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Booze thieves busted

Booze thieves busted

Postby maco » Sat Feb 27, 2016 4:37 pm

Booze thieves busted,

THE two thugs wanted to show their friends they could party and drink expensive booze all day.

They didn’t have any money to buy good alcohol, so they robbed a local tavern of its expensive whiskies.

But when they started selling the top booze at rock bottom prices, residents smelled a rat and reported them to the cops.

The residents figured out the two were responsible for the break-in at Dimatis Tavern in Mogogelo, Hammanskraal last Tuesday.

The two boozing buddies took the stolen liqour and started throwing parties, flaunting their stolen goods to their friends.

But by Saturday morning, the community was gatvol of their non-stop partying and boozing and called the cops.

Resident Shadi Seoka (36) said they were tired of criminals taking over their community.

“We tried to talk to one of the suspect’s girlfriend, who owns the house where they were partying, but nothing happened.”

She said they also heard the two thugs were selling expensive liquor for next to nothing.

“We informed the tavern owner and the police after we heard about the burglary.

“We decided to take action and get rid of them before they commit more crime in the area.”

Residents gave the two a taste of mob justice before the cops arrived.

Police spokesman Constable Herman Moremi said they received an anonymous tip-off informing them about the two suspects.

“We discovered 15 boxes of expensive whiskies with an estimated value of R4 000.

“They had already drunk some of the alcohol,” said Moremi.

“The suspects were taken to hospital and will appear in court soon.”

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