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busi mkhwebane (FAKE)

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busi mkhwebane (FAKE)

Postby august » Sun Dec 18, 2016 9:43 am

She was hired to protect zuma nothing else,intead of doing her job she's busy firing people, clearly she's not qualified fr the job she was hired to undo what madonsela has recovered, the reason why she hate thuli is that thuli works fair and square, bt the most reason maybe thuli is educated than her, mam u ar nt fit to hold that office jst get out, thuli has done a wonderful job and there's nothing u cn do about it, if u cnt beat her ask her fr advice, she lacked resources bt she managed to deliver, hate her or love her jst get out of that office, who do u think u ar? busi mst get out of that office Cs she's been captured already, she's there to save zuma and his Mickey mouse, nw I pray fr u, jealousy out, capture out, heartless out, cruelty out, pride out and out of that office nw nw OUT, amen
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