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Postby Teekay93 » Sun Jan 12, 2020 5:07 pm

Its more than love I feel inside
Inside I've possessed a great heavy feeling I can't reverse
Here I crack my ribcage
Reflecting out my visible heart
Its a real film repeating itself
My entire attention fully attached to it
Clouding my hormones daily
Even leaded me to sleep while I'm awake
Cause this feeling inside suck me down to the bottom of my fragile heart
The feeling inside so huge
I ask myself
Should I have to feel this way inside
I look my self on the inside
Its strange how it feels
It feels like I've spent centuries
struggling to look on the other side
But still kept on the inside
Right inside
Where I see my above real love inside
Purely broadcasted so well
Its morethan a new interesting film in a cinema
With only me trapped inside in front of the screen
You see
Its more than avery familiar feeling
Its more than all the pains I've met on earth
Its more than everything I once fell for
Again i ask myself
Were I programmed to feel this way??
To go beyond love?
Beyond loving?
Beyond carrying?
Extra ordinary responsible?
Were I made for all that???
See I'm not fantasizing
Shiid is real
Shiid is more than love I feel inside
Deep inside
Loving you so crazy
I mean more than that
Automatically deleted the word "normal" from my Vocabulary
See its unbelievable n crazy
I seek you through the dark path ways I thought you stucked at
Trying to digest this feeling
But it bounces back
so hard
Brawling my emotional soldiers
until I get defeated
It sounds crazy anyway
How I verbally confess how much love I feel inside
Noo its more than love I feel inside
I should have squeezed the planet and threw it right inside my heart n let it watch that its real
Its real that its more than love I feel inside
My brain recently been trying to steal the emotional atomic feeling occupied inmy heart
I feel I might aswell loose this feeling I feel inside
See I now sit down spiritually watching the internal war
between my mind n the feeling inside that is more than love
Through all this I still feel great inside
So well insideAny cute lady around Soweto
Willing to date a rapper
Whatsapp me here 0620030737
So sweet and acceptive inside
Wondering how i came to feel more than love inside
I felt love before
Severally times
But look now
Now its more than love I feel inside
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