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The Queen Teasers - June 2017

The Queen Teasers - June 2017

Postby WinA » Wed May 17, 2017 11:06 am

The Queen Teasers - June 2017

Thursday 1 June 2017
Kea and Kwanele enjoy stolen moments together. The Khozas try to reunite Shaka and Kagiso. Will it work? The Maakes find out about Kwanele’s terrible secret.

Monday 5 June 2017
Kwanele promises to quit the Khoza truck depot. Jerry and Boi don’t see eye to eye on Kwanele. The Khoza family ices Kagiso out.

Tuesday 6 June 2017
Brutus thinks Kagiso needs to be taught about discipline. As Jerry struggles to get over Kwanele’s betrayal, Kwanele promises to stay away from the Khoza family.

Wednesday 7 June 2017
Kgosi confronts Dolly. Kwanele receives an offer he can’t refuse, while Jerry is still suspicious about Kwanele.

Thursday 8 June 2017
Brutus finds himself in an intimate situation with Dolly. Kwanele crosses a line with Jerry as Goodness decides to charm her way back into Kagiso’s bed.

Monday 12 June 2017
The Khozas discover the return of their worst enemy and his mole. Boi is willing to risk her relationship with Jerry for the sake of her son.

Tuesday 13 June 2017
Kea begs Kwanele not to confess while Dolly begs Shaka to return home. Jerry makes a tough decision regarding his nephew’s life.

Wednesday 14 June 2017
Jerry crosses the rubicon and there's no going back. Shaka haunts Kagiso's waking dreams. Brutus makes a shocking revelation to Shaka.

Thursday 15 June 2017
Brutus finds himself in unfamiliar territory. Goodness puts together a plan to get rid of an enemy that’s standing in her way.

Monday 19 June 2017
Brutus is left with a broken heart. Jerry struggles to deal with his mistake while Kea takes out her anger on everyone.

Tuesday 20 June 2017
Goodness gives Kagiso a serious ultimatum. Kea and Brutus share an uncommon moment of intimacy while reflecting on their broken hearts. Later, Jerry apologises to Vuyiswa.

Wednesday 21 June 2017
Boi feels the pain of Kwanele’s broken heart. Kagiso is desperate to win Goodness back as Brutus and Shaka take it upon themselves to keep the business afloat.

Thursday 22 June 2017
In the midst of a celebration, an old friend of Jerry’s arrives back in town. Kagiso reveals a big surprise. Will his mother forgive him?

Monday 26 June 2017
Kagiso expects his family to accept his choice. Boi and Vuyiswa suspect that Joy has ulterior motives while Kagiso makes a drastic decision to become his own man.

Tuesday 27 June 2017
Harriet makes another attempt to save her dismantling family. The Maakes are in for a surprise when it appears that Joy hasn’t been lying.

Wednesday 28 June 2017
Martha is shocked to hear how Goodness truly feels about Kagiso. A trusted source reveals startling new information about Goodness to Brutus and Shaka.

Thursday 29 June 2017
Just as Joy is ready to leave, Jerry’s health intervenes. The Khozas discover the lies and deceit spun by Goodness.

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