Husband BITES wife as revenge

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Husband BITES wife as revenge

Postby maco » Wed Dec 09, 2015 7:04 pm

Husband BITES wife as revenge,

NZUZO CLAIMED it was just an innocent chat with his ex. 


But Nonzuzo said she knows what innocence looks like and it wasn’t that kind of chat. 




“You have been cheating on me and I will make you sorry,” said furious Nonzuzo Macwili (34) from Everest in Springs, Ekurhuleni.


Nonzuzo went to the nearby house of her boyfriend, Nzuzo Samka (36) and took revenge by setting his bed on fire and smashing the windows of his old Audi 500.


“That’s the car you used to cruise with this woman and this is the bed where you had s_ex. That’s why I did it,” she told her lover.


But when Nzuzo saw what had happened to his property he wanted some revenge of his own. He pretended to take Nonzuzo in his arms to kiss her, but bit her lip instead.


Nonzuzo said she screamed in pain as her boyfriend held on to her lip with his teeth. 


She went to the police to lay a charge of assault while Nzuzo laid a charge of arson and malicious damage to property.


They were both arrested and are out on free bail.


“That woman is dangerous. I fear for my life because I know what she can do,” he said.


“The cops have failed me. She admitted in front of them that she burnt my shack and smashed my car.


“That woman should be behind bars.”


He said he has had to find a different place to live.


“I live with a friend because I have nothing left. I will never go back to her,” he said.


Nonzuzo admitted that she burnt the shack and smashed his car.


“I did it in anger. Nzuzo has been playing with me,” she said.


“That man is an animal. I am moving on with my life but I want him to go to jail. 


“Enough is enough.”


The couple have been together for ten years. Whether they will be together in another ten years, only time will tell.


Cop spokesman Warrant Officer Mongezi Mapukata said cases of arson and assault have been opened at Springs Police Station and they are investigating.

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Re: Husband BITES wife as revenge

Postby nzuzo » Mon Jun 22, 2020 2:53 pm

Stop cheating
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