and this witch instructed me to enter a barrel in which there was water. They told me that there was a huge snake inside although I could not see it.

When I put my feet in this barrel, I was paralysed. Immediately I found myself in a large compartment. I did not know where I was. There was a door behind me, then I saw a boa, a huge, massive snake. Its dimension and size were mythical. In reality, this snake was a demon. It was heading towards me with great speed to swallow me. This demonic snake was so big that I was paralysed by fear and I was trembling. But something happened when it was about to swallow me to vomit me into the underwater world. I noticed that this snake was opposed by a force that prevented it from swallowing me. He was trying to swallow me but he could not. So he got angry and rolled over my body, then started talking to me and asked me, "Who are you?" I was silent and surpassed by what was happening to me. The snake asked me three times, "Who are you?" It was angry, so it hit me with its head and instantly I found myself in the barrel filled with water on the earth. I understood that the Lord controlled everything that happened to me. And He was the One who kept the monster from swallowing me up. This operation with the mermaid and this high-ranking witch was a failure. But the mermaid was nonetheless determined to transport me to the underwater realm.

Several days later, it was Wednesday at 3 am. She asked me to undress, then she held me by the hand and in a split of a second, we landed on the bank of the Congo River. It was 3 am in the morning, it was still dark, but I could recognise the place. After landing at the edge of the Congo River, I noticed that I was not alone. I was surprised to find that there were many naked people like me at this time of the night. There were men, women and teenagers, all naked by the river. We were each given a garment. I would like to emphasise that in the world of darkness women are more powerful than men. I knew very well where we were, although it was very dark, and I knew that the waterway was not navigable at this place. Then I was surprised when the mermaid informed me that a boat was supposed to emerge here and transport us to the underwater civilization. A few minutes later, we heard the sound of a ship. My eyes were open and curious. Then I saw a massive ship much larger than the Titanic and more beautiful than the boats we have on the earth.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

Postby IPhone » Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:08 am

This ship was coming out of the depths of the Congo River. It was so glorious and beautiful that many people collapsed on the ground due to emotion. I observed this non-earthly intelligence. This ship was above technological progress and human civilization. I was standing and watching this boat. I then saw three faceless demonic entities come out of the boat, like the one that had struck me with madness in the hospital. These entities did not have clothes on them. They had neither mouth, nose, eyes, nor ears. When they left the ship, they deployed a bridge reaching the riverbank. Then all the people waiting on the shore boarded the ship. After we all entered, the boat submerged deeply into the river. The boat was moving at a prodigious speed.

People were emotional while observing this angelic technology. We witnessed an advanced civilization and superior technology. In this boat there were not only Congolese, there were Europeans, Chinese, Indians, Americans and all races of the earth. The influence of the world of darkness has reached the four corners of the earth. Then after only a few seconds of travelling, we began to see massive and populated cities. I saw massive infrastructure. I saw markets, and people sell and buy. These kingdoms and cities were crowded and populated. We travelled around metropolitan cities and many advanced civilizations under the sea. But when I observed the population of these cities and kingdoms, I saw ordinary human beings. Then I saw people half man, half fish.

We finally arrived in the submarine civilization. I observed from a distance, I saw the former president of my country. He was dressed in dirty clothes. In fact, he was like a slave there. He died several years ago. People sang for him while he was alive, but he was only a servant there. He recorded the names of the people who arrived in this kingdom. He drew blood from people with a syringe, and by the blood sample, he knew their name and identity. After this formality, we were taken to an auditorium. It is as if there was a meeting in this building. But I noticed the absence of my wife the mermaid. I was still touched to see our former Head of State serving as a slave there. As I was thinking about it, suddenly my wife the mermaid appeared. She was delighted to see me in her kingdom. She greeted me and said, "Joseph, I am very happy and excited that you have finally arrived in our kingdom." She kissed me and made a gesture with her hand. As a result, a half-fish man appeared.

He was extremely handsome. It was my wife's brother. So my wife said to her brother, "Help my husband to visit our civilization and all the cities, including our infrastructure, our factories, our businesses and our industries." So we went into a capsule that looked like a ship that was used as a car in this civilization. My wife said to her brother, "Show him our universe." So the man who was half-fish took me to visit the cities of the submarine kingdom. We started the visit by going to see the royal family or the dominant clan. After travelling for a while, we arrived at a residence which was a royal palace. The protocol service opened the gate for us and we entered. Then I saw the king of this kingdom. I was told that he had many names, but he is commonly known as Acram-Mojes. In fact, in our country musicians like to be called by these names. This sovereign of the underwater world is also called Ben Adam, which means the second Adam.

He appropriated the title of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is king of the mermaid clan of which my wife was part. The underwater kingdom is populated by different mermaid clans. This leader is one of the greatest leaders of the mermaid dynasty in this underwater civilization. In his royal castle, I noticed that the mermaids of this clan and the mermaids who served the royal family had tattoos on them. In fact, every clan or kingdom of mermaids under the sea is identified by their specific tattoos. Then the brother of my wife, the half-fish hybrid entity tells me, "The tattoos on us show our membership of the Xim-Adam clan, and very soon this tattoo will be popular on the land and in your country." In the underwater world, each mermaid clan had their tattoo for identification, but many people on earth wear the mermaid tattoo without knowing it, as if they were members of a particular mermaid clan under the sea. Beloved, there is a mermaid spirit behind tattooing. If you have a tattoo on you, the spirit of mermaid is in your life. It will influence you and control you. In that period, there was not yet this type of tattoo on earth. I recently attended a deliverance session of a sister, tattoo changed location in her body.

After this visit, we left the royal residence of this dynasty, then after, we travelled to visit factories and manufacturing industries of several products and items that we use on the earth. First, we had to visit the dynasties responsible for these factories and industries. We first went to visit the Cabello dynasty. The king of this dynasty is the sovereign of our mermaid clan in charge of the production and manufacture of make-up products, jewellery and clothing. Beloved, there is hair made under the sea. This hair is named after the royal family of this kingdom of mermaids. Mermaids have a lot of hair reaching even their hips. This hair is cut and transported on the Earth. I would advise the sisters to avoid artificial hair. These are mermaids' hair transported to the surface of the earth. After that, we went to see the production and manufacture of other products and articles. The half-fish hybrid entity that was my wife's brother, told me about the seductive items that are exported to the earth, like eyelashes and nails; this was before these products emerged.

People captured on the earth and imprisoned under the sea

Our visit continued. We arrived in a place where I saw people who were arrested and incarcerated. I was informed that these men were captured by the kingdom of darkness on earth. They are people who have disappeared from the earth mystically. Sometimes these people reappear on the earth. These people are held under the sea, I saw them with my own eyes. In fact, there are people who are captured on the earth and imprisoned under the sea, but they are replaced on earth by demons. Demons take the form and the likeness of these captives and come to the surface of the earth to live there with the identity of these captives retained in the world of waters. These physical demons resemble and speak like them, but the real people are incarcerated. This is how demons come to earth physically. These demons are mistaken for the real person by the families of captives held in the underwater world. They are therefore integrated and accepted in these families. But with keen observation and discernment you will notice inconsistencies and attitudes that do not relate to your real brother or sister held captive in the underwater world. Some of these people held captives are not dead; they just disappeared on earth and are slaves in the water world. After visiting the detention centres and prisons, we continued our visit of the underwater world.

Night wives and husbands

Then I saw a crowd of people in a room shaped like an auditorium of the university. It was actually a meeting of sorcerers and this meeting was animated and led by a hybrid demon. He was teaching mystical and esoteric knowledge to the assembly. I was curious and so I looked what was happening from the window of this auditorium, when suddenly the hybrid demon that was dispensing mysterious knowledge appeared behind me in a blink of an eye. He invited me to join the crowd inside the auditorium because I was curious. So I sat in this meeting room. This demon taught the mystery of witchcraft and how to become a husband or a wife at night. I was surprised because I thought that night wives and husbands were just the incubus and succubus demons. But the participants of this meeting were taught by the demon to function and operate as night wives and husbands. So even human beings who are sorcerers can sexually molest people in dreams. Not only demons, but there are also normal men who come to molest and rape people in dreams.

In this phenomenon of night wives and husbands, we are dealing with demons, but especially human sorcerers who unite with men and women in marital alliances without their consent, to molest them and abuse them sexually. When you are spiritually married to a spirit of the waters or a sorcerer, he considers you as his legal spouse and will make sure that you are not physically married. You will therefore remain single in the physical world since you are already married in the invisible world. Your spiritual partner will therefore regularly use your body through sexual practices, and will even drop odours into your body, so that when physical men come to you they are repulsed. There are men and women who have odour problems, although they are clean. It should be noted that night wives and husbands work with the spirit of celibacy, and even if you have managed to get married know that your night husband will not give up. In reality, getting married physically is considered by your invisible partner to be a provocation.

Beloved, there are men and women who come into marriage having night wives and husbands as partners. This is a very dangerous problem, since their invisible partners who are their night husband and wife will fight these marriages. This is the reason why many churches recommend that men and women go through deliverance sessions before marriage blessing. If by imprudence you marry a woman who has a night husband, you must understand that the battle between you and her night husband has just begun. What I am telling you is what I learnt in the school of witchcraft in the world of waters. So be careful! If you are married to a woman who has a night husband, your wife's spiritual partner will have as priority the destruction your marriage, since he considers that you are married to his wife. It will start by attacking the source of your income; I mean your job, to cause financial hardship in your home. If you are working and married to a woman who has a night husband, know that your wife's invisible husband will attack your job, so that you are not able to take care of your wife whom he considers his, and also to get the woman leave you because of these financial difficulties.

Just after your wedding, financial difficulties will begin, and he knows that your wife will not tolerate poverty for a long time. Many people enter marriage while having spiritual partners. The night husband will not tolerate your husband; the night wife will hate your wife and influence her to rebellion, with the ultimate goal of divorce. After attacking the job or income of your husband, the night husband will attack the sexual organ of your husband so that he no longer satisfies you in bed. The night wife will make your wife cold in bed and will attack her organs of conception, and as a result, there will be complications. There are women who are virgins, who have never known men, yet they look like women who live with men, because night husbands come to molest them and play with their bodies every night. The night husband will cause your husband to be weak in bed; he will suffer from sexual impotence. The night husband will ensure that your husband suffers from premature ejaculation and has odour problems in order to keep you away from your partner.

Occultism and esoteric knowledge

While I was visiting the underwater world, I was taught occultism and esoteric knowledge, which are subdivided into three. I was exposed to white magic practiced in the western world. This magic is practiced by Western elites, royal families, nobles, aristocrats and those who are in charge of governments, the army, the economy. You cannot become governor or president without being initiated into this form of magic. People who are introduced to this form of magic are called the illuminati and the world finance. The second form of magic is called red magic, which is based on blood and practiced in Asia. Red magic is practiced in Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. The third form of magic is called black magic, which is very low and is practiced in Africa. It is low because it consists of k_illing a person and eating his flesh.

Let us talk a little bit about white magic since the Western elites who practice it are those who are at the origin of wars in the world. In order to develop their country, they cause wars that represent a form of human sacrifice offered to fallen angels and demons. World conflicts caused by Western elites have spiritual roots; they consist of making human sacrifices. Through war, they offer human blood to the inter-dimensional entities that are the fallen demons and angels who feed on human flesh and blood. Human blood is offered to satan through wars. The consequences associated with the practice of white magic can be noticed in global conflicts motivated by natural resources such as gold, oil and raw materials. Countries with these precious substances will fall victim to white magic and blood will flow.

Consecration and enthronement as a triton or mermaid

At some point, after living with the mermaid, she said to me, "Joseph, you need the throne, you need to be consecrated and enthroned as a triton." As you know, most of our musicians in Congo have become mermaids and newts. They have been consecrated and enthroned in the underwater world. Today, we will discover the process by which a human being becomes a mermaid or a newt. The mermaid said to me, "Joseph, my father has instructed me that you must offer 25 women in sacrifice, so that our marriage may be consummated in the underwater world, that is, you will be consecrated and enthroned as triton." She then tells me, "There will be a lot of money on your bed that day; you will take it and use it to lure these women. We will give you enough strength to sleep with 25 women in one day. These women will die and therefore you will be enthroned and consecrated as a triton in the marine world."

Then the mermaid said to me, "Going from the fact that the name of satan has 5 letters, you will sleep with 5 women whose name begins with the letter S, which is the first letter of the name of satan. Then you will offer 5 other women whose name begins with the letter A, which is the second letter of the name of satan, then 5 others whose name begins with T, which is the third letter of the name of satan, and so on. The blood of all these women will be collected to write the name of satan during the enthronement and consecration ceremony in the Aquarius world." Then the mermaid said to me, "You will need strength to sleep with 25 women, so I'm going to send you to our churches, I mean 3 of our churches because we have many." The mermaid sent me first to the catholic church. When I went there, I was received by the priest who said to me: "Welcome Joseph, I was informed by the mermaid of your arrival and I was waiting for you, this is what you need for your mission." The priest gave me a rosary, then he said to me, "This rosary will vibrate when you are around the woman who has been targeted and programmed to be sacrificed."

After the catholic church the mermaid sent me to the mosque. She tells me that the god Allah is the collaborator of their master satan. So I went to the mosque. The imam of this mosque welcomed me warmly because he was in communication with my wife the mermaid. This imam gave me a series of Islamic prayers called "dua". He instructed me to recite these prayers after sacrificing each victim, in order to veil my face and avoid the vengeance of the spirits of these victims. Indeed, when an innocent man is K_illed, he dies with the image of the face of his executioner in his soul, and this image is kept in his memory. To prevent my image from being perceived and kept in the memory of my victims, I had to recite these Islamic prayers. When the victim knows his executioner his soul will seek justice against the person who K_illed him, as was the case between Cain and Abel.

Then the mermaid sent me to the third church, which is a sect called kimbanguiste. There they gave me two handkerchiefs: A green and a white. I had to wipe the victim's face to remove my face from her memory. After that, the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, you will start sleeping with 5 women who will be your victims, but not just any, only those who are targeted and programmed, since these women have profiles and things that connect them to us." There are people who are born into families that have spiritual problems, alliances, pacts and links that connect them to the dark world. These covenants are like open doors giving free access to the world of satan.

It is written in the book of Ezekiel 16:1-5 "The word of the Lord came to me: Son of man, confront Jerusalem with her detestable practices and say, 'This is what the Sovereign Lord says to Jerusalem: Your ancestry and birth were in the land of the Canaanites; your father was an Amorite and your mother a Hittite. On the day you were born your cord was not cut, nor were you washed with water to make you clean, nor were you rubbed with salt or wrapped in cloths. No one looked on you with pity or had compassion enough to do any of these things for you. Rather, you were thrown out into the open field, for on the day you were born you were despised."

The mermaid informed me that there are people living on the earth of which we have free access in their life because of their origin, their customs and traditions, their ancestral lineage and genealogy. Many people come from ancestral lineages linked to practices, customs, traditions and alliances that are open doors and free access for the devil’s world. Children of God must disconnect themselves from loads and spiritual heritages of their families, and from family alliances. They must cut the links and connections connecting them to ancestral spirits and genetic heritages. When the day of my mission arrived, in the morning when I woke up I saw a lot of money on my bed as the mermaid had promised. I was supposed to spend that money on the same day. So I hired a taxi for the whole day so as to be able to move from one neighbourhood to another in the city. Since I did not want the driver to report to the police, I sent a demon of death to K_ill the driver at the end of the day as soon as my mission was over. This was to avoid the police.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

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I had to K_ill my victims through s_ex. In fact, my saliva had become the venom of a snake and it paralysed the victim who became unconscious. Before sleeping with these women, I took time to suck tongues with them, to inject my saliva, which was the venom of a snake meant to paralyse them. Whenever I slept with these women, the mermaid was in hiding in the bathroom. Once the victim was paralysed by my saliva, which was the venom of a snake, the mermaid would come out of the bathroom to K_ill or finish the victim off. I was only paralysing the victim with my snake venom, but it was the mermaid who was finishing with the victim.

Before k_illing the victim, the mermaid introduced her hand to the victim's forehead to remove her star, her destiny and her wealth. After capturing the victim's star, the mermaid finished the victim off. When I started this operation, I had to start with the women whose name begins with the letter S, then the letter A, then the letter T and so on. The rosary confided to me by the Catholic priest vibrated to signal me and tell me the next victim. When it was 7 pm that day, I had already reached the 19th woman, so I was tired. Then I went to the house to drink some water and refresh myself. But all this was prepared by the enemy. When I arrived home, my sister was present. I asked her for some water to drink. While I was drinking the water, the rosary began to vibrate to signal that my sister was the next target. I could neither believe nor accept what was happening to me. I checked out in the street, maybe there was a woman. But there was nobody.

When you work with the devil, at first, he will give you the impression that your life and that of your family is spared, but in reality from the start, you are the target. When I realised that I had to sleep with my sister and that she was going to die I began to argue with the mermaid. I said to her, "How can you do that to me? She's after all my sister!" But the mermaid was cool. She said to me, "Joseph, if you do not do as we instructed you, you will die." So I slept with my sister and she died in the hands of the mermaid. I was filled with shame and anger against the mermaid. When I came to Christ, I confessed to the family that I had slept with my sister and she was K_illed by the mermaid. It was catastrophic in the family, but in the end, they ended up forgiving me.

After the death of my sister, I was in the car with the mermaid when the rosary vibrated. I was looking in the street to see the next target, but I did not see anyone. The mermaid said to me, "Look well and you will see." As I watched, to my surprise I saw a mad woman lying in the trash. It was incredible. I could not accept it. I felt betrayed by the mermaid. So I picked up a quarrel with her. The taxi driver noticed that I had spoken in a vacuum since he did not see the mermaid. But I pretended to talk to myself, when in fact I was talking with the mermaid. This is the reality when we serve the devil. He will ask you to sleep with a corpse, with your mother or daughter, even with a madman. That's why you should not envy people on the street because you do not know the realities they are going through.

The question that must be asked is this: Why had the mermaid planned and wanted me to sleep with this mad woman? In the Bible, we notice that there was a mad man who lived in the cemetery. This man had in him a legion of demons. The mermaid knew that this mad woman had multitudes of demons in her and once I had slept with her, these multitudes of demons would be transmitted to me. The siren wanted the legion of demons that lived in her to come in and live in me, to change and influence my personality and my behaviour. In this way, I would become heartless. My personality was changed after sleeping with the mad woman because of the multitude of demons that were transmitted to me. Many leaders are often sent to sleep with mad women by the devil, so that the demons that inhabit these mad women be transmitted to them. Some people are heartless because of the sacrifices and realities they encounter in fetishism and occultism. They are heartless, they are never charitable because of what they go through and their experiences.

After sleeping with the mad woman, I went to a popular bar in the city where there were many prostitutes. In this place, I met the last woman. I have always said that a prostitute is a witch since she is exposed to all kinds of people. They are often frequented by occultists who always need sacrifices and human blood. Many satanists before dying frequent the prostitutes in order to unload on them their demons. So after luring this prostitute woman we got into the car and were driving to a local hotel. On the way this woman said to me: "I and my sister have been doing this work for a long time, but my mother surprises us with her commitment to her church stories, she keeps telling us that we are going to serve God. And she spends all her money on these corrupt pastors and churches, and that's why we're in conflict with her." Listening to this prostitute, I realised that her mother was fighting for their salvation in prayer, but that did not mean anything to me.

When we arrived at the hotel, the prostitute lady opened her bag to take condom. She realised that by mistake she had put in her bag the Bible and the envelope of her mother containing the money for the contribution of the building of the church. At that moment, the disposition of her heart changed. She told me that she had to go home to return this envelope to her mother, and then she would come back. I objected to this suggestion and proposal because it was almost midnight. If I did not fulfil this last sacrifice, I would die myself. I offered to increase the price she had asked me, but to my surprise she refused. I offered to give her 10 times the amount she had asked for, but she refused. So I thought, "It's going to be midnight and I do not have a choice, so I have to rape her." But I did not know that Jesus Christ was fighting to save the life of this prostitute lady because of her mother's prayer, and her financial contributions to the work of God. As time ran out, I tried to rape her, but she had become very strong and she screamed to alert the people of the hotel. When the hotel workers came I tried to bribe them, but they refused.

Then the prostitute lady went away. This lady was saved thanks to her mother's prayers and financial contributions to the church. After leaving, I was alone at the hotel. It was midnight; I was waiting for death or madness. I knew that once you failed in the realm of satan, there is no compassion, the rules are rigid and must be respected. I had offered 24 people instead of 25 as the mermaid had prescribed. I knew the worst was waiting for me. As a result, I started to drink in order to get drunk so that death would find me in a state of drunkenness, but to my surprise I was still not drunk. There are times in life when you cannot escape the gravity of your situation by drunkenness. When I tried to sleep the mermaid entered the room. She was extremely angry. In fact, she was accompanied by two entities that were newts. Their upper part was human, but their lower part was that of a fish. I knew they had come to finish me.

Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, give me!" I said, "What do you want me to give you, I gave you 24 people instead of 25. And because of just one person you want to K_ill me?" She said, "We don’t work like that. I asked for 25 people, you should have given me 25 souls, but you have failed again!" As I noticed that the mermaid was extremely angry, I got down on my knees. I started begging her not to K_ill me since she seemed decisive. So she said to me, "Joseph, give me the rosary, the Islamic prayer, and the two handkerchiefs!" Which I did. Then I saw the mermaid chatting with the two newts. When she was talking with them, I thought they were discussing how they would K_ill me. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, you have one last chance, give me your blood, give me a member of your family." Then she made a sign with her hand and a magic mirror appeared. She ordered me to call my father's name in the mirror. I began to call my father's name, and as a result, his image appeared in the magic mirror. The mermaid was supposed to K_ill him.

But she said to me, "Joseph, your father works for us, he is in alliance with us, so we cannot K_ill him because he is our agent." In fact, my father was close to President Mobutu, and the circle of President Mobutu were all occultists. The mermaid then asked me to summon my mother so that she could appear in the magic mirror. So I started to call my mother's name insistently. But something happened. Fire came out of the mirror, and I noticed that the fire was chasing the mermaid and the two newts. I heard them screaming and crying out in anguish and terror. I did not know that my mother was a born again Christian. So we were attacked by this flame of fire, but God spared me, it is these spirits of the waters that underwent the attack. Sorcerers and occultists can watch Christians in magic mirrors, but they cannot touch them. They use the strategy of offending Christian as means to gain access to an open door to reach the Christian.

After this fire the mermaid instructed me not to call my mother's name in the mirror. Then she said to me, "Do you have a son?" I replied, "Affirmative, I had a son with a woman but my family does not know." Then the mermaid asked me to call my son's name in the mirror, and he appeared in the magic mirror. The mermaid gave me a knife and asked me to stab my son's image in the mirror. As soon as I did, I noticed that my son was shaking. He collapsed into a coma, and his mother panicked. May I inform you that most sudden deaths and cardiac attacks are mystical attacks and a result of witchcraft, and only prayer in the name of Jesus Christ can save the victim. But the mother of the child was not Christian, so she ran to the hospital. As a result, the child died. The mermaid and the two newts applauded me and congratulated me saying, "Congratulations, you are brave!" while I was mourning my son, the mermaid said to me, "Get yourself ready, for tomorrow we will come to take you for the journey into our underwater world for the wedding ceremony during which you will be enthroned and consecrated as a newt." They told me that I would become like them and I would have power after this consecration.

The conversion of the agent of the underwater world

After offering 25 souls to the devil, I was congratulated by the mermaid who was with two newts, entities whose lower part is that of fish. It was painful for me because I sacrificed my own sister and my own son. But the mermaid was trying to encourage me and she said to me: "Joseph, since you have conquered, the next day I will come for you and take you to the underwater kingdom for your consecration and your enthronement as triton. Then our marriage would be consumed after you have been given the power to transform into a newt." But on that week’s Saturday, my mother who was a born again Christian had a dream. In that dream, she saw me holding an antique knife, the one the mermaid used to stab her victims in the magic mirror. It was exactly the knife the mermaid had given me to K_ill my own son. It was really a sharp knife. The handle of this knife had ancient writings similar to Egyptian hieroglyphic writing. I thought it could be the writings of the underwater civilization.

My mother dreamed that I was holding this knife and I was chasing the whole family to stab them, and all the family members were fleeing to save themselves. My mother said that when she saw me haunting the family, she noticed that I had blood all over my body, and in that dream, she was trying to protect the family from me. Then she ran into something and she fell to the ground. And it was when I was about to stab her that she awoke from sleep. The Bible says that, "For God does speak - now one way, now another - though man may not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men as they slumber in their beds." Job 33:14-15. My mother was not happy with this dream. In fact, when my mother was born again she committed herself to support God's work with her finances. She was a businesswoman at that time, and when she had that dream, she went to see men of God for direction and guidance.

She told them about this dream, then she asked them to come and pray for the house and the family, and they came to pray for the family after Sunday service. It was when they were about to leave that my mother heard the voice of the Spirit instructing her to sow a seed. And my mother sowed a seed of 1700 dollars. At that time, you could buy a house with this amount of money. After sowing this seed, the men of God prayed for her. But as these men of God were about leaving our compound, they received a revelation from the Lord for my mother. As a result, they walked back to give my mother the revelation from the Lord. The men of God said to my mother, "The Lord Jesus told us to tell you to ask Him anything you want, He will grant it to you because your seed has been accepted by the Lord who has honoured it." But my mother was already a businesswoman and she was relatively wealthy. She had cars, houses and a lot of money.

Since she wanted me to come to the Lord, she asked Christ for the salvation of my soul. After the men of God prayed for the salvation of my soul, they were about to leave. In fact, they were already leaving when they heard the voice of Jesus again. They came back to my mother and said to her, "This is what the Lord tells us. Your son will come to visit you on Wednesday and this is what you need to do. You will prevent him from leaving your compound before noon. When your son comes on Wednesday to visit you, do not let him leave you before noon." Yet my wife the mermaid told me that she would come and pick me up at noon to take me to the underwater for the ceremony of my consecration and enthronement. She was supposed to come at 11:55. These men of God asked my mother to keep this prophecy secret. So the Friday of that week, I was in my hotel in the morning and the mermaid came to confirm that she will come to take me on Wednesday at 11:55 to take me to the kingdom of mermaids under water.

It was early in the morning that Wednesday when I felt an unknown voice in me urging me to visit my mother. I never heard such a voice that had much authority, and I have never heard it again in my life. I was driven by a force to my mother. I did not know that my mother had bought big padlocks to prevent me from leaving the compound before the time indicated by the Lord. In fact, my relationship with my mother was not good because when she saw my wife the mermaid, she did not like her. My mother was a born again Christian and authentic. She was filled and led by the Holy Spirit. When my mother was in front of the mermaid, she felt in her spirit that my wife was not an ordinary human being. It was like the meeting of two opposing powers and vibrations. My mother could not stand it and the mermaid could not stand the power of my mother either. And since my mother was born again, she saw revelations and visions about my works of darkness. She knew I was in occultism. As a result, there was a conflict between her and me.

But this Wednesday morning, when I went to my mother's house, I was surprised at how she had received me and I noticed that she was constantly singing songs of praise and adoration. At a certain point, I saw my mother shut the main door of the compound with large locks, then she said to me, "Joseph, the Lord Jesus Christ recommended me not to let you leave my home before it is 12 o'clock." I objected energetically. Since I was opposed to this suggestion, we began to argue. But my mother was adamant, she refused to open the door. When it was 11 am, I began to feel desperate. I had an appointment with the mermaid at 11:55. I was very angry because of my mother's attitude. As a result, I began to insult her so as to shock her and thus push her to let me go. Since my mother was stubborn, I began to abuse her verbally. As I tried to open the door, my mother grabbed me by her hands to stop me from leaving.

Then I started to strike her on her hands to free myself from her hands so that she could let me go; but even today, I have never understood what happened that day. Although I hit her hands, she held me and I felt she did not feel anything. I knew that if I missed this appointment with the mermaid, I would suffer fatal consequences. As soon as 12 o'clock stroke, I noticed that my mother let go of me as instructed by the Lord Jesus through the men of God. I knew I had missed my appointment with the mermaid who was going to take me to the underwater so that I would be enthroned as a newt, and I knew there would be consequences. In fact, this ceremony of enthronement in the underwater domain was supposed to bring together high dignitaries, kings and authorities of the marine kingdom. As I said, there are many mermaid races and dynasties in the marine world and there are several creatures like newts, hybrid demons and half-fish creatures in the underwater realm.

When I realised that I had missed the ceremony of induction and consecration, I started to cry. I said to my mother, "Mom, you've K_illed me; you do not know what you've done." My mother said, "My son, I've saved you." And as I was angry, before leaving her house I took a big stone and threw it on the window of her car. Then I left her compound and headed for the hotel where I lived with the mermaid. On my way to the hotel, I thought it was unlikely that I would leave this hotel alive. I told myself that I would be K_illed by the mermaid because I missed the appointment of the consumption of our marriage while the dignitaries and authorities of the underwater world were gathered and waiting for us in the world of waters.

Beloved, Christians can come to church late, but this is not the case for satan's kingdom. When you cannot keep time, there are consequences. By the way, in that consecration ceremony that I missed, I was going to become a newt and I had to receive the power of mermaids. As a result, I was going to become able to transform myself into a hybrid man with the lower part being that of the fish, I mean triton. There were already satanists and high-level demons there that were waiting for us in the underwater world, but the Lord through my mother disturbed the whole programme. So I left my mother's house and took a taxi to the hotel where I lived to meet the mermaid. When I arrived at the hotel, I was filled with fear. I dreaded death. I did not know if I would come out alive. And when I opened the door to our room at this hotel, I saw the mermaid sitting on the bed. She was furious and naked. But strange enough, I noticed that there were many wounds all over her body. So she said to me, "Joseph, do you see what your mother did to me?" I was surprised to hear the mermaid talking about my mother. I told her that I left my mother at home.
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Re: Testimonies of ex satanists, sorcerers who turned to Jesus Christ and expose the kingdom of darkness

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Beloved, we cannot say it enough: The armies of heaven are waging wars and unseen battles against the devil's world in our favour as a result of our prayers. I remember when I left my mother, she said, "No one is going to harm you, do not worry." This despite all the verbal abuse to which I subjected her to. So, the mermaid started telling me that they had come to take me to the hotel to transport me under the ocean in the Aquarius kingdom for the enthronement ceremony and our wedding ceremony as agreed. She said the powers and kings of the underwater world were waiting for us.

She said to me, "Since we did not find you at the hotel, we then came to your mother's house. When we entered your mother's compound, we found your mother preventing you from leaving. But when your mother started singing songs of praise and adoration, the sky was opened, and as a result, three angels glowing of light landed in your mother's compound; these angels held flaming swords, and each time that we tried to separate you from your mother, these three angels cut us with their swords. Joseph, look at how I am wounded all over my body because of you and your mother, we fought to separate you from your mother so that she let you go, but her angels were cutting us with their swords and they kept us from getting you out of your mother's hand."

While the mermaid told me what had happened, I wanted to sit beside her on the bed but she angrily reprimanded me and said, "Joseph get up!" I got up trembling. Then she hit her hand on the wall of the hotel room and a magic mirror appeared. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, I cannot see you in the magic mirror anymore, I do not know what your mother did to you, I do not know where she hid you, but you disappeared from the system and our instruments." The mermaid was furious, but I noticed a change in her because normally when she's angry, and she's talking it's like fire is coming from her mouth; but it seemed to me that her power was affected by the encounter with the angelic power. She seemed weak as an ordinary human being. But I was expecting the worst from her. I thought she was going to get rid of me by k_illing me; so she kept looking for me in the magic mirror but in vain. She even put her head inside the magic mirror. She did not see me. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, I'm finished, you've put me in trouble and in danger. I do not know what to do."

I realised that the mermaid could no longer see me in their instruments. I remember the words of my mother who said, "They will not see you in their tools and devices anymore, and they cannot do anything to you." These words of my mother had results, because I became invisible in satanic systems and instruments. Having been watched from my childhood in the mystical mirror of the underwater realm, God had fulfilled my mother's words and made me invisible to devices and tools for control and detection of the underwater world. Beloved, prayer can make you invisible to the cameras and radars of satan's world.

After that, I saw the mermaid enter the bathroom. I tried to follow her and see what she was doing in the bathroom. When I opened the bathroom door, it was as if the bathroom had transformed into a river. So instead of seeing the bathroom, I saw a massive river. I wondered how a bathroom could become a river, and I noticed that the mermaid's hair had become very long and numerous. Around the mermaid, I saw all kinds of lotions, all kinds of soaps and make-up products she used. In fact, one day my lotion was finished and I thought, "I'm going to have to use the mermaid lotion." And this day it was the first time I used her lotion. But when I went out on the street it was outrageous; women were crazy about me. I could not understand what was happening; even married women were following me. When my uncle saw me he shouted, "What's wrong with you Joseph, why are all these women following you?"

In fact, the mermaid applied this lotion every 3 hours to renew her beauty, and it was after 3 hours that I became normal again. That demonic beauty was gone and those women who followed me began to leave me one by one. The mermaid lotion I had applied to my face had given me a demonic beauty. Many of the beauty products that women use are made in the water world by mermaids. These products give women a demonic beauty and make them attractive. One day it was at the beginning of my relationship with the mermaid. I found her having s_ex with seven men. Later, she told me that this allowed her to increase her power. If you are a woman and you think that a partner is not enough for you, you need deliverance. And when a man tends to sleep with a lot of women, it's not about the pursuit of pleasure but about power. He must be in occultism.

I said I was looking at the mermaid washing herself in the bathroom that had turned into a river. As she knew I was looking at her, she had become very angry. So, I closed the door. When it was 6 o’clock, I told her that I would go out a bit and that I am going to a local nightclub. She told me, "Joseph, let's go together, but your mother has destroyed me." I replied, "You are a mermaid, you have power and authority; how can my mother destroy you?" She said to me, "Joseph, I am an underwater spirit, but this human body has been offered to me, so I am incarnated in this physical body to become your wife and live with you on the surface of the earth. But your mother has neutralised my power; my mission in your life is compromised. So I have failed, and there is nothing I can do now; things are no longer in my hands, we are going to the nightclub. If you see someone dressed in red clothes, know that they are the servants of my father, they are responsible for k_illing you, they had decided to K_ill you today."

When we went out, we arrived at the nightclub. The mermaid stayed in the car, but I went alone into the nightclub. While I was drinking, I saw four people dressed in red drinking and talking. They avoided looking at me. But when I wanted to go to the bathroom, I noticed that they got up to follow me, so I gave up. Then I saw four beautiful ladies dressed in red, they were really beautiful. Then I went out of the nightclub to avoid them. I told myself that I had to go back to my mother where I could be safe. But I noticed again the people dressed in red in the street and it was 3 am. After that, my wife the mermaid told me, "We reached a point in our relationship that could not be reversed." In reality, she came to live physically on the surface of the earth so that I could marry her, but first I had to be a triton, that means a man with the lower part of a fish. But thanks to my mother's prayers, this process was stopped.

As the mission of the mermaid had failed in my life, she had to return to the underwater world. Before leaving our world, the mermaid warned me that her father had delegated his agents to K_ill me, and she cannot stop them from doing that. Then the mermaid asked me to follow her in the toilet. When we got to the toilet, she pulled a lot of things out of her bag. It was a mirror, a bottle containing a fish, a lotion and many other things. Then she began to throw all these items in the toilet. She threw her lotion in the toilet and her mirror. Then she took the bottle containing the fish and said, "If only we had gotten married, you would have become a newt and we would have given birth to a baby mermaid like me and you. I was just going to swallow this fish and we were going to have a physical baby, another mermaid on the surface of the earth like me."

Then I saw the mermaid break the bottle containing the fish. And as a result, I saw with my own eyes this fish transform into a girl with the lower part being that of a fish. She had an angelic beauty. At this moment, I saw as if the toilet disappeared and turned into a river. Then, I saw a whirlwind in the river that penetrated into the depths of the river and headed for the underwater world. Then I saw my wife and the mermaid girl descend into the whirlpool around the river that descended to the underwater world at a supersonic speed. This was my separation from the mermaid.

When I came out of the toilet, I saw people dressed in red in this bar where I was. I started to flee to escape them. But once I came out of this bar, I saw a lot of people dressed in red coming from all sides towards me. It was 3 am and there was nowhere to run. There was no possibility of escaping them. That is when I saw a car coming out of nowhere. The person driving the car looked like a Western person. He drove his car towards me and opened the door of his car for me. I do not know if it was Jesus or an angel, but it was the intervention of God. The man told me to come in and stay inside the car until dawn. When this man spoke of dawn, I remembered the ritual in the cemetery that was interrupted by a powerful voice announcing the arrival of dawn. This voice put an end to all the evil activities of the night.

After entering this car, I saw these agents of the maritime kingdom surrounding the car in which I was. They did not dare open the door, but they screamed at me telling me to get out of the car. But this driver whose identity remains mysterious told me: "If you want to stay alive, you have to stay inside the car otherwise you will die." Since I stayed inside the car, these agents of satan's kingdom began to create images of illusions to get me out of the car. They created holographic images of my wife the mermaid to get me out of the car, but I knew it was a manipulation. They created fake pictures of things I like to get me out of the car, but I knew it was an illusion. I stayed in the car and when it was dawn, these underwater world spirits disappeared one by one. They vaporised in the air because they could not stand the daylight.

As it was morning, this man said to me, "You can get out of the car." And he gave me money to buy a Bible. When I got out of the car, I started running. A few minutes later, I turned to look at the car for the last time but it was no longer there. Later, I went to see men of God who came to pray for me. I gave them all the items of magic and witchcraft, but I found that in all my photos the image of the mermaid was gone. Even the pastors were surprised, because the individual who was supposed to be in the photos was no longer there. A few weeks after my separation from the mermaid, I started developing eczema all over my body. It was later that I learned that all the women who slept with me suffered from this disease. In fact, after failing her mission in my life, the mermaid had left in my body a mystical AIDS.

Later, my health deteriorated. I had eczema everywhere and my skin was starting to rot. My younger brother took me to the hospital, but I noticed that even the patients in this hospital were surprised at my condition. I was the centre of everyone's attention. Because of my condition, people scorned me; even the pastors who visited the sick in this hospital ignored me. Later, the doctors told me, "Your condition is getting worse, it's not normal, your outer skin is rotting, but your inner body is doing well." Then the doctor said to me, "You must pray because your situation is not normal." As the situation worsened, I asked the doctor to give me a medicine that could K_ill me. The doctor told me, "Instead of trying to commit suicide, it would be better if you were taken to a church."

At that time, my mother was already dead. So my family could not put up with my presence. So I sought death because it had become unbearable for me. I had a mirror and every morning when I looked in that mirror I could not accept it was me. So I resolved to commit suicide. But when I was about to do it, a stone came out of nowhere and broke the glass that contained that poison. Later, my younger brother advised me to attend prayer meetings in the city. He offered me a prayer called "the sinner's prayer". But since I did not believe in God, I felt ridiculed. Then a woman who was coming from a long fasting and prayer programme came to tell me that God told her that I will be His servant. But when she saw my condition, she was scandalised. A few days later, I could not feel my body. I felt like I was out of my body. It's like someone was waiting for me somewhere and he had to take me to a place that's not good.

So, one of those days in my suffering, I saw a worm come out of my body. I was scandalised and shocked. "How can a worm come out of my body while I'm alive?" It was that day that I finally decided to K_ill myself. I planned to do it precisely at 3 am. I felt compelled to do so. So I wrote a letter informing everyone that I am responsible for my death, not the people who welcomed me in their home. And when it was night that same day, I saw underwater world spirits and mermaids coming to visit me. They landed where I was lying in my room and they said to me, "Joseph, look how you have become, it's unacceptable and embarrassing, so take this knife and put an end to your life." Immediately I saw a knife at my side. Throughout the night, the mermaids of the waters urged me to take the knife and put an end to my life. They said to me, "Master Joseph, look at what you have become, what is the use of living in this condition, you are a great and famous man in the neighbourhood; this is humiliating. So take a knife and put an end to this humiliation."

At that moment, after hours of demonic harassment, I felt a fresh wind enter the room where I was lying. There was a presence in this wind. So I heard a voice speak softly, saying, "Joseph, you can recite the prayer that your brother has suggested to you, Jesus can heal you and save you." At this very moment, a spirit of the waters angrily retorted and he said to me, "No, Joseph, do not listen to him, Joseph, look only at your condition, it's humiliating." Beloved, most of the time when a man reaches this point in life, he will begin to hear voices, opposing voices but one of these voices will ask him to admit and confess his sins. There will always be a voice that will tell him to come to God despite his condition and situation. So, I got up and recited the sinner's prayer that my brother had shown me. I did it lightly without waiting for anything. Then I said, "Lord, if you are God, then heal me of this disease." I tried to test God to see if he would immediately intervene, but I did not see anything. So I thought, "This confirms my suspicion that there is no God." So I continued with the suicide plan that I had planned to end my life.

I prepared a rope and the last letter. I lay down to wait until 3 am to end my life. While waiting for the time, I fell asleep without knowing it. I began to see a spiritual vision about the unseen reality I was facing. This vision showed the spiritual struggle and the invisible battle unfolding in the kingdom of God and that of satan for my soul. In fact, I saw myself in a deep pit. It was extremely dark. It was a completely dark place. I was in the depth of the pit and I looked up to the top of the pit; suddenly I saw an angel of death coming down with speed and violence. He was holding a sword that was the sword of death he had lifted up. This angel of satan was coming down against me with the intention of hitting me with his sword of death. The angel of death cried out: "Wicked, wicked, today is the day of vengeance, today is the day of retribution, today is the day of death."

Beloved, this angel of death was coming down against me. His mission was to K_ill me and capture my soul. He cried out angrily, "Today you are going to die." I could hear him; he was clearly speaking to me in French. He was about to hit me when suddenly a voice rang out speaking to the death angel, telling him three times: "Stop, stop, stop." When I looked up to see the source of the sounding voice, I saw a huge hand. It entered the dark pit where I was. It went down to the depth of the pit where I was. I heard the voice speak to the angel of death saying, "Because of the covenant I have with his mother, and because you came to execute him with the sword of death, I command you to bless him." Beloved, I saw this angel of death who came to K_ill me put his sword on my shoulder and tell me to repeat this after him: "In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear."

Beloved, these words came out of the mouth of the angel of death sent by the world of satan to K_ill me. After that, this hand grabbed me. The proportion of this hand was a bit like what I saw in the movie King Kong, the way the beast put the woman on the palm of his hand. This hand brought me out of this pit of darkness. As this hand pulled me out of the pit of darkness, I tried to see the face of the being of light that placed me on the palm of his hand; I tried to look at his face but I could not. Because of the intense light that sprouted from his face, He was dressed in bright and pure linen. There was an incredible and intense light coming from His face. I asked Him, "Who are you?" He replied, "You cannot look at my face and live, but you will learn about me in the scriptures."

Beloved, Jesus Christ Himself came where I was in the pit of darkness. He placed me on the palm of His hand and took me out of the pit where I was, and He took me to the firmament and then He said to me, "Lo, I have looked and seen the planet Earth." Then Jesus said, "This is the war that is taking place on earth." Then He took me to my country Congo. In fact, Jesus was moving while I was still on the palm of His hand. Then I saw an army with heavy artillery. The Lord Jesus said that it is the devil's army. This army advanced towards the position of the camps of the children of God to engage them in war. I noticed that the camps of God's children held branches in their hands. Jesus said that these branches in the scriptures represented Him. God's children were singing a song that said, "Victory is in the blood of Jesus, and the battle is for the Lord." Jesus said to me, "I am sending you in the midst of the battle. Tell them what you have received and heard and repent." That's how I came to the Lord.
End of Testimony
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