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Gatvol residents K_ill alleged killer

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Gatvol residents K_ill alleged killer

Postby maco » Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:23 am

Gatvol residents K_ill alleged killer,

AFTER the murder of popular taxi driver Thabo Zwane (44) at his friend’s home on Saturday night, residents decided they were gatvol.

They went to the home of one of the suspects this week to teach him a final lesson – and not even two shots from his gun could stop the furious crowd.

Residents of Winterveld, Tshwane, used everything they could lay their hands on, including garden tools and stones, to beat the suspected killer, whose identity has not been released.

They even smashed his head with a huge rock to make sure he was dead!

The man was apparently a member of the Six Boys gang who residents blame for murdering Thabo during a robbery at the home of his friend, Peter Kgomo in Lebanon, Mabopane, on Saturday night. Peter’s dog, Stranger, was also K_illed during the incident, which Daily Sun reported on Wednesday. Thabo’s family said they suspect he was K_illed because he recognised the robbers.

On Monday furious residents caught two of the other suspects and started beating them, but they were rescued by the cops and rushed to hospital.

A source claimed the furious crowd managed to get a confession from their last victim before beating him to death.

“They are sure they will find everyone who was involved in the incident. They want to K_ill them all to set an example for other thugs,” he said.

Mabopane police spokeswoman Sergeant Thembi Nowathe said a case of murder was being investigated.

“We are urging residents to not take the law into their own hands. If they have information that can help with an arrest they should come forward so that proper justice can be done,” she said.

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