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Religious leaders ban their followers from watching Generations The Legacy

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Religious leaders ban their followers from watching Generations The Legacy

Postby maco » Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:24 pm

Religious leaders ban their followers from watching Generations The Legacy

In the episode aired on February 15‚ the characters Tshidi (Letoya Makhene) and Gadaffi (Vuyo Dabula) consulted a traditional healer to help solve their family problems.

The traditional healer performed various rituals including the spilling of blood on the forehead and the draping of a big yellow snake‚ called “Mamlambo”‚ around Tshidi’s neck.

Archbishop LF Kwapeng of the All Saints Apostolic Church complained to the BCCSA that the episode showed “harmful religious practices” mainly performed by satanists and was a “misrepresentation of our traditional healers”.

The All Saints Apostolic Church allows the practices of sangomas or traditional healers‚ he said.

Kwapeng enlisted the help of two traditional healers to explain the difference between a legitimate traditional healer and the practices portrayed in the “Generations: The Legacy” episode to the BCCSA.

He said that he was particularly concerned that the practices in the episode may mislead children.

“We as South Africans are struggling to eradicate Satanism … which made our school children K_ill one another like animals‚ with the hope of living a better life and ruling the world.”

But the BCCSA said SABC1 broadcasted a PG13 viewer advisory with the episode and therefore had not violated the broadcasting code of conduct.

It also took into account SABC1’s argument that the episode should not be viewed in isolation‚ but as part of a greater story line.

SABC1 said that this was a cautionary tale with three parts – first a taboo is established‚ it is then violated and finally repercussions arrive.

“This story serves to confront and dissuade those who would draw on such practices‚” it said. Some religious leaders have banned their followers from watching the soapie.

SABC1 also undertook to broadcast oral and on-screen warnings in future episodes with similar material.

SABC spokesman Kaizer Kganyago said the broadcaster was delighted to have it confirmed that “the stories we are showing are good and not offensive”.

Kwapeng could not be reached for comment on Thursday.
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