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Cops failed me after rapes

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Cops failed me after rapes

Postby maco » Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:23 am

Cops failed me after rapes,

WHEN she went to charge her manager with rape she thought the law would fight for her.

But cops at The Workshop Shopping Centre satellite station in the Durban CBD told her they couldn’t do so because she didn’t report the incident the day it happened.

The 33-year-old from KwaMashu’s G Section, north of Durban was fired on Friday.

This happened after she was allegedly raped by the restaurant manager on Monday and Tuesday, her first two days at work.

She told Daily Sun she couldn’t hold back her tears each time she met her alleged rapist. “He saw staff members were going to notice there was something wrong between us.”

She said the suspect phoned her to come to the restaurant and work in the kitchen. “He gave me directions to his flat instead of the restaurant. He locked the door and started raping me. He said he was going to K_ill me if I told anyone.”

She said on Tuesday the suspect raped her again. “He said if I left he’d hunt me down and would K_ill me if I told anyone.” Major Thulani Zwane said cops didn’t do her justice by not opening a case.

“She must go to Durban Central cop shop and tell her story. They will open a case for investigation.”

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