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God damn,yip God damned we are , Really what where you thinking RAMAPOSA,This fat cat released s_ex offenders out of jail,He was elected president of South Africa for like two minutes an already failed, Our country is in the hands of a dum business man,We already lost two young girls to these perverted snakes was
that part of your clever plan, silly or dumbstrucked yall be the judge of that,the man lusting for sum adultery s_ex out side he's marriage,then books the hotel in he's real name,he's so silly an the fact that hes president this country is insane,it's like he is the reincarnation of Zuma,an the two deaths and blood of that Lil girls is on your hands yes you to blame,it's like they playing every silly black man can be president of South Africa game ,even if you fat silly an unfit,with a stomach full of pap vleis,an who like to use women like throw a ways, that's my country it will always leave you with sumthing to say •°•°•°™
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