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Joke of the day


Joke of the day

Postby Romana » Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:06 pm

School teachers, Mrs mukwena :when i suck mr mukwena s p*n!s his ball s will be cold.
Mrs makuba :even mr makuba s too.
Mrs ngwenya hears them taking and said what why do u do that thats the most discusting thing.

Mrs mukwena and mrs makuba tells her that is the most thing that makes men happy so she said i will try it tonight

the next day mrs ngwenya comes at school with scars and bandages all over her face mrs makuba and mrs mukwena askes what happed
mrs ngwenya:i sucked mr ngwenya s p*n!s and his balls were cold so i said your balls are cold as mr mukwena and mr makuba s then he beated me

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