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Postby BabtizedMinds » Tue Apr 07, 2020 1:38 pm

In the end we will all die aunt Corona say so , apparently she's part family says MamaAfrica,a ugly an a nasty vrou,she was born in Chinatown an came in a container full of fongkong takkies,when they opened the doors she shouted iam freee, where's mom ,dad an JetLee at the moment she's resting her head comfortably , every breath you take ,every poep you ryk , there's no escape aunt Corona will be watching you, rather keep on your masks on than off that's the policy,an don't let aunt Corona catch you on her property,all you need to no is when she sneez run, when she cough that is when she reach for her gun,aunt Corona is a fighter, when she shoot she never miss, MamaAfrica calls her a snyper,so hide away cause at night she gets very hyper,an restless,that's when she start hunting looking for you to get infected ,blacks ,white,indian an colorless all are an infectious infection on its self ,one more infection will definitely help, Aunt Corona is send from God saying"here is a long lost aunt off Africa sit with her and bond,lol an forget off all the racism nonsense in you countries and hear the voice off Aunt Corona,that I think will keep y'all of each others backs for a while"lol that's what you do to a child ,give a toy an he won't cry ,I smile when he opens for you to understand that maybe hoping,lol ..... ................ ................Gohstly....................

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