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Durban bus driver shot dead while driving

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Durban bus driver shot dead while driving

Postby maco » Sat Apr 02, 2016 10:28 am

Durban bus driver shot dead while driving,

A police man hunt is underway after a bus driver was shot and K_illed whilst driving in Tongaat this morning.

Crisis Medical paramedics along with other emergency services were called to the scene on the Watson Highway shortly after 6:30am to find a fully laden bus had veered off the road way coming to a rest on the embankment.

On closer inspection it was noted the driver had sustained fatal gunshot wounds.

Reports from the scene suggest the driver came under fire from an unidentified male whilst driving who then fled the scene.

Remarkably no passengers were harmed in the ordeal.

The man was declared dead on arrival and the scene handed over to the South African Police Services for investigation as a crime scene.

Early reports indicate that the shooter was one of the bus passengers. No arrests have been made.

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