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Live Footage Of Kids Being Sexually Abused being sold in South Africa

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Live Footage Of Kids Being Sexually Abused being sold in South Africa

Postby maco » Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:23 am

Live Footage Of Kids Being Sexually Abused being sold in South Africa,

A group of researches who lectured on child p_ornography at the University of KwaZulu-Natal said they’ve uncovered an increasing trend of sharing pornography where children are sexually abused in South Africa.

It was disclosed that there are perverts live-streaming kids being sexually abused. As such, fellow perverts can place online orders, and even demand the nature of abuse they want to view.

Speaking, Advocate Dawn Coleman-Malinga, from the National Prosecuting Authority told parents to be mindful of their children’s pictures they share online. According to her, the perverts do take kid’s pictures online to use them for their contents.

She called on South Africans who are aware of child pornographic contents to report it to the authorities. “People need to understand that when they are looking at an image of child pornography, they are looking at a crime scene. A child had to be abused for that image to be produced,” she enlightened.

Also speaking, a research associate at the University of Free State – Monique Emser warned that the perpetrators are operating with a highly organised and sophisticated networks. And that the crime has evolved from just images to live streaming and online placement of orders.

“These s_exual predators are now able to broadcast live footage of children being abused. This footage is watched and also recorded…It is incredibly disturbing and becoming more and more extreme.


On some of these networks, the predator can choose whether they want a child to have blonde hair or black hair, in what setting the abuse must take place, and what abuse must take place.”

Emser further related that “in some cases, the child will be directed to say a word requested by the person watching so they feel part of the experience.”

With that, another speaker – Thora Mansfield, the director of the Open Door Crisis Care center, an establishment that provide support to abused women and children, urged parents to monitor the behavior of their kids and how they relate to those around them.

According to Mansfield, these perverts “can be anyone, the pastor or a teacher. Watch out for someone who pays extra attention to your child and wants to spend more time with them.

Grooming is a gradual process and often several children will be groomed by a predator over a period of time,” Mansfield warned.

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