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How's your Weekend!

How's your Weekend!

Postby Zeeba » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:22 am

This weekend we didn't do much, Can you believe it we went to bed by 7 pm Friday, old age is definitely creeping in. Saturday we went to a Funeral in Soweto where we spent almost the entire day, and also had a minor accident with the vehicle. Got back home from Soweto to be bitten by a wasp in the house. We've never been bitten by a wasp in our life so the experience was new and unknown to us. Sunday we went to church and later chilled... we're tired typing this please forgive.
patricia De Lille.jpg
patricia De Lille.jpg (68.86 KiB) Viewed 281 times

The ANC must be smiling as the DA is showing us that they're no better as they publicly fight their battle with Mayor Patrica De Lille. In actual fact they're no different, this is certainly a sign that DA is one and the same with ANC and EFF. #SameWhatsAppGroupVibes
J Something and Coco.jpeg
J Something and Coco.jpeg (23.82 KiB) Viewed 281 times

A shout-out to J Something and his wife Cordelia "Coco" Godi for welcoming their bundle of joy. Congratulations!!!
Sipho Ngwenya.jpg
Sipho Ngwenya.jpg (176.03 KiB) Viewed 281 times

We give another shout-out to Sipho "Psyfo" Ngwenya for finally finding a love and being at peace with it. Sipho spent over a decade with girlfriend Hulisani Ravele and never publicly embraced their love. Just under a year dating Aamirah Mirah, Sipho posts on social media photos of his new love with the most adorable captions ever. We guess if it's not meant to be it will never be. Hulisani should never have stayed in that toxic relationship, we know being TeamBekezela does not work for everyone, not everyone is Black Coffee's wife. Nonetheless we love LOVE in all its' forms.
Zola Nombona.jpg
Zola Nombona.jpg (164.31 KiB) Viewed 281 times

Since the announcement of Brenda Fassie the Movie last week people have been voicing out whom they think would best suit the role and actress Zola Nombona seems to be getting the most support. Zola does have a huge resemblance to the late MaBrrr, we don't know if she can sing but that can be fixed and she definitely can act.
Mdu Masilele.jpg
Mdu Masilele.jpg (201.92 KiB) Viewed 281 times

Bhut' Bae Mdu Masilela must stop lying to us we're not kids, he is a cheat and the stories of such keep unfolding. Sunday World has a story about his nyatsi's fighting over him.
ANC.jpg (221.46 KiB) Viewed 281 times

The ANC celebrated it's 106 birthday in East London this weekend, if talk is anything to go by, the party seems to be taking a step in the right direction under Cyril's leadership. However, we shall wait for State capture investigations to commence and see what unfolds then.
Chicco Twala.jpg
Chicco Twala.jpg (159.93 KiB) Viewed 281 times

Sunday Sun reports that Chicco Twala and partners are fighting the shooting of Brenda Fassie's movie as they were not consulted by Bongani for rights/permission to do so. Chicco Twala and partners claim they were given rights to a Brenda movie in 2012 already but never actioned anything thereafter. Legal battle needs to go the legal route that's all we'll say about this for now.
minnie-le-azola.jpg (186.71 KiB) Viewed 281 times

A brawl between Mr and Mrs Jones ensued at Cape Town international airport Monday evening. Sunday Sun and it's sources say Minnie and Quinton gave onlookers a show at the airport when Minnie was allegedly shouting at Quinton. No one knows why the newly weds were fighting. When contacted by the paper this is what Minnie had to say "I don't know why people are looking for faults where there are none, My husband and I weren't fighting"
Mara Louw.jpg
Mara Louw.jpg (196.52 KiB) Viewed 281 times

Sunday Sun says Mara Louw and the choir are yet to be paid by the ANC organising committee for their performances at the ANC National conference last year.
Senzo Meyiwa.jpg
Senzo Meyiwa.jpg (185.5 KiB) Viewed 281 times

Eish indaba ka Senzo Meyiwa is depressing, the poor guy has not found peace since his passing in 2013, manje his unfinished house in Durban has been dubbed as a haunted house as people use the plot for rather unpleasant things. Thugs are using the building as their paradise and a s_ex den writes Sunday Sun. *sigh*
Metro Fm Awards.jpg
Metro Fm Awards.jpg (203.95 KiB) Viewed 281 times

Will there be Metro FM Awards this year? We don't think so, not after the allegations of the ceremony being rejected by Ethekwini Municipality, North West government and Sun City as Sunday Sun puts.

What stories caught your attention this weekend?

Zeeba & Team.

Images: Google/Zeeba/Instagram.
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