Wicked mother bewitches her sons daughter because she hates his wife

Wicked mother bewitches her sons daughter because she hates his wife

Postby maco » Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:02 pm

Wicked mother bewitches and K_ills her sons daughter because she hates his wife

Hello family. I write this memo to seek your opinion about a pressing family issue am confronted with. My story is a very long one but I wil try and make as brief as possible.

I was dating this beautiful lady and all was going well until the issue of marriage popped up. I really loved her and I believe she loves me too. We are both working in thesame city and stay independent of our parents who are in the village. I introduced her to my family and there was little or no resistance from my dad and brothers. Unfortunately, my momsy and her sisters reject and forbid me to marry her. I ask her why and she came up with lazy excuses- the lady's background, family, and all that. I understand that my mum really wants to hand pick a wife for me- but I vehemently refused. I kept pushing for it- going after my heart and praying about it. Of all the excuses my mum gave me, non was personality related. This lady's personality is hard to come by. So I decided to go ahead with the wedding. A few weeks to the wedding the lady took in for me and I informed my parents. We are both cool with that as I counted it a blessing. I was already counting months to been a father.

On the wedding day my mum refused to turn up for the wedding. Now I know it sounds crazy but that what actually happened. Anyways, it was a success and we were pronounced husband and wife.

We started our little home praying for each other and for peace with my mother. Everyday my wife cries out to God to soften the heart of my mother and we kept seeking for forgiveness. She reminds me to call my parents and encourage me to remember my siblings after collecting every paycheck. She was always in touch with my dad and even sends my siblings little token after she collects her salary. I cannot express how much she loved my family and really wanted peace with everybody. She has committed more effort to integrate into my family than I have myself. In everything she does, she puts my siblings first before hers. They say women are selfish- but my woman is selfless.

After nine months, it is time to become a father. We went shopping, bought all the necessary things required to welcome our little angel. Our hearts were filled with joy despite all the hate from my mother. Thank God we are living very far from my mother. So it was kinda easy to manage her hatred towards my wife. But just when I was assuming how easy it was to manage her, trouble began.

A few days to My wife's EDD, she noticed slow movement of the baby in her womb, went to the hospital and doctors advised a CS. Baby's activity was fast decreasing and doctors evacuated the baby. Baby was born- and I was a father. Sadly doctors said the baby had an uncommon disease (name withheld) and would require a surgery. Surgery was done and baby pulled through. All the while we were praying as the disciples did on Pentecost day. We got many pastors involved and all that. Regretfully, baby couldn't survive this wicked world and she gave up after few weeks.

Now it was grieving time. I called my mom to tell her of the demise of my baby but guess what- she laughed over it and said 'this is just the beginning'. Thank God for my in laws, they were there every step of the way- may God bless and prosper them, Amen. I didn't receive any sympathy from my sister either, only my dad and brothers. Life goes on.

I thank God because I was able to be a man and stand by my wife. God gave me the grace to be there for her against all odds. Financially, I bless God. At my age I am able to do a lot of things my peers couldn't . The last time I received any financial help from anybody in my life was in 2010. Since then, God has always prepared a table for me before my enemies. Baba God noni.

Now God has a way of revealing things to the holy. My wife is more religious than me. I am more of an evidence based reasoning person than faith and all. However I always believe in doing good to people. That could possibly be the reason why my plate is always full with manna.

So my wife woke me up one night and told me of how God has been making revelations to her. She has kept this in her heart for so long because she doesn't want anything that will cause any further damage to the peace we are trying to achieve. But it was too much for her to bear- she told me of a dream she had. She saw my mum carrying our wedding photo to a witch doctor. Yes that sounds crazy, right? But you know what? It sounds crazier to me at first. Like I earlier said am more of evidence based person, so I started looking for evidence. Thank God to my Frnd working in telecom industry (name withheld). I started looking for my mum call records since my wedding. My Frnd at first told me of how sensitive it is to release such records- it has has cost people their career. Long and short of it- I was able to listen to her call records.

They say wonders shall never end. I have heard of stories of parents halting their children successes and vice versa ( thanks to nollywood). I never knew that I would be the next victim. I tried not to believe it but the more I try the more I am in touch with reality. To cut the long story short, my mum has connived with her sister to travel to the east to consult a witch doctor with our wedding photo. Nollywood movie, right? May you never experience this in Jesus name.

Now let me take a flash back to my childhood days- my mom loved all her children a lot. She's a disciplinarian and she tried in raising us the best way she could. Several times when I was a kid, she selects my friends for me, regulates my movement etc. Even in my university days she scrutinizes my friends. But one thing she tried to develop in me was how to hate her 'perceived' enemies. Whenever she has a problem with any woman or family in the estate, she doesn't allow us to play with the children of such. She will stop us from talking to kids in that house and would paint that family black. But the stubbornness in me wouldn't let me follow her directives on this one. She want us to have common friends and enemies. Worst case scenario is I collect koboko.

A brief background of her sister: Her sister has similar character with my mom, very possessive and always exercising control over other people's affairs. About 15 years ago, I remember her visiting a witch doctor to help her solve some family issues. When our going was good, she once boasted to me saying 'the death of my mother in law was the saving grace of my marriage'.

It's been more than 6 months since I spoke to my mom. Crazy, right? Pls don't crucify me yet- this world is a wicked place. I and my wife decided to pray and fast about the dream she had. Coupled with the evidence of call records, I informed my dad of the malicious attack on my daughter and how she died. He encouraged me to pray and he equally joined me in fasting. #heartOfaFather. As I type this story on my phone, my wife and I have not broken our fast.

Recently, my mum sent me a message threatening that my wife will never give birth. In her words 'over my dead body will your harlot bear children'. Yes! She said that. Still doubting? Ride on...

Of recent, my wife started complaining of stomach issues- lower abdominal pains. She had several scans that revealed a growing ovarian cyst. It is growing at an alarming rate. Doctors said if it doesn't stop growing then she will need a surgery. In the last 3 weeks she has had four scans.

Two days ago she cried out to me 'baby my only mistake in this life is being your wife- I haven't done anything wrong to anybody. I was living a happy and fulfilled life before I met you. I have parents and family who love me. Why does your mother wants to take away my life? Am counting days to leave this wicked world. I have had enough of its wickedness.'

I consoled her, prayed over her and gave her hope. I told her these times are hard but we shall overcome. I immediately called my dad and request him to warn my mum from hurting my wife otherwise I will take unpleasant action.

Today I am to take a decision of what to do to save my ailing wife from dying. I want to save her without hurting anybody but if need be for me to hurt someone, I will.

Comments strictly for matured minds pls.
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Re: Wicked mother bewitches her sons daughter because she hates his wife

Postby lumzet » Tue Jun 21, 2016 2:09 pm

First of all, I sympathize with you and your Wife on the loss of your baby. That is a trauma that no Parent should ever have to experience. I pray you both find the strength and support in each other to pull through.

Secondly.. I really find it hard to believe that your friend can pull up actual Conversations of your Mothers Call History. He may be able to call up her Call history and the general area from where the call was placed, but actual Chat history, I really cant hack that.

Now to the main matter. What I am about to say will not go down well with alot of people, but then again, I don't care. We were all raised differently. I think you and your wife need to Pray together about your extended family as a whole (in particular about your mother).

Secondly, you need to start distancing your Mother from your marriage. The way I was raised, the Moment a Man gets married, his priorities switch from his extended family to his immediate family. As the Head of the House, its your Job to protect your wife from your Mother. Since its clear to you that your Mother does not like your wife, then there is no point bringing matters regarding your home and family to her. You can call her up from time to time, check on her welfare, Send her money via transfer only, never cash (For superstitious and spiritual reasons) and never ever discuss your families welfare or your Families business with her. Also limit the information you give to your Father about your family as he may also pass that message across to her. BASICALLY, the less your Mother knows about your home, the better.

Do not engage your Mother. There is nothing to be gained out of it. But I will advise you to shut her out and keep her at arms length especially now that you know she is ready to go to extent to fhuck shiit up in your home and harm your wife. Place an embargo on her; No Visitations whatsoever and No direct Phonecalls to your wife. No more going to the Village until further Notice. Also get this thought out of both your minds that your mother had anything to do with the death of your baby and/or the cyst the Doctor is talking about. Your mother may have had ill wishes for your wife and baby, but she did not K_ill your kid.

Ask for her text, I will advise you ignore it (as I don't believe in all that nonsense..) but since you are Spiritually inclined, pray about it and move on. DO not let your Mother have this type of mental influence on you and your home.

Its time to test your strength and resolve as a Man. You must now stand up and shield your wife from your Family. Your Mother does not need to enter your home physically or psychologically. She should not be discussed and she no longer should be an issue. be there for your wife and help get your mother out of your wife's head as well. The both of you should just learn to have a strong prayer habit together. Go to another Hospital and get an alternative diagonisis and together, the both of you should walk through this storm. Trust me when I say it will pass. You must both Forgive her and move on.

Children will come to your home as they are a reward from God and an Inheritance of the Lord. Your Mother has no powers whatsoever to determine what happens in your Home. All you need to do is just be there for your wife in this times of troubles, be her support, never make her feel like she is alone in this and show her that you are in this for the long run.

It is for this reason that a Man shall leave his Father and Mother and CLEAVE to his wife.

God Bless your Home my Friend.
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Re: Wicked mother bewitches her sons daughter because she hates his wife

Postby PattyTinyiko » Wed Sep 21, 2016 2:39 pm

It sound like a Nigeria movie but the truth of the matter is things like this do happen and not from distant people but the ones we love and trust.

Worst of all ur maternal parents makes it worse and unbearable. Pray ur wife pulls through this and God bless u with other kids. Prayer dies help but not everyday help urself also.
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Re: Wicked mother bewitches her sons daughter because she hates his wife

Postby zamani » Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:17 am

mmm..it's so much pain bt keep on praying GOD WILL HELP U ...mara why maan..tjooo!
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