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Ma too unsexy for her lingerie

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Ma too unsexy for her lingerie

Postby maco » Fri May 06, 2016 11:08 am

Ma too unsexy for her lingerie,

Would you buy your mum lingerie for Mother’s Day? Truworths thinks you should.

The fashion retailer has been taking flak on social media for its sultry Mother’s Day advertising campaign which features a young model in lacy lingerie.

“Truworths, how can this be your Mother’s Day campaign? Firstly, she is about 17. Secondly, why is she being sexualised? What does a teenager in a bra possibly have to do with Mother’s Day? Heaven forbid we mothers look older than 20. Heaven forbid we have a less than perfect stomach. When I’m looking after my toddlers I swan around in my fancy undies too,” a mother posted on Facebook.

Another questioned who the target audience was if Mother’s Day was about children showing love and appreciation for their mother’s care.

“A child? And is it an appropriate image to represent the caring mothers … and is it an appropriate image for the market? The model looks like a child herself and is adopting a pose more associated with the bedroom,” she said.

A 17-year-old boy said it would be “creepy” to give his mother lingerie on Sunday.

Truworths marketing and merchandise executive Peter Shackleton said the retailer had received compliments and criticism for the campaign and believed all customers had a right to their opinion.

“Being a leading fashion retailer in South Africa, Truworths aims to put forward a fashionable and aspirational campaign for all events. In this case, the model, who is actually in her mid-20s, was selected for her glamorous appearance – rather than as a representation of all customers who are mothers.

“It is a reality that sales of many of our lingerie and sleepwear items are gifts on Mother’s Day. Our intention was never to offend anyone, but rather to present a fashionable and aspirational product which is then supported by appropriate marketing to our customers.”

Shackleton said mothers should feel youthful and attractive if they wished to.

Commission for Gender Equality spokesman Javu Baloyi said the comments were “rather unfair”.

“We have a certain type of a person we think of as a mother and that is not always the case. Look at Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie. They look like models but are mothers in their forties.”

He said buying lingerie was up to the individual. “Mothers can be sexy. We must move away from thinking mothers only wear clothes that sit below their knees.”

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