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How being a mom has changed Katlego Danke's life

Generations The Legacy

How being a mom has changed Katlego Danke's life

Postby maco » Sat Mar 26, 2016 2:59 pm

How being a mom has changed Katlego Danke's life

If you ever want to have a new perspective on the world and your life, try having a child. Just ask Katlego Danke.

The former Generations star became a mom around a year and a half ago and she says her life has not been the same since.

And even though she's really shy to talk about her private life (it took her 7 months to finally give the world a glimpse of her son on her Instagram), she was more than happy to talk about the joys of being a new mom to The Juice  in a chat recently.

"I'm loving being a mom. It's an amazing journey," she tells us. "Just learning not only about this small soul whose life you were entrusted with, but also many lessons about yourself."

She says that her little man has taught her many important lessons but, most of all, he's shown her the true value of life.

"My son has taught me the real values in life. Like the fact that perfection means absolutely nothing. You can pursue it, but will never attained, and that's ok," she tells us.

And when she's not looking after her son, Katlego is lighting up our screens as a presenter on the Lotto Powerball draw.

Katlego says she's enjoying her experience on the show, but is not ruling out a possible return to the world of soapies.

"I will never stop being an actor- that's who I am- but for the time being, and until the right role presents itself, I will continue exploring other opportunities," she tells us.

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