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Lessons Learned – Part One

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Lessons Learned – Part One

Postby maco » Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:40 am

Lessons Learned – Part One,

Happy #WednesdayWisdom ;)

It dawned on me the other day that I’ve been in the industry for 13 years! Yes, 13 years (and counting – can you believe it?! WOW!). Time does fly when you enjoy what you do. I am usually asked about my secret to success, how I’ve managed to be consistent and my advice to young people that are interested in pursuing the entertainment industry or be successful at their chosen careers.

I’ve decided to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way, and I must confess, my journey has been riddled with trials and errors – some REALLY awesome times, incredible memories, life changing opportunities, amazing relationships, connections and everything in between.

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Source: www.timewiser.com

  1. Focus on your focus baby girl

The most important rule for any person that’s passionate enough to see their dreams come to fruition is to BE FOCUSED!! I’ve taught myself to NEVER focus on negativity on social media, in life, during conflicts, at work or even demeaning tabloid headlines. I am always commuting between Cape Town and Joburg to shoot for Afternoon Express, travelling for Top Billing, doing my radio show (and so much in-between), that I can’t afford to be distracted by unconstructive criticism.

I’ve realised that the more you ignore, the happier you are at doing the things that matter the most. I simply block negativity and move on. I block anything that doesn’t bring joy to my life or space. This mantra has helped me to sleep with ease every night, and has certainly assisted in reminding me what the ULITIMATE goal is. God has already laid down all that is due to you, and sometimes, human beings are just there to distract you. It’s your responsibility to maintain the composure and focus.

  1. Assemble a good team

I knew earlier on that I needed to have a good team behind me in order to accomplish all my goals. Always have a clear plan and put strategies in place with timelines. I needed to have a brand manager, PR agent, lawyer, accountant and personal assistant to be in sync and have one goal in mind. This should include the few friends you keep around you. The company you keep plays an important role in shaping the person you become, and this applies to the entertainment industry or corporate SA. My mother always says; you’re the result of the five people you spend the most time with. Who are the people in your life, and how are they inspiring you to reach your full potential?

  1. Keep it moving

It’s a known fact that I’ve been turned down a number of times. From countless auditions, job interviews and opportunities that I’ve lost or being rejected. And every time that happened, I never wallowed in self-pity or got discouraged. I simply went back to the drawing board, came up with a new plan / strategy and tried again. If your goal is clear, always keep it moving till you get it. Grind till you own it. Because a dream delayed, is not a dream denied. A little bit of patience and faith goes a long way. Remember that life happens on God’s time and not yours.

  1. Allocate your time effectively

Always do the tedious work first (admin, drafting proposals, research etc.), set priorities and realistic deadlines for yourself. I’ve never extended my goals beyond my personal capabilities. Understand the importance of the hard work behind anything you want to do, but also the time it takes to reach the pinnacle. TIME plays such an important role in life, love and in your career. It heals, it brings understanding, and it makes things clearer. I always say that it takes four to five years to create an ‘overnight’ success. Believe in the power of time, but also understand that it might take a little longer to get what you want.

  1. The confidence to say NO

It is so easy to say yes to your boss, partner, friends or even an endorsement deal. Ask yourself these questions before you commit first: Is this in line with my goals? Do I genuinely love this? Will this take me to the next level? Am I willing to sacrifice? Am I looking at the bigger picture or will this be an instant gratification? If your answer is no to any of these questions, then it’s not worth pursuing. It will be hard at first to say no, but it gets better with time.

Every week, I’ll be sharing a lesson learnt, an experience, or just a thought as I grow and navigate this complex thing called life. This is just part one of so many more incredible lessons I want to share with you, and I trust it will bring a little sparkle in your life.

Here’s to more years, learning and growing. And thanks for the love and support over these years.




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