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Why Boity opened up about her split

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Why Boity opened up about her split

Postby maco » Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:45 am

Why Boity opened up about her split,

A week later and everyone is still trying to come to terms with Boity and Cassper's split.

Last week Boity broke her silence on swirling rumours confirming that she and Cassper had called it quits.

Despite the speculation surrounding their romance for weeks, Boity made it clear that the rapper did not cheat on her and that the reason for their split was their hectic work schedules.

Boity also revealed that they had in fact officially split in December last year.

Even though their relationship lasted a mere five months, Boity and Cassper quickly became one of Mzansi's much-loved celeb couples.

They won over the hearts of fans with sweet social media posts, racy loved-up snaps, and let's not forget that amazing beach bacaetion. *Sigh*

Opening up about the break-up was no doubt a difficult decision that Boity had to make.

She says one of the main reasons she decided to share her story is that we all need to realise that we're never alone.

She also quoted a popular verse about vulnerability not being a weakness.


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