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21 year old reveals his journey into satanism

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21 year old reveals his journey into satanism

Postby maco » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:54 am

21 year old reveals his journey into satanism

EMMANUEL Pelle (21) told Daily Sun he refused to K_ill for the Devil.

The young man from Alexandra, north of Joburg, said he tried to become a Satanist. Early last year he heard through an involved family member of a famous pastor guiding people to become Satanists on a mountain in North West.

He was taken to the mountain and shortly after he arrived he was cut and forced to drink his own blood.

“There was no way out because there were guards and chains making sure that no one could escape,” he said.

He was told he had to K_ill three of his best friends and when he refused, he was chained to a tree and left to die.

“After four days God appeared to me and rescued me. The chains miraculously loosened and I escaped,” he said.

He came down the mountain and went to Hebron police station, where he opened a case.

He said he lost both his parents and has been living with his stepfather since 2004, but that he now wants to go back to his aunt, who lives in Cape Town.

“I want help from pastors,” he said.

“I want to study further and live like a normal person.”

Emmanuel’s friend Johannes Mpofu (25), who has known him for many years, said he was shocked when Emmanuel told him his horror experience as a Satanist.

“I believed him when I saw his cuts. Satanism exists,” said Johannes.
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