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What Happened To Asanda Foji?

Generations The Legacy

What Happened To Asanda Foji?

Postby WinA » Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:41 pm

What Happened To Asanda Foji?

The beautiful and super sexy actress who played the role of Simphiwe Moroka on “Generation: The legacy.” The rebooted version of Generations.

I say “who played “because she was sacked not to long after her debut on the soap drama.

Looking at her recent pictures she is like that girlfriend you broke up with for no real reason. Then when you see her after months or years later she is looking hot as hell and you just want to ask her out again.

Little Background
Asanda Foji grew up in Eastern Cape and did an acting Diploma in Cape Town. Once she completed her Diploma she moved to Johannesburg (the city of gold) in search of greener pastures.

Movie Stinker
In 2008 she stared in a short film titled “Walk like a man” which wasn’t a success.

I tried to find the film and all I could find was a movie from 1987 by that title.

She Took To Theatre
After the failed movie she did some theatre work on plays like “One night stand” and “It’s a wrap.”

TV Career Bombs
More like TV appearances considering how brief her television span was. She had an early 1 day feature appearance on “Scandal” way back 2011. Her next television role would be on “Generations: The legacy.” The actress contract would not be renew for her to continue in the role of Simphiwe.

Rumours are that the producers of Generations where not impressed with her acting.

She later broke her silence and acknowledged that her acting was not impressive due to her being nervous of being on such a big soap drama.

To no surprise her television appearances have been virtually none existent since then.

Motivational Speaker
She has been busy as a motivational speaker. Speaking to the youth mostly and does some MC work as well.

Let’s hope all that time being in front of mic will really boost her confidence and nerves.

Other Business Ventures
She has been a fitness centric person however as of recently it shows. She is fit and curvy in all the right places.

Which brings us to her sportswear attire called Foji Sport Wear. As those who work out have no doubt noticed that working up a sweat in an old tank top is no longer in. You must sweat with style nowadays.

She looks good and the sportswear is stylish too.

She is that ex that returns hotter and better than before. I certainly hope to see her back on television soon.
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