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ANC veterans make their decision on whether to fire Zuma

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ANC veterans make their decision on whether to fire Zuma

Postby maco » Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:06 pm

A plan to offer President Jacob Zuma a dignified exit fell apart when members of the ANC's former armed wing disagreed on the wording of the memorandum to the ANC executive last weekend.

The initial memorandum stated that the leadership of the ANC should, in light of the many failings and embarrassing revelations of the Zuma leadership of the party and the state, get him to step aside. It demanded that for the sake of the ANC and the country a dignified exit should be negotiated.

But the wording of the letter was altered after other members of the ANC's former military wing voiced their concerns and said they were uncomfortable with it, said MK veteran Mavuso Msimang.

The former military veterans, who included Moe Shaik, Siphiwe Nyanda, Msimang and Welile Nhlapo, still delivered an angry memorandum to the NEC which was clear about their unhappiness with Zuma's leadership of government and the party.

"We sat together to discuss the contents of the memorandum and some were uncomfortable. We work as a consensus and we did not want to see others breaking ranks," Msimang said.

He said the memorandum eventually handed to party leaders was still clear and strong-worded on the allegations against the Gupta family regarding the appointment of ministers in Zuma's cabinet and other embarrassing incidents.

The reworked point to replace the one that said Zuma should be recalled said: "In the light of the many challenges facing the ANC and the state, we further call on the leadership of the ANC to urgently convene a special national conference to assess these challenges and chart a way forward to restore the prestige of our glorious movement and the state."

The MK veterans' call for a national special congress was also raised by two NEC members.

The move was not supported because it was seen as a way to pass a motion of no confidence in Zuma.

The MK veterans wrote the memorandum following revelations of how the Gupta family was influencing Zuma's appointment of ministers and how they often put pressure on ministers and senior government officials to give business to their companies.

The NEC resolved that ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe investigate the matter and that all complaints be reported to him.
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