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Old lady and cashier

Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:29 am

One day an old lady went to the shop to buy food for her dog. When she went to pay for the dog's food, the cashier told her that she must have avidence that she really have a dog. The old lady went back home and came back with the dog to prove that she has a dog, and came back home with her dog and food for the dog. The next the old lady went back to the shop to buy food for her cat and the same story took place . The next morning the old lady went to the same shop caring a small box and went straight to the cashier.
The old lady said,"Mam would you mind putting your finger inside this box." the cashier admitted
The old lady said,"Can you fell that soft and warm thing in there."
The cashier said,"yes."
The old lady said,"Now give me the toilet paper."

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